Christine….NOW with ending!   By: Long_Rifle


This is an OLD story, VERY old, almost a decade I would say.  I’ve finished it, and tried to correct what I could.   It’s not the BEST example of my work, but it IS the one that most people ask “did you ever finish it dammit!? Good to see one of my first (if not THE first) stories get an end.  And when I first wrote this I stated how Christine liked to be called Chris, then used that as her name the whole time!  Out of laziness…  I tried to fix that as well, so if you see a few “Chris” still floating around in this, draw my attention to them so I may “liberate” them.  Now on with the show!



Christine hated her name, and though it led to a few jokes, she preferred to be called Chris. She’s good looking, not stunning. But she was hot enough to be hit on just about every day. Most girls her age, (she was 17, with beautiful red hair) would love the attention. Unfortunately she isn't like most girls, she has a genius level IQ, and life with a single but loving mother was difficult enough. They had money; the untimely death of her father had given them that, meaning her mom was around the house constantly, and hovering over her. She had changed since the accident. Becoming clingy, always trying to talk to her daughter as though she to might someday be taken from her.


With that at home the only time she had to really think was when she laid down at

night to sleep, and during classes at school. She wasn't gay or anything, but she did not have time for guys. So Christine shunned them when she could. This only made the jokes and teasing worse. She had her friends, but she really wanted to be left alone. She thought about her life as she slowly walked home from school, this was another of the few times when she got to think.


Christine was about to turn off main street, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was a sign, kind of old looking really. She knew she should go straight home, her mother freaked out whenever she was late, but she had gotten out of school early today so she had time to check it out.  And she felt an odd compulsion to take a look.


The door opened with a loud squeak, the inside almost made her turn around, but her curiosity got the better of her, and she went in anyway. What she would remember later was the bath robe, why was this guy working in his bathrobe? But that really didn’t enter her mind till later. She walked past the rows of dusty knick-knacks and right up to the old man.


"Hello?" she said. Christine waited for a few minutes, and when he still didn’t answer she politely coughed. He seemed to be reading a book, she was about to say something when he finally looked up at her.


"Yes?" he softly drawled.


"Hi… My names… Chris and I just thought I'd...? "


His eyes seemed to give off a light of their own, "See what I sell? Yes everyone does, and they all find what they need." He said, smiling and chuckling to himself.


Christine, thinking this was an inside joke just smiled, "So what do I need?"


This made the man smile even more "So you are smart! Most people beat around the bush but you just come right out with it, let me think....Chris....Chris..." He slowly rubbed his hand under his chin as he remembered. "Oh yes, now I remember. You're the genius. And what you want more than anything is the ability to be allowed to think when

ever you want!  Right?  Just to be left alone?"


She was amazed, how did this stranger know what she wanted? But her thoughts were answered before she could voice them herself.


"I'm a wizard, and no, no, no, only once, and yes, I can help you. All you need to do is

tell me EXACTLY what you want."


Christine smiled; obviously this was some kind of joke. But she could go along with it. She tapped her foot and rubbed her chin, "Let's see....That's about it, I just want to lay around all day thinking, and only have my mother bother me when I need something."


The old man laughed, deep and odd sounding, "Alright I can do that."


Christine put her hands up, "Wait a minute, I know how this works. I leave here and turn into a vegetable or a zombie or something, how do I know you won’t do that?"


"Geez, no trust anymore." The wizard said as he shook his head.


"No, not a lack of trust, I just want to make sure I get what I want!"


"Oh.” he seemed to think for several seconds, “Well then.... Okay I promise you'll get what you need alright?  NO zombies, no nothing." She nodded her head and he smiled.  Which seemed to make him feel better, "Fine have a nice day."


She was confused, "What? Is that it? No spells or dusts or anything."


The old man looked at her, "Fine, how about this," he franticly waved his hands over his

head and started to spout gibberish. "There are you happy?"


Christine looked over herself and said to him, "I don't feel different!"


"Well this spell was really rather large and would be too much to happen all at

once, over the next few days you’ll notice a difference.”  He motioned towards the door,  “I have a lot to do so please go, but come back when you can.Bwahahahahahah!!"


Christine left the store still smiling, “That laugh probably wasn't a good sign.” she thought.  “Maybe I'll steer clear of this store from now on.” She'd had fun though; she was still smiling as she walked thru the door of her home and quickly to her room. She had made it just in time, as she dropped her books on her desk she realized she had to use the bathroom.


Christine sat down on the bowl and relaxed, thinking maybe today she would be left alone for a while. Those hopes sank when her mother burst into the room. Christine sat there, red faced, with her pants around her ankles as her mother asked her how her day had went. 


Even though she only got one word answers, her mom kept talking, after several minutes had passed she finally felt like she knew enough and left. Christine smiled to herself as she wiped. Realizing as she did, that her mother would probably love to do that for her as well.  Back in her bedroom she sat on her bed and started to read. As she did she started to feel tired, she closed her eyes for a second, and fell asleep.


Her mother gently woke her a few hours later, it was dark outside and she could hear rain hitting the window. Christine looked at her mother, "I had the strangest dream, that everyone was so happy, we were at the beach, but then it started to rain, so we all had to leave." Chris saw that her mother was looking at her oddly. A slight smile on her face.  "What‘s that all about mom?"


The stupid grin stayed on her face, "Nothing honey, do you need any help Chrissie?"


Christine looked up at her mother, she knew she hated to be called that, in fact she hadn't

been called that since she was a little girl. She decided a little sarcasm was in order. "No, MOMMY, I don’t need your help."


"Well…  Okay honey just be more careful next time. Here's some clean pants and some

panties, let me know if you need anything else."


Christine was stunned as her mother walked out of the room, “What was that all about?”


Then the smell hit her. The smell of drying pee. Christine sat up quickly, realizing the smell was coming from her, she looked down and saw her pants. Her WET pants, she almost cried as she stood up.  “I wet the bed, but I don’t do that!”


Then the real problem hit her. Her mother had seen it!  Worse; her mother had acted like it was normal. Quickly she stripped her pants and panties off, and walked to the bathroom. After a quick shower she went back to her room and saw that her mother had set out clothes for her. She stayed quiet as she put her pants on; it was as if she was a toddler again. Back when her mother really had to set her clothes out for her.


Sitting down on her bad she looked over at the pile of wet clothes on the floor. “Well I

might as well clean them now.” she thought. Picking them up she carried them down to the laundry room. As she walked down the stairs she caught a whiff of her pants again. The smell really didn't bother her. It made her feel odd, almost happy. The smell reminded her of something that she couldn't quite place.  But it must have been something good. 


Christine was sure she shouldn't feel that way about pee, so she found herself checking to make sure her mother was nowhere to be seen and set her clothes on the dryer. Then she bent over as if to pull up her socks and took a deep sniff.


As she did she had a sudden urge to pee, she could hold it in; but barely. As she crossed

her legs, the thought, "I can just wet my pants! No one will ever know, I'll just throw

them in the wash." ran through her head.  Christine knew it was gross, but she really wanted to do it. By now she was slowly moving her legs, “I‘m doing the pee pee dance!” she said to herself. Just as she started to relax, the sound of  her mother starting to walk down the stairs filled the room. She tried to move but she realized if she did she would be standing in a puddle.


Her mother rounded the corner and saw her daughter standing by the dryer, "Hi  sweetie, did you bring your pants all the way down here so mommy could wash them?"


Christine nodded, trying to act normal, she tried to stop squirming but when she did the

feeling got even worse. Her mother turned to drop the pants into the wash. Now was her

chance to run, she might make it. But a sudden urge stopped her. Her face grew red as

she felt a need to wet her pants. "No, no way!" she thought, “I am not going to do that.”


Then what sounded like a quiet whisper in her mind offered up something else. Her face brightened; "Yes that would work! Mommy will never know I did it!” She reached over to a stack of towels and pulled one off. She smiled as an excited tingle grew in her body. Christine pulled the towel between her legs, “Just like a diaper!” she thought to herself, then she spread her legs a little and smiled as she felt it become warm.



And that's how her mother found her, she had turned around to get some soap and

saw her 17 year old daughter, eyes closed and a grin on her face, as she sat down into the

towel. She was just about to ask Christine what she was doing when she found out. The towel slowly turned darker, then started to leak onto the floor. She stared in rage as her daughter bent her knees and sighed, but just as she was about to start screaming at her something changed. She set the soap down and waited for her daughter to be done.  She knew everything would be okay, she just needed some help.  


Christine slowly opened her eyes and saw her mother staring at her with her hands on

her hips. She decided to act cool, she kept holding the towel between her legs, "What mom? Do you need something?" Then she looked down at the floor and saw the puddle, it was running slowly towards the drain near where her mother was standing. She was so embarrassed that she dropped the towel, it landed in the puddle with a splat. She backed up to the wall, away from the mess.  


Again the voice offered up a solution, and Christine agreed, ”Maybe mom doesn't know, yeah maybe I could lie a little.” She thought.  She put on her best smile and said, "Oh, I just spilled some juice in my lap. Don't worry, I'll just clean it up myself." Christine beamed, she was okay. She even smiled a little more.


The kind look on her mother’s face turned back to anger, "Now listen young lady, don't lie to me. I know what you did. And right in front of me like a baby. Well I will not have you pissing all over my house. You will either act like a big girl or no more potty for you!" Then she reached out and started to take Christine’s clothes off her.


Christine was too stunned to say no, as the last piece of her clothes was taken off she was told to go clean up and get ready for bed. The thought that she had just got up didn’t even register with her.  She quickly ran upstairs and into the bathroom, the entire time wondering why she was acting so strange, as if part of her mind was changing. It seemed all she could think of was acting like some silly child. Entering the bathroom she turned on the light and stood before the mirror.


Again she smelled stale urine, as it dried on her skin, and again she was overcome by the urge to let go. This time she would not have to worry. The bathroom floor was tile, and therefore easy to clean.  She slowly lowered herself to the floor and squatted, then pushed as hard as she could but she was empty, only a dribble escaped.



She was still squatting, her face turning purple from pushing when her mother stepped in the doorway. She just looked at her, Christine knew she was dead now. "What did you do?" Her mother asked calmly.


Christine looked up at her mother and cringed, she did not have any good answer to explain why she had peed on the floor again.  And the mystery voice stayed silent.  She felt so embarrassed, tears formed in her eyes as she tried to tell her mother how sorry she was, but all that would come out was "Mommy, sowwy fo peepee."


This caused her mother to literally melt. Christine could not believe the change that came over her.  The scowl became a gentle smile, and she reached out and stroked her hair. "That's okay honey, everyone has accidents. Just try better next time."  Then she helped

her to clean the floor, and started to fill the tub.


Christine waited silently while she watched the water rise.  She remembered an old bottle of bubble bath under the sink and grabbed it.  Her mother smiled at her and helped her into the water.  She normally kept it really deep, but for some reason her mom had only let it rise a few inches.  Christine sat down in the tub, and she was treated to the first bathing from her mother in many years. She used the time to think about what was going on.


Since the smell of pee was gone her mind was much clearer. She had never felt like that before. She stared at the wall as her mother washed her hair, she had peed herself. Right in front of her mom, “What was I thinking? It was as if it was normal.”


 Just thinking about what had happened made her entire body blush.  Then there was the voice, the soft gentle urging to do the disgusting.  Now that she thought about it, she felt fear.  Was she hearing voices now?  Had she finally cracked?


Christine could not believe her mother either; she had thought she would have gone ballistic.  That seeing her piss herself like some kind of animal would have driven her over the edge.  But here she was, smiling like it was normal, treating her like she was her little child again. By now the bath was done and her mother was helping her out of the tub. She looked up at her as she slowly dried her hair.


Her mother saw her gazing at her, a look of shame on her face. She got down on

one knee and wiped water away from her eyes. "Don't worry honey, sometimes it just

takes a little longer, you just need to let time take it's course. Soon you'll have forgotten

all about this."


Christine looked down at her feet, she still didn't understand. Her mother was acting like she had just been potty trained or something. Continuing to stare at the floor she said, "But mmmoommmm, I'm not a baby, why do you keep treating me like one?"


At that her mother gently placed her hands on Christine’s head and tilted her face up so

she could see into her eyes. "No, you are not a baby sweetie, you are mommy's big girl.

Just because you have an accident doesn't make you a baby, but......" her mother

pulled her head to her chest; and gently stroked her back as she whispered, "You can be whatever you want, and if you want to be a baby once in a while then that's okay with me. Just don't pee on the furniture. Now let's get you dressed and into bed."


Taking her by the hand, she led Christine to her room and selected a pair of pink panties and a long pink shirt. After tucking her in she reminded her that if she had to get up and potty she had to remember to lift the back of her shirt up so it wouldn't get wet.


Christine smiled at this, "Okay mommy." Then her mother turned off the light and left. As she lay in her bed she thought back over what had happened all day. “It had been pretty much normal till I went in that shop.  Maybe it was stress.” she thought.  “Yeah that’s it.” She should slow down and not take life so hard. So she had peed a couple of times, maybe her mother would take the hint and stop treating her like she was some sort of tart. Either that or she'd put her in diapers, as this thought passed through her head she went to sleep.


That night Christine slept like a baby,...literally. Blinking in the morning light she looked at her clock, "Oh no, I’m late for school!", but at almost the same instant she remembered that it was Saturday. She stuck her head under her pillow and rolled over onto her back, as she stretched her legs she smelt something.


“No way! I didn’t!” she whispered.  She pulled the pillow off her head and looked at the floor, maybe she had forgotten to pick something up off the floor last night. But there was nothing there.


Then it hit her, the floor; it was different. It was carpeted. Her room had never had carpet in it. She instantly rolled over and shot up in her bed. Her whole room was different, the walls were brighter and her dresser was smaller and pastel pink. “What’s going on?” Christine wondered. She threw her blankets off and jumped out of bed. A cool feeling around her crotch got her attention. Looking down she realized she really had wet the bed.  She turned to walk out of her room and get her mother when the world spun  and she fainted.


The sound of her daughter hitting the floor got her mother’s attention.  She ran to the room and opened the door, to find her Christine lying next to the bed on the floor. Thinking she had simply fallen out of bed she rushed to her side and slowly woke her up.


Darkness, swirling slowly, then a rising feeling. A moment of warmth then everything got

lighter. As her vision returned she found her mother holding her in her arms. "Oh mom, I

had the weirdest dream. My room was different, and..." but she stopped, Christine could now see that her room was still different, and by the smell of it, her pants and bed were still wet.


Her mother picked her up and set her on her feet.  “No problem you just had a bad dream.  But I think we might have to start using something thicker at night if you keep leaking.” She then proceeded to take Christine’s shirt and panties off. With a quick slap on the butt she told her to go cleanup and get ready for breakfast.


Rubbing her butt Christine walked to the bathroom and was shocked to see in the

corner by the tub a small plastic child’s potty.  She took her time walking up to it and looked it over, "No, it couldn't be mine?" she wondered. But when she dropped the seat her name was clearly written on it. Proudly in big letters it proclaimed "Chrissie’s potty!".


Taken aback she stared at it. Then said aloud "Well I'm not using it." As she started to brush her teeth her mother came in with the sheets from her bed and dropped them down the chute to the basement.


She rubbed Christine‘s head and smiled, "Well, looks like someone is growing up, brushing your teeth all by yourself!" Then as Christine rinsed her mouth her mother dropped her own pants and sat on the toilet. "Well honey, want to show mommy how big you are? Come on and show me what the potty’s for."


Caught between a rock and a hard place she slowly sat down on the plastic bowl.  Christine could barely fit on it, since it was made for a real child.  Her knees were almost in her face.  She wasn’t sure she was completely on center, but pushed anyways.


Her mother beamed as she watched her little girl try to be a big girl, she saw her pushing, “You must have peed allot last night, honey. It’s okay.”  Her mother decided to help her so she let loose herself.  To Christine the sound seemed louder than normal. She blushed as her mother looked down at her but the sound of the splashing worked, she suddenly started to pee. Not a lot but it was enough for her mother to be happy.


Christine found herself lifted off the potty and wiped clean, then her mother grabbed her hand and walked her back to her room to get dressed for the day. Christine stood silently as her mother started to pull clothes out for her to wear. She picked something out and held them up, Christine thought they where panties. But as her mother held them out to her she realized they where Pull-ups.


“No! I won’t wear those!” she yelled.


“Hun we’ve been through this, these are your big girl panties.  Now do you want me to put them on you? Or can you do it?”


Christine looked at her mother and then at the pull-ups.  She could feel her shock slowly eroding, and being replaced with elation.  The voice came back and this time she couldn’t ignore it. “Gimme diapers!”  She shouted, surprising herself with how juvenile it sounded.


Her mother sighed.  “But you’re a big girl now.  You don’t need diapers anymore.”


But the voice had spoken and Chrissie wouldn’t listen to her, “No!  I’m a baby!”  She stomped her feet and when that didn’t work she dropped to the floor and started to throw a fit.  “Diaper! Diaper! Diaperrrr!  Diapo! Di-di!”  She only stopped when she felt her mothers hand on her knee.


“Here you go sweetie.” Chrissie could see a large diaper in her hand.  “You know what to do.  Now be a good girl for mommy.”


Chrissie raised her bum and allowed herself to be diapered.  She smiled at her mother, and tried to thank her, but her thumb was in her mouth.  Instead she started to wave her feet playfully.


Her mother softly slapped at her feet while she finished taping on her diaper.  “You’re so cute in your diapers, I hope you never grow up!”  She then stood up and pulled Chrissie to her feet.  “Come on sweetie, let’s get your onesie on and I’ll go warm up your breakfast.”


Chrissie stood, and smiled as her mother pulled a shirt over her head and then did something at her crotch, she heard snapping sounds and when her mother stood back up the shirt still felt like it was being pulled down.  She tried to pull it up, but it felt like it was connected.


“Stop that honey! “ Her mother said as she softly slapped her hands away.  “Let’s put you in here for a few minutes while I go get your breakfast okay?”   Chrissie nodded and felt herself briefly picked up and set down on her bed.  “Wow!  You’re getting heavy, good thing you’re walking, I won’t be able to pick you up soon!”  Then she kissed her, stepped back and pulled something up.  The whole bed moved as it clicked in place.  “Be right back!”  She  turned and walked away, closing the bedroom door behind her.


Chrissie was left alone, she bounced on her butt a few times and giggled “I’ve got my diapers!” She thought.  She looked towards the door and saw her reflection in her mirror.  She saw a 17 year old girl, in a pink shirt and sitting in a giant crib.  Her thumb fell from her mouth as her mind cleared.


“What the hell?...”  She said out loud.  She clamored to the side of the crib and sat up on her knees.  “I’m….. Oh my….”  The memories came flooding back.  The bath, the tantrum, the….”Diaper” she said as she looked down at her crotch.  The bulge was obvious underneath her shirt.  Then she realized it wasn’t a shirt.  She dropped to her butt as she tried to pull it open.  “I am NOT wearing a onesie!”  But that was a lie.


She was still trying to pull her diaper off from under her onesie when the door to her room opened again and her mother walked in.  “Oh, trying to get your diapee off?  Is it almost time to start potty training?”


Christine was livid.  Her body was shaking from the exertion of trying to pull her plastic prison off.  “Mom…. NO….  This, this…. “ she pointed towards the diaper.  “Take this… Bad.  No diapie!”  She was shocked at what came out of her mouth.  She became more frustrated.  “NO! No… Bad diaper! No baby!  No wet!”


But her pleas were silenced by a rubber nipple.  She bit down in surprise and felt something warm squirt down her throat.  She tried to stop sucking, but to her horror she found her body wouldn’t listen.


“Good girl!  Here, lay down and hold it.”


Christine felt herself being gently pushed onto her back, then her mother grabbed her hands and put them around the bottle.  “Good. Now finish that up and you can play!”


She couldn’t stop herself from drinking, but she could still think.  “I’m in diapers, in a crib, and being fed a bottle.  This can’t get worse.”  But a feeling in her stomach reminded her it could always get worse.  She could feel the cramps, but before she could react her legs pulled up and she felt herself start to push.  Her mother immediately looked at a large clock in the room.


“Right on time!”


Christine blushed as several rude noises came from her diaper.  She could feel it grow tighter as she filled it.


“Wow!” Her mother said, “Such a mess!  I wonder how big they’ll be when you start solids?”


At that Christine started to cry.  The sound would have surprised her if she heard herself.  A soft mewling came from her throat, and tears mixed with the formula running down her face.


“Aw, is baby done?  Let mommy check.”  She opened the onesie, then grabbed the front of the diaper and opened it.  As it unfolded she saw the mess had went everywhere.  She started to clean it away.  “Wow. Stinky!  What a mess.  I guess it’s good you’re to young to try and squirm out of it huh?”


Even through her fear Christine heard that. “What?” she thought.  She tried to kick her feet and barely managed to budge them.  She balled up her fist and tried to punch her bed, and only managed to drop her bottle. 


Extreme need welled up in her.  She needed something.  She started to mewl again and felt the nipple back in her mouth.  The need went away and her thoughts returned.  Her mother was almost done changing her.  She tried to move her body and found it was getting even harder.  She could barely move her head, but when she did Christine saw the bottle to her right.  “What am I sucking on?” she thought.


Her mother answered.  “Yeah, baby loves her paci doesn’t she?”  She softly rubbed the side of Christine’s face.  “Nice clean diaper huh?  Time for you to get out of that crib and have some fun!”  She lifted Christine from the crib and laid her on a blanket on the floor.  “Now don’t go anywhere stinky!  I’ll be right back!”


Christine watched as her mother left again.  The door closed and once again she was looking at her reflection.  She could see spit running down her face from behind the pacifier.  She began to softly cry again.  Suddenly she remembered the shop.  “That old crusty bastard!  I’ve got to get back there and tell him to change me back!”  She tried to spit out the pacifier, but her mouth wouldn’t cooperate.  She tried to use her hands to pull it out, but they wouldn’t work right either.


She saw the door open out of the corner of her eye.  When she saw it was her mother she felt warmth and happiness rush over her.  She beamed and heard herself actually giggle.  Her mother sat down next to her and rubbed some hair out of her face. “You’re such a sweetie.  It’s nice to see you smile, oh yes it is!”   Chrissie couldn’t help herself, she couldn’t stop smiling.  “Time for us to go for a ride.  Let’s get something cute on you!  Something pink with ruffles so everyone can see how cute you are!” 


Soon Christine found her thoughts coming back, she saw that she was covered in pink and lace, she felt horror at the idea of how fast she had lost her self again.  She tried to talk, but only managed to get spit all over.  She felt herself picked up and realized she was being carried.  Her mother struggled to get her out into the car.  She could do nothing but drool as she was buckled into a large child carrier in the back seat. 


Christine was able to turn her head to look out the window.  Her mother saw her looking.  “Aw, you’re so cute.  Maybe soon you’ll be able to wave to the other cars.”  Then she gave her a kiss on the cheek and closed the door.


The trip was only five minutes, but to Christine it seemed to last a lifetime.  Every bump caused the ruffles on her outfit to move, the resulting sound would have been adorable if it wasn’t coming from her.  As the car stopped she thought she felt her diaper warm.  “Great” she thought, “Now I can’t even control when I pee.”


After they arrived where ever her mother was taking her, she watched her get  out.  Christine heard the trunk open and felt the car rocking as she pulled something out.  Then the trunk slammed closed and her mother opened the passenger door.  “Alright sweetie.  Up you get.”  Christine was unbuckled and found herself laid down in a large stroller. “Okay, now let’s go shopping!”


Christine felt her cheeks burn as she was rolled through the mall.  It only took a few minutes before another woman walked up.  “She looks so cute!  What’s her name?”




The woman walked over and looked into Christine’s eyes.  That’s when her expression changed.  Christine saw her tense up, like she realized something was wrong.  “Oh, so…  Is she hard to handle?”


“Not really, a little heavy, but my family has big babies.”


The woman looked at her as if she didn‘t know what to say, “Ok, well….  Er, good to see such a happy…. Baby.”


Christine’s mother beamed.  “Well thank you.”  As the woman walked away she started to fuss over her, “Such a cutie, now stop kicking your blankie off stinker!”  She tucked the blanket back and continued pushing her along.


Several times they were stopped.  And each time the women seemed to be uncomfortable around Christine.  It was after the sixth one that she finally realized what was wrong.  Her body grew tight as she got it.  “They see what I am!  They see a grown 17 year old girl in a diaper!”  She started to cry softly, she couldn’t believe it.  Then she heard someone familiar.


“Hello Ms. Miller, where’s Christine at?”  The voice oozed with false concern.


“Hi Mary. Right under her blankie. She’s been kind of shy today.”


Christine closed her eyes, “Don’t remember, don’t remember, don’t remember…”  But she could tell Mary did as soon as she spoke.


“Umm, is she going to a costume party? Or something.  What’s with the ruffles?”


As her mother spoke Christine opened her eyes to see Mary staring at her face.  “No.  I just wanted her to look cute as we walked around.”


Mary looked Christine in the eyes, and saw the terror and confusion, then burst out laughing, ”Yeah, she’s certainly cute!  I can’t believe I saw you like this Christine, or is it Chrissie now!  I can’t wait to tell everyone.”


Christine started to cry, the tears streaming down her red face, then it became a wail. 


Mary softly rubbed her forehead, “Its okay baby Chrissie.  Maybe you need a diapee change?”


“Actually” her mother said, “She probably does.  She’s always a cranky girl when she’s wet.  Let me check her quick.”


Mary put her hand over her mouth to try and control herself, she didn‘t know what was going on but she couldn‘t let such a chance to embarrass her go by.  “No, let me! Can I check her?”


“Sure, be my guest.”


Christine kept crying as one of the girls that teased her pulled away the blanket covering her and actually checked her diaper.


“Well, I guess I should hurry up, don’t want baby to get a rash.”  She lifted the ruffled dress, “She really IS in a diaper!”  She looked closer, “And it’s wet!  I can’t believe it!”


Christine’s mother just smiled, “Of course she’s in a diaper, she’s just a baby, is it soaked or can it wait?”


Mary‘s face took on an evil grin, “Well let me check Ms. Miller.” And Christine felt her diaper being squeezed. “She’s soaked!  I’m surprised she didn’t leak.”


“Well then I guess I’ve got to get her changed, come by the house if you want a job, I can use a sitter a few times a week.”


“Sure” then she looked Christine in the eyes and patted her head. “I guess I’ll being seeing YOU later baby!  Have fun shitting yourself.”  Christine heard her laughing to herself as she walked away. 


When her mother got her in the bathroom she was smiling down at her.  “Such a nice girl, I hope you grow up to be like her.  But first let’s get you changed.”


“What?” Christine thought to herself.  “Here?  In public.”  She tried feebly to fight, but her mother had her blankets off and the diaper opened in a flash.  As she was wiping her another mother came in dragging a preschooler behind her.  Christine and her mother overheard them talking.


“No mommy!” a young voice screamed, “I don’t hafta go!”


“Yes you do, I saw you dancing, now get on that toilet and go.”




“Listen young lady, get up there.  If you keep wetting your pants you’ll end up back in diapers just that that girl over there.  Do you want to be a big baby forever?”


There was an intake of breath, “Really?  No!  I’ll be good.”


As the girl did her business her mother looked towards Christine and her mother.  “Sorry about that, I’m just having such a time with her.”


“No problem, I understand.  And so does Chrissie,“ then she tweaked Christine’s nose, “Right Chrissie?”   As a response Christine pushed and felt her new and still untaped diaper grow warm.


The woman laughed light heartedly, “I guess she doesn’t.  Sorry honey.”


Christine‘s mother scrunched up her face, and grabbed another diaper, “Oh well, at least I had another diaper under her.”  She quickly removed the now wet garmet, and replaced it again.  This time she got it closed and taped.  “That should do for an hour or so.”  She said jokingly.


She bid farewell to the woman and her daughter and rolled Christine back out towards the center of the mall.  While she was rolling along Christine smelled something.  Something familiar, old, something that made her skin crawl.


“Hello mam.” A soft old voice spoke. “Nice day to take baby for a stroll.  Might I ask what her name is?”


“It’s Chrissie.”


“Ah.” He leaned in closer over Christine. “Hello Chrissie.  Are you enjoying yourself?”


Her eyes popped open, “The old man from the shop!” she thought.  She desperately tried to talk to him.  She managed to get her paci out and started to make sounds, but nothing was recognizable.


“Oh.” I see she’s quite a talker huh?”


Her mother grabbed the pacifier and put it back in her mouth.  “Not really, she’s just upset because she lost her paci. Usually she just lays around nice and quiet.”


“Indeed… I bet she just lays around all day thinking.”  As he said this he smiled.  “I’m glad she’s so happy!”


“Thank you, I’m so glad I have her!  I wish she’d always be like this, they’re so cute when they’re this young.”


He laughed, “It’s a deal then!  Good luck with her.”  Then he leaned over as if to kiss Christine.  Softly he spoke into her ear, “And I hope you enjoy all the time you have to think.  Maybe you can think your way out of those diapers.  It looks like you’ll have a few decades to figure it out.”


Christine’s face went red, she couldn’t breath she was so terrified.


“But I wouldn’t take to long Chrissie.  Your mind might wander one day and never come back!”


Christine started to mewl again as he walked away. 


“Oh, is Chrissie tired?” her mother asked,  “I guess I better get you home for your nap.”


Back home in her crib Christine stared at the ceiling. She had endured another bottle, and the poopy diaper that followed.  Now she was laying still in nothing but a short t-shirt and a thick dry diaper.  She had cried the entire trip home and now could find no more tears.  She closed her eyes, and hoped this was all a nightmare.


She woke later to light streaming across her face.  “What a weird dream.” She thought to herself.  A shadow fell over her and she turned her head to see it.


“Wake up Chrissie!  Did you have a good nap?  Ready for your baba and a nice dry diaper?”


Christine started to cry as a bottle was shoved in her mouth.  “No!  This can’t be real!  I’m not a baby!  I’m not a baby, I’m not a baby!”  She was screaming inside her head.

But the sound of her diaper being opened and the coolness of the wipes could not be ignored.


She tried to think of a way out of this mess.  After a new diaper was on, and she was lying on the floor being dressed again, she realized she would have all the time to think she ever needed.  She softly cried as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. 

She looked at everything she had lost.  She stared at her beautiful body, and the curves now nearly hidden by the fleece and lace she was in.  She wanted to stand, to walk, to read her books.  But she couldn’t even hold them now. “But at least I still have my mind, and with dat I can fix all dis.” She thought.


“Okay honey, you’ve got a dry diaper.  Time for a stroll.”


Chrissie smiled “Yay, I gots a new diapee!  My mommies da bestest.”  Even as that thought finished Chrissie realized it was wrong.  She knew she shouldn’t even think like that.  But as she concentrated it got harder to remember what was wrong about it……..