Oops.  By:Long_Rifle



“So that’s the place?”


“Yeah, be careful Jen.  This isn’t like all the other busts.  This guy is weird.”


The woman smiled, and swished her long hair behind her.  “I’m a cop Mark.  What’s going to happen?  And you guys will be behind me the whole time, so don’t worry.”


The male officer looked at her, then checked the rearview mirror, looking at a recessed doorway.  “I know.  But this whole case is based on some loose interpretations of the law.  One wrong word, or you don’t get this guy to say exactly the right thing and we’re screwed.”


She just smiled, and gave him a slap on the shoulder as she opened the door and got out.  “Don’t worry.  I can have this guy admit to anything, it doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do.”  She gave Mark one last wave and walked towards the building, a sexy swing to her step.


Mark watched as she walked away, then spoke into his mike, “Okay people, look sharp.  This prick has done some weird shit.  Make sure Jenny has your complete attention.”  He waited while several people all confirmed they had heard him.  “Okay.  Entry team, be ready.  I want you in the door five seconds after she calls.”


Mark’s phone rang, he checked the ID, swore, and picked it up.  “Make it quick.”


“Are you ready to roll yet?”  a gruff voice asked.


Mark rubbed his forehead.  “Er…  Yeah.  We got the clearance this morning.”


“So tomorrow then Officer?”


Mark looked behind him, waiting for Jenny to enter the building.  As she did there was no going back.  He cleared his throat, “Well, the boss wanted us to roll on our own.  So we-”


The voice came back a loud yell, “You asshole!  There’s a good reason we need to be there.  There are things we need to give her to make this happen.”


Mark rolled his eyes, “Look, I’m glad you Feds wanted to help.  But this is a simple bust.  This guy is just a pervert is all.  They never fight, you know the stats.”  He turned his head to have a better view of the door.  Why couldn’t he hear anything?  “Look man-”


“Shit!  Shit, shit, shit!  Send them in!  Send them in now!  Before it’s to late!”


Mark didn’t understand what was happening, but hearing the terror in the agents voice sprang him into action.  “Go go go go go now!  Emergency!” he screamed as he jumped from his car and pulled his Sig.


He could see SWAT members crossing the street in front of him, he almost ran in first, then remembered the drill and stood several feet off to the side.  The front SWAT officer screamed, “Police!  We have a warrant!” then without waiting he hit the door with a ram.


The wood shattered on impact, the large officer dropped the ram and rolled his Ar-15 up into his shoulder while the second man tossed in a flash bang.  In an instant he felt the pulse of the explosion and saw the flash.  He waited for the rest of the team to enter.


Right, left, front right, and he rolled in, clearing the front left of the room.  First his rifle, then his head peered over a shattered counter directly in front of him.  He saw nothing, “Clear.”


“Clear front!”  His CO screamed.


The officer got back in formation this time second back and prepared to hit the back room.  He readied his carbine and felt a hand on his back, telling him the men behind him were ready, he took a deep breath and set his hand on the front man.


Instantly they walked as one down the hall, not a word was said.  The team broke into two units as they saw two doors in front of them.  The front unit rolled into the first doorway.  Then immediately backed out.  There was a double beep on their radio band telling the rest it was a small room, and clear.  They regrouped, then entered the last room.  Our Swat officer was the front man again.  He stepped inside, noticed movement in front of him and walked towards the right, not talking his aim off the person standing in front of him.  “Freeze!  Police!”


The figure seemed to wait till the entire team was in the room.  Then he smiled, and vanished.”


The entire team was still standing in shock when Mark came through the door.  His pistol still out.  “What the fuck are you guys doing!  Find her!”


Still in shock, and working on training alone the SWAT team finished clearing the last room.  It was large, and had many shelves occupying the space.  Mark started to sweat while he listened to the team clear the rest of the building.  Then came to voice of the CO.  “Mark, we have her.”


“Thank fucking God.  Where is she?”


“Um, hold.”  came a monotone reply.


Mark’s heart started to beat rapidly.  “No, where is she?  Get her up here now!”  He started to walk through the large room, working his way towards a back corner he knew was the last area to be searched. 


“Negative, she’s 10-7.”


Mark screamed, his finger moved to the trigger as he ran for the back, then he thought he saw something move beyond a door to his left.  He darted inside, and raised his gun, “Freeze asshole!”


The man smiled as he raised his empty hands.  “Howdy.”


Mark almost screamed.  “Drop it!”


The man in his sights matched the description, old, but healthy looking.  And most importantly wearing a bath robe.  His smile opened wider, showing perfect teeth.  “Drop what?”  he spread his fingers as wide as possible to show his empty hands.


“I said drop it!”  Mark didn’t care if he had nothing in his hands, he had never lost an officer before.  He was going to make sure this guy didn’t have another chance.  “I said drop it!” 


The old man’s smile vanished as Mark violently pulled the trigger.  The small pistol jerked as the bullet left the barrel.  Mark pulled the trigger again, and again.  Pulling till the slide locked back on an empty magazine.  Mark immediately ejected the empty mag, and inserted another.


“I assure you that isn’t necessary officer.”


“Body armor.“ went through Mark’s head as he depressed the slide release and re-centered on the man’s face.  His finger mover to the trigger and pressed again.  This time nothing happened.  Mark dropped down, rolled the pistol over upside down, grabbed the slide with his off hand and racked it to clear the dud.  Then re-aimed and fired again.  Another dud, and another attempt to clear.


“Honestly Mark.  I don’t mind a few holes in my robe.” he put his hands up and through his hair,  “but if you shoot me in the head my hair just won’t part right.”


Mark had cycled through every round in the mag.  He was ready to stand and pounce when he saw a shadow fall behind him.  “Freeze!”


When the man moved his hands from behind his head the SWAT member opened up with his carbine.  The first shot went off, the man grimaced, bolt jammed on the second shot and the officer went for his pistol.


The old man raised his hands, and then brought them down in front of him, causing a flash of light.  “Right!  This is getting out of hand.  That one actually hurt!” 


When the SWAT team didn’t move Mark decided to stand.  But he couldn’t.  He tried everything, but his entire body felt locked up with one bad cramp.


“Is this everyone?”  the old man counted, “Five?  Five of you?  Where’s agent Red?”  No one spoke.  “Oh…  So he didn’t want to be here?  Or did you jump the gun?”


Mark felt his mouth open, and he felt compelled to answer.  “We didn’t want the feds taking credit for stopping a two bit punk like you!”


The man laughed.  “I’m worth a bit more then twenty five cents son.”  He seemed to look at all the men in front of him, then looked down at his robe.  “Dam.  And I’ve had so much fun in this one.”  He gently took off the robe and dropped it on the floor in front of him.  The old man walked towards one of the larger SWAT officers and sized him up.  “Yes, you’ll do.”


Without warning the man grabbed the officer at the scruff of the neck.  Everyone watched as he started to shake, then shrink in his cloths.  The terror was palpable in the room as his skin started to change, then with a pop his duty uniform, and all his equipment dropped to the floor.  Leaving a new bathrobe in the mans hand.


“Ah, nothing like fresh squeezed!”  He brushed something off the hem, then put it on.  “Ah, still warm!”  He looked at the rest of them, then stared at Mark.  “Tell Red next time I’m gonna pay a visit to his family.  I do nothing against YOUR laws.  You and your heavy handed friends here opened fire on an unarmed person.  His punishment is to hang around a while longer.  And yours is in the back.” 


A young lady appeared next to him, seemingly appearing next to him from the wall.  “LR,  I’ve got the new store set up.  How does the tropics sound?”


He smiled, “Great Tali.  I’m done here.”  And they both ceased to be.


Mark felt weight return to his body, he slumped against the wall behind him.  He looked around him, down at the empty robe, then at the tangle of equipment.  “What happened?”


One of the SWAT members carefully picked up the dropped carbine and cleared it.  “We fucked up.  That’s what happened.”


Mark remembered what the man had said, then remembered Jenny.  “What happened to Jenny?  Why’s she out of service?”


The SWAT team didn’t answer they just motioned back towards a far corner.  Mark turned and walked towards it.  He felt cold sweat run down his back as he got closer.  A dim light was on, and pointing down towards something.  


“A bassinette?” Mark wondered.  It looked bigger then normal.  He swallowed as he closed his eyes, then opened them looking down into to mass of cotton and lace.  He saw the face of his partner, she almost looked like she was sleeping.  Tears filled his eyes as he reached out to gently caress her face. 


Her eyes opened as he touched her cheek.  “Jenny!  Jenny you’re okay!”  Relief flowed through him as he squeezed her tightly in a hug.  “Oh Jenny! I was so worried.”


He let go of her and stepped back so she could get out.  But she didn’t move,  she reached out seeming to want his help.  Mark assumed she was tied in,  he came forward and pulled the blanket off her, then stepped back in shock.


“Jen….  Jenny?”  He asked while he looked down at her.  She wasn’t strapped down.  She was naked under the blanket, in nothing but a disposable diaper.  He looked at her face, and saw she still had a grin on her face.  He watched spit run from her lips and roll down the side of her face.  “Jenny, can you hear me?”


Jenny smile wider, and gurgled at him.  He gently picked her up and held her in his arms.  Her head flopped back and he had to grab it and support it.  “Officer!  Please… Jen, be okay.”


He felt heat build up under her, he slid his hand down, and under a freshly wet diaper. HE looked her in the face and realized she didn’t even know she was wet.  He gently set her back in the bassinet and rubbed his temple. 


He could hear other officers walking through the store towards him.  He reached down towards his ankle and pulled his backup revolver.  He placed one hand over Jenny’s eyes, and put the muzzle of the gun to her head.  “Jenny.  I won’t leave you like this.”


He pulled the trigger, and heard the click of the hammer hitting the primer.  But nothing happened.  Mark rapidly pulled the trigger several more times, but nothing happened.  “Fuck!”  He screamed, as she dropped the gun and started to choke her.


He heard someone behind him, and heard the order to stop.  Mark squeezed as hard as he could.  Suddenly he felt something pinch him in the back,  then warmth running down his chest.  His hands lost their grip and fell away as he tried to take a breath, but something felt wrong.  He struggled for breath as he dropped to his knees besides Jenny.  He looked into her face, beyond the tears in her eyes.  He saw the bruises he had left on her neck, and felt shame.  “Sorry Jen.”  he whispered. 


Hands grabbed him from behind, and started to pull him down and away.  His vision darkened as the bassinette fell away from his view.  His eyes dulled as he reached for her one last time.  His chest felt heavy, too heavy as he took one last ragged breath.  Then faded away.