Just a quickie.   By:  Long_Rifle


This was based on an idea I had.  To write a story with the least amount of “spoken dialog” as I could get away with.  It’s not the best.  But I can’t fix it without changing the reason WHY I wrote it.  So I checked the spelling, and tried to re-arrange it a bit.  But it’s still not the best.  Still, I guess it’s a good monument to how much I’ve improved!  So have it…   Enjoy:

Sara really hated how the days dragged. Most of the time she would just lay on
her back till someone came and changed her, or gave her a bottle. She craved sexual
release, but found none. The feeling of being wiped during a diaper change was all she
had. And the noise! All she ever heard were the sounds of babies crying or gurgling. That
some of that same crying and gurgling came from her was another problem.  Maybe
if her eyes could focus past eight inches she could at least see what was going on around
her. But no, the only things she got to see clearly where the covered breasts of the nurses
as they hand fed her a bottle. She couldn’t stand up by herself, she couldn’t even move
her legs one at a time. She just sort of kicked them both around.

She slept most of the time anyway. When this first started Sara would wake up and
start crying. The feeling of the cold wet diaper against her skin reminded her of what she
now was. Of course she had gotten used to it. Now she only cried if she itched, she had
learned the hard way that an itch meant diaper rash. So now as she sat in her own barred
cot the days just blurred. She almost never thought of the day when this all started.........

Sara should never of said those horrible things to her friend. Sara had just been dumped by her boyfriend. He had said he wanted some one that was more mature, a girl that didn’t act like a baby all the time. Unfortunately for him she had been sitting in his lap at the time, and had to use the bathroom. Looking back she realized she shouldn’t have peed on him but he had called her a baby, and when she did  it, it had seemed like the best way to get back at him. His sister on the other hand was not amused, seeing him run into his room with the dark stain going down his legs had angered her. How could Sara, a person that had been her friend for so long do this to her brother?

Finding Sara laughing her ass off about it didn’t help either. This is the point in the memory when Sara always starts to cry. Her legs and arms start to flop around and
she helplessly wets and messes herself. She can’t throw much of a tantrum but she tries.
Why the tantrum? This is the point where she dooms herself. Sara saw her friend walk in
the door, and had even saw the look on her face.

Sara could actually feel the angry look as she tried to stop laughing. Her friend had told her many times she was a practicing witch. But Sara had never believed her, who would? Oh, she had tried to stop laughing, she had already stripped her wet pants off and was just standing there in a sports bra. The warning, yes the warning. She could have saved herself, could have said she was sorry and been left alone. She could still be able to drive, or maybe eat real food, she would be happy to just be able to walk or talk.

But the way the warning had been given made her laugh even harder, actually causing a spurt of pee to escape and splash on the floor. But this had been the breaking point, Sara had felt a cold wave pass over her body as a smile crossed the face of her friend. It was the kind of smile a mother or nurse gives to a child that has just done something deemed cute. Sara stopped laughing long enough to mumble an apology about what had happened.

But the simple smile persisted. Sara felt like a child being gawked at, then the point of no return. Her friend told her not to worry, “That all little babies made pee pee, and that was why they wore diapers.” At this her friend had pulled a large diaper from her purse. Sara had watched as it was extended towards her. She had been told that if she wanted to act like a baby she should at least have the good grace to wear a diaper when people visited. The laughing returned, Sara could not help it. She walked up close to her friend and lovingly wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Sara whispered in her ear, “But I’m just a little baby, and they can’t put their own diapers on, now can they?”

Sara quickly found the diaper unfolded and wrapped around her, she was still trying to figure out how it had been put on so fast when she heard something. A light giggling coming from her friend. Now Sara got angry, screaming, she wanted to know what was so dam funny about a girl in diapers? The response had stopped her heart. “It’s only funny if the diapers are wet.”

Looking back now Sara could remember clear as day the feeling of the diaper as
she filled it. The warmth, the sounds, the feeling as it slowly expanded. The touch of her
friends hand as she rubbed the outside of her diaper and asked if she wanted it changed.
The horror set in pretty quick, Sara had vainly tried to pull the diaper off but her hands
wouldn’t work right. They seemed to be loosely clenched into a ball. Sara could still see
the look her friend had given her when she tried to ask for help and all that came out was
drool and baby talk.

Sara’s whole body felt odd as her vision blurred. At the time she thought she was
going blind and had actually pooped her pants out of fear. She could hear something
screaming, “Ma ma ma maaaaaaaa!!!!” But even as she realized it was her it was too late, it had dissolved into the wailing of an infant. She felt such incredible fear. Flailing her
hands wildly around she had tried desperately to locate her friend. Her diaper caused her
to waddle. And it kept getting worse till she found herself on the floor. Even then she had
tried to crawl. She was getting so tired. She could no longer stay on her knees and tried
to pull herself by her hands. Soon she could no longer do even that.

Sara remembered the feelings she had at the moment she realized what had happened. Even as she felt herself being turned onto her back to have her diaper changed for the first time she had been thinking over and over “Wake up! Wake up!” Like that was ever going to happen. Just as she was getting used to the idea that at least she would never be recognized as a baby she felt herself brought up to a sitting position and wedged up with a pillow or something. Drool still ran from her mouth, she felt hungry. The thought of a pink nipple in her mouth made her start to suck her bottom lip.

In the present the tantrum was over. She could feel her cot rocking back and forth, a nurse was trying to quiet her down. And it was working. Sara could feel a blush come to her face as she remembered the mirror being brought close to her. The reflection on the mirror was not one of a baby. No, it was still her! Her body and head propped up with blankets and pillows, drool coating the front of her chest and even now running down the side of her body to be absorbed by the blanket. No! Not an infant but a teenage girl drooling and crying as she felt her diaper begin to grow warm again.

Quiet now, Sara felt her body lifted out of the cot, she was having her diaper changed. She wished she knew what day it was, or how long she had been here. Her family had tried to take care of her. They had kept most of the hecklers away, but they had still come. Sara had tried to grow up, she could remember 2 winters but she had never gotten better. Slowly her parents had started to treat her more and more like a baby. After biting her tongue a few times her teeth had been pulled. It was easier that way.

They would talk in front of her thinking she could not understand them. Once in the beginning they had left her in her own dirty diaper for two days to try to get her to snap out of it. That result had been a bad diaper rash and two long weeks of electrolysis.


Then, after trying for so long they had given up, the strain was to much. She was now in a home for abandoned girls. At least the other girls had a chance. They were placed in good homes. But Sara? She was never placed, whenever a new nurse or perspective couple saw her they recoiled from the sight. Her eyes would always be swelled closed from the crying, her hair kept short for ease of cleaning. She could sometimes hear the nurses laugh and joke about her.

Sara was sorry, she would do anything to be a big girl again. To be able to walk, to ride a bike. To talk to another human and have them understand her, to be able to change her own diaper. Speaking of which her diaper was changed and she was being placed back in her cot. But it felt different, cold and plastic like. Then she felt herself rolling. They were moving her. She smiled and cooed softly maybe they had a cure!!! She had remembered the caretakers talking of it, but had thought it was another joke. She was strapped down to the gurney and then loaded into a van.

The ride had been great. Her first in a while. Even though she had been strapped down she had happily spouted loud baby talk the whole time. Now she was in another room. All she could see was a big white blur. Her feet and hands were still tied down. But her could feel air where her diaper normally was. Why was her diaper off? “The cure!!! The cure!!“  she thought as she smiled and giggled, and rocked her body up and down.

The sound of a door opening, and several people coming in made her quiet down.
Listening to the conversation Sara started to cry. They had a cure but it involved electric
shock. They thought maybe if they zapped her memory she would come out of it. They
might end up changing her personality, even having to train her all over again. But they
reasoned aloud that a new life was far better then what she had now. Sara cried she didn’t
want to forget. As the assistant dabbed something to her head she felt something placed
in her mouth. Sara heard the sound of water dripping.  She realized she had peed just before the shock hit her.

Her body went rock hard, Sara’s body voided onto the cart. She convulsed for several minutes until her body stilled. Sara opened her eyes, she was still her!! She could still remember everything.

The doctors made a comment, but Sara didn’t catch it. It had sounded odd, like she almost understood it. Then the nurse got really close to her face so she could focus on
it and said something. It sounded long and complicated to Sara. The nurse kept saying
things till she said “cat”. Sara smiled and giggled. Just as she realized what had happened, that she had been tricked ,the nurse looked over towards the doctor and made a motion with her hand, Sara tried to cry out, she did not want to forget. All she had was her memories how could they do- she was cut off by another shock.

The caregivers at the adoption center saw the difference in her when she came back. No more constant crying, she laughed a lot and acted like any other baby. Soon they hoped to see an improvement in her so she could be placed with a nice family and given the love and attention that she needed.

Just a quickie, all this from an old anti-drug ad. I should try this more often.