Mirror magic.†††† By: Long_Rifle


WellÖ.This is another one of my old stories.Not as ďgoodĒ as I do now, but not the worst.†† This story deviates from most of mine as the main characterísÖ.ďSexual urgesĒ arenít just alluded to, but front and center.It is her urge to get off that drives the story at the end.This is something I wrote just FOR that purpose.Something I thought at the time I needed to write more of.But since, Iíve decided I donít really like it so obvious.This also has the dubious distinction of being the LAST of my older stories that I re-edited.This is it.Iím done, and I have nothing but the future stories to look forward to writing.Thanks for the past, and letís hope for a kick ass future!





Cathy liked doing magic, she had stumbled on it accidentally while she had been reading in the local library.She had read an old incantation out loud and turned to see her pencil floating in mid air.Since that day Cathy had found a local store that sold magical items. She didnít do anything bad with it.She did little things, but never really tried anything that could be dangerous.But slowly she grew better.And tackled stronger and more powerful spells.


Cathy was becoming a powerful witch, that wasnít to bad.Some would think it was really cool.But she was something else that wasnít cool at all.Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be something else.If her secret ever got out she would never be able to show her face In public again.She was a teen baby.Cathy was a high school senior that liked to dress and act like a baby.She had tried to buy infantile clothes and diapers but nothing worked for long, she wanted more.She had learned that as she got older her

abilities would get stronger.Now at 18 she was supposed to have her full powers.Many a night since her birthday she had spent looking for something she could use.And now she had it.All she had needed was to buy a mirror and she had done that only a few hours before.A few spells to twist was all that was left to do.


Two hours later she had cast them all.But the mirror needed to be in blackness for several hours before it would work.She had screwed in to the back of her door and hung a black drape over it.Now she was ready.Now, after waiting exactly 8 hours she would know if her dream could come true.Now she would she if her spells had worked.


Mentally she ran through the list of things she had done to make sure this would work.First a spell to make the mirror take and hold spells, instead of just reflecting them.It had to be done in the dark and on a slant to make sure there was nothing to receive it but the glass of the mirror.Then she had placed a time limit on the effects of the mirror.The spell would only effect the person if they stayed in front of the mirror.Then after they left, itís effects would linger 10 times as long as the exposure.An incantation to stop any physical changes to the person followed.Just the clothes worn would be affected.


And then the meat of what she wanted.The spell it was all set up for.The one that would turn the clothing on the affected into clothing for a progressively younger and younger person.All the way to an infant if they stood to long.She didnít want to wait for all her boring teen and pre teen years, so the mirror would start at 7 and work back, every minute her clothes would go back, till she was dressed as an infant.Then every minute after that added another hour to the time it took to reverse.Cathy put a limit on the spell that only one person at a time would be affected, so no matter what happened only one person would be cursed.


She had been finished, but just as she was going to use it she thought of one last thing.To make it so everyone else saw whoever used the mirror as whatever they were dressed as, then made it so all her possessions would also change to fit her age.A final closing spell and she was all done.


Cathy opened her door slowly.And turned on a small desk lamp.No one else was home, so she didnít have to worry about being interrupted.She shut the door behind her and sat on her bed.The drape hung in front of her.The thick black fabric was all that separated her from what she had wanted as long as she could remember.Shechanged silently into different clothes.A loose dress with normal cotton panties, and socks.The rug felt warm under her feet as she stepped closer to her dream.


††† Cathyís hand trembled as it got closer and closer to the drape.She grabbed it with both hands and glanced at her clock.She waited till it added another minute and flung open the covering.She found herself looking at what looked like a normal mirror.She kept staring at her clothes hoping to see some change but nothing happened.She caught her clock flip forward another minute in the corner of her eye.Cathy felt depressed; nothing had happened, she turned to go back to her bed and gasped.Her room was gone.Well not gone, but way different.It looked like a little girls room.More importantly, like her room when she was about seven.Then she realized she had been wearing something that any seven year old would wear so there wasnít anything to change.But now as she looked around her room she could watch as things changed; Care Bear posters were slowly appearing all over her walls.Then her window drapes changed.Cathy went to her dresser and looked inside one of her drawers.She watched as the clothes inside seemed to writhe and move.She pulled out a pair of panties and held them up.A simple cotton with childish prints of the Smurfs.†† Then they seemed to waver and grow very thick.


Training pants!The thought made her turn back to the mirror, she jumped towards it and closed the drapes.Cathy looked at the clock and realized she was now dressed like a three year old.She quickly figured she would be like this for the next 50 minutes.In her haste she had dropped her panties, and as she bent to pick them up she noticed something odd.They werenít cotton training pants.What she had in her hand was a disposable Pull Up.How had that happened?They werenít around when she was young.Then she got another glimpse of her room.Everything had changed again.Blues Clues posters, a fancy bed spread.Everything a modern parent could buy.Why had this happened?


She was trying to figure it out when her door was opened and her mother walked in.Where had she come from?Cathy wondered.


"Come on honey, lets go watch some TV before you have to go to bed ok?"†† Cathy just nodded her head and followed her mother to the family room.She was about to sit down when her mother checked her pants.She blushed when she was told how great she was for staying dry.Cathy watched Cinderella and the clock.She was nervous as to what would happen when it hit 50 minutes.She tried to figure out why everything had gone modern, when she suddenly felt her bladder twinge.She needed to pee.She looked back at her mother and then back at the TV.She didnít want to let the situation go to waste, she smiled as she let some out into the Pull Up.As she finished she looked up at the clock, and noticed 50 minutes was past, it was done.Everything should change back.Cathy just kept sitting and watching the TV.It didnít matter really, she might as well wait till the show was over.


"Whatís that smell?"her mother asked."It smells like pee.ďCathyís heart started to race.She sat up and felt the cool wet Pull Up still under her butt.A glance at the clock told her 20 more minutes had passed, why was she still in a pull up?Cathy stood and started to walk back to her room."Hold it right there young lady!"Cathy froze.Her mother stomped over to her and pulled her dress up." Why the hell are you wearing diapers?"


"They arenít diapers theyíre pull ups.And I was just having some fun." Cathy told her.


"Fun?You think pissing your pants is fun? "She grabbed Cathy's hand and pulled her forcefully towards her room. Cathy was trying to figure out what went wrong when her mother slammed open the door and pushed her inside.Her mother turned on the light switch and stopped.She seemed to be lost in rage."What...have.....you ...done?"Cathy was just as surprised.†† It was unchanged, it still looked like a big toddler lived in it."So this is what youíve been doing in here? Making yourself a nice little nursery?"


"No, no.I donít know what happened please let me explain."


But her mother grabbed the door and slammed it closed. "Explain?EXPLAIN?Ok, Tell me why my daughter is pissing herself like an infant?"She spit the question out, and to show she didnít want any response she roughly removed all of Cathyís clothes.Leaving nothing but the wet pull up.Cathy watched as her mother grabbed the curtain over her mirror and pulled it back.She almost screamed, instead she tried to get away from it.But her mother pushed her in front of it."See that?See that baby?Thatís what youíll be wearing to school tomorrow."Cathy didnít care about that.She cared about the crack that ran down the center of the mirror.


"Oh I see you have a diaper pail!Well lets put it to use."Her mother grabbed her Pull Up and ripped it off her waist.Cathy tried to stop her, but it was no use.She had to get her out of her room and get the mirror covered.She pulled at her mother and tried to push her out the door.Only to have the wet Pull Up put in her face."I think my baby needs her diaper.And I think if she doesnít want to be in diapers permanently she had better relax."Cathy started to tell her it wasnít a diaper, but then she got a look at it. It was a diaper!A regular disposable diaper with tapes on it.She reached to grab it and her mother threw it at her.She caught it and looked closely at it, she could smell the pee.She could even see where the wetness indicators had blurred.The little hearts had turned blue, then if very wet they disappeared.She saw that in the center of the hearts was a number.She had sworn it was a five.But now she saw it had a four in it.Then as her mother took it away she saw the fours fade and turn to threes.


"I hope you like baby food because thatís all youíre getting for awhile."Her mother almost screamed. As her mother continued to yell, Cathy remembered what the numbers meant, diaper sizes.And baby ages. she was still being hit by magic but why was her mother still unaffected?Shouldn't she see her as a baby now?Cathy felt chills as she realized the crack in the mirror was causing the spells to go crazy.She looked up in time to see her bed form into a large crib." I Donít know where you got the money for all this, but Iím not going to let it go to waste.Get up on the table.Time For a dry diaper."


Cathy spun to see a diaper changing table on her dresser.She quietly walked towards it and closed the curtains on the mirror as she passed it.She didnít care what happened next.A diaper, and then as her mother slept she would remove the mirror and fix this

mess."Thatís it, hop on up.Time for your di-dee.Then itís bed time for baby."Cathy stayed quiet and tried not to look at her mother while she angrily mocked her."Oops, I canít leave a dirty diaper out on the floor."Cathy watched as her mother picked it up, closed the tapes, and threw it in the diaper pail."Honestly, I donít even know how you could walk in such thick diapers.But maybe youíre just a heavy wetter like you used to be."


Cathy cringed as her mother pulled a fresh diaper out and set it next to her."Now to clean baby, and get her all safe and dry."


Cathy sighed,†† "Mother can you please just get it over with, and let me alone?"Her mom just smiled as she quickly wiped Cathy's butt.Then the diaper was unfolded and wrapped around her waist.


"Back to baby!Thatís one tape, and two.Now whoís a pretty girl?"Cathy groaned as she sat up, she looked down and saw the hearts, then she saw what was in them.Ones, she was in step ones.She put up a fuss as she was set her in the crib, this only angered her mother further.But Cathy didnít care.She was almost out of this.Soon the mirror would be gone and she could start to fix this. She let herself smile.


"Oh, do you think this is funny?Well you can just stay in diapers for a week.Lets see what you think when you have to sit in shity diapers for awhile."Her mother clicked off the room light and slammed the door shut behind her.She heard something drop and break but she didnít care.Let the little shit stew for awhile.


But Cathy cared, as the door had closed a night light had come on and she watched as the cover fell from the mirror, and a large piece of glass fell to the floor.She sat up and looked at the clock.But something was wrong.Her clock was gone.She felt her pulse quicken.She needed to get out of her crib and get out of her room.But she felt odd, her head felt dull, she seemed to feel an odd happiness washing over her more and more.She felt dizzy, thenout of the blue she decided to suck her thumb.She tried to stop but the urge to do it was to strong.Cathy looked back at the mirror and saw that it appeared to be glowing.What could she do now? Then it hit her.She had to act like a baby.She had to be as much a baby as possible.She knew it was stupid, that is was the mirror and the spells going haywire, but she couldnít control herself anymore.Babies wet and messed their diapers, they even enjoyed it.And she knew she had to as well.


With a quick wave of her hand she undid all her potty training.She felt a tickle as she started to wet her diaper.Her hand found itís way into her diaper, and she could feel warmth running over it.She was peeing on her hand, she knew deep down it was gross, but it felt so good.She was so happy, but inside she kept rationalizing it. She could still fix this, it would be ok.She counted how many fingers she was peeing on when her brain reminded her babies couldnít count.Suddenly she didnít know math anymore.†† She looked up at the side of her crib and read two plus two off it.What was two plus two?She didnít know or care.Knowing she was closer to being a real baby made her body hum.She couldnít control herself as she started to do very unbaby-like things things to herself.


Now Cathy was scared, she tried to count the fingers on her free hand but gave up.She was completely flustered.She couldnít count past 2, or was it 11?Or maybe 3?She was scared but she felt so good, the closer to being a baby she got the more excited she felt.Her hand was rubbing faster and faster inside her diaper, she had never felt anything like it before.She thought she had it under control.But then as she groaned and drooled, the urges started again. Baby,baby. Baby.She tried to stop but she was so horny.She needed more.She felt her self regain more control, she started to win.Then Cathy felt the need to poop.


The feeling was so intense she couldnít stop herself as she pushed a large mess into her diaper.The knowledge that she had done something so babyishinstantly ramped up her body, and instead of just acting like one for a short timeshe felt the need for permanent baby status overwhelm her.She fought it as long as she could.Groaning and grinding, hoping her mother would come in to stop her, and wishing she wouldnĎt..After several long minutes she could control herself no more.She pulled her thumb from he mouth and started to work a spell, she pointed towards a small mirror on the side of her crib.It was inset on a baby toy.The next person who looked into the mirror would instantly forget how to read, or write.But she went farther,She decided that to stop the urges she had to put everything into the mirror then just not look at it.She would be ok if she just went to sleep.Next went all the abcís, and walking.Her mess was slowly getting worse in her diaper as it was smashed and smeared around.But it no longer made her sick, she loved the feeling now.She knew she could do more.She was bucking in the diaper when she added the loss of all teeth. Talking above a two year old level went next.Then the humiliation of everyone knowing that she had did this to herself.She almost cried thinking that her best friends would know she wanted this.And the kicker: the removal of her ability to do magic.The final words almost made her lose it.


Almost.Now she frantically rubbed herself.She was terrified she would look into the mirror.She just needed to finish, then she would have a clear mind and she could fix everything.She closed her eyes, and got on her hands and knees in front of the mirror.The fear of accidentally looking in the mirror drove her to such heights that she almost found her release.


But she needed more.She could feel the poop smear on her butt as she sat down heavily on her diapered behind.She pulled her hands free of her diaper and her mouth and grabbed the rail in front of her.But she could still feel herself being touched. It wouldnít stop.She just needed more.Cathy reached behind and pressed the mess onto herself.She felt it come up the back of the diaper and spread out over the top.But it didnít stop.She wanted to scream, she wanted to leave, she wanted a normal life.But she had to finish.


Cathy felt it.It started to build. She knew she was going all the way. She was crying as she now knewshe was going back to diapers, bottles and baby food.But she couldnít stop.The thought drove her crazy.She dropped to her hands and knees, then put her face to the glass. She could feel her hot breath on it, and her drool roll down and splat on the crib mat. It wasn't enough.She had to have it all.She couldn't stop.She started to bawl like a baby.


This was it.She was going to be a teen baby for real.She was going to be a teen baby permanently.The thought sickened and excited her.It was to much.She peed, drooled, and opened her eyes all at once.