Funhouse By: Long_Rifle


Another old one here.  Re-edited to fix the format, and to make it easier on the eyes as well.  This was an interesting one to write.  I watched an episode of some show and it had a haunted Funhouse.  I figured they really wasted a great opportunity.  Female Mental regression.  No happy ending.





Karen had been enjoying the fair, the fact that it was perfect outside made it even better.  She had just finished her giant coke when she started to walk around the midway.  But the crowd was too much and after being pushed around for several minutes she really wanted to get away from the masses.  Karen snuck around towards the back of the row of booths hoping for a breather.  When she emerged around the back of the booths she saw that

there was no one around, everything seemed quiet.  Which was odd because there where rides set up, but no lines.  And there were very few workers as well.


She thought that maybe the rides where broke, that they where just storing them back there.  Then she saw that carnies looked to be standing at each ride.  The nearest one made from several gathered truck trailers. Karen made a short bee line towards it, looking as she did for some sign of what was contained inside. As she walked closer she saw a smile appear on the face of the middle-aged woman that was barking the ride. 


The smile got bigger as she spoke. “I see I have a new victim for the house of age.”  


Karen just smiled at her.  “The house of age?  What, does it show me?  What I might look like in 20 years?”


“Oh no, this house gives you a different perspective than what youre used to.  I bet you ‘re a babysitter right?  Ever baby sit a child that’s going through potty training?”  Karen nodded her head and listened.  “Well how bout you be the one going through it?  Ever wonder what it would be like?  Well step on up!”


Karen thought it was a rather unique idea.  “Sure!  Why not?  I could use a laugh.“


The smiling woman, bowed her towards the entrance, “Seeing as you’re the firt one in days why don’t you try it free today?”


Karen walked up to the multi colored door and slowly pushed it open not knowing what to expect, the room beyond was dark and soundless, cooler air poured out.   She stepped inside and let the door close behind her.  As soon as it latched closed lights popped on and she found herself in what appeared to be a living room.  But everything was huge.  She felt like she was only three feet tall. She walked around the room for awhile and tried to see if there were any mirrors.  She soon found one but when she looked in it she looked out of place.  She wondered what was wrong, then she got it,  “I look out of place.  This was set up so nicely, and my clothes just ruin it.”


Karen thought that if she had some of her raving clothes on she would look awesome in this room.  She looked through the room for something to wear, but she found nothing and decided on trying another room. She walked down a short hall and opened the first door she saw, and entered what appeared to be a utility

Room, with stacks of clean and dirty clothes in it.  She saw that the piles where sorted by different sizes and found one that would fit her.  She pushed the pile

over and searched through it for something cute.  She found a short shirt and a pair of pink overalls that looked very interesting together. Along with some bright orange socks.  She pulled off her own clothes and pulled everything else on.  Then sporting her new look she back tracked to the first room and looked in the mirror again.  Now she looked perfect.  Karen felt like a toddler.  Her hair even looked right, she always worn shorter wild hair and now it made her fit in perfectly.


After staring in the mirror at herself and the oversized background, Karen decided to continue on again.  She walked past the utility room and came to another. It looked like a parent's bedroom.  The bed seemed huge from her standpoint.  She tried to get on it but as she lifted her feet she felt her bladder ache.  “Fuck…  Dam you giant coke!” She said out loud.  Then blushed at the foul language.  She felt like she shouldn’t say such things feeling like she did right then.  Now she needed to find a toilet.  Back down the hall she went, Karen found one last door, but it led not to a bathroom.  But a nursery.  She searched the room as fast as she could and found that the only thing she could use in it was a childs potty.  She blushed as she thought about sitting down and using it.


Then she blushed even more at the thought of peeing her pants.  She pulled her overalls off, fumbling a bit with the weird snaps and kicked her panties off. Then she sat down on the plastic seat, it felt very weird to her, sitting on the seat and

listening to the sound of her pee hitting the thin plastic bowl, she had heard it many times baby-sitting.  But now it was her making the noise. Feeling embarrassed she didn’t finish.  She just went enough to stop her bladder from hurting.  “I may be in this weird house, but I’m not going to go crazy and act to much the fool.“  She didn’t know why.  But she felt she shouldn’t get to much into the act.  She got up and looked for paper to wipe with, and found a huge roll next just behind the potty.  Carefully, she ripped off a piece and cleaned up.  Now she

started to look for her undies, she thought they had landed over by the crib but she couldn’tt find them.


After several minutes she started to realize she was out of luck.   Her eyes found the changing table.  She could see there were piles of diapers and a pile of what

appeared to be training pants.  “Well I’m not wearing diapers, but the Pull Ups aren’t that bad.“ she thought.  “And who will know?“  Karen picked one up and looked at it closely.   “Where did they find such large Trainers?”  But she wasn’t in the mood to care.  She slipped them on up over her legs and pulled them snug against her body.  She saw a mirror on the wall and walked closer to it.  She modeled her new look, turning this way and that.  Then she walked back into the first room and sat down on the floor.  She didn’t know why, but she had an urge to just sit down and play.  It was then that she saw a button that she had missed the first time through. 


Karen saw some writing about it.  “Push to activate.“ she read out loud.  Then underneath, “Push to end.“  Karen was very interested.  She reached over and pushed.  There was a slight whir and then a panel in the wall opened and a woman walked out.  Karen was stunned, this lady was 9 feet high.  Then she noticed that while she looked alive she was some kind of robot.  But a very realistic one.  Karen smiled as the robot walked over and looked down at her.


“Hello sweetie, do you need to potty?  Let me check your pants.”  Karen was surprised when she was lifted to her feet easily and the back of her Pull Up was pulled away.  “Ok, sweetie, you’re still dry.  Tell me when you

need to potty ok?”


Karen smiled, she was set back down and the TV was turned on for her. She watched it for a few minutes and felt the need to pee again, it wasn’t that bad.

But she wondered what it would be like to be naughty, and need a change like a real little girl.  She squatted on the floor and relaxed, it was hard, but she soon felt a warm trickle of pee.  The Pull Up was getting warmer and wetter when the woman came back in and found her.


“I see you went pee pee and didn’t tell mommy huh?”  Karen was amazed by how real the giant seemed.  Her look of aggravation made Karen feel ashamed.  “Well I guess I’ll have to fix you up now.  Lets go get you changed.”  Karen was lead into the nursery and had her trainers ripped off while she still stood, but she was still going.  Warmth started running down and puddled around her feet.  Karen’s body blushed beat red.


“Oh honey, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were still going.  The robot held the Pull Up under her as the flow finished.” 


Karen hadn’t realized she was still peeing, “But that must have been what that weird tickle was.”  Finally she could tell the flow had stopped.   She was glad to be done, and was ready to get dressed and get back to the real world.  But she felt another problem, she needed to poop.  And it felt like she didn’tt have much time.  She tried to tell the robot, but as her mouth opened a pacifier was stuck in it. 


“I don’t want to hear any crying from you.  I think we need to wait a little longer to potty train. So I guess its back to diapers for awhile baby.” 


Karen freaked out, she didn’t want to be naked, but she sure didn’t want to wear diapers.   “That will be to embarrassing!” she cried out past the rubber nipple in her mouth.   But she was already in the air and being lifted towards the changing table.  As she was laid down she felt a strap pulled over her that trapped her arms at her sides, and held her strongly to the table.  She suddenly farted, and for a second thought she had made a mess.  But she really didn’t care she wanted up and out.   “No!  I’m not a baby!  I don’t want diapers!”  As she struggled against the strap she was methodically cleaned and a dry diaper was taped on.  It felt so thick to Karen, she didn’t think she could walk.



“There now little one, everything will be ok.  Here, I know what will make you feel better.”  Karen was released from the table, but she found herself held tightly against the large woman’s chest.  Then she started to open her top.  A large breast was released, and hung in front of Karen’s surprised face.  The woman pulled the pacifier from her mouth just as she gently pushed her nipple in to replace it.  Karen tried to fight but she was over powered.  As soon as her lips touched, milk begin to fill her mouth.  She either swallowed or choked.   As Karen sucked she felt her need to poop grow worse, faster and faster she felt herself lose control.  To her horror she felt her body push a large load into her diaper.   Karen looked up at what she was starting to see as her nanny and wondered if she could tell.  Thats when the smell hit.  She buried her nose into the breast as she tried to hide from her own filth, but that would be impossible. 


“Oh!  I bet I know a certain baby that needs fresh pants!”  Karen blushed but kept her eyes closed.  Even as she was pulled from the nipple with a wet pop, and placed back on the table.  She hid her face with her arm, but could not stop the sound of Nannys voice.  “Well honey, pooping while you eat? Toddlers don’t even do that.  You aren’t even a big baby.  Youre just a big infant that needs her mommy.  So I guess we can use the thicker diapers since infants don‘t need to worry about walking much.”


Karen didn’t struggle as the full diaper was taken off and her bottom was wiped. The smell was horrible, and she almost gagged.  She tightly closed her eyes and waited for the worst to be over.  The nanny cleaned her and taped a new diaper

On faster then humanly possible.  The new diaper seemed to thick to Karen, it seemed to push her legs a part.  She was then lifted up and set down in a new playpen by the TV.  And this time a new show was turned on.  It was something her own charges watched and loved, the Teletubies.  She always hated that show, but now she couldn’t get her eyes off it.  But even as she watched, she struggled to get out of the diaper around her waist.  But it seemed she could barely control her arms now.  And as more time went by she found it harder and harder to think straight. 


She would see the TV and stare at it for several minutes, lost in an infant's world.  Then suddenly snap back to reality.  After an hour she snapped back to find her diaper was very wet.  Something she couldn’t even remember doing.   Her eyes started to tear up, as her emotions exploded.  The pacifier popped out of her mouth, “It not fair!  I no baby!“ she screamed.  Karen smacked her legs loudly on the floor and started to suck on her fingers as she cried for someone to change her diaper.  She dropped down onto her back and spread her legs to make herself feel more comfortable.  Thats when she noticed one of the lights in the ceiling.  She just stared at it, lost in how nice it looked.  She stopped her crying and just stared as spit ran from her mouth and down her chin.   Karen was entranced by the light.  She tried to grab for it, but her hands only waved uselessly around her.  She heard something and lazily turned her head towards it. 


It was her nanny.  Karen tried to tell her she wanted out of the house and out of this game.  But her mouth didn’t cooperate at all.  The Nanny smiled down at her and spoke, it sounded nice and made Karen smile, she was still smiling as she was lifted out of the playpen and set back down on the floor.  Nanny said something again, it sounded kind of  funny and Karen giggled.  She couldn’t help herself.  Then Karen stopped shocked. “Is Nanny still speaking english?” she wondered.  She listened carefully when the nanny spoke again, motioned towards the soaked diaper.  It sounded like a question.  But Karen couldn’t understand. 


Thats when it hit her, “I can’t understand english anymore!  I’m really turning into a baby!”  She felt even worse when she realized she was becoming some stupid little infant, nothing but a wet little rug rat.  She laid, completely still as she felt her diaper changed.  She was still blushing but had stopped babbling.  Nanny finished by leaving her in just a diaper and nothing else.  She said something that sounded very stern and carried Karen to another room.  It was just a regular bedroom, but with a large crib next to one wall.  And a normal bed at the other

end.  Karen saw buttons, one on each side.  She knew exactly what she had to do, or at least she hoped she did.  She crawled slowly towards the button by the regular bed, there was a sign next to the button but she couldn’t read it.  She sat down heavily on her diapered butt, and tried to think about her options.  This house was made to be tricky.  She sure didn’t want to stay a baby any longer.  “Maybe this is some kind of trick?” She wondered.  Karen looked at the sign and saw that there was a lot of writing on it.  She glanced back at the other

Button near the crib and saw there was only a few words on it.


Karen decided that this was a trick, obviously she needed to pick the other button.  She crawled towards the crib, as her body slowly grew more and more tired. she now listened to the noises she made.  She was grunting and cooing and she could hear her thick diaper crinkling.  She could tell that she had wet again.  But she didn’t care, she was about to be out of this stupid place.  Just as she reached the other end a shadow fell over her.  She turned her head to see the nanny looking down at her. 


“Do you really want that?”  She asked in perfect english.  Karen didn’t reply, she just nodded and with a shaky hand pushed the button.  She sat back down and waited for the game to be over.  But nothing seemed to happen. Karen looked back up at the nanny and saw a wide grin.  “Well I guess my baby doesn’t want to be here any longer.“  Karen smiled as she heard this.  Her butt felt weird, and she decided to stand.  She felt better, but her muscles still felt weak.  She was surprised when the Nanny helped her to her feet.  “Time for you to go sweetie, I hope you had fun, I bet you’ll be back soon.”


The look in her eyes made Karen shake.  She waddled towards the front door, the thick diaper made it very hard to walk, but she didn’t care, she wanted out.  She could feel the robot walking behind her making cute little comments on how she looked.  Karen could finally see the door, she pushed against it and emerged into daylight.  Back on the street she leaned against the side of the ride.  She put her hands to her head to wipe some sweat off,  then looked around, the area was still very deserted, she started to walk towards her home, then stopped.  “Shit!  My shoes!  I left them in there!”  The cool air seemed to clear fog from her head.  She had another shock, she remembered she was naked except for her diaper.  She looked down at the babyish thing and saw that it was soaked.  She was still looking down at it when a hand touched her shoulder, she spun around to see a police officer standing behind her. 


“And what do we have here?” He asked,  “A big baby?”  Karen cringed, she was embarrassed and her body turned bright pink to show it.  The officer seemed to look her over again before talking into his radio.  At first he was very quiet but then he almost yelled. “No, I dont think this is a prank, she has nothing on but a full diaper and a dumb grin.”


Karen got mad at that and tried to tell the cop what had happened.  But her mouth wouldn’t work right,  it felt as if it was full of taffy, she just babbled like an infant.  Karen started to wildly gesture with her hands, she waved them back and

forth in front of her, then pointed at herself.  She felt that she was drooling again, and tried to wipe her face off.  But she just made an even bigger mess of herself.  She felt like crying but held it back.


The officer saw her distress and came closer to her.  He carefully hugged her and told her everything would be alright.  When he said this Karen started to cry.  He walked her towards his car and opened the back door.  “Get in there Sweetie, then ddfkh ejhsush jshdej.”  She stopped and looked at him.  He said what sounded like the same thing again.  Then frowned. 


“I’m getting dumb again!”  Karen thought.  She knew she had to get back inside the ride.  There had to be something that could help her.  She turned and pulled away from the cop, then she waddled towards the steps she had just came down.  The barker was no longer there, she hoped the door would still open. She was still ten feet away when she found it hard to move her legs right.  She was concentrating hard, trying not to trip on her own feet.  Soon she found it hard

to stay upright.  She tried to stay standing, she waved her arms and bobbed

back and forth.  But in the end she fell down and started to cry.  She was crying when the medics showed up, and she was crying when her parents finally took

her home.


As she lay down in the back seat of her parents car, she prayed that she would get better.  She didn't want to be stuck like this.  It was a plea that she would never be able to tell anyone for some time.