It's not what you think.  By: Long_Rifle





Ann was so happy to go to college.  She had been scrimping and saving for ages so she could go.   She felt she was better than everyone, and treated her friends as such.  She didn't want to go to a simple community college, she wanted better. She had even picked a college away from home so she could be far from her parents for awhile, to prove that she was an adult.  Her parents had not liked her going away, but had felt better about it when she told then she was staying in her own apartment, and not on campus.  But Ann had another reason for her choice other then staying away from wild parties. 


Ann had a secret, she liked to wear diapers.  When she was alone shewould dress herself up to look a lot younger.  Not exactly something that fit with her public adult image.  Now that she had her own apartment, she spent several hours a day strutting around in diapers.  She was a skinny little thing so was overjoyed to find she could still fit in size 6 diapers.  She in her apartment one day, watching TV; when the landlord came by for the rent.


She was a huge old woman, in truth she scared Ann a little.  Ann hadnít even met her face to face yet.  All their previous meetings had been over the phone.  But the on-line ad showed a picture of her smiling at the camera.  The smile seemed forced.  Ann was trying to remember her name while she grabbed the check, a loud knock reminded her to hurry.


She finally found the check and rushed to the door.  She smiled as she opened it and handed the check to the large lady.  But instead of leaving, the land-lord looked her up and down.  It was this point that Ann remembered she was wearing nothing but a shirt, and a sagging diaper.


"Where's your mommy honey?"  The fat lady asked.


Ann was so shocked, she couldn't speak.  She just shook her head.


The old cow looked suspicious, "Do you know when she will be home?" 


Again she just shook her head.  At that the fat woman sighed,  "I can't believe someone would leave a cute little girl like you alone.  Let's get that diaper changed, ok?"


Ann nodded, her body tingled with shame.She wanted to slam the door in her fat face and run to the bedroom, instead her body stepped to the side and let her in. 


"Now show Aunt Cathy where your diaper's are, and we can get this over with fast ok?"  Ann led her into the TV room where her supplies were.  She kept everything in a very cute overnight bag, it made it easier to hide everything if company came by.


She entered the room and pointed down at the bag, she just stood by as Cathy set out her changing mat.  Ann started to sit down on it when she was hit by a cramp.  The stress had caused her to feel sick.  She bent forward and tried to hold back, but a fart squeaked out, then another, as she tried not to throw up.


Cathy looked towards her and saw Ann's face, which was still red from embarrassment, but she mistook it for being red from filling her diaper.  "Just go ahead and make poopy honey, I'll change you when you're finished."


Ann didnít even think about it, she was so humiliated she could barely process her own thoughts, instead she just closed her eyes and pushed.  She felt goose bumps rise across her body as her diaper started to fill.  But then it stopped.  She felt the need to finish, but no more could come out.She put her hand on the back of the diaper, and felt it being tented out, under stress from the mess.But it was to hard, and instead of flattening out was acting more like a plug.  Ann pushed harder, grunting.  She felt a little dizzy, then as she opened her mouth to take another breath she passed out and knocked her head hard on the edge of the table. 


Ann awoke from a warm and wonderful dream. She yawned, and started to get out of bed.  She was startled awake when she hit something.  Bars, she was surrounded by metal bars.  She sat up in bed and realized she was in some kind of giant crib.  She smelled stale pee and looked down in shock. 


A large white disposable diaper was wrapped around her.She had never seen or worn anything like it before.It came up over her belly button, she poked at it listening to the crinkle of plastic, she pulled one of the leg gathers up and saw she was shaven.She grabbed part of the diaper between her legs and squeezed it, she realized it was well used.  Her mouth hung open in shock, and she felt spit run down her chin. She wiped it off with the back of her hand.


Something felt wrong.  She put a finger in her mouth.  Her teeth were gone!  She rubbed her gums with her tongue as she yelled for help.  She stopped yelling when the door opened and a big woman walked in.


"Nelp!!  Nyn nog spos go pe ner!"  She was barely understandable.  She frantically spoke as the woman she knew as Cathy just smiled down at her.


"Shush, now little girl let Aunt Cathy talk."  But Ann just got louder and tried to talk faster.  She didn't know what was going on, but she had to let her know who she was.


Finally Cathy put her hand over the girls face, gently silencing her.  She wiped away her tears as she tried to calm her."Now be quiet Ann, I need to talk to you."


Ann sat straight up and stopped trying to talk,  Cathy knew who she was, she was going to be okay.


"Good, now I have your attention." She walked over towards a chair and dragged it towards the crib.  Ann used the break to speak again, " No, whoo guy m, met gee go moom."


Cathy looked at the girl and smiled again.  This time Ann scooted back in the crib, something about that grin scared her. 


"After you passed out I ran to the kitchen to call the paramedics.  As I passed the fridge, I saw a few pictures of you out with the girls.  I stopped and looked around the apartment more.  I quickly realized, you were the girl that rented the apartment."  Ann watched as Cathy looked down towards the floor.


"You looked so cute in your diapers, laying on the floor that I decided I would help you.  You obviously wanted to be a baby so I would oblige.  My husband runs a private mental hospital.  It was nothing to call him and have you admitted.  By the time your parents came looking, your teeth were out and you were using your diapers 24/7."


Ann was rocking back and forth, crying softly for her mother.  She didn't know what to do, she wanted to go home.  She was so scared she didn't realize she was peeing in her diaper again.


Cathy got up and rubbed Ann's knee. " Aww, do you want to go home?"  Ann nodded her head.


"Well little lady, you are home.  Youíve been sedated for two weeks now, and have been diapered and babied the entire time.And I'd start liking it if I were you.  You've got the diapers, bottles and life of a baby now.  Just a simple procedure and you could have the mind of one too."


That shut Ann up.  She just stared into space as Cathy got up and kissed her on the forehead. " Now just try to relax honey.  No need to hide anymore, you have the rest of your life to be one big baby!"


That caused Ann to cry, she wanted to see her parents, she wanted to go home.  But most of all she felt like she wanted her diaper changed.