Dana_revisited†† By:Long_Rifle


Another old one, refurbished, and slapped with a fresh coat of paint, enjoy!


Dana grimaced as she walked thru the mall, she hated having to do her mothers shopping, but ever since her parents had got divorced she had taken on more responsibility. Even though she was only seventeen her mother made her do almost everything.

Her feet were killing her but she was almost done, she needed just one more thing before she could get home. Although home wasn't that much of a break. She spotted the last store and raced in, she quickly went to the counter and bought her mothers weekly lotto ticket.

As Dana was leaving the store she realized she had enough money left over for herself. She smiled, now what would I like to buy, glancing up and down the mall she noticed something very odd in the corner. Nervously she walked over to it. The sign was decrepit.

The writing said Spells R Us. Dana had never noticed the store before, she felt a deep need to see just what was inside. Upon opening the door she noticed a musty smell not bad, just the perfume of age. Just as she was about to turn and leave an old man, bearded, and in what appeared to be a bath robe walked up behind the counter.

"Hello Dana. Do you see anything that you want?"


Dana stepped back."How do you know my name?"

"Not hard really, I'm a wizard, and wizards need to know things."

Dana laughed, she thought that to be very true. " Okay then if you -are- a wizard you already know what I want."

The man seemed to brighten up, almost smiling. "Thatís what I like, some one who gets right down to it. Yes, I know what you want. Less Responsibility." As he said it a gleam came to his eye. Dana felt the blood drain from her face." Well I just happen to have something right here that will do everything you want." He held out a small packet. "Just follow the directions on the back."

Dana smiled thinking this was all a big joke. She put on her best straight face and said sternly. "I know all about you wizard types, you promise something but instead of what I want, I'll get something totally different. That would probably turn me into a baby right?"Expecting him to laugh Dana said. "I just want to get this clear, I want the responsibilities of a baby not the body of one."

The man looked at her, he opened his hands, then smiled. "I guess you got me." Then, reaching behind the counter again he pulled another packet out. "Here this will do exactly that."

Dana eyed the packet then her watch, she was just about out of time. "All right how much?"

"For you nothing. It's not every day I get someone who knows exactly what she wants."

Dana grabbed the packet and quickly left the store, making it home just in time to get yelled at. After her reaming she ran up to her room where she slammed the door.

Her mother yelled up at her, "I'm going to the office to pick up some papers, you better get all your work done before I get home."

As Dana sat down on her bed the packet fell out of her pocket, she picked it up wondering what it said. She turned it over and read the fine print: To experience true freedom spread contents over self and home. Then she noticed even smaller print: Not to be taken
Internally. "Well, whatever." she thought.

She ripped the top off the packet and took a whiff. There was no smell. She then started to shake the powder all over her room figuring it couldn't do any harm. As Dana walked thru the hall and started dusting the bathroom a little of the power got in her mouth. It tasted wonderful, better than any candy. Her mouth started to tingle. She quickly finished the rest of the house. And was happy to find there was still a lot of the powder left.

She took the packet back to her room. He must have slipped her some kind of drug. She read the warning again and laughed as she put more in her mouth, it seemed to instantly melt and roll tingling down her throat. Leaving a warm feeling behind. Just then she heard the front door open. Her mother was home she quickly put the powder away. Standing in her room she felt odd she looked at herself in the mirror, smiling when she noticed the thin line of drool rolling down her mouth.

Dana wiped it off with her shirt.... She realized that she had not cleaned the rest of the house. She ran down the stairs dreading what her mother would do. Rounding the  corner she stopped when she came face to face with her.

"I can explain." she quickly started. But stopped when she noticed an odd look on her mothers face."Are you all right?" Dana waved her hand in front of her mothers face, but nothing happened, she stood as ridged as a statue. Dana's heart started to pound in her chest as she slowly backed away.

"The powder!" Dana suddenly yelled. "It WAS a drug." She walked back towards her mother, one hand out towards her face. When suddenly she reached out and grabbed her. Dana was so shocked she screamed and dropped to the floor.

Her mother looked down at her. "Oh I'm sorry did I scare you? I was just thinking that I may have forgot something at the store."

Relieved that her mother was all right Dana jumped up and hugged her, "Oh mom it's just so good that you're back!"

"Sure honey, but I have to go out again, you be a good girl while mommy is out."

Dana felt odd, she knew her mother would be right back but inside she didn't want her to go. She seemed to pout as her mother walked out the door.

Dana sat down on the couch thankful that whatever had just happened was over. As she sat back she let out a long breath; then she felt something odd, the inside of her pants were wet. Dana looked down between her legs, and gasped as she saw a large dark stain
that went all the way up from her knees to her panties. Then she smelt it, the strong odor of pee.

Standing up she looked down at herself, "It must have happened when mommy scared me." Gasping she put her hands to he mouth; she never called her mother, mommy. But what else would she call her? She knew there were other names for her but none came to mind. As she tried to remember the name she realized that her pants were starting to get cold. "I guess I need a change." She said to herself.

Walking up the stairs she suddenly remembered the old man. Then the powder, maybe it worked. A cold shock of fear ran down her spine as she ran to her room. "A mirror, I have to see a mirror..." she murmured.
In her bathroom she stared into the mirror and saw the same thing she saw every day. "Just plain old me."


Laughing she stripped her pants off and threw them in the hamper. "How stupid could I get..." she mumbled. "Getting younger, just cause I got startled and wet a little." Thinking it was a freak accident she pulled on a fresh pair of panties, and decided on wearing a skirt for the rest of the day.

She remembered her chores, "Oh poopy! I have to finish the house." Knowing her time was short she hurried down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Where she stopped short. Everything was clean, everything. Turning on her heels Dana peered back into the living room. Spotless, she spent the next ten minutes checking everything. Lastly she came back to her room. Her head was spinning so she sat down on her bed. Once again she thought of the powder.

"It works!!" She nearly screamed. Noticing her wet pants on top of the hamper she retrieved the packet. Maybe if I take the rest I'll never have to work again. And closing her eyes, she tipped her head back and put the packet to her lips. She felt the powder start to slide, then suddenly her mouth filled with pleasure. Gulping Dana tried to get all the powder down, but it had turned to liquid, and started to choke her. She ran to the bathroom and tried to puke into the sink but her mouth seemed to be numb.

Just as she thought she was about to pass out her lungs cleared and filled with air. Panting she sucked as much air as she could, finally she relaxed, sitting down on the floor next to the tub. Her head was almost done buzzing when she felt something between her legs. Her panties were getting warm for some reason. She sat back and spread her legs apart, then lifting the front of her skirt she saw two things. First her panties seemed to be allot thicker, and second; right in the middle of them a yellowish spot kept getting bigger. As she touched the front of them she realized what she had on...

"Pull ups!" she said aloud. Just as the words left her mouth a shadow fell over her; she looked up and saw her mother in the door way.... Dana's heart seemed to stop. She opened her mouth to talk but nothing would come out. She quickly pulled her dress back down over herself.

"Dana honey, I thought I told you not to play in here." Dana looked at her stunned, surly she had seen she was wearing training pants. But her mother just looked at her."Well are you going to get up, or do you want my help?" Dana quickly stood and started to walk out the door."Hold on there missy."

Dana sheepishly looked up at her mother. " What?"

"Well are you going to take those wet pants off, or do you want to wear them all day?"

Dana blushed as she slowly pulled her training pants down. Her mother stood there as if nothing was wrong. They hit the floor with a plop, she had really soaked them. Her mother bent over to pick them up.

"Honestly honey if you don't stop this wetting I think you may have to go back to diapers for awhile."

"No no mommy, I be good! I be good!" Dana had a sudden fear of being in a diaper. Her mother seemed to regard this for a minute.

"Well I have to go to the mall and if you want to go with me you better get on a clean pair of pants."

The mall!, her mind spun, if she could talk to that man she could get this all straightened out. Dana smiled as she ran back to her room. Oddly enough the door was closed, she had not closed it. She slowly turned the knob and pushed. What she saw made her want to scream. Her room, her only place in life was gone! All her posters gone, her bed smaller and with bars all the way around. Her dresser now a pastel box, She wanted to look at it forever to try and find something of hers that could have been left over, but she heard her mother down stairs.

"Hurry up honey or I'll leave without you." Dana knew deep down that her mother would never leave without her, still she was filled with a feeling of dread. Almost believing her, she opened her dresser and found that the first drawer contained plenty of training pants for the next few days.


She quickly pulled them up her legs and ran to her mother who was waiting at the front door.

The drive to the mall terrorized Dana, she felt as if everyone outside of the car could see she had training pants on. Dana slowly pulled her hand up to her mouth and felt her thumb enter before she could stop herself. Even worse she started to suck loudly on it. She knew it was wrong but she couldnít stop, nothing around her seemed to matter as she felt her teeth start to itch.

She needed to stop it, reaching up she put a finger from her other hand in her mouth. She tried to massage her gums but it didn't help, now she had both hands in her mouth and still couldn't stop the itching. She felt drool running from her mouth, dripping warmly to the front of her dress. Dana wanted to scream.Her mother pulled the car to a stop at a red light, she glanced out the window and saw her best friend looking at her from the side of the road. A jolt of pure adrenaline swept through Dana and she found that she could control herself again.

Her friend waved at Dana, and she did the same thing back. She started to walk towards the car with a smile on her face, but Dana's mother had not noticed her, so when the light turned green she drove off. Dana kept looking back over her shoulder at her best friend. She had to have seen what she was doing. But she had just waved, like there was nothing wrong with her having both hands in her mouth and covered in drool.

Dana could feel the car turn into the parking lot of the mall, so she turned around and looked towards her mother. She concentrated on what she wanted to say, "Mom, can I get something in there please?"

Her mother looked down at her. "Well, we'll have to see if you're a good girl in there, or not. Ok? "

Dana smiled, "Sure mom, I'll be good." That was when she noticed the bib that was tied around her neck, it was covered in her drool. The not so distant memory shocked her even more. She didn't want to wind up like that again, she didnít even wonder when the bib had appeared. She needed to hurry. Not wanting people to see her in a bib Dana asked her mother to remove it.

"But honey, see how wet it is? Do you want your pretty clothes to get messy?"

"No mommy butttttt..." The whiney sound at the end was not missed by her mother.

"Listen little missy, if you want to get a nice toy in there you better listen to me. Now stop fussing and be good." Dana franticly nodded her head as she promised to be good.

After the car was parked Dana got her bib removed, with a stern warning that if she started to make a mess again she would find it back around her neck. The walk from the car to the mall was humiliating. Her mother insisted that she had to hold her hand, there were so many people, and to Dana they all seemed to look at her and point. Add to that the hand holding and the fact that her teeth were starting to itch again you could forgive Dana for not noticing how short her dress was getting.

She was already in the mall when she noticed her dress was not only shorter, but a shade of bright pink. Immediately she tried to pull it down lower, but it was to short. If she bent over the whole world would see her pull-ups. Her mother kept holding her hand, and led her towards a book store.

Dana quietly walked with her mother as she went back to the self help section and started to go through the titles. She kept pulling on her dress, but it just was to short. Dana felt embarrassed, here she was dressed like a baby in training pants. Unable to do anything about it.

She saw a row of books on magic and squatted to get a better look at them. Several were about curses, but soon she came upon on that dealt with potions. Maybe the one she had used would be in there. She reached out with her free hand and tried to pick it up, but it was to heavy for one hand alone so she started to pull her other hand out of her motherís grasp.

"What's wrong sweetie?" her mom asked. "Do you need to potty?" Dana furiously gestured towards the books and smiled when her mother let go of her hand. She quickly picked up the tome and started to read it. She was only a few sentences into it when she heard her mother ask if she was done.


Dana thought quickly, she needed more time, what could she do? Then a feeling in her stomach told her exactly what she had to do. She scrunched up her face and squeezed as hard as she could. She was disgusted as she felt the mess spread out across her butt. A muffled fart escaped and told her mother exactly what was happening.

"I wish you'd have waited to do that honey. Now hurry up so mommy can change your diaper ok?"

Dana didnít care what her mother wanted to do, she was quickly cross referencing the potions in the book. She came to what she thought might be a cure but the only thing there was an add for Spells r us. She closed the book, now she knew she needed to get to the store.

She stood up on suddenly shaky legs and felt the mess move around in her trainers. Her mother had been standing behind her and quickly grabbed her hand.

"Well little miss stinky lets get you clean and dry."

The first thing Dana noticed when she walked was that her pull-ups seemed to be a lot thicker, so much so that she had a very pronounced waddle. And the noise they made was even worse, it sounded like she was wearing a diaper. Her eyes went wide as she put a hand under her dress and felt the smooth plastic of the disposable that she was now wearing. She wet herself out of fear then, she realized she had even less time than she had thought. If she lost the ability to walk or talk she would be stuck like this the rest of her life.

Walking towards the bathroom Dana saw the Spells R Us shop. She Started to pull away from her mother, but she could not break free.

"Listen missy I'm not gonna have a stinky baby on my hands. So lets just get this over with. You want a nice clean diaper don't you?"

Dana Fumed "I'm no baba, big girl!" She brought her hand to her mouth, she sounded so stupid. But deep down she did want a fresh dry diaper. She needed to hurry.

"Well Miss big girl, do you want that diaper changed, or can you do it yourself?"Her mother looked at her daughter, sometimes she seemed so bright.


But Dana not wanting any part of a dirty diaper just stayed quiet, maybe that way it could be done quicker and she could get to that old man. The door to the bathroom opened with a creak and Dana was taken inside. She was helped onto a changing table and found her dress pulled up.

"Wow, you've really soaked your diaper this time, anymore and you would have leaked." Her mother coo'ed softly. "Oh my, and such a big mess! No more pizza for you young lady."

Dana squirmed, she wanted this over. She started sucking her thumb as her diaper was removed and she was cleaned. A new diaper was placed under her and taped in place. Dana normally would have wondered where her mother could have gotten another diaper that would fit her, but now she thought of only one thing. Getting into the shop.


"There you go, all clean now let's hurry so we can get you home. You must be tired after  such a busy day."She grabbed Dana's hand and pushed her out the door, this time Dana found it hard to even walk upright.


She hoped it was the diaper, but she wondered if it was something else. Dana toddled towards the shop. The dark interior seemed more frightening than it should have. The sight was odd, here was a teen girl. In a short dress, the diaper bulging with each step. There was a look of concentration on Dana's face as she kept taking careful steps towards her final destination.


"Well, some one seems to be in a hurry." her mother said. Dana just stayed quiet, she was so close.

Finally she had reached the door and slapped it with her free hand.

"So you want in there huh? Well I hope it's not to scary for you." Dana's mother opened the door and Dana waddled inside. She looked towards the counter and saw the man standing there, a smile on his face.

Dana screamed, "I didn't want this! Take it back! I want my life back now!!" At least she meant to, what came out was baby talk. She put her hands to her mouth, had that come out of her?

Just then her legs felt funny, she let out a yelp as she dropped to her butt on the floor. Dana started to cry, she didn't want to act like a baby. But she couldn't help it. Her emotions were over whelming her.

"Sorry about this," her mother said to the man, "but she seemed to want in here for some reason."


"That's quite all right, I bet she's quite a hand full." he said with a gleam in his eye. He looked down and smiled at the crying form of Dana as she started to wet her diaper again.

"Yeah, sometime's I wish I'd have listened to my mother and not got pregnant in the first place." She leaned over the counter towards him and whispered; "I think I'd rather have a dog."