Revenge  By: Long_Rifle


          Another interesting one, no deaths either.  But really what is death?  Is it moving from one reality to another? Or maybe just becoming an inanimate and slowly dissolving object…..



     It looked like a normal porch, but as Sara stood in front of it she was reminded of her life for the last 4 months.  She had been reduced from being a free spirited 16 year old girl, to nothing but a glorified baby sitter.  At first she thought it was fun, the diaper changes, the feedings, the thought of her older sister as nothing but a big toddler.


     But even the hate she'd always had towards her sister had worn off.  And now all she had was pity.  Pity towards the 18 year old Cindy, a teen dream stuck with the mind of a thumb sucking toddler.  Sara used to have fun teasing her as she changed her diapers.  And making her as messy as possible while she fed her.  But lately Sara was getting tired of taking care of her.  Cindy had seemed to slip more into her babyhood, and was less the 18 year old, and more the troublesome toddler.  No longer would she dart inside her room when friends came by.  Whatever humiliation she felt was now gone, leaving a pitiful 18 year old child behind.


     Sara wanted to go out with her friends, she wanted to get a job and maybe her own car.  But with her sister stuck needing constant care her parents had been forced to adjust their work schedules.  Now when Sara got home from school she watched her sister till her mother got home.  Leaving her only 2 hours to do things with her friends.


     She had tried to find out exactly what had happened.  Hell, everyone had tried to figure it out.  All they knew for sure was it wasn't drugs, or hypnosis.  Her parents had taken her to every doctor and quack they could find, with no luck.  Even the police were forced to give up the case after no leads were found, and Cindy's friends didn't talk.  She hadn't had much luck herself, she had talked to everyone her sister hung out with.  Even their parents, but she got no where.


     Sara couldn't believe it, even as a drooling tard her sister was still going to ruin her life.  She finally snapped and decided to go for broke.  She grabbed one of her father's guns and went straight to Cindy's best friend's house.  She was met by a frown at the door, she started to ask what had happened that night but Jenny started to close the door.  Sara put out a hand to stop her,   "Please, just a second, I want you to talk to a friend of mine.  Real quick okay?"


     "I Seriously doubt anyone is going to talk to you, no matter who you bring along."


     Sara pulled the pistol out of her pocket and cocked the hammer.  "Oh, I think some one will talk.  My friend here is a very eloquent speaker.  A bit loud though."


     Jenny threw her arms up, and stepped back, away from the door.  Sara let herself in and closed it behind her.  "Okay, lets make this as quick as possible.  What happened that night?"


     "Please, I can't talk about it.  We were told not to, or else."


     Sara swung the gun and savagely smacked Jenny in the side of the face.  "If you don't tell me, you'll never talk again, now spill it."


     "No, please!  Just understand it wasn't our fault.  We were just messing around.  Please, it can't be fixed.  I'm sorry!"


     "I've been stuck changing diapers, and baby sitting Cindy for several months now.  And you say it was just messing around?  What the hell happened?"


     Jenny started crying hysterically, she dropped to the floor and hugged Sara's leg begging her to leave.  Sara smacked her on the head with the gun again.  This time blood started to ooze down her face.  Jenny screamed, and fell away from her leg.


     Sara took aim and fired a shot into the TV.  It exploded in a shower of glass.  She turned back to Jenny and pulled the hammer again.  "I'm tired of taking care of Cindy, I either get her back to normal, or I'll be away in prison.  Now talk bitch!"


     Jenny looked towards the TV and then back to Sara, only to find the gun about one inch in front of her face.  The smell of burnt gunpowder was overwhelming.  "We were just out partying and we got carried away.  We didn't know what would happen, we didn't think it was really true."


     "What did you think wasn't true?"


     "We were doing stupid dares and….."


     Sara flipped out, "Stupid dares?  What the hell are you talking about!?  Give me the dam truth!"  She pointed the gun to the side of Jenny's head and pulled the trigger again.  The sound of the blast ruptured Jenny's eardrum, and the ball of fire scorched her hair.  " The next one goes between your eyes!"


     Jenny could see Sara's mouth moving, but she couldn't hear anything but a loud buzz.  She felt something warm dripping from her ear and absently wondered if she had been shot.  Her eye's wouldn't focus right either.  She could see Sara as a blurry double image, finally her fear of Sara made her start to tell everything.


     Sara listened as Jenny yelled out everything that had happened that night, from the light drinking to the final hours of debauchery that had ended with Cindy being dared to prank Ms. Smith the local retired widow.


     As everyone else huddled behind a parked car Cindy had walked up to the house and dropped her panties to poop on her porch swing.  But just as she squatted over the seat the front door had opened and the form of Ms. Smith seemed to be towering over her.


     Her friends watched as she started to pull her panties up and tried to get away.  She was almost off the porch when she stopped running and just stood there.  Ms. Smith grabbed her by her neck and called out to her friends.  "Little Cindy here needs to get home and have her diapers changed.  I recommend you come and get her before I call the police."


     As they walked up to her they noticed that something was different about Cindy, one of her friends grabbed her hand and started to lead her away.  But Ms. Smith had one last thing to say, "I trust you'll all be quiet about this, or you can all join her."


     At the time they didn't know what she meant.  It wasn't until later that they knew something was wrong.  They got about 2 blocks away when they tried to ask Cindy why she had stopped.  They all laughed when she said poop.  Then the smell hit.  Everything went down hill from there.


     An hour later the group had realized exactly what had happened.  Cindy was acting like a baby.  And if the old bat was to be believed if they ever told what happened they would be next.  So she was quickly dropped off at home, and everyone agreed to keep quiet.


     Sara smiled at jenny, "So you want me to believe that some witch made Cindy what she is?  Do I look like an idiot?"


     Jenny heard Sara over the buzzing, she was terrified.  "It's true, please go ask Smith yourself."


     "I will, and if I don't get what I want, I'll be back."


     Sara turned and left Jenny sitting in a puddle of her own pee.  She didn't notice that Jenny had started sucking her thumb the instant the gun was removed from her face.


     So here she was, standing in front of a normal looking porch.  The gun tucked in her pocket, her hand starting to sweat on the grip.  Sara decided that no matter what happened here she was going to get her revenge.  She didn't care so much about getting her sister back to normal, as she did just getting even.


     She gripped the gun tighter in her hand, and took a step onto the porch.  Her heart started beating even faster, as she looked over and saw the porch swing.  "To hell with getting Cindy an antidote," she thought.  "I'm just gonna shoot this bitch."


     Sara walked up to the door and looked for a doorbell.  But all she could find was an old style brass door clapper.  She reached out for it, but before she grabbed it the door swung open.  Sara found herself face to face with old Ms. Smith.  She had an amused smile on her face and had her arms folded in front of her.


     Sara couldn't look away from the smile.  She felt her body grow tense, she thought the old witch might be trying something so she pulled the gun and went for the trigger. Only to find it gone.


     Sara watched as the smile on Ms. Smith's face grew wider.  "Yes, that's a cute rattle little girl.  Why don't you come inside and you can play with it."


     Sara tore her self away from the evil smile and looked towards her right hand.  But instead of finding a gun, she saw a white baby rattle instead.  "What….what's happening?"


     "Yes baby.  Come inside, and we can have some fun."


     Sara tried to turn and run, but her feet didn't respond.  She found herself walking quickly into the house.


     "Now little one, why don't you sit in that chair and tell me why you came here today?"


     Sara walked over, and sat in the chair.  "I came here because you turned my sister into a big baby. And I've been forced to be her baby sitter since then."


     "So you came here to help her grow up?  Maybe force me to fix her?"


     Sara nodded her head.  "Yes, I'm tired of changing her diapers.  I am HER younger sister.  I'm tired of being forced to look after her."


     Ms. Smith eyed her suspiciously.  " Oh, I think I can help you there."  She got up and left the room, Sara jumped up as soon as she left and tried the door.  But it was locked in some way that she couldn't open.  She tried to drop the rattle but she couldn't do that either.  It wasn't that it was glued in place, she just couldn't let go.  She gave it a few shakes, and heard the sound of several beads clicking together inside.


     She was still standing by the door shaking the rattle when Ms. Smith came back.  "Enjoying your rattle little one?"


     "I can't drop it, what did you do to me?"


     "Just making sure you don't lose your toy while you're here.  Now you don't want to change diapers any more right?"


     "No, I've changed my mind, I'm sorry I came I just want to leave and you'll never see me again."


     "But you've come so far, don't you want me to help you?"


     Sara looked from her to the rattle and back again.  There was no doubt this woman was some kind of witch, and would never really help her.  Sara felt fear growing inside her, she wanted to get away.  She wanted to be home, even if that meant baby sitting her sister forever.


     "No, I want to go."


     "Of course, you do.  But it's to late for that now."  Ms. Smith turned towards the door and smiled again, Sara could hear some one walking up the porch.  Maybe she had a chance to get home after all.  "Don't get to happy dear, I'm just gonna take care of this business and I'll be right back to you."


     Sara's heart skipped as the door opened and Jenny walked inside.  She was still wearing her wet pants, but she wasn't crying anymore.  "Ms. Smith please I'm sorry she was going to kill me I had no choice.  Please let me go, I'll be good."


     Jenny fell to the floor in front of the evil woman and sobbed.  Sara smiled thinking that at least she would get to see Jenny's punishment first.  Ms. Smith looked at the girls ruined pants, "Peeing yourself already?"


     "I couldn't help it, she had a gun, I thought she was going to shoot me.  Please, I'm sorry.  I'll be good."


     "I can't just let you get away with it can I?  Then the others will start doing the same.  No, I must make an example of you."


     In spite of herself Sara smiled, it looked like Cindy was about to get a playmate.  Suddenly with a bright white flash Jenny was completely naked.  Then Ms. Smith turned to Sara, "Could you help me out here?"


     As Sara walked closer to her, fear rose again in her body.  To be so close to such power, it made her tingle.  The witch smiled as she spoke to Sara.  "So you don't like changing diapers right?"  Sara nodded.  "And I bet you'd rather not be wearing them either correct?"  Sara smiled this time as she nodded.  "And you'd no doubt like a little revenge?"  Sara just smiled at that.  "Well I think I have a solution that will work for both of us."  There was another white flash, this time Sara was the one that was naked.  "Now be a dear, and lay down on the floor for me."


     Sara completely refused, but again she felt the power of the witch as she felt compelled to get down on the floor on her back.  The floor was cold, but it started to warm under her.  She watched as Ms. Smith produced a small glass bottle from her pocket.  As it was opened the smell of baby powder filled the room.


     Sara started to cry she thought she was going get turned into a baby anyway.  But Ms. Smith seemed to read her mind.  "Hush, I said you won't have to worry about diapers anymore.  This is to make you smell good, now let me finish."  Sara watched as she upended the bottle and poured a thick oil over her chest.  Her skin tingled where it touched her, then quickly the oil was absorbed into her body.  Sara wondered exactly what was about to happen, she didn't have long to wait.


     The sudden sound of running water got her attention, she looked at Jenny to see she was peeing again.  Jenny showed no emotion as the warm mess ran down her legs to puddle on the floor.  The sight reminded Sara of her own sister, from the warm puddle, to the vacant look on her face.


     Ms. Smith looked over towards Jenny,  "Come on baby, let's get you diapered, before you make a bigger mess."  She grabbed her by the hand and guided Jenny towards Sara.


     As they got closer something looked odd to Sara, they seemed to tower over her.  Soon Jenny was standing directly over her and Sara could smell the odor of stale pee.  Sara was shocked as Ms. Smith guided Jenny down and sat her right on her chest.  She was so grossed out she almost felt like puking.  She tried to protest, but found that her voice was gone.


     As Jenny sat down she started to come out of her fog.  She knew something bad had happened.  But she couldn't recall exactly what.  She looked down and saw that there was a diaper spread out between her legs.  She reached down and touched it.  "That's right honey, that's your diaper.  Now put it on quick before you go pee pee."


     The sound of Ms. Smith's voice brought everything back.  The diaper dropped from her hands as she realized what had happened.  Jenny looked down at what Sara had been reduced too, nothing but a disposable diaper.  She started to get up, but felt hands on her shoulders pushing her back down.  A whisper in her ear stopped her struggle, "I can make it a two pack if need be, I'd suggest we just get this over with young lady."


     With her hands shaking, Jenny gently grabbed the front of the diaper, and pulled it up.  She laid back as she folded the diaper over herself.  Jenny attached the velcro tabs of the diaper and then looked up to Ms. Smith for what to do next.


     "You're such a cutie.  And so big for your age."  As the words left her mouth Ms. Smith reached down and helped Jenny to her feet.  She felt the bulk of the diaper pushing her legs apart.  But she could still stand.


     Jenny looked at Ms. Smith, "Please, I don't want to be like Cindy.  I won't say anything."


     "Honey, I'm not going to do that to you. Where would the originality of that be?  No, I have some thing else planned for you.  Now, let's get you dressed.  Your mother will be here in 5 minutes."


     Jenny stood shocked as Ms. Smith started dressing her in a snap crotch onsie.  What was her mother coming here for?  She hadn't lived with her for the last 6 months.  Was she gonna do something to her too?  As the snaps were popped closed Jenny felt more and more scared, she knew she wasn't going to be turned into some big dumb baby.  But was it going to be worse?


     There was a knock at the door as a pacifier was attached to her onsie.  Ms. Smith slipped it inside Jenny's mouth, before she stepped back and looked at her new creation.  "Beautiful!  I hope you enjoy yourself.  And be sure to take care of little Sara for me."


     Jenny looked down and grabbed the front of the diaper through her onsie, she felt sick knowing that it was Sara and wondered what she was feeling.  She might have tried to hurt her, but she was still human.  And the thought of being stuck as a diaper really sickened her.


     She looked up from her crotch to see her mother smiling at her, Jenny blushed as she wondered what her mother must think.  Then she blushed even more as the diaper in her hands grew warm.


     Her mother reached out and pulled her hands away from it.  She looked up at Ms. Smith, "Was Jenny a good girl?"


     "Of course, she was an angel.  She even called me Momma."


     "Awww, she's such a cutie," she wiggled Jenny's nose, "oh yes you are."


     Jenny was shocked, here she was dressed as a baby, and her mother wasn't freaking out.  What was Ms. Smith doing to them?  She said she wasn't going to make her a baby, but her mother was acting like all this was normal.  Jenny pulled the pacifier from her mouth, "Mom, please lets get out of here."


     Her mother ignored her, she turned and took what looked like a diaper bag from Ms. Smith.  "Did she eat well?"


     "Mom!  I said let's get out of here, I want to go home!"


     Her mother turned towards her and squatted in front of her.  The fact that she had to look up to see her daughter didn't seem to bother her.  "What's so important?  Oh, I think I know…."  She put her face close to the diaper around Jenny's waist and took a whiff.  " I think some one needs a change.."


     Jenny's mother quickly stuck a finger in the side of the diaper.  "Well I guess it's not to bad, it can wait till we get home.  Here suck on your binky."


     Ms. Smith walked towards the door.  "They're so cute at that age, almost makes you wish they would never grow up."


     "Jen-jen can be a cutie all right, but I sure wouldn't mind not having to change diapers all the time."  She then ruffled Jenny's hair adding, "But I love the little stinker and if that meant I had to deal with poopy pants forever than so be it."


     "Well I guess that's a mothers love for you, goodbye."  Ms. Smith looked to Jenny, as she was walked out the door.  " See you later Jen-jen, tell Pam I said hello."


     Jenny stopped in her tracks at the sound of her friends' name.  She popped the pacifier out of her mouth.  "What about Pam?  Please, I don't want her to see me like this!"


     She expected an answer, but instead her mother put the pacifier back in her mouth and apologized to Ms. Smith.  "Sorry, she gets really excited when she hears P-A-M mentioned.  I better get home before she gets to worked for her nap."


     Jenny just sucked on her pacifier stunned.  After what had just happened she wasn't surprised when her mother started putting her in the back of the car, though the giant baby seat did throw her off.  What did that old bat do to her?  Obviously she was still able to think and act like a grown up.  But her mother was treating her like a baby.  Why did her mother spell out Pam's name?  Wasn't it obvious she could understand what was being said?


     Jenny tried to buckle herself in but her mother kept batting her hands out of the way.  Finally she was buckled in and they were off to mother's house.  Jenny's mother seemed to be in a hurry.  And it wasn't long before she saw flashing lights behind her.  As she pulled over, Jenny was mortified.  Whatever was wrong with her mother, surely this cop would see right through it.  The idea of being in a diaper in front of a stranger embarrassed her.  So she decided to just keep quiet and not draw any attention to her self.


     The officer went about his job quickly, he told Jenny's mother she was driving a little fast, and she needed to slow down.  Then he asked for her license and registration.  With them in hand he walked back to his car.  As he walked past Jenny's window he looked her right in the eyes and smiled.  She tried to hide her head in her hands.  He looked so hot, she couldn't believe she was stuck strapped to a seat in a wet diaper.


     Several minutes later he walked back to her mother's door.  "Okay miss, I'm letting you off with just a warning this time, but try to think about the safety of your baby the next time you're in a hurry."


     The way he brushed her off infuriated Jenny.  "Hey!  I may be in a diaper, but that doesn't mean you can talk down to me!  I bet you get off on this!"


     But her tirade didn't even affect him, he just ignored her and kept talking to her mother.  "I can understand the urge to get her home.  Just be careful, and don't speed."


     Jenny angrily started to kick the seat in front of her, why was every one ignoring her?  But her mother took it in stride.  "Yes, you're right.  I just picked her up from the sitter, and she was a little wet.  Now she's cranky.  I should have changed her, but I just wanted to get her home first."


     The officer tipped his hat to her, "Well don't let me keep you, I'd hate to see her get a diaper rash."


     Jenny's face went red again as he said that.  But her mother quickly made it worse.  "I wouldn't worry about that, she's wet so often I doubt she could ever get a rash, sometimes I think she actually likes it."  The humiliation was to much and Jenny conked out.  She didn't wake up till they were already home.


     She was still a bit groggy as her mother helped her out of the car.  She felt her diaper being squeezed.  And heard her mother comment on her being soaked.  That brought her back to reality.  She reached down as her mother walked her inside the house and squeezed the diaper herself.  She was surprised to find it much wetter than before.  "Great, how can this get worse?"


     As she was led into her old room she found out how.  The entire room looked like a baby's nursery.  Except it was all sized for an adult.  Jenny was taken to a changing table and helped up on it.  As the snaps to her onsie were opened she started to cry.  Was this what the rest of her life would be like.  She had finally figured out exactly what her punishment was.  She wasn't turned into anything, or even forced to act like a baby.  No, she would keep everything, but be treated like a baby.  The sound of opening Velcro reminded her that things could be alot worse.


     Jenny watched as Sara was opened, and folded away from her.  She was reminded to lift her legs and the diaper was slid free.  Her mother rolled it up, and threw it in the diaper pail.  Jenny wondered if she should pull the diaper out and set it aside.  She decided she would, but she would wait till later. When she was alone.


     The diaper change done, Jenny was plopped onto the floor.  She watched as her mother walked out, and quickly raised a baby gate across her doorway.  Left alone to adjust to her new reality Jenny grabbed a stuffed rabbit, and started to cry.


     "What's up squirt?"


     Jenny's head jerked up, that had sounded like Pam.  She wiped the tears away, and saw that it was.  Jenny didn't feel like talking anymore so she turned her back and hugged her bunny.


     "Well, um.  I guess your mother was right, you really are cranky."


     "Go away, I'm tired of being ignored."


     "Why would I ignore you?  You're the reason I came here today."


     "Everyone is...WAIT!  You can understand me?"  Pam nodded.  Jenny got up and ran towards her friend.  "Please come in, everyone has been driving me crazy."


     And as Pam opened and closed the gate behind her, Jenny started to tell her exactly what had happened.  Pam was shocked to hear what Cindy's sister had done.  But she actually laughed when she was told what happened to her.


     "Wait!  You're telling me that not only was she turned into a diaper, but you pissed on her too?  That's hilarious."


     Jenny nodded her head.  "It's not really that funny, I know she almost killed me, but to be turned into an object?  That's just sad."


     "You're to forgiving.  Where is she?"


     Jenny walked over towards the diaper pail and opened it.  There was only one diaper inside.  She carefully grabbed it and handed it to Pam.


     "So this is the trouble maker?  Doesn't look like much.  Just a stinky diaper."  She opened it up and held it in front of her face.  She looked it over and smiled.  "Well I guess Sara finally found a diet that worked.  She's so skinny and look at that hour glass figure."  She got her face really close to the wet padding and loudly sniffed it from the center to the front.  "But I would lay off the piss if I were you Sara.  It makes you smell......dirty"  Pam laughed at her own joke.


     Jenny asked her how she knew to come here instead of her apartment.  "What do you mean apartment?  You never moved out."


     Jenny felt her heart skip a beat.  "Something's going on, I did move out.  And just as I left Ms. Smith's house today she told me to give you her regards.  It's like she knew you were coming over today."




     "I said," But Jenny stopped.  She looked at Pam, who was still holding the diaper.  And had a weird look on her face.  "Pam, put the diaper down."


     "But it looks so nice, and it's barely used."  She laid it out on the floor, and started to take her pants off.


     "Pam, what are you doing?  I think you need some air."


     Pam wasn't listening.  She was trying to get her pants off.  Jenny wanted to help her friend, but she didn't know what she should do.  This was obviously something Ms. Smith had caused, and what would happen if she interfered?  Pam finally had her pants, and panties off, and was lying down on Sara.  Jenny watched as she quickly pulled the diaper over and attached the tabs.


     Pam got up to a sitting position and stared off into space.  Jenny slowly walked up to her, she waved her hand in front of her face.  "Pam, are you still there?  Hello?"


     Pam suddenly jerked and looked right at Jenny.  "Am I a good baby?  I want to be a good baby.  I need to be good."  She jumped up and grabbed Jenny by the shoulders.  " Jenny, I want to be a big baby, like Cindy.  Please help!"


     Jenny looked at her friend, something was definitely wrong.  "Um, well the diaper is a good start I guess….  Um, what else do you need?"


     "The diaper feels sooo good, but I need more.  I need to be a baby."  Pam broke off as she started to rub the front of her diaper.


     Jenny knew she shouldn't do it, but she gave Pam another suggestion.  "Well, babies suck their thumbs."


     Pam's left hand instantly shot to her mouth, and she started to suck on her thumb.  Her other hand continued to rub the front of her diaper.  Jenny watched as Pam tried to speak around her thumb.  But she finally had to pull it free for a few seconds to speak.  "More."


     Jenny looked at her friend.  She knew this was going to be bad.  And she knew Pam couldn't help herself.  But she couldn't stop.  It was just so much fun having such power over some one.  She wondered just how far she could go, and what she should tell her next.  A sudden warming of her own diaper gave her an idea.  "Pam, everyone thinks I'm just a big baby, and I just went potty in my diaper.  See?  It's so wet it's sagging.  I know your diaper is wet to, but it needs to be soaked just like a baby!"


     Pam didn't respond, she just spread her legs and closed her eyes.  Jenny watched as the diaper around her waist slowly puffed out.  Then it started to sag with the weight.  "Good girl, I mean good baby.  Now get down on your belly, cause real babies can't stand."


     Pam dropped down on all fours, then got down on her belly.  The weight of the diaper settled on the floor between her legs, she looked up to see Jenny squatting down in front of her, a look of concern on her face.


     Jenny didn't know what had happened, she had been watching Pam get down on the floor, when her body felt weird and she had an overwhelming urge to squat.  As she squatted she felt the need to push.  And in an instant she knew what was happening.  She felt the back of her diaper expanding as she filled it.  When she was done she stood up again, and put her hand on the back to check the damage.  She could feel a large lump, it was obvious what had happened.


     She looked down towards Pam and saw that she didn't need to tell her anything.  The look of strain on her face showed exactly what she was trying to do.  Jenny toddled as best she could around Pam so she could get a closer view of the 'action'.  She watched as the back of the diaper started to bulge, as it filled with a large mess.  She watched for several minutes as Pam pushed everything out.


     Finally Pam was done, Jenny reached out and touched the large mass bulging from inside the diaper.  "Well Pam, I think you look just like a baby now.  But don't forget, when a baby needs her diaper changed she cries till it gets done."


     She needed no more encouragement.  She started to sob, then bawl.  But it didn't sound anything like a baby.  It sounded more like a bad impersonation of one.  Jenny kept a straight face as Pam ramped it up even more.  Till she heard her mother coming down the hall.  Jenny sat down to watch the show, only to be reminded that she was in the same boat as Pam.


     "What's all this noise about?"  Jenny's mother asked.  But when she looked down she was confused.  It looked like Pam, but she was in a diaper, an obviously messy diaper.  "What the hell are you doing?  You came in here to visit with Jen-Jen, and you do this?  Get up!"


     But Pam didn't respond she just kept on crying, because that was what a baby would do, and she was going to be the best baby ever.  She watched through tear soaked eyes as Jenny's mother opened the gate and walked straight over to her.  She felt hands grab her and pull her to her feet.  But Pam knew that babies didn't stand so as soon as she was let go she dropped back down.  Causing the diaper to burst and leak a mess out onto the floor.


     Seeing this Jenny's mother knew something was wrong, she remembered what had happened to another local girl.  And wondered if this was the same thing.  As she went for a phone, Jenny just looked at poor Pam sitting in her own mess.  Then she remembered who the diaper was.


     In sudden fear she crawled towards Pam, who was done crying, and had decided to suck on her whole hand.  Jenny looked at the ruined diaper.  It had spit right down the middle, and spilled its soaked contents.  Jenny started to cry, thinking that no matter what happened now, Sara was gone forever.  She hadn't really thought about the change as permanent until now.


     She was still crying when her mother came back.  She tried to console her but she would not stop crying.  She checked her diaper and found it in need of a change.  Jenny's mother decided that must be what the problem was so she put her on the table and started changing her.


     While Jenny was getting her diaper changed, Pam lay down on her back and spread the mess all over.  But she didn't mind as she was trying to act as much the baby as possible.  She even found her feet, and starting trying to suck her toes.  She didn't have the flexibility, but she would work on it, and eventually get her reward.


     Several months later Jenny was sitting in her room, playing with a coloring book.  She tried as much as she could to keep everything inside the lines.  And this required a lot of time.  Time she used to think about what had happened.


     As she had found out, she was still the same 18 year old girl she had ever been.  But everyone except her friends on that fateful day saw her as an 18 month old toddler.  No matter what she did, she could never prove otherwise.  The only real difference was she had the bathroom habits of a toddler.  Which she guessed Ms. Smith threw in for the humiliation value.  But after seeing what had happened around her she knew she got off light.


     Sure the bottle feedings in public were bad, and the diaper changes by strange baby sitters never got easy.  But she knew it could be worse.  She had learned that she could not talk to anyone about what had happened.


     Poor Pam found that out the hard way.  She had been institutionalized shortly after her visit with Jenny.  While Cindy was for all purposes a baby mentally.  Pam still tested as an adult.  Which she was, she only felt the need to pretend she was a baby.


     Of course since everyone though Jenny was a baby, they talked openly in front of her.  She had overheard that Pam was getting worse, the constant exposure to diapers and the sterile environment of the hospital was not stimulating enough to keep her sane.  And she was slipping permanently into the role.


     Little Cindy was unchanged, literally.  She might be a big baby, but she wasn't growing up like one.  She seemed stuck as a perpetual toddler.  Jenny feared that was her fate as well.  Her mother constantly talked of her growing up and being a big girl.  Even using the potty.  But every day she woke as an 18 month old toddler.  And every night she went to bed as one.


     She didn't think of Sara much.  When she did it always made her cry.  She might have tried to hurt her, but she had been trying to help.  The last time Jenny had seen Sara, the plastic bag she had been thrown in was being tossed in a garbage truck.  She watched it, till it was out of sight.


     A tear rolled down her check, as she reached for another crayon.  She had to get up on all fours to reach.  When she sat back down she felt her diaper squish.  Just another wet diaper for her mother to change.  She didn't even care about them any more.  Her mother would check her soon ,and change her.  Jenny stood up and walked to her window.  As she looked outside she wondered how long she would last.  She knew she was regressing, she had to be.  Someone can't be kept from most adult activity without being affected.  She started to suck her thumb as she stared, it was a habit she started during her frequent naps.  Now it seemed she always needed to be sucking something.  Or she got cranky.


     Pam looked away from the window, and sat back down.  She felt her diaper squish under her.  She pulled her thumb from her mouth and wiped the spit on her sleeve.  Jenny looked up at the clock.  She had to concentrate but she was able to read it.  She knew her noon feeding was going to be soon.  Even thinking about it caused her mouth to water.  Yeah, maybe her life wasn't that bad after all.