Cute and Wholesome    By: Long_Rifle



Standard warranty applies.  Story may not be fair.  But no deaths in this one.  Of course, your mileage may vary.



     Tara rolled up in front of the house, and parked her car.  She double-checked the address on the paper to make sure she was right.  Tara was surprised to find that it was.  The house seemed to be very plain for a well paid photographer.  Maybe clean and wholesome pictures didn't generate money like porn did.


     Tara was a model, she had turned 18 just 4 months before.  It seemed just days after her birthday the calls had started rolling in.  Calls from notorious Porn studios.  Her money hungry parents had called ahead and made several appointments on her behalf.


     She politely told all the callers that she would never stoop so low as to appear in any kind of pornographic material.  Her parents had pleaded with her to reconsider.  They really needed the money and it really wasn't that bad.  Not like she was going to do anything illegal.  Tara told her parents the same thing, she wanted to do nothing but clean and wholesome family oriented pictures.


     Finally they had acquiesced.  They bent to her rules and got her this job.  Something for a "Parents" style magazine.  She was glad they had finally came to their senses.  She wanted to hit the big time, but she wanted to be famous, not infamous.


     Tara slowly walked up to the door, and tried to look through the front window.  But it was frosted, she all she could see were vague shapes.  She knocked the snow from her boots and rang the doorbell.


     A woman who looked to be in her 40's answered the door.  She smiled as Tara came inside, and quickly shut the door against the cold.


     "Hello, my name is Tara." She smiled and did a little bow as she said it.  "I believe I have a photo shoot with you tonight?"


     "Welcome Tara, yes you do, I'm Alice.  But everyone calls me Nanny, okay?"


     Tara smiled and nodded.  She hung her coat up and followed Alice towards what she thought would be the studio.  But it ended up being her office.


     "Now Tara, this is your first photo shoot right?"


     "Yes it is, I'm so excited."  She even blushed a little.  The blush was not lost to Alice who found the effect on Tara's face very cute.


     "Well before we can get to the good stuff, we need to get all the forms and permissions out of the way. All right?"




     "First this is the declaration of copy right.  Basically you don't own these pictures.  You will receive proofs of them, but the magazine is the outright owner, okay?"


     "As long as I get paid I'll be happy."


     "Oh, you'll get paid, but first the editor will decide what he likes and pay accordingly all right?"


     "Do I just sign on the bottom?"


     "No, initial the first 6 pages, then sign the last one."


     Tara was going to read everything, but it was taking so long, she eventually just glanced over the pages and did what she was told to do.



     Alice grabbed the papers, and quickly made sure everything was done. "Right!  Now, on to business.  You are here to do pictures for a series of articles on teenage children."  Alice started to get up, and made sure Tara was following.  "The point of the article will be that teenagers are acting more like little babies than the adults they are supposed to be.  Are you with me so far?"


     "Yes, will I be portrayed as a bratty teen then?"


     Alice smiled at her, "No, for impact you will be dressed as the article suggests teens act."


     Tara stopped walking, trying to digest that last statement. "So I'll be dressed like a child?"


     "Like a baby to be exact, yes."


     Tara was mulling this fact, as she walked.  Alice finally came to a door and opened it to darkness beyond.  As she searched for the light switch Tara started to speak.  "You don't mean, like a little baby do you?"


     Alice finally found the switch and with a flash, the room beyond was bathed in light.  Alice waved Tara through.  She saw what looked like a giant nursery, like something out of Jack and the Beanstalk.  While Tara took it all in, Alice spoke; "Yes, exactly like a little baby, diapers and all."


     Tara started to back out the door, "I'm sorry, this is too much.  I can't do this.  I just want to do wholesome and cute things.  Not; not this."


     Alice smiled again.  "What's more wholesome and cute than a baby?  Everyone loves babies.  And babies wear diapers, think of it as a puffy plastic bathing suit bottom okay?"


     Tara had stopped backing up, she wasn't leaving but she wasn't set to do any weird diaper pictures either.  The thought of a diaper as a plastic puffy bathing suit bottom seemed to stick in her mind.  She did have a good-looking body, and won't mind showing it off in a bathing suit.


     Alice walked up to her, and sighed, "Listen here's the facts, you say you only want to do cute and wholesome family stuff.  Babies are the cutest and most wholesome things going, and you signed a contract to take pictures as one."  Alice picked up something white and handed it to Tara.  It was a large diaper.  "So you are going to be acting like a baby for these pictures, and babies wear diapers."


     Tara suddenly felt like wearing diapers was okay.  She unfolded the thick disposable and took a whiff of the sweet smell that came from it.  After all she had signed a contract to act like a baby for the picture spread, and babies wore diapers.  So she had to.  Alice showed her towards the dressing room and waited outside, while Tara changed. 


     Ten minutes later Tara walked out of the room.  Alice was delighted at what she saw.  The diaper caused her to have a cute waddle.  Most of it was hidden by the light pink onsie that Tara was wearing, but the bulge was obvious, as was the bit of white plastic that was peaking out from both sides of the onsie.


     "Perfect!" Alice explained. " Now we can start the spread." She motioned Tara to sit in the center of a blanket that was spread out on the floor.


     Tara sat down.   She found that the bulk of the diaper made it to hard to keep her legs together.  She was forced to sit with her legs out in front of her.  "Alice, this diaper is too thick, I can barely move in it."


     Alice was already behind the camera.  Thinking that she hadn't even started yet, and Tara was already whining like a baby.  "That's the way diapers are, and please, call me Nanny okay?"


     "Okay, Nanny."


     "Good now try to relax."  She took a picture and Tara's whole body blushed from shame.  "What's wrong Tara?"


     "I feel stupid, I'm almost naked in a diaper."


     "Well, real babies don't care about being modest.  Sometimes they spend all day in nothing but a diaper.  So try to act more relaxed."


     Tara's shoulders visibly relaxed. Why should she freak out?  It wasn't like she was naked.  She took on a more comfortable demeanor, smiling for the camera, and sucking her thumb briefly when asked too.  Tara even playfully patted the front of her diaper, just to hear the crinkle of plastic.


     "All right little one, that set is over.  Now for a quick change and we can start the next one."


     Tara looked up as Alice brought something over to her.  "Here take off the onsie, and put this shirt on."


     Tara started to unbutton the onsie, with Alice commenting on it.  "Good thing you're not a real baby, they have such a hard time with buttons."


     Tara smiled at that, but found that the second button was a lot harder to open than the first.  She tried as hard as she could but it just didn't want to cooperate. 


     "Let Nanny get that for you, okay baby?" She reached down and opened the rest of the buttons for her.  "Those can be such a pain."  For some reason Tara felt better that Alice was helping her.


     The onsie was quickly off Tara, and a belly shirt was put on her instead.  Alice hurried back behind the camera.  And checked to make sure everything was still right.  "Can you stand up for me now baby?"


     Tara slowly got to her feet; the thick diaper made it hard to stand up.  And when she did get to her feet, she had to keep them spread apart because of the diaper.  "Nanny, it feels like a pillow between my legs."


     "That's okay Tara, Babies don't mind, it makes them feel safer. They know if they go pee-pee the diaper will take care of it."


     Tara put her hands on the front of the diaper and gently squeezed.  She did feel better about it, and she did feel like she had to pee. "Um, Nanny?"


     "Yes child?"


     "I think I may have to go to the bafwoom." Tara's hands shot to her face, as she blushed a bright red.  She hadn't meant to talk like that.


     But Alice took it in stride, "Very good honey, now you're really getting into character.  Don't worry, we'll get these done quick and then we'll get you to the potty okay?"


     Tara nodded, she felt better about her little slip up, if getting into character was good then she shouldn't be embarrassed about it.


     Alice pointed behind Tara, "The next set needs something, could you open the doors under the changing table and get the Pull-ups out?"


     Tara waddled towards the table, she opened the cabinet under it and found it full of supplies, but right in front was a package of Pull-ups for girls.  She slowly, walked back to the blanket and waited for instructions.  While she did she started to squirm, she really needed to pee.


     Her movements weren't lost on Alice, she could see that Tara was doing the pee-pee dance.  Just like any child who needed to pee badly. "All right Tara, have you seen the commercials were kids are holding a pack of pull-ups over their heads?" Tara said yes. "I need you to copy that pose and hold it for a few seconds."


     Tara spread her feet farther apart, and held the pack above her head, but she suddenly felt that she really had to go.  And was only seconds from having an accident.  She dropped the pack to the floor and grabbed at the front of her diaper.  "Nanny, please!  I hafta go!"


     Alice stood up from behind the camera, she seemed to be deep in thought. "We need to get this done, how bout you just pee a little into your diaper.  That way you will be able to finish this set."


     "But then the pictures will show I went potty!"


     "Don't worry Tara, diapers are made to hide pee-pee.  It will be soaked up and no one will be able to tell you had an accident.  Remember, babies wet their diapers all the time."


     Tara realized that was true, she decided she would just pee a little bit, and get the pressure to stop.  She slowly squatted and tried to go.  But as bad as she felt like peeing, 16 years of being toilet trained told her she needed to be in a bathroom.  Tara didn't know what to do, but Alice did. "Just relax, and think: I'm a big baby.  And babies wet their diapers."


     Tara closed her eyes and took in a breath, as she let it out she softly said, "I'm a big baby, and babies wet their diapers."  She couldn't feel anything, but the urge to pee seemed to go away. 


     Tara opened her eyes, and decided she might as well just wait, nothing was going to happen.  Tara stood up and noticed her diaper felt different.  It felt even more bulky then before.  She had to stand with her knees bowed out.  And it was very warm.  She grabbed the front of it and pulled it away, the smell of pee was very strong.  "I wet my diaper!  I didn't even realize I was peeing!"


     "Of course, babies don't know when they need to pee, they just go and then they complain when they want their diaper changed."


     Tara stopped worrying why she peed, but she was still holding her diaper open.  She was okay about being wet, but something was nagging at her thoughts.


     Alice clapped her hands together to get Tara's attention, "You can play with your wet diaper later, but we need to get this done first.  Please pick the pull-ups back up and pose again okay?"


     Tara stopped thinking about her diaper, and put the pull-ups back over her head.  She smiled, but to Alice it didn't look right.


     "Tara honey, let's try something a little different.  I want you to think about what it's like when a baby is finally potty trained.  Imagine what it's like to be in a pair of big girl pants, instead of a dirty diaper.  How proud you would be to finally be a big girl."


     Tara thought about it.  She thought about her wet and now cooling diaper.  And how nice it would be if she didn't have to have it on any more.  And what an accomplishment it would be too finally, after over 2 years of diapers get to use the potty!  Her face beamed, Alice quickly took several pictures.


     "All right Tara, that set is done.  Let's get a new diaper on you.  Then we can finish the last 2 sets."  Alice walked over to the changing table and slapped the top a few times.  Tara walked over to her and stood next to it.


      "Um, Nanny?  Can I just change my own diaper?"


     "Nonsense!  I need to make sure the new diaper looks exactly like the first."


     Tara looked towards the floor and cleared her throat, "Yeah, but I don't want you to see my…, um…. My bottom."


     "Don't worry, you're supposed to be a baby, and babies get their diapers changed at least 6 times a day.  Babies don't care who changes them, as long as they get a nice dry diaper."


     There was an instant change in Tara, she just kind of smiled and climbed up on the changing table.


     "Thanks Nanny, I guess you're right.  I really want a dry diaper.  Just like a baby right?"


     "Of course, you're doing such a good job.  You're turning into the perfect baby for this project."


     Tara beamed with delight.  She was so happy, she wanted this job.  It was so nice to get paid to do clean work.  She couldn't wait to tell her parents how good she did.  She heard the tapes of the diaper ripped open.  And felt cool air against her wet skin.  Nanny asked her to lift her bum up and Tara had the wet diaper pulled out from under her.  As Nanny worked Tara hoped she was doing the bestest she could.


     In no time at all Tara was in a new diaper and ready for round two.  Alice helped her to her feet and asked her how she felt.  "Much better, that diapo was wet and, and um…. cold."


     "Glad your happy, now for the next set, you need to get in that playpen over there and drink from a bottle."


     Tara needed some help getting inside the netted playpen.  But once inside felt very comfortable.  Alice handed her a bottle and told her to drink it. At first Tara tried sitting up, but it didn't feel right.  Her arms got tired.  So she lay down on her back and propped her feet up on the top railing.  Now she could hold the bottle easily with one hand. 



     Tara quickly drained the bottle, when empty she just let it drop to the floor.  She felt kind of tired.  She stuck her hand in the front of her diaper and absently scratched herself.  She almost fell asleep, but Alice suddenly appeared above her.


     "Brilliant!  You're doing great.  I almost believed you were just a little baby enjoying her bottle.  Now are you ready for the last set?"


     Tara nodded her head while she rubbed at her eyes, the formula in the bottle had made her really tired.  She had a hard time getting up.  When she did stand she felt that her diaper was thicker again.  And it seemed to be sagging.  She wondered if she had wet more, but dismissed it.  She was playing baby, and babies wet all the time.  Alice helped her out, and walked her over to the changing table. 


     Tara stumbled several times on the way, but relaxed when Alice told her all babies have a hard time walking.  She decided to keep her head down and be extra careful.  But her stupid feet keep tripping over each other.  By the time they got to the table, Alice was basically carrying Tara, and keeping her from falling over on her butt. 


     The cool plastic of the tabletop helped wake Tara up a bit.  She watched as Alice untaped her diaper, and carefully wiped everything down.  Alice had her hold her feet up while she worked, and Tara actually managed to get her big toe in her mouth.


     After a few false starts Alice finally had her in a new diaper.  Tara was asked to sit up, when she did her shirt was removed.  She tried to hide her chest with her hands but Alice stopped her.  "Don't worry, no one will see them, they will be hidden under a blanket."


     Tara relaxed and allowed her self to be carried to a new area.  She was lowered into a crib and a blanket was positioned so it was partially covering her.


     "Is this the last part?"  Tara asked.  But instead of an answer she felt something put in her mouth.


     Alice gave one last look over. "You look perfect Tara, the pacifier is great.  Don't worry about talking, babies don't talk.  Just suck your paci and relax for Nanny okay."


     Alice stepped back and grabbed a camera. She took a quick picture, but Tara still didn't look right.


     "Tara sweetie?"  Tara had been looking at the wall, she turned to focus on Alice.   "Remember the last time you thought what it was like to be potty trained?"  Tara wanted to answer, but babies couldn't talk.  "Don't worry honey, you did a great job.  Now you need to think of something different."


     "This set needs you to look just like a happy baby in her crib.  Now babies don't worry about anything.  Even a wet or messy diaper doesn't bother them."  Tara might not be able to talk, but she still scrunched her face at that idea.  "Now now Tara, you've played baby so well I wouldn't be surprised if you had a poopy accident."


     Tara started to shake her head, and even seemed to want to get up.  But Alice put her hand gently on Tara's stomach, and calmed her.  "Relax, babies can't stand up on their own."  Tara immediately stopped trying to get up, a look of concern on her face.  Her mouth was furiously working the pacifier.


     Alice tickled Tara's feet trying to make her smile. But it wasn't working.  She leaned over the crib and grabbed Tara's head in both her hands, she gently wiped tears out of Tara's eyes with her fingers and looked directly in her eyes.


     "Tara, baby.  This isn't working we need to try something else."


     Tara was getting scared.  Things were getting weird.  At first she thought she was just good at doing exactly what she was told.  But when she tried to get up, Alice had some how stopped her by telling her babies couldn't.  After that Tara had tried to talk but she couldn't, all she did was suck her paci harder.  Then she felt a tickle in her diaper, she realized she was peeing.  A quick thought raced through her mind that it was okay, that all babies do that. But she knew she wasn't a real baby, she didn't want to play that game anymore. 


     Alice could see the torment on Tara's face.  The smile that came to her face made Tara want to scream. "I see you want to back out.  You think you've done enough and want to go home?"  Tara kicked her feet, and grabbed Alice's hands.  Trying to get her away from her.  "Well you've been such a good baby so far, and this is the last set any ways. What can we do?…..  I know!  You just need the right motivation, just like before right?"



     Tara started to squirm; she frantically slapped at Alice. She wanted out now!


     Alice took in a breath, "Yes, good motivation.  Well the motivation to be a baby isn't quite what we need here.  The demeanor just isn't right.  Better try something else."


     Tara stopped struggling and actually smiled behind her pacifier.  If Alice was done with her being a baby this just might still work out.


     Alice stood up and wiped her hands on her pants.  "Yes, why don't we get you out of that crib and try something else.  Just stand up and walk over to the wall while I get the next prop out."


     Tara carefully pulled herself up to a sitting position, she could move again!  She Frantically pulled her legs over and stood up.  The diaper still bowed her legs out, but she was happy to be up and about again.  She quickly walked over to the wall and started playing with the ring on her pacifier.


     Alice walked back towards her and handed Tara another diaper to hold.  As she took it Alice pulled the pacifier from Tara's mouth, "Can you hold this in your other hand for me?  I need both hands free to do this quickly."


     Tara just nodded.   But that wasn't good enough for Alice, "Tell me do you think you can handle it?"


     Tara timidly nodded again and said, "Yeth."


     Alice knelt down in front of Tara, she untaped the diaper and let it plop to the floor.  "Tara, Nanny needs you to spread your legs a little more."


     Tara did as she was told.  Alice started to wipe her diaper area again, as she did she talked to Tara.  "I saw that you didn't like the last set, so I was thinking we should try something a little different okay?"


     "Okay, Nanny no pwoblom."  Tara still wanted to know what Alice had done to her.  But she figured the worst was over.  She'd find out later after she was back home.  For now she would just play along and finish this thing up.


     Alice grabbed the diaper from Tara's hand and opened it.  She looked up at her.  "Could you put that pacifier back in your mouth and hold the back of this diaper up for me?"


     Tara slipped the paci back in her mouth.  In truth, having it in her mouth made her feel better.  She grabbed the back of the diaper and held it up.  It seemed so much thicker.  She tried to ask Alice, but the pacifier made her mumble.


     But Alice got the gist, "Why are they so thick?  I would think a big girl like you would need a bigger diaper, for her bigger messes right?"


     Tara thought she must have decided on a different finish after all.  Maybe just her acting as a normal teen in a comically thick diaper.  Alice finally had everything taped up and asked Tara to walk over towards a rocking chair.  But the diaper forced Tara's legs to far apart, she could barely stand, let alone walk. 


     Alice sensed her trouble immediately.  "Why don't I just carry you?"


     Tara put her hands out and let Alice pick her up.  As she carried Tara towards the chair Alice whispered in her ear.  "This is going to be perfect.  I don't want you to worry about the diaper, or the pacifier.  I don't want you to worry about anything.  Just think about one thing, infants."


     Tara's body jerked at the word, but she couldn't do anything to stop Alice from continuing.  "Yes, just think about infants.  Little wet messy infants.  That can be your motivation.  Think about how they can't talk, or walk, or even sit up.  They are always wet or messy.  You've already wet so much I bet you may mess before I set you down."


     Tara tried not to, but she couldn't help herself.  Alice felt her body stiffen as Tara forced a mess into her diaper.  "There you go.  I bet you feel better now?  All infants love being in dirty diapers.  In an instant Tara's disgust turned to happiness.  She wanted more, so she pushed even harder.


     Alice could feel the messy diaper bulging even more.  Then it started to warm.  "Did little Tara go pee-pee?  That's why your diaper is so thick.  So you can lay down longer with out being changed.


     Tara was to busy enjoying her diaper to hear the front door open.  But Alice did, she gently set Tara on the floor and walked away, Tara softly yawned, and closed her eyes.  She felt so tired.  Everything seemed so complex, maybe a quick nap.  She wiggled her legs one last time, and was happy to feel the mess move around a little.  Tara slipped into a daze and was awakened to see her mother standing over her.


     "Aww Tara, you've turned into such a cutie.  I guess next time you'll listen to your parents."


     Tara didn't quite catch what her mother was saying, but the tone of her voice sounded nice, so Tara giggled. 


     Tara's mother turned back to Alice, "She sure does stink, can I change her diaper before she goes home?"


     "Sure Anna, but why don’t you drop those pants and put that diaper on over there."  She motioned towards the wet diaper that she had pulled off Tara and left laying on the ground."


      Anna looked at her shocked, "WHAT? What's the meaning of this Alice?"


     Alice walked up to Tara and squatted next to her.  As she started to change her diaper she turned her head back to Tara's mother.  "I want you to think that the best thing for an infant like Tara to have, is an older sister, but not to old.  Just about out of diapers will be fine.  So go over there, and put your diaper back on before Nanny has to spank you!"


     Anna rushed over towards the diaper, she almost tripped on her pants as she dropped them off her legs.  She tried not to be grossed out as she put the still warm diaper on.  Only one thought kept her from crying.  Nanny said she would be out of diapers soon.  And she couldn't wait.