The Wand   By: Long_Rifle




For Lara, and Tali.  I should have done this earlier.  Better late than never I reckon.


     Lara didn't like garage sales.  But unfortunately for her, her mother did.  Her mother had woke her up early this morning to make sure she remembered to get the chores done.


     "Why to hell did you wake me up so early?" Lara asked.


     "You know I like to get out there quick.  The best deals are when they first start up the sales, and when they close at the end of the day."


     Lara looked towards her window, "The sun isn't even up yet, can't I just sleep in another hour or two?"


     "No, you need to be ready to take care of things, now get up."


     Breakfast was a quiet affair, Lara and her mother stared at each other over their bowls of cereal.  Lara didn't even wave to her mother when she left.  Just kind of bobbed her head at her.


     After cleaning up the remains of breakfast, Lara checked up on her sister.  She was of course still sleeping.  She had been up very late the night before.  At 18 months Karen acted best when she was kept to a schedule.  Her mother knew that, but she had wanted to play with her longer than normal because she knew she would be gone almost all day today.


     Lara left her sister and watched TV till she heard her wake up over the baby monitor.  A quick diaper change and a feeding were all she needed before Lara set her in a playpen for awhile.  Lara watched TV while Karen played with her toys.  This was what she expected her whole day to be like.  Watching TV and keeping her baby sister happy.


     It was two hours later that she heard a car roll into the driveway.  A quick peek showed it to be a new Lincoln Town Car, Lara kept watching wondering who it was when she saw that it was her mother who was driving.  She went back to her program, wondering were her mother got the money for such an expensive car.


      Five minutes later, her mother opened the front door and walked in.  She stood right in front of the TV and asked Lara, "Well, what do you think."


    Lara looked up at her mother and gasped.  She was dressed in the finest clothes she had ever seen.  "How the hell did you afford that suit, and the car?"


     "I told you honey, the best bargains are at the very beginning of the day."


     Lara smiled, "I don't care how early you shop, the only way you could afford that was if it was free."


     At that Lara's mother laughed.  "Well it's interesting that you would say that, it kind of was free.  I just happen to have bought something that will make life a lot easier."


     Lara watched as her mother pulled a black stick out of her purse.  And pointed it at the ceiling.  "Taa daa!"


     "What are you going to do with that?  Poke out the cops eyes when they come looking for all this stolen stuff?"


     Her mother looked over at baby Karen, who was smiling around her pacifier and gesturing that she wanted her mother to pick her up.


     She then looked back at Lara, "This is a magic wand!  Where do you think the car and the clothes came from?"


     Lara turned back to the TV, "So you've finally lost it mom, I always knew this day would come."


     Lara's mother shook her head, "Why do you always fight me?  Can't you be more trusting like your sister?"


     Lara quickly walked past her mother towards the kitchen.  She gave her a dismissive look and waved her hand mimicking waving a wand, "If that's what you want why not use your -magic wand- on me?"


     Lara was already in the kitchen and didn't see the look of sadness on her mothers face turn to a smile.  She walked up behind her daughter and gave her a hug.


     Lara was very surprised by this and quickly spun around to face her.  "What was that for?"


     "Simply for helping me with my problem.  That's a perfect solution for me."


     Lara started to giggle as her mother started to point the "wand" at her.  She was reminded of a line from a Harry Potter film.  "Remember mother, it's swish and flick."



     "I hope you're still laughing in 5 minutes young lady.  Now I want you to be more like your sister."


     Lara was actually surprised to see a bolt of light jet from the wand and race towards her.  But she felt nothing.  "Well at least it's not a total waste, why not go buy the matching hat?"  Lara turned back to her cup as she carefully poured tea into it.


     She was waiting for her mother to turn and storm out of the house.  But she didn't hear her leave, she just stood behind her.  She felt a weird tickle between her legs and spread her legs a little to make it stop.


     Her mother couldn't believe her eyes.  As her daughter stood in front of her, her clothing was reforming around her body.  The pants bunched up around her waist and solidified into a larger version of Karen's diapers.  Her shirt didn’t change much, just went pastel pink, and ruffles appeared around her arms.


     As she watched, Lara spread her legs out, and bent her knees.  The diaper around her waist started to sag.  When it looked like it might leak she flicked the wand again, causing it to thicken.  She thought to herself," I have to remember a bigger girl means more pee-pee."


     While her mother was having fun, Lara was not.  She wanted her to leave.  She didn't want to have to talk to her anymore.  Finally she turned around and told her to get lost.  "Momma go bye bye!"  Lara's face turned beet red.  She tried again.  "Momma go, go, go, go.  No here!


     Her mother simply melted, it was the cutest thing Lara had done in years.  "Awww, you're such a cutie.  Don't you want your diaper changed before I go?"


     With an intake of breath Lara's hands shot to her crotch.  Where they found her warm, wet diaper.  She screamed then.  And ran for her room.  Her mother smiled at that, wondering what Lara would think of the new layout.  Another scream answered that question.  She quickly walked towards Lara's room, finding her crying and sucking her thumb.


     "Momma!  Room bad!"  She slurred around her thumb.


     "What's the matter sweetie?  Don't you like your room?  It looks just like Karen's, except everything is bigger.


     "No….bad!  No baby, no talk baby!" Lara slurred.


      Her mother smiled and patted Lara's head, "Well of course you're not a baby, I just made a little change to you.  You should like it, you‘re the one that suggested it."  Lara answered by squatting on the floor, a muffled fart erupted from the diaper.  Her mother checked her watch as Lara's face went red again.  "Yep, right on time for your day time poopie!  Mommy will change you after you're done."


     While her mother waited, Lara was scared out of her wits.  She didn't know what was going on.  She didn't feel any different.  She still remembered everything, but she couldn't stop herself.  And now she was pooping, right in front of her mother.  Even through the fear she felt shame burning in her as the mess pushed against the diaper, and spread over her bottom.


     Then she remembered her mother's wand, even though it was only several minutes ago it felt like a lifetime.  “It is real!”  Lara looked up at her mother, how could she do this to her?  Make her some kind of freak, something that everyone would laugh at.  She started to sob as she continued to push the mess into her diaper.  After a few minutes Lara felt that she was finally done.  And she slowly stood.  Her diaper was horribly swollen, filled with an adult sized mess.  She had to keep her knees bent just to stand.


"Well, are you done?" her mother asked sweetly.  Lara could only nod her head through the shame.  "Well get over to that changing table, let's get you changed."  She watched as Lara toddled slowly towards the table.  The diaper was sagging and almost looked like it was about to slide off.  "Hold on honey, let me help you."  She grabbed a changing mat and had Lara stand on it.  Then she carefully untaped the diaper, and let it plop to the floor between her legs.  A quick wipe, to get most of the mess, and she had her get up on the table.


     Lara was stunned.  First she had pooped herself, now her mother was about to change her diaper.  And the worst was that she actually wanted a clean  one, it felt horrible, and she‘d do anything to get out of it.  She found herself climbing up onto the table, and quickly lifting her legs up.


     Her mother on the other hand was getting sick.  The smell almost made her gag.  She wanted to punish her daughter, but she didn't want anything to do with another diaper change.  What she needed was a maid, or something.  She was happy that Lara seemed to want to get it over with quickly, but it was hard not to want to run away from the smell.


     As Lara got on the table her mother picked up the used diaper and slipped it in to a diaper pail.  "Phew, you stink!  Let's get you cleaned up quick."  She started to wipe the rest of the mess up, then a light sprinkling of powder, and another thick diaper.  Lara listened to the tapes being closed, then heard something else.  The door bell.


     Her mother beamed, "Does my baby have a friend coming over to visit?"


     Lara quickly got up off the table and hid behind her crib.  "No friend!  Go bye bye!  Lara good!"


     Her mother wiped her hands on a towel hanging off the table, "Well let me go see who it is, just stay in here till I get back."


     "K Momma." She lisped.


     Her mother hoped she could find a sitter for her kids, she wanted to go have some fun tonight, and she didn't want to worry about her babies.  She looked through the blinds and saw that it was her daughter's best friend Tali at the door.


     Tali was welcomed inside and immediately smelt a mess.  She looked at Karen, "Does someone need a diaper change?"


     Lara's mother smiled, "It's already taken care of,” then an idea popped into her head.  “Say would you like to earn some money baby-sitting while I go out with a few friends?"


     "Sure, but where is Lara can't she watch Karen for you?" Tali said as she tried to look behind her friends mother.


     This was the sticky part, she had to make sure Tali wouldn't freak out.  "She's in her room why don't you go say hello?"  As Tali walked away, Lara's mother pointed the wand at her back.  Instantly she knew exactly what Tali was thinking.  "Try lying to me now." She thought.


     Tali turned the corner into Lara's room and stopped.  Something was definitely wrong.  It looked like a baby's room.  But everything was huge.  "Lara, you're mother said you were in here.  Where are you?"  She was shocked when Lara came out from behind the giant crib.  In nothing but a shirt and a large diaper.  She was sucking her thumb, and crying.  Tali rushed to her and tried to comfort her.  "There, there Lara, everything will be okay.  Can you tell me what's wrong?"


     Lara concentrated, causing her face to scrunch up cutely,  "Momma make baby Lara.  No want baby.  Me big girl."


     Tali felt very confused"Your mother did this?  How is that possible?  Is this a joke or something?"


     Lara shook her head, "Wand, make Lara pee!  No baby!"


     Tali turned around just as Lara's mother walked in the room.  "She's quite a talker isn't she Tali?  Well do you mind changing two babies?  I -will- pay you double?"


     Tali didn't know exactly what was going on.  Her friend was in a diaper, and her room looked like a nursery.  Could they be playing a joke on her?  Did they know her secret?  Maybe she had dressed as a baby on a few Halloweens, but there was no way that Lara or her mother could know she was a teen baby.


     She cleared her throat and asked, "What’s going on?  Why is she acting like that?"


     Lara's mother had been listening to everything going through Tali's head.  Maybe she was going to be in luck.  She decided to tell her everything.  "Well little Lara here was being bad, so I decided that a few days of babyhood would remind her that she doesn't have it so bad."


     Lara still didn‘t believe, "Well, how did you do it?"


     She waved the wand through the air, "I bought this wand, and it's really magic, it can do anything."


     "Well if it can do anything why don't you just make a servant that will watch the babies, and clean the house, then you wouldn't have to worry about baby sitters at all."


     Lara's mother thought about that.  I was true, she could have everything at home taken care of.  Why hadn't she thought of that.  She turned her attentions back to Tali who was walking over towards the changing table.


     Tali picked up a diaper and said, "Any moron would know that a maid or a wet nurse would be better than some sitter."  Tali was trying to get Lara's mother mad, to get her angry enough to put her back in diapers for a few days like Lara.  That way she would get her wish, and never have to tell anyone.


     This thought infuriated Lara's mother.  This girl was trying to trick her, to use her.  "So," she thought to herself.  "You want to have diapers again?  Well let me help you."  She cleared her throat, "Tali dear?  Could you set that diaper down, and open the bottom drawer under the changer for me please?"


     Tali did as she was told, smugly thinking her plan had worked,  and opened the drawer, inside was a single very thick diaper.


     "Please pick that up for me."  Tali picked it up and felt a weird surge go up her arm.  She looked up at Lara's mother for an explanation.  "I know your dirty little secret.  I know what you want.  Do you think I would just help you?  Just give you exactly what you wish?"  Tali's face went red, she wanted to run, but she was frozen to the spot.  "But I'm a nice woman, and I'm going to offer you something anyway."


     "That diaper in your hand is very special.  It's only made for infants.  But that's not all that makes it special.  Whoever wears it will find themselves stuck acting as a month old baby.  And they will be stuck like that for 2 years."  Tali was shaking.  Was she going to make her wear it?  "Oh, don't be scared honey.  I'm not going to make you wear it.  You can decide who wears it.  If you put it on Lara she will be stuck for 2 years, and your memory will be adjusted so you think it's normal like everyone else.  Of course then you will be stuck too, never getting a chance to see what being a real teen baby is like."


     "Or you can put the diaper on yourself.  It may not be exactly what you want.  But it's the closest you're ever going to get to your dreams.  If you don't go crazy in 2 years of infancy everything will go back to normal for you."


     Tali stared at the diaper in her hand.  This was what she wanted so badly.  A real diaper, and a real chance to live as a baby.  But she didn't want everyone to see her.  And she certainly didn't want it to be for 2 years.


     "Tick tock Tali.  Either Lara gets a trip farther back, or you do.  Imagine 2 years stuck not being able to move, or eat solid food.  All the bottles, and diapers!"


     Tali's face paled, she looked at Lara who had sat down on the floor.  She had one hand in her mouth, and the other one reaching out as if to grab the diaper out of Tali's hand.  "Gimme, no diaper.  Tali good."


     Lara's mother smiled.  "Well looks like Lara wants a baby sitter and not a little wet friend.  Why not just slap that diaper on her and get it over with."


     Tali bent over and helped Lara up.  She held her hand as she led Lara towards the changing table.  As they reached it Tali turned towards Lara, and hugged her.


     "I'm sorry Lara. I have to do this."  Then she pushed Lara down on the floor, Tali looked directly at Lara's mother and started to take her pants off.  Quickly her panties and socks followed.  She was about to open the diaper but Lara's mother told her, "Take everything off."  Tali looked her, then pulled her shirt off, and then her bra.  She stood naked in front of Lara, nothing but a diaper in her hand.


     She looked towards Lara's mother for what to do next.  "Get up on the table."  Tali did, the plastic was cold on her back.  "Now pull the strap over your belly.  Don't worry, soon you won't be able to undo it."  Tali grabbed at the straps, she put them together with a loud snap.  She then tightened the strap to make sure there was no slack.  Lara's mother handed her a wipe.  "Make sure you get everywhere."


     Tali jerked as the cold wipe hit her bum.  She slowly cleaned herself, making sure to get everything.


     "It's funny that the last thing you will be able to do for yourself, will be to put on a diaper.  So lift those legs and start taping."


     Tali opened the diaper, it unfolded with a loud plastic crinkling.  She lifted her bum up as far as she could and slipped the diaper under.  Tali had tried goodnights before, but they were nothing like this diaper.  It felt like she was lying on a cushion.


     "Hurry up Tali, don't want you going potty all over the table."


     Tali reached out and grabbed the front of the diaper.  She slowly pulled it up and over her crotch.  She grabbed the left tape and opened it.  Then she pulled it over and attached it to the front of her diaper.  Immediately the left side of her body felt funny.  She quickly taped the right side.


     After she was done she looked to Lara's mother.  Who just smiled at her, she came forward and unhooked the safety strap.  She seemed to get upset when Tali didn't move.  "Well? What are you waiting for?  Get up, your mother is going to be worried if you don't get home soon."  Tali swung her feet off the table and slowly got up.  She started to pick up her clothes but Lara's mother stopped her.  "No need for clothes.  Time for you to get used to wearing nothing but diapers."


     Tali started to cry, "But what about the diaper?  When will I become a baby?"


     Lara‘s mother smiled, "Don't worry, you'll make it home.  But I'd hurry if I were you.  Until you get there, you're still a big girl in diapers, and people may stare."


     Lara watched as Tali toddled out the door, tears running down her face.  She turned angrily towards her mother.  She didn't even have to say anything.


     "Aww, worried about her?  Don't be, she'll make it.  Eventually.  Now where were we?"  She swung the wand and a young maid appeared out of thin air.  "Make sure dinner is ready at 7PM.  I may not be home till very late so don't wait up.  The dishes need to be finished and make sure little miss stinky pants here gets to bed by 8PM just like her sister.  But make sure you double diaper her." The maid bobbed her head, and went off to start dinner.  Her mother looked at Lara, "I'm gonna go have some fun young lady.  I hope you enjoy the next few days.  If you are a good girl I'll let you grow up.  If not I guess Tali can have a playmate."


     At the mention of Tali's name Lara started to cry.  Her mother gave her a kiss and started out the door.  She turned as she left and told Lara, "I wouldn't worry that much about Tali dear.  She wouldn't be stuck acting like an infant for 2 years."  At that Lara stopped crying.  "I bet after only a few months she'll start to slip into the role.  And after a year she won't even remember being big anymore.  She'll really be just an infant."


     Lara started to cry again, but her mother just waved and left.  The maid came in a few minutes later and led Lara out to the playpen that Karen was already in.  She sat the babies down together and went back to finishing dinner.  Lara slowly stopped crying she needed to be good so she could help Tali.  Maybe by being there for her, and keeping her doing big girl things Lara could keep her from going crazy.


      Tali on the other hand wished she were crazy.  She wished she could just be a baby.  She was only about halfway home when a person had asked her if she needed help.  She had tried to lie.  But she found herself only able to tell the truth.  "I'm fine.  I need to get home before I start to act like a baby."


     "Are you sure?  I can help you, would you like some clothes, it's not good to be walking around dressed like that.  At least put a shirt on.”


     "I'm okay.  I've always wanted to be a big baby, and now I have the chance.  I need to get home, because I need to go potty.  And these diapers are so thick, I don't think I'll be able to walk if I go pee-pee."  Tali’s face burned red, and her body tingled.


     The person just had a blank look.  Was this girl really serious?  Then the question was answered, Tali's diaper started to sag.  "You really are serious!  Gez, dam pervert.  Get home before you shit yourself!"


     Tali resumed her waddle home.  If she thought her diaper was thick before, now it was almost twice as bad.  Even with her sense of modesty she had to uncover her chest and use her arms for balance.  She was in sight of her house when another problem started.  She had attracted several teen boys, who didn't care as much about the diaper as they did her bare chest.  They slowly rode along side her on bikes.  They were taunting her, and laughing among themselves.  As their group got larger they became bolder.  Finally one rode in front of her and she had to stop.  They quickly made a ring around her and trapped her.


     Tali felt hands all over her.  One pinched a nipple, another slapped her on her diaper.  She started to get frustrated, and felt her thumb enter her mouth.  This only caused the boys to act worse.  One actually put his hand down the front of her diaper.  As he did something happened.  His body stiffened, and he started to moan.  One of the louder boys noticed.  "A little premature there, huh Mike?"


     Mike didn't respond, he just sat hunched over on his bike.  A warmth was spreading from between his legs.  And his chest felt weird, like there was weight hanging off it.  A quick check with his hand, and he quickly figured out what it was.  A shocked Mike quickly peddled home.  He felt sick, his stomach was cramping.  Later her mother would remind her that it was her time of the month again.


     Back at the rest of the boys Tali was getting scared.  She was starting to cry, when she felt a tingle in her bum.  She felt herself squatting down and filling the back of her diaper.


     The boys quickly realized what she was doing.  The smell drove them back, and allowed Tali to finish her humiliating walk home.  She had to get down on all fours to get up the front steps.  She opened the front door and entered her house.  She was completely exhausted and dropped to the floor.  Tali felt the mess spread through the diaper, but she didn't care, she was too tired.  She lay down on her back and went to sleep.


     Several days later Lara was up and around.  Her mother had put her back to normal.  With one exception.  Her mother thought it would be funny to keep her daughter potty training for awhile.  Lara had gotten used to the Pull-ups.  They were better than diapers.  Even though she was put back into diapers at night.


     The maid seemed to be a great addition.  She did most of the work, and thankfully she changed Karen's diapers.  Now Lara spent much of her time watching Tali.  She felt sorry that she was stuck as an infant.  Even if she did like diapers, it wasn't right for her to be trapped 24/7 in them.


     Tali enjoyed her diapers, for the first 2 hours.  Then she started to hate them.  She wanted to watch TV, or talk to friends.  Or even play games.  But all she could do was wiggle her legs and arms a little.  All she did was eat, sleep, and mess in her diapers.  At first she thought everyone would still see her as a teenager, instead only Lara, and Lara’s mother did.  Everyone else saw her as a cute little baby.  The only bright spot was when Lara came by to baby-sit her.  Lara told her that she needed to keep her mind busy, or she might be in trouble.  Tali tried her best to think like a big girl.  But it kept getting harder, she would find herself losing her train of thought.  Or just staring at lights in the ceiling.


     Mike took more time to get used to his new life.  It seemed everyone but him thought he was always a girl.  He still tried to be a normal female.  But everything weirded him out.  Sitting down to pee, dating, PMS.  It just seemed wrong to him.  His mother wondered what was wrong with her little girl.  And he just wanted to stay in his room.


     A year later and life had settled down.  Mike had his first sexual experience as a female in the shower, since then he had become the neighborhood slut.  He had decided that being a girl wasn't really that bad.


     Lara was back in diapers permanently.  Her mother didn't force her, she just decided that she liked them.  Now when she was home she just went up to the maid and got her diapers changed.  When she was out of the house she would carry a large purse, basically a diaper bag.  She could walk up to any person who she liked, and when asked, they would change her diaper, and then forget anything had happened.  Lara and her mother really got along.  But there was one thing Lara couldn't get her mother to change.


     Tali was still stuck acting like an infant.  No matter what they tried, the original spell had said she would be forced to act like an infant for 2 years.  And no matter what Lara's mother tried she could not break it.


     Lara worried about Tali, she seemed to be slipping.  At first she would cry when she messed herself.  Now she really didn't respond at all.  It was like she didn't know what was going on.  Lara wondered what Tali would be like in another year.  If there would be enough of her left behind to grow up when the 2 years were up.


     Tali had just woken up.  She looked up to see a friendly face.  She knew there was something important behind it.  But she couldn't wrap her mind around it.  She cooed, and giggled as she was tickled.  The person made some funny noises.  Which made Tali kick her feet.  She was happy, and she only settled down when Lara gently picked her up and fed her a bottle.


     When Tali's diaper warmed Lara watched her for a response.  But she did nothing.  Lara started to cry, she knew something was wrong.  She wished Tali had put the diaper on her instead.  Lara brushed some hair off Tali's face as she felt her own diaper grow warm.


     She had started to use diapers again to remind her of what had happened to Tali.  Over the months she had lost control, and now wet constantly.  She believed Tali had it even worse.  And she felt horrible over it.


     She quickly wiped her eyes as Tali's mother walked in.  "Sorry I was gone so long.  Traffic was horrible.  How's my little angel?"


     Lara smiled up at her.  "Perfect, she's always perfect."


     With some difficulty Lara handed Tali to her mother.  The spell seemed to make her body lighter then it should be,  Tali squirmed, but didn't seem to care or notice what was going on.


     Tali's mother noticed the diaper.  "Oh, my little girls wet."


     "So am I" Lara whispered.


     Tali's mother looked up at her in surprise.  "What?"


     Lara dropped her pants, and exposed the diaper wrapped around her waist.  The diaper that only people she allowed to see could.  She grabbed the plastic and squeezed it,   "I said I'm wet, and I think I would like a change."


     Tali‘s mother looked at her, she looked around to see if this was a setup for a practical joke,  "Where did you get that diaper?  Don't you think you're a little big to be a baby?"


     Lara reached towards her large purse and pulled a black stick out.  Tali's mother just stared as Lara pointed it at her.  "I am a baby, I'm your 2 year old little girl.  Tali's big sister.  When I drop this stick, you will pick it up and point it at me.  Then you will say -Lara you are my 2 year old baby, the rest of the world will always remember you as my baby-, then you will break the stick in half and as you throw it out you'll forget all about it."


     Lara lowered the stick as Tali's mother started to blink.  Then she smiled at Lara.  "Aw sweetie, I'll get that diaper changed as soon as I set Tali down okay?"



     Lara nodded but didn't respond, the wand in her hand seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.  She watched as Tali was set down in a bassinet, then her mother walked out towards the front door.


     She wondered what was going on, she wanted to drop the wand but she knew that would be the end of her control.  But Tali’s mother soon came back in.  "Come on sweetie lets get you to your room, and get that nasty diaper off." She grabbed Lara with one hand and took her to another room.  Lara noticed that she had a few bags in her other hand.  She must have done some shopping in her new reality.


     She was still looking at the bags when they entered her room.  When she looked away she was astonished to find everything sized like a normal baby.  In her shock the wand slipped from her hand and dropped to the floor.  She didn't understand why everything was so small.  She watched stunned as Tali's mother opened the bags and took out a package of regular baby diapers.


     She then reached in anther bag and pulled a toddler-sized jumper out.  "I got this on sale, I can't wait to see you in it."


     Lara was not listening anymore, she was trying to remember what she has said.  Then in a snap she remembered, "Lara you are my 2 year old baby, the rest of the world will always remember you as my baby".  Lara realized she never said she was supposed to stay big.  She didn't want to be stuck as a real toddler.  But the way she worded the spell she knew she would become a real baby.


     She only realized that the wand was gone when she tried to use it.  Lara frantically looked around the room.  She noticed it laying on the floor as Tali's mother opened the new package of Pampers, and slid out a diaper.  "Are you ready for a change Lara?"


     Lara went for the wand, but Tali’s mother beat her to it.  She picked it up and just kind of went rigid.


     Lara started to back away mumbling, " No, no, no…."


     She felt the power of the wand this time.  As it was pointed at her.  She felt sick, her stomach felt week.  Lara could see mother's lips moving but heard nothing.  Her body was bathed in a blue light.  And she felt like she was floating.  Then everything went black.






     Michele enjoyed her time with the babies.  Tali might be a bit heavy, but Lara was always a good helper.  She had definitely become happy with her changes.  She had settled down with a tight group of women that really knew what they were doing.  When she wasn't making money baby-sitting she was having fun with her "Friends".


      She had just changed Tali, and helped Lara use the potty.  Now she needed to take out the garbage.  As she stepped outside a glint caught her eyes.  She dropped the bag in a garbage can and walked over to the object.  She picked up what looked like a broken baton.  It looked very old, and was probably worth something.  "To bad it's broke." She said as she dropped it in the garbage. She turned from the can, and walked back inside.


     Never noticing the Baton mending itself, and taking a new finish.  Ready for it's next owner…