Kidnapped.  By: Long_Rifle  

Kathy had been walking home, when a van had slowly
pulled up next to her.  She turned her head to look,
and that was the last thing she remembered.  Now she
had awoken in a darkened room.  She slowly sat up and
tried to figure out where she was.  It wasn’t her
room, and it wasn’t any room that she had ever been
in.  She could smell something in the air, a perfume.
She moved her legs, and heard plastic.  

Kathy rubbed the mattress under her and realized it
had a plastic cover on it.  She moved towards the edge
of the bed and felt something.  There were rails
around it.  She gently shook the bars and found them
to be solid.  She was about to stand up when she heard
a key enter a door lock.

She sat back down as an older woman entered and turned
on a light in the room.

“Hello Kathy, nice to see you’re awake.  I hope
you’re feeling well.  I would like to get started as
soon as possible.”

Kathy looked up at the woman, “Started?”

The woman smiled and came forwards to check on her
charge. “Yes started, I know you would love to know
why you are here.  And since I really don’t have the
time to explain everything, I’ll let a friend of
yours do it for me.”

Kathy sat bolt upright, maybe now she would be let go.
But as she watched, the woman left the room and she
heard nothing for several minutes.  Just as she
started to get worried again she heard shuffling
coming from the hallway.  Then she saw a face and felt
better.  It was a friend from her high school, Kathy
was going to say hi, and ask her why she was crawling
when her friend recognized her and smiled.

Something about the smile bothered Kathy.  It seemed
odd coming from a person with a 4.0 grade point
average.  But the smile was nothing compared to what
she was wearing; it looked like a onsie for babies.

“ Sara, what’s going on?  Why are you dressed like
that?”  But she didn’t get the answer that she was

Sara squealed out “ Caty!”, and quickly crawled to
the side of her bed.

“ Please stop acting so weird, what’s going on?  Why
are we here?”  But as she watched she realized Sara
didn’t seem to understand her.  She was just smiling
and slapping the side of the bed.  Kathy watched as
Sara started to drool, then she smelt something, Sara
must have farted.  But it got worse.  Sara sat down on
her butt and Kathy saw her underwear sticking out of
the side of the onesie, she looked at it a little
harder and saw it wasn’t panties, it was a disposable

Kathy scooted back as far as she could in her bed, she
was now very scared.  Something here was very wrong.
Her almost genius friend was drooling and wearing a
very messy diaper, and they were both locked in a
strange house.  Worse, Kathy had seen Sara only two
days ago and she had been normal, whatever had
happened, was very quick.

The woman returned, and now her smile seemed to be
evil. “ I see your friend has told you her side of
the story.  And I think I know a little lady that
needs her diaper changed.”  At that Sara looked up at
her and giggled.

“ Here honey, suck on this while I finish up with
little Caty.”  Then she stuck a pacifier in Sara’s

“Please lady, don’t hurt us. Please let us go!”
But Kathy stopped, the smell from Sara's diaper was
really bad.  She pulled her shirt up and tried to use
it to filter the air.  This made the woman laugh.

“ Awww, you think that smells bad?  Don’t worry,
soon you won’t mind it.  Does that make you feel

Kathy moved her mouth to speak but no sound would come
out, she was terrified.  She didn’t want to be here,
and she didn’t want to turn out like Sara.

“ I see you have the point now, you know most of the
story, let me do a quick recap.  I am paid by a rather
large company to find special little girls for rich
families.  They have very specific tastes, so I have
to go from city to city finding girls like little Sara
and you."

The woman worked as she talked, opening several
containers and mixing chemicals together.

"It's not enough to get actual special needs children.
They apparently don't look good enough for them.  But
I'm not here to pass judgment on them.  I'm here to
get teen girls and get paid.  So anyway I take a few
weeks, watch the local schools and pick who I want."

Kathy looked around the room, wondering if she could
get past the nut and get Sara out of her house.  She
wasn't paying attention as the lady palmed some of the
mystery powder and walked closer to Kathy's crib.
Through it all she never stopped talking.

"Then I send pics to the company and they approve the
targets. They send agents to follow and record the
girls.  Gives the new parents something to laugh about

Kathy turned to face the woman just as a cloud of
powder is blown into her face.  She throws herself
back towards the wall but she still manages to breathe
in a lot.

She sneezed several times and rubbed her face with the
back of her hands," This crap smells like baby powder.
What are you doing?"

''I guess you could call that baby powder.  But it's
my own special blend."

Kathy felt her heart beat increase then she felt
something else.  She looked at Sara and wondered if
she could fit in her diaper.  At that thought she put
her hands to her head surprised.  What was she

" I bet I know what my little baby is thinking." Kathy
looked up to see a new disposable diaper being waved
at her.

Her face screwed up in anger,"Get that thing away from
me!  I no need di-peess!"  She shut her mouth in
shock.  Why had she said that? " I mean dipooos!"  

The woman smiled as Kathy's face grew even redder.
"Are you sure?  You don't want to wet your crib do
you?"   She dropped the diaper in Kathy's lap and
laughed as she started to put all her chemicals away.

Kathy couldn't help but pick up the diaper.  She
unfolded it, caressed it with her hands.  She really
wanted to wear it.  She started to cry as she
unsnapped her onsie at her crotch.

"Whyy me no stop?" she wailed as the last snap opened.

Kathy looked up to see her tormentor bending over the
crib railing and looking at her." That 'baby powder'
of mine is pretty strong ain't it?  First time I
tested it I was pissing my pants for a week.  I still
wet the bed, but at least I'm dry during the day."

Kathy was having a hard time taping the diaper in
place.  She was actually happy when the woman started
to help her. " Let me help honey."  With her doing it
the diaper was quickly taped in place.

She patted Kathy's bottom and asked if she was a happy

" I nooo  gabee!" she angrily yelled.  She felt spit
run down her cheek alittle.  She wanted to wipe it
off, but she was busy rubbing the front of her diaper.

"Aww, aren't you a little cutie.  You like that wet
diaper?  Nice and warm now isn't it?"

Kathy looked down at the front of her diaper.  It was
bulging and discolored.  She had peed, and not even
known it!  Suddenly she felt dizzy.  She closed her
eyes to try and clear her head.  But it got worse.
She was trying to stand when she passed out and
dropped on her side in the crib.

Sara had been watching, she didn't know exactly what
was going on.  But she was happy to have a friend with
her.  When she saw Kathy drop she became worried.  She
crawled up towards her nanny, and tugged on her shirt
to get her attention.

" Caty k?" she softly asked.

" Yes honey, she's just adjusting."

Sara dropped back down to the floor on her butt and
looked back at the crib, "Caty baby now?  She pway wif

"Awww, that's so precious." She reached down and
picked her up, setting her on her hip and carried over
to the crib.  They both looked down as Kathy started
to wake up.  She rolled over onto her back and blinked
her eyes as she started to get her bearings.

Kathy slowly opened her eyes, she had been having a
really weird dream.  About diapers, and a strange
woman trying to turn her into a baby.  She yawned,
when she went to stretch her arms they hit something
beside her.  She slowly turned her head to look, bars.
Her bed was surrounded by bars.

Kathy was instantly awake.  Her hands shot to her well
diapered crotch.  She tried to sit up but her muscles
won't work right.  She grabbed her legs and tried to
pull herself up.  Nothing happened, but when she set
her legs back down something squished in her diaper.

She was still trying to get up when a shadow caused
her to look up.  The smiling face of Sara and the
mystery woman greeted her.

She said the only thing that came to her head. "

"Yes.  You pooped.  Right in your diaper.  Just like a
baby.  I told you the smell would not bother you
anymore."  Kathy went to flip her off, but as soon as
her hand came up she brought it up to her face and
started to suck on her thumb. " Don't worry honey it's
almost over for you."

Sara saw the look of worry cross Kathy's face and
asked if she was ok.

" She's fine, just a dirty diaper, like yours.  Do you
want it changed?"

Sara nodded her head and was carried over to a table.
The woman strapped her down and started to change her

Sara looked towards the crib again, she started to
fidget,"Caty pway wif me?"

The woman looked over and saw that Kathy was intently
watching her." Well Sara little Kathy is too young to
play with you.  I don't want you to accidentally hurt

The diaper change was over and Sara was being carried
back towards the crib.  The conversation was continued
crib side, but now the lady was looking into Kathy's
eyes as she spoke.  "See little miss stinky pants here
isn't like you."

Sara looked confused, "No baby?"

"Oh, she's a big baby all right," at that Kathy
blushed again. " But instead being a big baby.  She's
only gonna act like one."  She could see that Sara was
confused, but she was saying this for Kathy's benefit

She playfully tapped Sara on the nose, making her
smile.  "See your head is empty, all those nasty big
girl thoughts of yours are gone. Leaving a beautiful
baby girl behind.  Little Kathy here will just feel
compelled to act like a baby."  Sara not really
comprehending started to clap and smile.  Kathy could
see that she was starting to drool again.  "I don't
know why her new parents wanted her like that, maybe
the humiliation.  I don't know."

Kathy tried to say something but all that came from
her mouth was the gurgling of a very small baby.  She
could feel spit bubbling out of her mouth, she tried
to wipe it away but her hands wouldn't work quite
right.  One ended up in her hair, twirling it around
her fingers.  And the other was jammed in her mouth
being sucked on.

She was frantically trying to get her hands under
conttrol when her head felt to heavy and it flopped
over to one side.  Several seconds later she heard a

"It looks like we're finished here."

Sara started to clap again.  "Yayyyy!!!!"

She set Sara down on the floor.  She quickly inspected
Kathy's eyes then got out a video recorder.  After
setting it up she started the last procedure before
she could get her money.

She spoke clearly towards the camera, " As you can see
I have the two girls you asked for.  Sara, a teen
girl.  With the mind of a 20 month old.  And Kathy, a
teen that still has her mind, but it's trapped behind
the personality of an infant.  I don't think she will
be able to last long in this state.  But it's what you

She walked the camera up towards Sara who playfully
slapped at it.  And then she hung over the crib,
getting a close up of Kathy's eyes.  Eyes that burned
with intelligence.  And wanted nothing more than to go

But all she got was a clean diaper.