Quick and dirty.   By: Long_Rifle


Another old one.  I’ll do what I can, but I can only do so much.  This was written back when I couldn’t get quote marks to work when I pasted stories into the forums so I didn’t use them.  I tried to write “around” them.  So while I slapped some conversation in now.  And cleaned up the formatting that’s all I’m doing.  Enjoy!


Contains female mental regression, and diapers.  And an unfair ending. You have been warned.





The old house had belonged to a witch(Surprise!) , or so the story went.  Britney didn’t really care, or believe.  She was just looking for an adventure so she went inside.  There was dust on everything, but she didn’t find anything that looked like it belonged to an evil witch.  It just looked like a nice home for an old woman.  An old woman that had been dead several months  Britney had been home when her body was wheeled out.


She was inside a very full closet when the door slowly swung closed behind her.  When it did, she heard a click behind her and turned towards the back of the closet, she noticed the wall had moved.  It had swung in a little.  She reached out and pushed it open, it swung silently.  Carefully Britney stepped inside, and found there was a long hallway, lit by what seemed to be small burning torches.  Britney held her hand up to one of them and realized they were burning with no heat.  She slipped a finger into one of the flames and didn’t feel any pain.  Her heart pounded as she realized she was somewhere that no one

but the owner had ever been. 


Slowly she walked towards the end of the hallway.  Britney would take a step and then check the walls and the floor in front of her.  She was afraid that there may be some kind

of trap in her way.  But she made it to the end and followed a turn into another room.   It was full of books, jars, and boxes.  She walked around the room slowly looking at everything.  She picked up a book and tried to read it, but it was in some kind of weird language.  Britney put it back down and started to look for something that she could keep and use.  After almost an hour she came to a large cabinet, it was odd and out of place because it was the most modern thing in the room.  She opened it and found that it was full of regular household items.  She looked at the names of the brands and realized that they were magic traps.  Items that when used would work like a spell on the person.  Britney remembered that witches were supposed to hate children, and was reminded of that when she came across a simple cardboard box labeled; ravers.  Written in a hasty angry kind of way.


She wondered if it actually meant the teens that went to parties and basically danced and got high.  As she looked through the box she was reminded of the attire that ravers wore.  Pastel colors and childish styles.  She was almost to the bottom when her hand hit something plastic.  She pulled at it and it popped free from the clothes that were left in the box. 


Diapers.  It was a pack of diapers.  Pampers from the look of it.  She almost dropped them to the floor when the picture on the front caught her eye.  It wasn’t a baby on the front, it was a teen girl in a diaper.  She was sitting on the floor with a dumb grin on her face.  Britney turned the package around and read the directions on the pack.  She laughed at the

thought of what would happen if these were worn by anybody.  After being put on they would make the wearer feel very happy.  They would slowly lose all inhibitions, and get more and more relaxed.  Once the diaper became wet, by sweat or pee the wearer would

start to feel more and more childish, basically get high.  Until they were reduced to big baby’s sitting in wet diapers on the floor.


Britney felt odd standing in a witch’s den, holding something that was supposed to give what could be called the ultimate high.  She set the diapers down on the floor, and looked more closely at the clothes that were in the box.  What she had thought of as regular clothes, were very special spells.  Once worn they would become more and more juvenile in style, until they looked like they belonged on an infant.  As long as the clothes stayed on, the person wearing them would not realize there was anything wrong.  Even as they took on a more, and more baby like persona.  But they would not lose their minds completely as the diaper wearers would.  Nor would there be any high.   As soon as the clothing was taken off they would realize what they had become and try to act adult again.  But they would always be stuck acting like babies, or worse.  Depending on how long the clothes had been worn.


With a sly grin Britney slowly put everything back in the box and left the house.  She made sure everything was back the way it had looked before the door had closed and she had found the room.  She took the box home, and directly to her room, where she pulled the diapers out and set them on the bed next to her.  Britney leaned back onto her bed and looked down at the treasure.  She wanted to see what would really happen if some one used the clothes or the diapers.  She couldn’t explain it.  She wanted to see the humiliation that would happen.  She thought of her sister and what she would look like as a big baby.  At 17 she was only 14 months younger than Britney.


But more important she was home and unemployed, and would do almost anything for money.  She quickly decided on using the diapers on her, that way if it did work her sister would not be able to tell on her.  She carefully opened the pack, and pulled a diaper out.  She then grabbed fifty bucks out of her purse and went to her sister’s room.  Her sister eyed her with suspicion when she walked through the door.  She was ready to throw her out when Britney made her offer, “Fifty bucks to wear a diaper sis.” she said as she waved the cash in her face


Her sister didn't even think about it, she grabbed the money and dropped her pants.  “Fifty bucks to see your little sister in a diaper huh?  I never knew you got off like that.” she said as she finished taping the diaper on.  When finished she stood up and made a grand

motion with her hands, as if too say; happy?


But Britney kept her eyes on her, “Just keep it on for another ten minutes and I‘ll throw in another twenty“. 


Her sister smiled and sat back down, “Whatever perv.”, then went back to doing her

homework. Britney sat down on the bed and waited, she hoped it wouldn't take to long.


Five minutes later Britney heard her sister start to giggle.  It quickly turned to loud laughter.  “What‘s so funny?”.


 Her sister looked at her and shrugged, “I don't know.“  She laughed a bit more, “Everything is funny!”  She got up and walked around the room laughing, she seemed to think the sound her diaper made as it moved was hilarious.  Britney got up to keep a close eye on her, when her sister slowly spread her legs and sighed.


Britney ran over towards her and watched the diaper start to sag lower and lower.  Her own hand found it's way into her jeans as she looked into the eyes of her sister, she saw bliss, complete and total. 


Her sister grabbed hold of Britney and tried to stay standing, but as her legs bowed out and started to quiver she slowly slumped to the floor.  Britney turned her onto her back, and saw that her sister was still smiling.  Even as drool rolled out of her mouth.


Every few seconds Britney saw her sister try to caress her own body, slowly growing more and more uncoordinated.  Till her hands dropped to her side useless.  At that point Britney grabbed her money and left.  She hid everything in her room, and waited for her parents to get home.


The aftermath of her experiment was long lasting.  They tried everything to fix her.  The doctors never figured out what happened, they thought it may have been some kind of weird drug overdose.  Whatever had happened she now had the mind of a six-month-old.

At first Britney loved it.  But she quickly grew tired of changing her sister’s diapers.  One day after being told she would have to stay home and not go see a movie she finally flipped.  She pulled out the raver box and dumped the contents on the floor in her room.  She selected a cute pair of panties and a bright pink outfit with tight jeans, and a short shirt.  She shoved everything else into her dresser.  “If I’m stuck here in this dam house I’m not going to be changing diapers anymore!” she yelled.


She stood naked in front of her mirror with the panties in hand.  The clothes would change, but while a normal wearer would not know, what would happen to her?  Since she already knew about the spell.  Britney stepped into the panties, and slowly pulled them up.  She looked at her reflection, and actually watched as the panties grew thicker and became training pants.  In a rush she put the rest of the clothes on.  She felt full of energy as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She wanted to play.  Britney walked to her

sister’s room and looked at her in the crib.  She stared back at her with a wet vacant grin. 


Britney made some noises and stupid faces till her sister laughed.  She quickly grew bored of that and went back to her room to find something to play with.  As she passed

the bathroom she saw her reflection in the mirror.   She was amazed, the shirt she had put on was long and tucked into her pants  She checked those to find they were much looser and had snaps instead of buttons. She undid her pants and looked at her panties.  They

looked like pull-ups to her now.


She happily pulled her pants back on and walked to her room.  She wanted to play with some of her old dolls.  She felt so happy, she wanted to have fun.  In her room she pulled her dolls down and started to play with them on the floor.  After thirty minutes she heard her sister moving and went to go see her.  As Britney stood she thought her panties seemed thicker than before.  But she forgot about that as she walked down the hall to see what her sister was up to.  As she entered her sister’s room Britney saw that her sister had kicked her blankets off and was cold.  She pulled them back over her and turned to leave.  But Britney noticed several toys on the floor, they looked kind of cool to her so she sat down next to them and started to play with them. 


She was rolling a toy car towards the wall when she saw her reflection again.  This time she looked to be wearing the same shirt but had a pair of overalls on.  She felt between her legs and felt the bulk there and  wanted to see what it was.  Britney slowly undid the

clips on the overalls and let the bib front flip down.  She gave a pull and the pants fell to her knees.  That’s when she saw that her shirt was different.  It came down between her legs and snapped at the crotch.  She realized she was wearing a large onsie.  She laughed at that, then she tried to undo a snap but they were really tight.  Instead she pulled the flap

to one side and got a peek and what was underneath.


A diaper.  Britney was back in diapers.  She laughed at that as she slapped the outer covering.  She moved her legs a little and could hear the plastic crinkle.  She picked up her overalls and tried to get the straps from the back to the front.  But she couldn’t figure

out how.  She decided that she felt okay, and that she didn’t need pants.  So she walked out of them and left them balled up on the floor.  She started to walk back to her room but halfway there she fell to her hands and knees.  She didn’t even try to get back up.  She just crawled to her room.


Her parents came home two hours later.  They could hear their big baby crying.  They quickly went upstairs and made sure she was okay.  But they wondered were Britney was.  They called to her but got no response.  Finally her mother checked her room and found her lying on the floor.  Her mother saw that Britney was asleep.  She slowly walked up to her and wondered why she was sleeping on her back wrapped in a big towel.  She got closer and thought she smelled poop.  She called out to Britney softly, her daughter blinked her eyes and yawned lightly.  Then went back to sleep.  Her mother started

to get scared, she knelt next to her daughter and put her hand out to her. 


She thought her daughter looked like a newborn wrapped up at the hospital.  She slowly unwrapped her and as she pulled open the towel, she saw Britney was wearing

nothing but a very soiled diaper, and a plastic wristband used to ID newborns at a hospital.  She tried to wake her up, but when she did wake, she started to coo, and wiggle her arms around.  Her mother screamed.


Britney was having a weird dream. She slowly woke and blinked her eyes against the light.  She moved a little and felt a thick pad under her.  She opened her eyes and saw the light wasn’t really that bright. Her sister must really need to be changed, she could smell BM from her own bed.  She went to roll out, but her arms seemed to be asleep, they didn’t want to rise.  She tried to look over to them but her head was hard to move.  Then the lights seemed to get brighter and a person came into view.  It looked like a nurse she smiled at Britney and she smiled back.


Suddenly something was in her mouth.  She started to suck on it automatically and tasted warm sweet milk as it rolled down her throat.  She was awake now, but her arms still didn’t work.  She just lay there and looked up at the nurse that was feeding her a bottle

of formula.  The woman seemed to be speaking to her but it was to quick.  She Felt full and frowned and tried to spit out the bottle.  The nurse removed it and made some sounds as she wiped her face.  Britney had drooled a little, but she couldn’t stop or control herself.  She wiggled as the blanket on her was removed and the nurse made a surprised sound while rubbing her belly.  Britney heard herself laugh.  She didn’t feel like laughing

but she couldn’t stop her body. 


Then she heard tapes being opened and realized she was wearing a diaper and it was being changed.  Again she tried to move her head to look but it felt like it weighed a ton.  She could feel and hear the diaper being removed then she felt her butt being wiped.  As

a new diaper was put on her she started to remember what had happened.  She had put on the clothes.  Britney remembered that, she tried to remember everything else but it was a blur.  Then suddenly everything came back.  She remembered crawling into her room and falling asleep.  And that was it.  The horror of what happened to her caused her to start

crying.  The nurse tried to relax her but she couldn’t help.  She would be stuck like this for the rest of her life. 


That made her cry even louder, she felt her diaper grow warm as she wet it.  Stuck as a newborn.  Wetting and messing herself, never able to walk or even sit up.  She couldn’t even understand English anymore. Britney cried herself to sleep, as she would for the

rest of her life.