Just a Party By: Long_Rifle


In a world much like our own we have our next story. Two young ladies, going to a party. One very relaxed about it, the other nervous and tense. As lovers,

they went almost everywhere together, though to most it seemed innocent. But this was a

first for the couple. And while Kirsten was relaxed about her sexuality, Jennifer was not. Her current state of dress didn't help.


"It's just a party Jennifer, relax. You'd think you were going to a public execution."


Jennifer stared daggers at her friend, "I'm in a diaper. How should I feel about that?"


"It's a theme party. All the other girls will be the same."


Jennifer looked Kirsten up and down quickly, " I don't see a diaper on you."


"Of course not. I'm the nanny. Every couple will be like us. One girl will be the grown-up, the other a baby."


Jennifer stared at the floor, she still didn't want to be seen in public in a diaper. Kirsten noticed this and walked over towards her. She gently wrapped an arm around her and then spoke softly to her.


"If it makes you feel any better others at the party will be even worse off than you."


Jennifer looked her in the face. Kirsten could see the question. She smiled and turned Jennifer so she could see her reflection in the mirror.


Kirsten brushed a strand of hair from Jennifer's face, " What do you see?"


" A big baby!"


Kirsten shook her head slowly," No. Not a baby. Lets just see. You have a pair of cute bib overalls on. A pink shirt, and matching socks and shoes."


"And a diaper! Don't forget that!"


"Yes, and a diaper. Which not only makes you cute as a button, but also a toddler. So I wouldn't call you a baby."


Now Jennifer seemed to be pouting," What's the difference?"


Kirsten walked away, she opened a nearby closet and pulled what looked like a diaper bag. As she rummaged around in it she answered the question. "The

difference is big. As a toddler you can walk, and talk. You will be able to feed yourself. There will be girls there that WILL be babies. Or worse." She looked up to see Jennifer intently watching her. "Girls that can only crawl. That can't talk. There

may even be infants, those are the worst off. Only able to be rolled around in strollers. Now if you WANT to be a baby, then I can help you out."


Jennifer shook her head violently. She decided that maybe wearing a diaper wasn't that bad.


Kirsten grabbed her car keys and did one last look through the diaper bag. "Let's see, extra shirt, some formula, several jars of baby food. And extra diapers in case you need a change." She pulled something out of a side pocket and walked over towards Jennifer with it.


"And just for the trip, your favorite pacifier." Kirsten smiled as she clipped it to Jennifer's shirt.


Jennifer started to blush again as Kirsten grabbed her by the hand and started to walk her towards the door. She watched as Kirsten slung the diaper bag over her

shoulder and got mad when she felt a light slap on her diapered bottom in an effort to get her walking faster.


"It's not my fault." She thought, "This dam diaper makes it hard to walk." As the door to Kirsten's apartment closed behind her she realized where the term 'toddler' came from. She was indeed toddling now. She let herself be helped into the back seat of the car. And waited for the short trip to begin.


The drive was quick and silent. Jennifer was brooding in the back, and Kirsten was thinking about the future. She hoped Jennifer would understand. She hoped everything would work out.


The road quickly grew darker, as streetlights became few and far between. The dark shapes of trees began to blur with the night. As Jennifer looked out the window she began to fidget. This was not the best part of town. She hoped they weren't lost, but she

felt like it wasn't her place to question Kirsten. She actually stuck the pacifier in her mouth in an attempt to feel better. It didn't seem to work.


Finally the car pulled off the street and down a winding drive. Jennifer thought they drove through large gates. But they went by so fast she couldn't be sure. She was still wondering were they where, when the car stopped, and Kristen let her out.


They both stared up at the large doors to the house. Mansion would be a better word. Kristen held Jennifer's hand and walked up the steps. Up close the doors looked even more imposing. Kirsten reached up to knock but the door opened before her hand got even close.


A nice looking redhead stared down at both of them. " Nice. Two more for the party." She pinched Jennifer's cheek, "Such a little cutie pie."


" I know, my little girl looks so cute in Pampers."


"Well, it is rather warm inside. Why don't you let her run around in just a diaper?" Jennifer grabbed Kirsten and hid behind her at that. There was no way she was going to run around in just a diaper. She didn't care how warm it was.


Kirsten just smiled, "No, Jenny's to big of a girl for that. She likes to show off her clothes."


The redhead motioned them to enter, as they did she closed and locked the door behind them. She led them towards a large room. I was decorated like a combination singles meet, and baby shower. Streamers were everywhere. And everything was in some shade of pink or purple.


Jennifer thought it would be rather cute, if she wasn't one of the babies. She took in the room, and everyone that was in it. Almost all those that were dressed as adults were at the bar area. Drinking and having a good time. The bar was easily contained in

one corner of the room, by far most of the area was used as play space for those that were the "babies". She saw a TV playing some kind of little kid show.


The bright colors on the screen seemed to go by to fast. Several young women sat around the screen watching. A few of them had thumbs in their mouths, and while they furiously sucked on them their gazes were completely drawn to the show. It seemed to Jennifer that they were a little too far into their role playing.


Another wall had a nice carpeted floor, she could see two "adults" carefully interacting with about five or six girls dressed much like her. They were playing with blocks and dolls, while the nannies made sure no fighting broke out. Jennifer could see most of the

girls were talking to each other. She wondered what sort of conversations they were having. She could also see a few large playpens, she tried to see through the mesh but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't make out exactly what they contained.


Kirsten was walking her towards the play area, that's when Jennifer saw that there was a door on the other side of the TV. She thought she saw a crib on the other side, but it was kind of dark inside.


Kirsten pulled her hand away, and smiled down at her.

"Okay little lady. Nanny is going to have a drink with some friends, you stay here and play. I'll be right back."


"I don't wanna be alone Kirsten! Stay here with me."


"Please Jenny, relax, have some fun. This is a party.

After I get friendly with the locals I'll come back with a nice drink for you."


Jennifer looked towards the bar, she felt funny about something. "Don't those women look a little old to be doing parties like this?"


Kirsten did think that it was funny that the other women looked older. But she had heard rumors about what happened here. She didn't know if they were completely true. But if they were she was gonna get exactly what she wanted. She just hoped Jennifer would grow out of it after awhile. "Don't worry. They're nanny's and mommy's just like me. Just a little older. Now relax and have fun."


Jennifer sat down as she watched Kirsten walk away. She was going to get up and toddle over to Kirsten when she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. She turned to find a smiling assistant looking down at her.


"You must be little Jenny? My, aren't you the cutest thing I've ever seen. Why don't you grab a doll and have some fun?"


Jennifer crawled over towards a doll and picked it up, now that she was so close to the other girls she realized they weren't talking to each other. They were having conversations with their dolls. As she sat back down she smelled pee. She checked the doll, but it smelled fine. Then Jennifer leaned over towards the girl closest to her.


The smell was coming from her. She addressed the helper, "Miss, this girl is soaked."


"Well aren't you a smart girl." Jennifer felt her head being rubbed, but she was still looking at the girl in the wet diaper. She seemed oblivious. She just sat there and played with the set of blocks in front of her. Jennifer had heard of getting into the act. But she had never seen anything like this before.


Jennifer got up close to the girl and noticed she had some drool coming down her smiling face. "What's wrong with her?"


"Oh she's fine. She just had a party favor and is enjoying the trip." At that she pulled a tiny bottle from her pocket and dangled it in front of Jennifer. "Would you like a try?"


Jennifer felt her body tighten. She had always been into the rave scene. Had always been quick to get high. She gestured towards the girl, "Will it make me like her?"


A smile answered her, "Of course, wait till you wet your diaper! You'll want to do it all the time."


Jennifer glanced back towards the baby girl. She may be in a wet diaper, but the look of bliss was unmistakable. She made up her mind, she stood up and opened her mouth. Then she closed her eyes; waiting for the feeling of the drug on her tongue, and the rush in her head.


"Here I come sweet heart. Just a single drop for now. Don't want you to get to far along."


Jennifer felt something cool hit her tongue. She closed her mouth and opened her eyes. She was staring into the eyes of the woman. The smile on her face gave her goose bumps.


"So how long will it-" Jennifer was peeing. But it wasn't just that. She was in heaven, every pleasure, every great urge hit her at once. Her knees felt weak, she could feel them start to buckle. She grabbed for support and hung off the woman. She tried to ask for help but no words would come out. She felt spit run down her face as she was gently set down on the floor.


Kirsten had watched from the bar. A drink in her hand as Jennifer took the drug and dropped to a stupor on the floor. She felt herself grow warm and wet as she realized she had her own teen baby.


She had been talking to another woman who introduced herself as Mary. As she massaged herself through her clothes she wondered what was next.


Mary knew what she was thinking, "We have to let her take the drug at least one more time. Then it will be more or less permanent." She watched as a grin spread across Kirsten's face. "Are you sure you want a toddler? They can be so much work. Getting into things, and causing trouble. And that's just a normal one. She's gonna be a big girl, walking around and knocking things over. Just a few more drops and she'll be back to the crawler stage. A few more and she's just a little wet infant."


Mary could see the thought dance through Kirsten's head as she openly masturbated in front of her. "Why don't we say hi to your little girl, then we can take a walk. And I can show you the rest of our little operation."


Kirsten nodded her head as Mary handed her another drink. They both got up and walked towards the play area. Kirsten felt Mary's hand start to rub her back, it felt good. She looked down at the smiling form of Jennifer. Then she knelt down next to her.


Looking into her eyes she saw total happiness. Kirsten wiped some drool off Jennifer's chin and smiled to her, making funny noises with her mouth. It caused Jenny to clap her hands, and giggle.


Kirsten looked up at Mary, who had the biggest smile she had ever seen." I think you two are going to be very happy together."


Mary reached down and pulled Kirsten to her feet. She got real close to her, allowing her breath to play across the side of her neck. "Let me show you the infant section, you'll fall in love."


Kirsten was torn. Here was the teen baby that she had always fantasized about. Right at her feet, and in a wet diaper that needed to be changed. She reached down to grab her, but Mary stopped her, saying; "Let the nurse do it, I have something I need to show you."


Just then a nurse gently pushed Kirsten out of her way. Her perfume smelt wonderful. It brought a warm feeling to her, and Kirsten watched as she gently pulled little Jenny to her feet, and helped her toddle towards a changing table. Kirsten couldn't help but notice the way Jenny's bottom sagged with the weight of the wet diaper.


She felt a pleasant tingle run through her body, as she thought of Jennifer running around her room in nothing but a big disposable diaper. Her thoughts were interrupted by Mary's breath on her neck. And a soft whisper in her ear. "Your baby needs her diaper changed," Kirsten's knees got weak as she felt Mary's hand between her legs, it came away wet. "But I think MY baby needs a diaper as well. Now come on, before mommy gets angry."


Mary wiped her hand off on the side of her pants as she led Kirsten through a door and down towards a softly lit room. Leaving Jennifer to her diaper change.


Jennifer was having her first diaper change in many years. At first she felt weird about it. But after her clothes had been pulled off and her diaper exposed she actually wanted her diaper changed. The thoughts of humiliation were drowned out by the pleasant stupor of whatever she had taken.


There was a mirror next to the changing table, and she used it to look at her soaked diaper. She slowly pulled the front of it away, and was surprised at how strong the smell of pee was. Normally she would be grossed out. But now the smell seemed normal. It actually made her feel even more relaxed.


The nurse grabbed Jenny's hand and pulled her towards the table. She playfully slapped at her sagging diaper and told her to get her butt on the table.


As Jennifer climbed up onto the changing table she felt the cool plastic warm under her body. As she lay down on her back she looked up at the ceiling, and noticed patterns painted in bright swirls and dots. She almost felt pulled into them as she reached out to grab at them with her hands. She was brought back to reality by the sounds of the Velcro tabs being pulled off her diaper.


She looked down between her legs towards the girl that was changing her diaper. She was about to ask a question, but found her pacifier popped into her mouth.


The girl looked down at her sternly, "I don't want to hear any lip from you missy, I know how much you like your wet diaper. But you're going to get a rash if we don't change it soon."


Jennifer didn't complain she just started to suck her paci while she got lost in the ceiling again. She could hear the girl talking but she didn't pay much attention to it. Soon she felt herself being pulled to a sitting position. The girl had to actually grab Jennifer's head to make her stop looking at the colorful swirls.


Jennifer shook her head to clear it. She blushed as she felt her chin being cleaned by the nurse, "Just a little spit honey, nothing to be ashamed about. Babies drool all the time."


She was helped off the table and stood on shaky legs. She was starting to feel normal again. The colors and shapes around her started to go back to normal. She tried to walk back to the pile of her clothes on the floor, but it was still hard to walk. She grabbed her diaper and found that it was at least twice as thick as her first.


The girl noticed her apprehension, "I'm sorry Jenny. But seeing as your first diaper leaked, I thought you'd want to be a little safer." Jennifer watched as her cloths where picked up, she could see a large wet spot on her pants. "I'll go put these in the wash, so when you leave everything will be okay."


Jennifer liked that and tried to tell her thanks, but the pacifier still in her mouth caused it to be too garbled to understand.


But the girl seemed to know what she meant, "You're welcome Jenny. How bout some TV while I go get you something to eat?"


Jenny nodded her head as she was led over towards the TV. She was set down with the other girls, and soon found herself drawn into the program.


Kirsten followed Mary into the depths of the house. She found herself in a room, standing in front of a large bed. Several very large cribs lined the walls. Mary gave her a signal to be quiet and motioned her over towards the cribs. Kirsten leaned over into one of them and found it contained a beautiful woman in nothing but a thick diaper.


She reached in and rubbed her head. The woman responded by slowly moving her legs, and sticking her thumb in her wet little mouth.


Kirsten felt herself get warmer, as her hand found it's way between her legs again. Mary saw this and started whispering.


"These are our special girls, this one is Amy." She reached in and quickly checked Amy's diaper. " She used to think she was so smart, and independent. But I knew what she really was. Just a big wet infant. Pretending to be a grown up." Mary could see she was

driving Kirsten crazy. She was practically twitching with pleasure. "Now she's happy. No more dating, makeup, or worrying about being miss-popular. She doesn't even worry about pissing herself. If she makes a tinkle or mess in her diaper, some one will clean her."


Finished talking about Amy, Mary turned towards Kirsten and looked her over." Enough about her, I think It's time me and you have a little fun our selves."


Kirsten frantically pulled her top over her head, and tossed it to the floor. Mary laughed as Kirsten ripped her jeans open and dropped to her butt on the floor trying to peel them off. She had forgot about her shoes, but soon remembered and slipped them off.


Mary stared down at the young lady, stripping at her feet. This was going to be good. "Take off the panties too. Little girls like you don't need them."


Kirsten quickly complied. She stood, and slipped her thumbs under the elastic. As she slid them down her legs she felt hands on her back. She stepped out of them and came up, embraced by Mary. She went in for a kiss. As their tongues danced, she felt Mary undoing her own blouse. Kirsten felt the heat from Mary's body. She broke from the kiss and found herself staring into Mary's chest.


She felt a hunger growing in her that Jennifer had never caused. One of Mary's arms had found it's way around her body and was holding her tight. The other was grasping her head and gently pulling it towards a dark nipple. Kirsten playfully flicked her tongue out. She found the nipple to be sticky and sweet, she was so surprised she pulled her head away and licked her lips.


Mary gently pulled Kirsten's head back to the nipple. She then urged her to suckle. When she did a warm jet of sweet milk filled her mouth. She quickly swallowed, it tasted wonderful. She could feel it roll all the way down her throat. She broke away from the breast, she wanted another kiss.


Instead Mary grabbed her hips and spun her around to face away from her. Again she started to whisper in Kirsten's ear. And again Kirsten's hand found it's way between her own legs. The sultry sound of Mary's voice made Kirsten squirm. Mary was walking her towards the bed, "Now I think it's time for my baby to lay down for awhile."


Kirsten was walked to the foot of the bed, and started to crawl across it to the center. The bed spread felt odd under her hands, she put her face closer too it, it was an absorbent pad. She didn't have time to think about it though, Mary again interrupted her thoughts. "Now lay down honey."


Kirsten slowly lay down on her chest only to be told that, "Babies need to be on their backs." She rolled over and was glad she did, she could get her hand between her legs easier. She watched as Mary massaged her own breasts as she stood at the foot of the bed. It made her feel nice and tingly, she started to match Mary's speed as she felt herself get closer and closer to the edge.


Kirsten started to softly moan, her hand was soaked. She had never been this wet before. She could actually feel herself leaking onto the bed. She quickly switched up hands. She used the wet one to pinch her nipple. She watched as Mary started to bend over the bed, she then slowly crawled next to Kirsten.


Mary pulled some hair away from Kirsten's face, and then licked it slowly, making Kirsten moan even louder. Mary gave her a wicked smile then leaned over and took an exaggerated sniff over her crotch. She then sat up and waved her hand in front of her face, "Phew! Looks like mommy has a very wet baby on her hands. I can't believe you had that much pee pee in you."


Kirsten smiled up at her, thinking she was joking. But as she stopped rubbing herself for a second she felt warmth running over her hand. She brought it up to her nose and smelled pee. She instantly blushed a deep red. She tried to clench down to stop, but she could still feel herself leaking.


She looked up at Mary wondering what was going on, tears of shame started to form in her eyes.


Mary reached down and rubbed Kirsten's belly. "Don't worry it's okay. Babies go pee pee all the time, it's my fault for not diapering you. Are you done? Are you ready for a nice dry diaper?"


Suddenly Kirsten realized what was happening. She started to squirm on the bed. " No, no, no! I'm the mommy. No baby!"


"Aww, don't cry honey, I'll take good care of you. You really seemed to get off on Amy's new life. No worries about anything, just bottles and diapers."


Kirsten started to bawl when she realized she couldn't get up. Her muscles wouldn't work right. She didn't want to be a baby. She was supposed to be little Jenny's mommy. She wanted to change diapers, not wear them. She looked through her tears towards Mary to see she had rolled a cart towards the bed and was putting rubber gloves on. She tried to beg Mary to stop, but she quickly found a pacifier in her mouth.


"Just be quiet honey, I'll make everything better." Kirsten watched as Mary wadded several baby wipes together in her hand. She got on her knees in front of Kirsten, "Okay baby I'm gonna lift your legs up."


Kirsten felt her knees come to her chest, it caused her butt to raise slightly off the bed. She felt the cool wad of wipes held under her butt, " Sweetie, before I get a new diaper on you I need you to make poopie for me okay?"


Kirsten blushed more, her face screwed up in humiliation. She was being asked to poop. She felt Mary gently massaging her belly, applying light pressure. "I know it's hard, but you have big girl poop in you. We need it out before you get your baby diapers on."


Kristen felt the pressure increase, then Mary started to congratulate her, "Good girl, that's mommy's baby." She could feel her stomach involuntarily contract, filling Mary's hand with her rank mess. At first it was hard. But it got easier and easier. "Wow, looks like my baby had a full load!"


Kirsten was crying her eyes out now, this wasn't what she wanted. Pooping in some stranger's hand, about to be diapered. She heard a loud plop as Mary dropped the mess into a diaper pail. "I'm glad we got that out of you. I don't think your diaper would of held it all." Kirsten gasped as a cold wipe was dragged across her bottom.


"There all done, ready for your diaper?" Kirsten tried to respond, but she only managed to drool on herself. "Oh, you are such a messy baby, running from both ends." Mary laughed.


The crinkling of a diaper being unfolded made Kirsten start to struggle again. Still it was slid under her butt and slowly taped in place. Mary Gently patted her on her diaper, "All done stinky. Ready for your crib?" This made Kirsten cry even louder. "I know what my baby wants." Kirsten closed her eyes dreading what Mary was going to do next. She felt herself gently picked up and laid down in Mary's lap. She winced when a nipple entered her mouth. Automatically she started to suck, and swallow the warm milk entering her mouth. She found she couldn't stop herself.


Mary gently rubbed the back of Kirsten's head as she fed her. This was the best part to her. Feeding her big baby's before she made their last little "adjustment".


She could see the terror in their eyes, not knowing what was next. But knowing what the final destination was. Mary looked over towards Kirsten's destination. The large crib had been readied as they had watched little Jennifer get diapered in the front room. She looked back down at her newest charge, in her lust to trap this woman she had forgotten about Jennifer.


As she switched Kirsten to her other breast she explained why this had to happen. "We don't like people just barging in here. We especially don't like girls that would use their friends for their own gains." Kirsten pouted around the nipple, the effect was cute. She saw Mary stare into a corner and silently mouth something. She didn't have time to wonder what she said as one of the nurses quietly entered the room.


The nurse helped Mary place Kirsten into the crib and raise the side. They both looked down at her with mischief in their eyes. Kirsten could see that Mary held a syringe in her hand. She started to scream as it got closer and closer to her. She felt a pinch when it entered her arm. She stopped screaming as she tried to fight what they had put into her.


Her arm felt warm where the needle had entered her. At first that was all she felt, but then her body seemed to get lighter. She felt like she was floating. Kirsten's head started to spin, she started to feel an incredible pleasure rise from between her legs. It got more and more intense, spreading across her entire body. If she was still able to move, she would be bucking and moaning like a whore. Instead she was hyperventilating and drooling. She couldn't tell, but she knew she must be peeing too. The feeling got more and more intense as she got closer to release. The edge came with a sudden tightening of her entire body.



Mary grinned as Kirsten's body finally relaxed. She watched as her eyes opened, and stared into nothing. There was no intelligence behind those eyes. Just the dull look of a baby needing a diaper change and a nap.



The nurse wiped drool away from Kirsten's mouth, "Another one back to diapers and formula. What do you want to do with her friend in the front?"


Mary stuck her finger in Kirsten's diaper, as she expected, it was soaked. She started to change her diaper as she decided what she should do. "What's her current status?"


The nurse checked her watch," She should be back in about 15 minutes. She's watching TV in an extra thick pampers. She already drank 2 bottles, so she is probably wet already."


Mary pulled the soaked diaper from under Kirsten, "She was in a diaper when she came right?"


"Yes, standard local brand. Disposable Velcro closure, she had soaked it pretty good. It's with the rest of her belongings. Which she soaked also."


Mary finished wiping Kirsten's butt, she grabbed a new diaper and started opening it, " Give LITTLE Jennifer a time delay and dress her in all her old clothes, including the soaked diaper."




"No, crawler. Then give her a scare and make sure she makes it to the road."


Mary was taping the diaper on when she noticed that her assistant hadn't moved. "What?"


"Is that fair? I mean she was tricked into coming here. Can't we do the right thing and just let her go?"


Mary stood up straight and crossed her arms in front of her, a look of annoyance on her face. "Yes, we could do a quick recent memory wipe and let her go, and she'd never be able to tell a thing. Right?"


The woman nodded.


Mary showed her anger. She lunged forward and jabbed her finger into the nurse. " No! Let me tell you something. LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Life is not a story written by a person that likes happy endings. Shit happens. And more often than not, it happens to those that don't deserve it. THAT'S life. Only a simpleton would think about fairness."


The woman was shaking, she had only seen this kind of reaction once. "I'm sorry, please, I won't question your orders again."


Mary grabbed the woman by her jaw and stared straight into her eyes. "No, you won't."


The young nurse felt the jab in her ass. The warmth spread quickly. She felt no pain, only joy as she dropped to her hands and knees. She tried to apologize but a dog barking kept overpowering her attempts to speak. Only when she stopped trying to talk did she realize the barking was coming from her. She looked up at her master. A pleading look in her eyes as she started pant and whine.



Mary let her lick her palm. " Take her to my home, start house-breaking her. No diapers, I want her using newspapers."


The woman she addressed silently nodded, and snapped a collar and leash around the now barking woman's neck. She gave a tug and turned on her heels. Dragging the slobbering woman away.


Mary left the room and addressed a group of workers that had been standing just outside it. "You heard my orders. Get cracking."


Jennifer had been having a great time watching TV, she didn't remember what the show was but it made her happy, she must have wet again because she found herself getting another diaper change. This time from a different woman.


As she was placed on the table she looked to the ceiling, but saw an almost blank surface. She felt almost normal, her wonderful high was gone. She was glad to have the thick diaper removed, but puzzled when another diaper was put on her. A cold and clammy diaper. She looked at the woman and clearly asked, "Is this diaper already wet?"


She didn't get any reply. She was gruffly pulled to her feet and dressed in the clothes that she had arrived in. She could smell the stale pee from her first accident. A finger was wedged in her mouth and a sweet liquid was poured in. She tried to spit it out but her mouth was held closed, and her nose plugged. The liquid rolled down her throat, she stood still in terror, but nothing happened.


She was about to question what was going on when she noticed clothing piled near a garbage can. It looked familiar.


"That's Kirsten's clothes! What did you do to her?"


The smiling candy stripper looked towards her, "Oh her? Well that big baby isn't going to need clothes for awhile. She's cute enough in just her diapers."


Jennifer visibly paled. "Let her go! Or I'll go to the police!"


"Are you sure about that? There's always room for one more in her crib. After watching the fun you had in your last diaper I bet you'd love to wear them permanently."


Jennifer ran for the door, she wrenched it open and ran into the night air. She ran down the drive, she could hear a mechanical creak in front of her, the gate came into view and she could see that it was slowly closing. She just barely made it through before it slammed closed.


She didn't stop though, she kept running. Till she found herself on a better lit road. That was when she felt the need to go. She had enough time to stop and reach for her snaps when she started to pee. The already soaked diaper held none of it, and she felt sick as warm pee ran down her legs, to pool on the warm pavement.


She tried to open the snaps again but her hands wouldn't work right. She felt herself drooling again. Little Jenny started to run, but soon lost her balance and fell to her knees. She continued to crawl away. But soon she didn't quite understand what she was

trying to run from. The ground felt warm under her, so she laid down for a quick nap.


She never noticed the pair of lights getting closer and closer…