Mary's way  By: Long_Rifle



Another oldie.  VERY oldie.  Not much I can do with it, I tried to do what I could for the format.  I know it’s not perfect.  But it’s better then nothing I ‘spect.  So here it is:  Enjoy at your own peril…



Mary didn't have a chance.  Her mother was going to marry again and there was nothing she could do about it.  And while she didn't hate the guy, she wasn't comfortable around him.  He seemed a little off.  Like he was from another country or something.    Finally the big day had come and now she felt even worse about him.  But as she entered the hall she was surprised to find that instead of sitting out of the wedding, her mother had a special part for her.  When Mary found out her part she felt confused.  They wanted her to be the flower girl.  She had thought that the flower girl was supposed to be a baby.  But her father to-be seemed adamant about her doing it.  He even had a dress all picked out.  Mary was going to pass on it, she was after all 19. But she could see the look in her mother's eyes. It was her mom's special day, Mary decided to just do it and make her mother happy.


She followed her mother into a back room and started to strip.  She was down to just her panties when her mom opened the dress bag.  She was shocked, and almost walked right then.  The dress looked exactly like any other flower girl dress.  Exactly like what a toddler would wear.   Mary was going to complain, but her mother seemed so happy.  She started to pick up the dress, but her mother stopped her.


“Honey, this comes with it’s own underwear.”  Mary  stepped out of her panties and into the pair that her mother was holding out for her.  By the time she realized something was wrong it was too late.


Mary squeezed her legs together, they felt to thick, she looked down at them, “Mom?  What the hell is this?  These aren’t panties!”  She said as she looked at the obvious trainers between her legs.


“I know, but they are for your comfort.  You know the ceremony may take awhile so these panties are extra thick, in case you have an accident.”  Mary felt upset, she tried to pull them off but was stopped by her mother,  “Stop being so fussy.”


Mary fumed, “Mom!  There’s no way I’m wearing training pants under my dress!“ She squeezed the training pants down her legs and kicked them off.  Her mom smiled and gave the near empty bag to Mary. 


“Well, there’s only one thing left in there to wear, you can have that instead.”


Mary opened the bag and was shocked as a folded disposable diaper fell out and landed at her feet.  She looked back up at her mother, Mary thought, “She can't be serious.”  But the stern look she received told her otherwise.   Mary was pissed off; she didn't want the wear what looked like large  pull-ups.  But she sure didn't want to wear a diaper.  She was trying to figure out how she could change her mother’s mind, when her mother told her she had three seconds.  She felt stunned, briefly Mary felt like throwing her body to the floor and throwing a fit.  “There the hell did that come from?” she wondered.  She rubbed her head and sat down on a chair. 


Her mother sighed, she picked the Pull-Up off the floor and pulled them up her daughter’s legs.  Mary gave a futile kick but gave in.  She stood up and realized something felt different.  The pull-ups hadn’t felt that thick to her before.  She looked down at the offending pants, she thought they looked different.  “Almost cuter?”  She

bent her knees a little as she eyed her undies.  But Mary saw something odd.  These were definitely training pants.  She could see that the sides were tear away, but there was also what looked like tapes.  They weren’t holding the pants together.  But they were still there.  She was about to ask her mom what they were for, but her mother cut her off, “Dammit.  Did you already piss yourself?“


Mary blushed more than she ever thought she could.  Hoping her mother was joking she just told her, "No, of course not."  Mary forgot about the odd tapes as the dress was dropped over her head.  Her mother helped her thread her arms through.  It was a tight fit, she really fought to get it on.  Then it an instant, it seemed to get easier, and it just dropped into place. 


Mary then followed her mother into another room to get made up for the big day.  She had to sit still as her hair and make up was put on.  After what felt like ages she started to fidget, she just didn’t want to sit still any more.  She was hopping on her bottom, when her mother finally told her she was done.  As she was turned to look into the mirror she was stunned at what she saw. 


A little girl stared back at her, her hair long and curly.  Her bright blue eyes staring out above red rosy cheeks.  She asked, “Why did you  make me look so young?”  But her mother just laughed and told her that she didn’t have to grow up so fast.  Mary was still looking at her face when her mom grabbed her and pulled her back out into the main hall. 


By now some time had passed and many guests had appeared.  Mary was blushing under her make up as she was introduced to all her mother's friends.  They had all known her before, but now they treated her very differently.  Some didn’t even recognize her.  As she stood next to her mother she would just nod her head when she was asked something.  Mary felt docile, she just wanted to be left alone.  She thought it was very weird when her mother would talk about her like she wasn’t even there.  It was like she didn’t expect her to understand her.  More people kept coming in, and as time slipped by Mary felt  an urge to pee build.  She tried to pull away from her mother, but she wouldn’t let go.  She was just told to be a big girl and wait while mommy talked.


Being chided like a child made Mary settle down, but soon she really had to go.  She felt a dribble escape into her Pull-Ups, but regained control.  She started to cross her legs hoping to stay dry, but she felt herself lose control again, this time emptying her entire bladder. she almost cried.  But reminded herself she was a big girl, and she shouldn’t cry.


“A big girl in wet pants.  I it doesn’t really feel bad.” she thought.  “Just a big warm spot.”  She reached her hand slowly under her dress to check for leaks, and found none.  Not having to pee anymore made her feel better, she started to wave and smile at guests as they walked past.  Her feet were starting to hurt from standing so long when she was turned around by her mother and looked down to see a large toddler facing her.  She patted him on the head, and laughed good naturedly at the fact that he was in just a shirt and a diaper.  She was told that this was going to be the ring bearer.  She stopped laughing as she looked at the diaper around his waist.  It looked familiar.


She got down on her knees and put her face close to it.  Then she reached out and touched it.  They looked like her training pants.  But the sides had been ripped.  And they were being held together by the odd tapes on the sides.  She looked up at the child’s mother and asked, “What kind of diapers are those?”  She listened as she was told that they were new diapers called convertibles.  That they went on like training pants, but could be taken off and re fastened with the special tapes just like a regular diaper, in case of accidents.  Mary touched the front of the diaper again, it felt heavy and warm to her.  She asked his mother why, she just smiled and told her,  "He’s wet and needs his diaper changed like any baby."


 Mary jerked back in surprise at that, then got up onto her feet, and just in time.  She watched as he bent forward and grunted.  She didn’t need to ask what was going on.  She pinched her nose closed as the smell hit.  Mary reached under her dress again and felt the front of her own pants.  They felt just like his had.  As she gently squeezed the padding

what the woman had said ran through her mind.  "He needs his diaper changed like any other baby." 


Mary tried to clear her mind of that thought, but she couldn’t.  Her mother had told her that she wasn’t wearing a diaper.  But she had plainly saw that the toddler was wearing the same thing as her and his mother had called it a diaper.  She shook her head in confusion.  But she still felt funny.  Mary grabbed her mother’s hand and tried to pull her towards the back room.  She didn’t quite know what was going on, but she wanted out of whatever she had on as fast as possible. 


Her mother looked down at her, “What’s so Important Mary?”


Mary told her, “I  need to use the bathroom.”


Her mother sighed and excused herself, and walked Mary into the back room.  As soon as the door closed Mary started to reach for the Pull-Up.  But she stopped when her mother turned back to her and asked if she needed help.  Mary told her no, and without looking pulled the training pants down.  The air in the room felt cool against her privates.  She felt embarrassed as she stepped out of the trainers and bent over to pick them up.  Then she asked where her regular panties were.  But her mother didn't answer.  She just reached out and grabbed the still warm Pull-Up's out of Mary's hand.  She tried to get them back.  But she just ended up tearing the sides apart.  The wet Pull-Ups now looked like the diaper it really was. 


Mary's mother looked at the diaper, and then at her daughter.  "I think we better be careful and keep you in diapers till we get home." 


“Mom, I wasn‘t wearing a diaper!  You said it wasn‘t!”  She stomped her foot on the floor. 


Her mother picked up the plastic bag the dress had came in and pulled the still folded diaper out.  "Maybe you weren't wearing a diaper before.  But this is all I have left so you'll just have to wear it."  Then she started to advance on Mary.  Mary tried to talk her way out of it, backing up as she did.  Soon she felt the edge of a table behind her.  She was stuck, she could go no farther.  She was blubbering and crying as her mother got closer.  Mary just couldn't hold back her emotions.  Her mother slowly pushed her onto the table.  At first Mary sat up, but her mother gently pushed her all the way down.  She felt her legs get picked up. 


She just kept them up in the air when her mother let go.  She could feel the thick diaper as it was pushed under her butt.  As she was diapered by her mother, Mary thought of the comment she had heard earlier.  "He needs his diaper changed like any baby."  She felt confused, she was about to be diapered.  But only babies wore diapers.  Mary felt light headed, almost high, but the smell of baby powder brought her back to reality.  She begged her mother not to put her in diapers.


This caused her mother to pick up the wet diaper and hold it under Mary’s nose.  "You were wearing this?  You wet it.  This is a diaper. Babies wear diapers.  Babies wet and mess their diapers.  You wore a diaper,  and you wet the same diaper.  That means you are a baby.  And that means you need to wear this diaper, I don’t want you peeing on the floor while I get married."  Each statement made her head buzz more and more.  As her mother held the diaper under her nose the smell seemed to get stronger.


Mary tried to push it away with her hands, but her mother held firm.  Mary pushed for all she was forth, and was surprised when her mother suddenly gave up the fight with a shout.  "I can’t believe you did that!"  Mary watched as her mother lifted the front of the fresh diaper up and held it there. Her face red as she talked to her daughter, "I know your new father said you were just a big baby, but I thought you were more mature." 


Mary didn't understand what her problem was.  Then she smelled shit.  She hoped she had just farted, but when she moved her legs she could feel something squish between them.  She started to cry, she couldn't stop herself.  Mary tried to apologize to her mom.  But as she opened her mouth something was shoved in.  Her mother had pulled a pacifier out of a pocket, and quickly stuck it in Mary's mouth.  Mary didn't even try to spit it out.  She just stayed on her back as her mother cleaned her again.  The entire time Mary kept sobbing, and her mother talked to her as if she was just a toddler.  "I just can't believe all this time I thought I had a big girl and in reality you were just a baby.  When your new daddy warned me that you were immature I just laughed. I told him you were a big girl.  Now Since I didn't listen I don't have another diaper for you."


Mary smiled behind the pacifier.  Maybe she did have an accident, but now she wouldn't have to wear a real diaper in public.  As Mary was thinking this so was her mother.  She was worried that Mary would wet, or worse and ruin her dress.  That's when she picked up the wet trainers and saw they weren't soaked, and that maybe, they could be used again. 


She smiled as she broke the news to Mary. " Well little girl, you've messed this diaper very badly. And I most certainly would never have you wear a messy diaper again.  So until we get home and get you a dry diaper you're going to have to reuse this one."


Mary spit the pacifier out, "I can't wear that!  It's wet."


Her mother just picked the pacifier up and stuck it back in her mouth, "Don't worry it's not that wet, besides babies like you don't even realize when they're wet."  As the words were spoken a pleasant shiver went up Mary's spine.  She squirmed as the wet convertible was placed under her butt, it was folded over her and she could feel the cool padding start to be warmed by her body.  She was stood up as soon as the diaper was on.  Mary smoothed her dress down then walked towards a nearby mirror and looked at herself, now she wasn't sure whether she was looking at a teenager, or a naughty baby in a wet diaper.


She found it strange that her mother was actually right about the diaper as well.  Now that it had warmed she didn't even care that she was wet.  Maybe she was just a big dumb baby.  Her mother checked her hair and started to take her back towards the hall.  Mary was trying to pull away from her mother when her soon to be father opened the door and walked in.  He looked at Mary's mother and then offered to calm the baby down while she got back to thanking the guests.  She gratefully accepted and left Mary in his care. 


He walked over to a chair and sat down.  Then he started to talk.  "Ever since I started to see your mother you have acted immature about it.  I tried to make you feel comfortable but you were to set in your ways.  I knew my marriage to your mother would never last with you in the way so I decided to make an adjustment.  I have been a user of magic since I could speak, I usually would never use it on another person.  For you though, I made an exception."  Mary listened to him with a look of wonder in her eyes.  She would normally think him a fool.  But then she normally wasn't in diapers.  He smiled as he continued.


"It was simple to hypnotize your mother to treat you as you seemed to act, then I had to make her think you were immature.  A few baby comments here, and an immature for her age there and she was ready to put you back in a crib."  At this he laughed, "But that was a little fast so I had to slow everything down.  I waited for the perfect time. The wedding.  Now she’s ready to have her baby back."


Now Mary spoke out.  "But I'm not a baby, please let me stay big and I'll stay out of your way, I promise."  He just smiled at her and put her pacifier back in. 


"Just be a good baby and keep your pacifier in for me ok?  Daddy needs to tell you this while you can still understand."   This comment scared Mary, she felt a tickle in her diaper as she wet out of fear.  "Now in order for me to do this and not get in trouble you had to start everything on your own.  Basically once you agreed to be the flower girl you were going back to diapers, it was just a matter about how far back.  Now I know you wet your trainers.  But I smell a mess as well.  Did you make a mess in your pants Mary?"


He pulled the pacifier from her mouth and she felt compelled to answer.  "No, I was getting put into a dry diaper and had an accident.  Now mommy put me back in the wet pants, cause she doesn't have anymore diapers."


He smiled down at her, "So you thought if you messed the diaper she would be forced to put you back in your other panties?"  She nodded her head.  "Nice try, but not really smart.  Now instead of acting like a toddler, you'll be stuck crawling around and have to relearn everything again.  Even how to walk."


Mary started to get scared, her diaper started to warm again.  "Please, stop this!  I'll be good.  I don't want to be little again.  I want to be a big girl."


He smiled down at her, "So you're worried about being some little rug rat again?  Don't worry about that.  You'll only be mentally affected.  I can't wait to see you crawling around the house.  Drooling and wet, a teenage baby right down to the vacant look on your wet face."


"No!… No!  That's not true!" 


"Oh really?  Ever since you put on the trainers you've been changing.  Acting younger and younger.  By now you probably aren’t even potty trained anymore.  Soon you won't even know what a potty is.    Here, put your paci back in, it looks so cute."  She started to suck on it as soon as it hit her lips, and as she did, it made her feel better.  He grabbed her hand and told her it was time to go and see how the ceremony was coming along.  As he was leading her to the door he stopped and checked her attire.  As he made sure everything was were it was supposed to be he smiled and made one last comment.  "I sure hope your mommy changes that diaper soon.  The longer you wear it the harder it will be to fight the urge to act like a baby.  If she leaves that diaper on we may need another flower girl, we certainly can't carry you down the isle." 


Mary started to struggle, she put her free hand under her dress to try to pull the diaper off.  As soon as her hand touched it she felt the need to relieve herself. She removed her hand, and the urge went away.  She carefully set her hand back on the diaper and the urge returned.  It seemed to get worse the longer she kept her hand on it.  She looked up at him and he answered her before she could pull her pacifier out.  "Yes, if you touch your diaper it will get worse, I'm sure that like any toddler you have some control of your bowels left.  Not for long, but at least you don't have to worry to much about having a poopy diaper during the ceremony today, unless you keep being naughty and touching your diaper."  Mary almost cried, but again he spoke.  "I know you can't wait to be nothing but a big dumb baby, but you have to try to fight your urges right now.  I know babies like to pull their diapers off, but after that is the urge to put their hands in their diapers, and play with what's inside. I don't want you doing that so try to control yourself."


Mary blushed at the thought of doing that as she was pulled back out the door and into the hall.  She saw her mother still welcoming people.  Mary broke free and waddled towards her, she wrapped her hands around her and told her everything that had just happened.  Mary finished and looked into her mother’s eyes. 


She just smiled and said, "I bet you're excited!  Even with your paci in you still try to talk."  Mary realized the pacifier had garbled her speech.  She reached up to remove it when she heard the organ start up. 


She and her mother were herded towards the back of the hall and quickly had everything double checked.  Mary was thinking as fast as she could.  She needed to stop the wedding, so her mother would come to her senses.  She didn't know what she could do, then the maid of honor asked her mother if she had checked Mary's diaper.  Mary was embarrassed as the woman walked towards her, but it gave her an idea.  They needed a flower girl, if she wasn't ready they would have to wait.  The woman got closer and asked Mary if she needed a diaper change.  Mary shook her head no.  The lady asked her to make sure.  Mary reached under her dress and grabbed her diaper with both hands.  She closed her eyes tightly as the urge to poop came faster than before.  Then she felt a weird feeling pass through her as the urge to poop slowly faded away.


Mary let go of her diaper and let her hands hand free.  The woman said something to her, but Mary didn't catch it.  Her butt had a weird feeling and she liked it.  The feeling got stronger and stronger, she bent forward and it felt even better.  Then the feeling stopped, Mary straightened up and looked up at the woman.  Her diaper felt funny now, heavy and warm.  She felt something run down her leg, it tickled and  made her giggle. 


The woman took one look at the diaper and knew they had a problem.  She turned Mary around and checked the extent of the damage.  The diaper was full, the mess made her gag.  She looked back at the bride and informed her they may have a problem.  Mary smiled as she listened, it had worked.  Her mother wasn't going to get married, she gently touched the back of the diaper.  The soft bulge moved as she pushed it.  She could smell her mess, but it didn't really bother her.  As everyone talked around her, Mary noticed a TV and suddenly wanted to watch it, she totally forgot about the diaper and started to walk towards it.  She was grabbed just as she reached out to turn it on.   She looked up to see her mother with a frown on her face.


"I can't believe you did that, now what can I do?"  Mary didn't say anything, she just gave her puppy dog eyes.  Her mother’s face changed from hard and angry to soft and friendly instantly.  "It's ok, your just a baby, you can't help it.  I hoped you would be old enough, but I guess we'll have to use another girl."  Mary's mother sighed, and turned her back towards the TV.  With a click she turned it on.  Mary happily sat down on her diapered butt and watched the Teletubbies with her thumb in her mouth. 


Mary didn't even hear anything as her mother left the room to get married without a flower girl.  Mary was singing along as best as she could, she was sad when the show broke for commercials.  As she stared at an ad for teen face cleanser her mind seemed to clear.  Mary almost threw up, the smell coming from her diaper was horrible, and it had cooled a lot, now it felt cold and clammy.  She wanted it off and wanted to be clean.   Mary looked over her shoulder and saw that another girl was in the room.  Probably left there to watch her.  She tried to ask for help, but found that a pacifier was in her mouth.  She pulled it free with a pop.  She immediately felt like crying, she needed to have her pacifier in. 


That served as a warning to her as to how bad she was starting to sink into babyhood.  She mustered all her strength and held back the tears as she meekly called for the girl to help her.  Mary finally got her attention, and was surprised to see that the girl was only about 14 or 15.  Even then as the girl came closer Mary felt ashamed, and scared. The girl looked so big standing over her.  But then Mary saw the girls smile on her face and felt better.  The girl asked what was wrong, and Mary still embarrassed just pointed to her diaper, and said. "Diperr" around her pacifier.


The girl smiled even more at that, “Very good sweetie, that is your diaper.  I bet you want a clean one?"  Mary nodded her head, she didn't even think about ending the spell.  She just wanted her diaper changed.  "Well honey, your mommy didn't bring anymore diapers with her."  That caused Mary to frown.  "But as soon as she gets married we're gonna take you home and get you changed."


The baby in Mary no longer even cared if she was wet.  But the teen wanted the diaper off.  She lay down on the floor and started pulling on the tapes herself.  But as soon as her back hit the floor, her arms started to feel odd.  And it started to get harder to use them. Mary tried to grab the tapes but her hands just slid off them.  It was to hard to grab them.  Then she started to feel very tired.  She let her arms drop and looked up to see the sitter smiling down at her.  But it wasn't a good smile, it made Mary feel odd.  Almost scared.  She tried to roll over onto her stomach but the sitter squatted down next to her and held her downon her back with one hand.


Mary stopped struggling, and tried to ask the sitter for help. But the sitter spoke first.


"Aww, is little Mary feeling funny?  Maybe you're hungry huh?"  Mary started to feel better, she even started to smile.  The sitters face suddenly turned hard and dark, “Or maybe the BIG DUMB BABY wants some titty?"  Mary hid her eyes with her hands as the girl continued. "BABY want her mommy?  Does the BABY want her diaper changed?"  The girl pulled Mary's hands away from her face and spoke softly to her, lovingly grinning at her, "Maybe you want to be a big girl again?"  Mary gurgled a happy reply.


The girl smiled more as she continued, "Able to talk, and walk and use the potty all by yourself?"   As the girl finished she stood and walked several feet away and beckoned Mary towards her, Mary smiled and kicked her feet in the air.  She felt strength  returning to her, she rolled over onto her stomach and started to crawl on all fours towards the smiling 12 year old.  Mary sat back on her haunches when she reached her and put her hands on the sitter.  She playfully patted the girl on her chest.  She felt something warm dripping off her chin, but she kept looking into that wonderful smile instead of worrying about it.


The girl hugged Mary tightly. Then she started to talk again this time so low it was barely a whisper.  “Or maybe you want this."  At hearing that Mary stiffened, but the girl held her tight.  "Maybe you want to be a big baby.  Pissing and shitting yourself.  A big dumb baby crawling around and drooling on everything." As she spoke Mary's head started to buzz again.  Every new word made her feel different.  She felt warmth in her diaper again, but this time it felt good.  Mary started to struggle harder, but this time she didn't want to get away.  She wanted to put her hand in her diaper.  She had to touch herself. She finally got her hand free and stuck it down the front of her sagging diaper.


The sitter saw this and pushed her away.  Mary landed hard on her ass.  But the diaper softened the blow with an audible squish.  Mary could feel the warm mess in her diaper as she started to rub herself.  She started to move her bottom back and forth on the floor as the feeling of pleasure got stronger and stronger.  But just as she thought there may be a final release the pleasure stopped.  Mary looked up at the girl, but the smile she received

made her turn her head away.  "Aw, what's the matter BABY?  Too stupid to get off now?"   The words stung Mary, she started to cry very loudly.


She felt her head being jerked towards the mirror, she looked up at her reflection.  She didn't see a normal teen aged girl.  The sitter summed it up for her.  "There you are, exactly what you wanted right?  A BIG BABY.  Wet, messy, and drooling like the DUMMY you are."  Mary started to bawl, the pacifier fell from her mouth, and her whole hand entered instead.   Then the worldwent black.




Harry looked over towards his new wife as she ironed some clothes.  He stared at her ass and smiled.  He was the luckiest man he knew, and after some basic magic she was as horny as a dog in heat.  Once, he had told her no, and she had basically raped him.  Ahh, life was great.  He picked up his coffee cup and slowly sipped at it.  He walked back to the living room and turned on the TV.  As he sat down he heard crinkling behind him.


Harry turned and watched as a simple looking young lady slowly crawled towards her mother. She was dressed in a diaper and a onsie.  Drool coated her face and dripped to the floor.  She seemed to be having a problem going forward.  As if she was just learning to crawl.  As he watched she stopped and the vacant look on her face turned to pleasure.  Harry could see a puddle slowly spreading from Mary's saturated diaper.  Mary saw it also, she sat back on her legs and started to splash in it with her hands.


"Honey, your baby pissed all over the floor."


Mary's mother smiled as she put the hot iron down and walked to her girl.  She grabbed a towel and sat Mary down on it, then she started to clean up the mess.


Harry turned back towards his TV.  Yep, everything was