Big sister



-Click- “was Etta James.  I’ll tell ya it doesn’t get any better then that!  And now it’s time for the weather on the 5’s with our own Sally Weatherby…” -SLAM-


“Ohhh…. “ a feminine voice groaned.  “I can’t believe that’s the only channel that has music in the mornings.  How the hell am I supposed to wake up to that…”  She sat up slowly and swung her legs to the floor.  Her toes curled up and she winced as her feet touched the cold floor.  She looked towards the mirror hanging over her dresser, “Megan” was painted in long flowing script all around it, she studied her reflection.   It only took her a few seconds to look away.  “Make-up…  I need make-up.”  Her stomach growled loudly, “But first breakfast.”


She stood and walked to her door, grabbing a thick robe as she passed it.  Her hand reached for the door knob just as a loud band echoed through the house.  Her hand stopped as it touched the knob and she listened.


“Mom!  Mom!  I did it!  Three days in a row!”  Then the sound of rushed feet stampeding past her door and down towards the stairs.


“That’s nice honey.  You’re growing up everyday!  You’re my big girl now.”  A more mature sounding voice said.


 Megan sighed.  “I can’t believe she’s praising her over not pissing the bed…”  When the sound from the bottom floor died down she opened her door and popped into her own private bathroom to relieve herself.  She was grabbing some toilet paper when she thought she smelled pee.  Megan kept her bathroom spotless and couldn’t believe someone would dare to use her toilet.  She spread her legs to make sure there wasn’t anything on the floor, then looked over towards her trash can.  


“A fucking Pull-up.”  she said.  Megan wiped and flushed, before carefully picking up the offending item and walking straight out the door and downstairs.


After she entered the kitchen Megan looked directly down at a young girl sitting at the table eating cereal.  “Sarah!  I’d be happy if you stopped leaving your wet diapers in my bathroom!”


The young girl looked shocked.  Her eyes darted from Megan to her mother sitting beside her, “I’m sorry!  I wanted to be a big girl and not go potty in the bed Megan.”  She had tears in her eyes now.  “I won’t do it again.”


Megan sneered, then looked at her mother.  “Well MOM, I guess next time you better double check before you praise her for being a “big girl” huh?”


Her mother shook her head, “First off I thought I told you to be supportive of Sarah.  And secondly, that’s not a diaper….  Remember?” 


Megan remembered, she had been told to help her sister, and to not say the Pull-ups were diapers.  “I guess I’m just getting forgetful.  That can happen sometimes you know.  As you get older you start to forget about things…  About PEOPLE.”  As she stopped talking she tossed the soaked Pull-up to her sister, it landed wetly in her lap.  “Here, be a big girl and throw your diaper away.”


Here mother got up and started to close on Megan.  “You’re being a bit tough on her.  Maybe you need to lose the car for a few days?”


The idea she’d lose driving privileges caused Megan to calm down a bit, but she couldn’t resist one last hit.  “Sorry LINDA, I just thought at almost 4 years old she’d be out of diapers by now. ”  she let the sentence hang for a few seconds, then added; “Did you ever think she’s just doing it for attention?  It‘s kind of funny that  she can hold it when she‘s around her friends, and at that daycare.”


Her mother’s face turned red and she pointed towards the front door.  “Out!  Get out of here before you say something you’ll regret.”


“Fine mom.”  She waved goodbye.  Then looked down at her sister.  “See ya baby.  Try not to pee yourself for a few hours.  Bye!”  She could hear her sister crying as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.  She got to her car and buckled herself in.  As she started it she thought back to what she had said earlier. 


“I know she’s doing it on purpose.  She’s old enough to control herself.”   Megan checked her mirrors and threw the car into gear.  As she drove towards school she kept thinking back to her sister.  “Maybe I’ll start pissing myself.  Let’s see if she likes the competition.”  An image of herself, wearing large Pull-ups to bed briefly flashed in her mind.  She giggled lightly, “Ugh…  I guess that’s just to gross.”


She didn’t live far from school, within minutes she was pulling into the parking lot and walking inside.  She immediately ran into her best friend.  “Hey girl!  Ready for another great day of higher learning?”


Her friend laughed, “As long as it involves a long lunch, and an even longer party tonight.”


Megan nodded, “I think we can find something to do for lunch Pam.”  She stopped and looked up and down the hall, “You see  Beth yet?”


“Nope.  I was waiting for her when you showed up.”  Pam checked her phone and saw it was almost time for the first class to start.  “I guess we’ll see her next hour, let’s get going before we’re late again.”


They both walked quickly to their classes and sat down just in time.  For both of them the hour seemed to drag.  They listened to their teachers drone on about….. Something.  They didn’t really care, for them school was nothing but a popularity contest.  That and a chance to talk to each other between classes.  Their grades were barely passing, and that was only because as Seniors they got to pick their classes and had chose the simplest ones they could get.  Still, because so many students liked to do the same thing they had only gotten two out of four of their classes together. 


Finally the class was done and they sprinted towards their shared class to get as much time to talk as they could.  They both made it there at about the same time, and as they walked into the class they saw their other friend already seated.  She looked at them sheepishly and waved.  “Er, sorry…  I got held up this morning, my little brother threw up all over the place and my mother forced me to help clean up.”


Megan just shook her head, “I know what you’re saying Beth.  It’s like we’re just sitting around and ready to wipe their asses for them.”


Beth smiled at her, “What are you complaining about?  I though our sister was finally out of diapers now?”


Megan took out her book and opened it to look like she was ready for class to start.  “No, the little bitch is still pissing herself at night and sometimes during the day too.  The little runt actually left one of her diapers in my bathroom this morning.”


Pam looked confused, “Why did she do that?  Doesn’t she like to use your mother’s bathroom?”


“Normally, but she tried to hide her piss pants this morning.  I guess she thought I wouldn’t notice a wet Pull-up stinking up the place.”  They all laughed as Megan mimed her sister crying as she had to throw out her wet diaper after lying to her mother about it.  “And get this, my mother thinks she really needs them!  It’s so obvious she’s just doing this for attention.”


There was the sound of a person clearing his throat, they stopped talking and leaned forward over their desks, ready to listen to the first few minutes of the teachers speech.  Megan kicked her friend’s chairs to get their attention.  “Hey.” she whispered.  “How but a long lunch after this?”   They both nodded back to her.  Then as the teacher started writing on the blackboard they relaxed in their seats and quickly fell into a daze.




“Er…. “ she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Beth.  “What?”


“Class is over.  Let’s get moving.”


Megan yawned as she stood and then waved at the visibly angry teacher.  “Sorry teach.  It was just too riveting for me!”


They both giggled as they left the room and joined Pam standing in the hall.  “Gez  Megan.  You almost started to snore in there.  Maybe you should relax on the partying a bit?”


Megan playfully slapped at her.  “I’ll stop when I’m dead.  Now lets go.”


They dodged between passing students, then with a few quick looks they went out a back door and ran for Megan’s car.  Megan jumped inside and unlocked the doors.  “Let’s go!  I’m hungry, and I can’t wait.”


They all laughed as the car revved loudly and Megan gunned the car out past the yelling security guard and onto the road.  Pam turned back from looking behind them and started rooting through her purse.  “I swear, one of these days you’re going to hit that old lady.”


Megan looked in her rear view at Pam.  “Hell, the only reason she can move so fast is because I keep her on her toes.  She should be glad for the workout.”


Beth shook her head.  “Whatever.  How ’bout the mall today?  I’m feeling like some White Castle’s today.”


Pam and Megan both let out a long “Ewwwww.”  Then Megan finished, “We’ve got to sit through last period together.  Do you really want to do that to everyone else in the room?”


Beth smiled.  “Hey, it’s my turn to choose.  I guess we’ll just have to stay away from the sliders.”


“Fine Beth.  White Castle it is.  I hope we don’t regret it…”


The girls loudly laughed.  Then Pam cranked up the radio and they started singing along.  Two songs later they were entering the mall lot and looking for a close spot to park.  Pam saw one a lane over and quickly pointed it out to Megan.  Megan swung the car around and with a squeal of rubber parked her car between the white lines. 


“Ta-da!  And I even got you both here alive.”


Beth was already out, and slammed the door loudly.  “Yeah, thank God for small miracles huh?”


“And yet you never seem to volunteer to drive.” Megan said,  “I guess some things are beyond God’s reach huh?”


They all laughed loudly as they walked towards the mall doors, managing to get a few strange looks as they did.  Pam was still giggling as they entered and walked towards the food court.  Megan gave Beth some money and held a table while she and Pam ordered.  Finally after several minutes they returned with a sack of chicken rings, fries and started to eat.


Megan had her first ring down and started on the second before anyone spoke again.  Beth broke the silence.   “So what are you going to do about your sister?  Going to put some Icey Hot in her diapers?”


Megan almost choked on her chicken.  “No!  Though that would certainly be worth it…”  she blushed a bit as she remembered her odd thought from the morning.  “I almost feel like showing her what it’s like to have all the attention taken away.”


“Ewww!  You wouldn’t?!  That would be so gross.”  Pam said.


Beth looked confused.  “What?  What would be so gross?”


Pam smacked her lightly on the back of her head.  “She means she’d start pissing herself.  Then her mother would have to dote on both of them.  Then Sarah would see what it’s like to have to fight for dear mommies attention.”


Beth looked back to Megan and smiled.  “Well I always thought you were a cry baby!  You can dress like one now!”


Megan swallowed to clear her throat.  “I was joking about that.  I’d never stoop so low.  But I wouldn’t mind doing something to mess with that brat.”


Pam wiped her hands and took a drink, “Well doesn’t she go to the daycare here?  Why don’t we go get her and have some fun?”


Beth nodded her head, “Yeah, let’s take her to JZ Pennies and then “lose” her in the crowd?  A few minutes of that should bring her to tears!”


Megan cruelly laughed.  “You girls are MEAN!”  Then she stopped and remembered how she felt while her sister stole all her glory and attention from her mother.  “But I think we should do it!  To the daycare!”


They walked with purpose towards the mall directory and found which way they had to go.   Pam and Beth were already talking about the party coming on the weekend, but Megan was still thinking about her sister and showing her who the boss was in the house.  The entrance to the daycare came into sight and Megan started to walk faster.  “Come on slow pokes.  I bet she’ll be so happy to see us, then in a few minutes she’ll be terrified.”


Beth didn’t really think they were going to do anything.  “Are you serious?  I thought that was just a joke.  I don’t think this is a good idea Megan.  Your mother will kill you.”


Megan stopped and looked at her, she looked like she was about to say something she’d regret, so Pam cut her off.  “You know your mother will ground you for weeks, but it would be worth it.  But we could still just go buy some clothes?”


Megan scowled at them.  “Fine!  Let me go in there and say hello to the little brat, then we can go leave.”


Pam and Beth followed her into the daycare and watched as she checked in with the front desk.  Then they followed her to one of the rooms and watched as she went in.


Megan saw her sister right away, and to her glee she saw she was doing the potty dance waiting for the bathroom to be free.  She immediately walked towards her, tip toeing and staying as quiet as possible.  She was just a few inches behind her when she grabed her around the chest and screamed into her ear. 


Sarah’s mouth opened in shock.  She tried to scream but was to scared to move.  Then as she took a breath her sister spun her around and smiled at her.  Sarah didn’t know what to think. Her sister was supposed to be at school.  “Meg….  Megan, what you doin’ ere?”


Megan was laughing so hard she didn’t hear several other children crying because of her outburst.  She didn’t even see the dark stain running down her sisters legs till she wiped her eyes clean and saw Sarah trying to hide the damage.


“Oh poor baby!  You had a wittle accident!  Maybe you need better diapers baby?”


Sarah went from feeling ashamed to being humiliated and started to cry.  Megan couldn’t believe how much fun she was having.  “Maybe baby needs my help?”  Megan reached over and grabbed a Pull-up from a table next to the bathroom door.  “I wonder who these are for?”  She stretched them out and held them in front of herself.  “I don’t think they fit ME.”  Then she remembered what she had thought of earlier.  She slipped her legs through the stretchy sides and pulled it up over her pants.  “Nope.  I think these are too tight.  But I bet they’ll fit you baby Sarah!”


Sarah squealed and hid her face in her hands.  Megan looked up towards Pam and Beth and noticed they were slowly walking towards her.  Then Megan saw that several of the workers were trying to comfort all the other crying kids.  She saw a few of them pointing in her direction as they talked.


Beth reached her first.  “Not cool Megan, time to go.”


Megan refused.  “Not till I dress up the baby.  Sarah, where’s your extra clothes?”


Sarah started to point, but before she could finish a stern looking woman was standing next to her.  She looked right at Megan.  “Get out, now.”


Megan looked at her and grinned.  “No, I’m her big sister and I want to change her pissy clothes.”


The woman’s face went blotchy and red.  “I don’t care whom you are, but if you’re not out that door in five seconds I’m calling the police.”


Beth and Pam knew Megan wasn’t going to go easily, they both grabbed her and started to drag her towards the door.  “Time to go Megan!”  Beth almost yelled.


Megan kept struggling to stay where she was, but her two friends were able to get her with-in feet of the classroom door.  She realized she was losing and stopped fighting.  “Alright, alright.  Let me get Sarah’s dam diaper off me first!”  Pam and Beth let go, Megan took a deep breath and swept her hair out of her face.  That taken care of she bent down and started to slide the Pull-ups off.  As her fingers slipped under the elastic she looked towards her sister and coyly smiled.  “When you get old enough you won’t have to wear diapers either baby.”


The woman’s red face seemed to bulge at that, she lunged towards Megan.  “That’s enough of that!  I want you out!”


Megan was surprised at the woman’s speed.  Before she could get the Pull-ups down all the way she was being pushed out the door.  Her anger started to well up again, “Dammit Sarah, just stop pissing your pants you stupid baby!”  She had the Pull-ups halfway down to her knees and couldn’t keep her balance as she was pushed out the door, she could feel herself start to fall.  “Wait! Wait!”  But there was nothing she could do.


As she started to tip towards the door everything seemed to slow down.  She closed her eyes and tensed up, waiting for her body to hit the floor.  Instead she felt a pair of hands catch her just before she hit, and gently set her on the floor and roll her over onto her back.


Megan slowly opened her eyes, she could see Beth was the one that had caught her.  “Tanks Beth!”  she said, blushing as she heard how it came out.


Beth smiled at her, as she reached out and picked a few strands of hair from her face.  “No problem kiddo, maybe next time you shouldn’t try to walk with your panties down?”


Megan pushed her away and started to get up, “Beth, I don’ need hewlp…  Errr.  Help I mean.”


Beth looked like she wanted to say something else, but the woman from before grabbed Megan and started carefully checking to see if she was hurt.  “Be careful honey.  You don’t want to get a boo-boo do you?” she said.


Megan felt very annoyed.  “Get ‘way!  I don’t wike you!”  She put her hands to her mouth, surprised at her speech.  “I mean I no like mean lady!”  Megan stopped again.  “That’s not what I meant to say at all.” she thought to herself. 


The woman didn’t seem to care.  She stood up, satisfied that Megan wasn’t hurt.  “All right missy, say bye bye to your friends and let’s get in there and get your panties on correctly.”


Confused Megan looked from the woman to Beth and Pam,  “Say bye bye?  Wha?”  She wondered what was wrong with everyone.


Beth and Pam both waved to her as they started to walk away.  Beth spoke as they turned to leave.  “Bye bye stinky!  We’ll see you later.  Next time you need a sitter have mommy give us a call!”


Megan stood still as she watched them walk away.  She couldn’t understand what was going on.  She looked down at herself and saw she still looked the same.  Even the Pull-up was still between her knees.  She reached up and grabbed her breasts to reassure herself she was still an adult, she suddenly felt warmth build up between her legs.  She looked down and saw pee running down the inside of her thighs.   Some of it dripped into her forgotten Pull-up, the rest pooling around her shoes. 


In shock Megan reached down to touch the wet mess.  But the woman stopped her.  “Oh my!  I told you we needed to get you dressed properly.”  Megan tried to pull her hands free but the woman’s grip was to strong.  She started to pull her towards to back of the room.  “Now let’s get you cleaned up missy.”



Megan felt scared as she was led dripping back into the room full of children.  She felt shame as several of them started to giggle at her situation.  “This is wrong!  I don’t piss myself!  Why is this happening to me?”  she wondered.  She managed to get a hand between her legs,  “This can’t be real,” she thought.  “it’s not really pee.  It’s water from a squirt gun or something.”  She brought her hand up to her nose and felt adrenaline fill her as the strong smell of urine came from her hand.  Megan looked back down between her breasts, and to the dark stain running down her legs to the floor.


She felt tiny warm fingers wrap around her left hand and the gentle voice of her sister met her ears.  “It okay Megan, I have acc-idents to.”


Megan looked down at her sister.  “But I don’t pee pants!  This no right!”  She didn’t understand what was happening.  But having her sister next to her made her feel better.  “I no  baby Sawa!  I adult!”


Sarah smiled at her, “It okay.  Ms. Miller help you be better.”


Ms. Miller stopped pulling her forwards and knelt down next to Megan.  “Okay sweetie, let’s get you in the bathroom and take care of your accident.  Then you can take a nap with your sister.”


“See you Megan!  I hope you okay!” her sister said, then turned and skipped towards a cot that had been set out.  “I save cot fors you!”


Megan wiped tears from her eyes as she watched her sister skip away.  She felt an odd compulsion to follow her, but felt herself pulled away as Ms. Miller opened the door to the bathroom and guided her inside.  “This isn’t right, I’m not a child.  I shouldn’t be feeling like this.” she thought to herself.  She felt the woman let go of her and was left standing next to a tall table while she rummaged around for something.  “Ms. Miller?  Der’s been a ‘stake.  I no baby, I no be here.” she gently said, blushing hotly at her silly sounding voice.


Ms. Miller finally found what she was looking for and stepped back towards Megan.  “Here we are, your extra clothes.  I think we’ll just put a new shirt on with a pair of Pull-ups till you wake up.”


“Just shirt an Pull-ups?  I wants pants!”  Megan whined.


“Sorry.  After your nap your pants will be clean.”  She peeled the wet pants off Megan, then the shirt, she hadn’t worn panties and Ms. Miller didn’t seem to care.  She dropped the clothes in a basket and started to open a pair of Pull-ups.  Megan felt like running, but the idea of being naked stopped her.  She lifted a leg, and then the other as the Pull-ups were slid up her legs.  “Now go sleep with your sissy Megan.”  Now clothed better Megan looked like she was going to throw a fit.  The woman lightly smacked her on her bum.  “Get going, I don’t think you want me to give your mother another incident report.”


Megan rubbed her butt as she walked towards the darkened sleeping area.  She looked back at the woman, then in a sudden rush turned and ran for the exit.  She hit the door and grabbed for the knob.  But before she could open it Ms. Miller was pulling her hands away again.  “Noooo!” Megan cried.  “I don’t ‘long here!  I 18, I no take naps!  I don’t potty in pants!”


Ms. Miller looked into Megan’s eyes, not realizing she didn’t have to kneel to do so, “Megan.  It’s not time for pretend.  It’s time for you to sleep.  Now lay down, and I’ll go fix your pants.”


Megan felt tears dripping down her face, “But this wong.  I big girl.”


Ms. Miller gently wiped her face dry.  “I know you’re a big girl.  Now prove it and go relax for a little while.”


“Okay Ms. Miller.  I go sleep.”  Megan smiled, “This probly a dweam!  I wake up all better-er!”


Ms. Miller just smiled.  “Sure honey, sweet dreams.”  She watched as Megan walked down the row of cots, crouched over, looking for her sister.  Then whispered to herself, “Such a little handful, I hope she grows out of it.”


Meanwhile Megan found her sister, and quietly laid down next to her.  She stared at her sleeping form, Megan’s eyes following Sarah’s body from her head down to her pants.  Megan kept staring at her sister’s pants, unconsciously squeezing her legs together as she rubbed her bare legs with one of her hands.  She could feel the tears start to come back.  “This has to be a dream.” she whispered.  “A horrible dream.”  She spread her knees and pushed at the bulky Pull-up wrapped around her waist.  She had an urge to rip it off and toss it away, but as her hand moved to the side to rip it, she remembered what had happened to her earlier. 


Megan relived wetting her pants, and being cleaned by Ms. Miller.  She shivered as she remembered how she was treated.  She closed her eyes and pushed her face into her pillow.  “This is so unfair!”  She punched her cot a few times then rolled her body so she wasn’t facing her sister.  She started to feel sleep take her as she thought one last time, “A dream.  It’s just a dream….”




“Wake up Megan!  It’s time to get up!” Sarah said as she started to shake her awake.


Megan pushed her away, “Go ‘way!  I still tired.”


“But it’s time to get up and pway!”


Megan felt fear stab at her.  “It was just a dream.” she thought.  She cracked open an eye and looked out at her sister, she could see that she was smiling.  Megan focused behind her and noticed bright childish designs on the wall.  “Nooooo.” she groaned.  She pulled the sheet tightly over her head and pulled herself tightly into a fetal position.


Sarah didn’t understand what was wrong with her.  “Megan?  Get up.  It time to pway!”  She started to shake her again, then grabbed the sheet and ripped it away from her sister.  She could see that she was crying.  “Why cry Megan?  You have bad dweam?”


Megan grabbed her pillow and pulled it over her head.  “Go ‘way!”  she grunted.  “I no wan see you!”


“Is there a problem Sarah?” a soft voice asked.


Megan peeked out from underneath her pillow as smiled up at the new comer.  “Oh.  Hi Ms. Kawen.  Megan had a dweam and she scareded now.”


“No bad dweam!  I no go here!” Megan screamed at her sister and Ms. Karen.  She stood up angrily from the cot and stood up close to the woman, then she patted her on top of her head.  “Baby no reach that far, so I go!”  Megan sat down and crossed her arms tightly in front of her.  She didn’t care if she couldn’t get her words right.  She wanted to go home.


“Sarah,” Ms. Karen asked.  “Go and draw while I talk to your big sister.”


Megan felt a sudden jolt of adrenaline at being called Sarah’s big sister.  She uncrossed her arms and watched as the woman sat down next to her.  “Why you tweat me wike dis?  I big sister!” she stomped her foot in irritation.


Ms. Karen smiled, “Honey, being born a few minutes before your sister doesn’t mean you get  any special treatment.  It just means you have to be more responsible when you get older.”


Megan’s jaw dropped, “I few minutes ooder?  What you mean? I eigh…  eigh- ten yeaws old!  She just a baby!”


“Such an imagination.  Why are you in such a hurry to grow up?  You should enjoy being a child while you can.”


Megan stood and held up her shirt, the Pull-up around her waist looked used.  “I enjoy going potty in pants?”  Her face was wet from crying, and red from anger, she didn’t know what was going on and she didn’t understand why she was being treated like she belonged here.  “Maybe it’s because of what I did earlier.  Maybe she drugged me and this is supposed to teach me a lesson.”  Megan thought to herself.  As she ran through her new idea a wicked smile crossed her face.  “If they want to treat me like a baby, then I’ll make it really fun.”


She ripped off the sodden Pull-up and handed it to Ms. Karen.  “I needs new one.”


Ms. Karen smiled and curtly nodded, surprised at the sudden change in the little girl.  “Okay, let’s get you some new underwear.”  She gently grabbed Megan’s hand and walked her towards the bathroom.  She was looking ahead and not paying attention to Megan at all.  When she reached the door she turned to ask her if she wanted to turn the knob.  “Megan do you-”  she stopped when she saw the dark trail from Megan back almost all the way to the cot she had slept on.  She looked back to Megan, then in disbelief looked back at the dark mark.  “You….  Did you…”


Megan smiled and giggled sweetly, “Sowwy, I had a ac’ dent.”


Ms. Karen held back the anger she felt.  “Dammit, I’ll have to clean that up now.” she whispered to herself.  She squeezed Megan’s hand a little tighter and roughly pulled her into the room.  Instead of the normal gentle process she grabbed a Pull-up and pulled it up Megan’s legs, and told her to go play.


To any real child the display would have been missed.  But Megan knew exactly what was going on.  She grinned knowing she was making her so mad.  She looked behind her at Ms. Karen, watching her angrily grab several paper towels and a plastic squeeze bottle.  Then she walked out the door towards the open play area.  “So…” she thought, “I should make the most of this huh?”  She noticed her sister was playing with a doll next to a pile of wooden blocks.  “Perfect”.  She walked towards her, the grin on her face never wavering.  Sarah saw her when she was still several feet away.


“Megan!  Weady to pway?”


Megan nodded her head and squatted down next to her.  “What you playin’?”


“House!  Dis is da baby.  You gots one to.”


Megan reached over, but instead of grabbing a doll she grabbed on of the wooden blocks.  And rolled it around in her hands.


Sarah noticed what Megan had, “Why grab dat?  You need baby.”


But Megan wasn’t paying attention.  She had a strong hold on the block and looked over towards a large picture window that looked out over a playground.  She checked to make sure there wasn’t anyone close enough to stop her, then took careful aim.  She stood up and swung her arm back, but as she got ready to throw she felt a sudden strong urge to pee.  She dropped the block and took two steps towards the bathroom before feeling wet warmth fill her panties.


Sarah saw her sister’s face go distant.  She crawled over towards her and saw what the problem was.  “It’s okay Megan.  You still the big sissy.”


Megan looked towards her, uncontrolled hate filled her.  “I’m not some fucking baby!” came loudly and perfect from her mouth.  Megan realized whatever had happened her was at least temporarily fixed.  She ripped the wet Pull-up off and threw it as hard as she could towards the stunned Ms. Miller.  “Take that and shove it bitch.” 


Ms. Miller ducked and started walking towards Megan as fast as she could.  “Hold it right there potty mouth.  I think it’s time for a time-out.”


Megan laughed as she speed walked towards the exit.  “Try it bitch.”  She reached the door and yanked it open.  But it stayed closed.  She turned the knob, and felt it move.  But when she yanked the door it stayed closed.  “What the….”  She turned and saw Ms. Miller was almost upon her.  She yanked on door again and again, but it stayed closed.  Fear began to replace her rage, and as it did she felt her strength leave her.  She began to cry as she violently pulled on the door.  The shadow of Ms. Miller fell over her and she felt a hand placed on her shoulder as she dropped to a heap on the floor.  “I no baby!  I go home!”


“It’s alright Megan.  I’m not mad.” the sweet voice of Ms. Miller cooed.  “I’m just disappointed, you’ve made some very bad choices today.  I think I better call your mommy and have her pick you up.”


Megan was still crying, she let herself be picked up to her feet and carried back to the bathroom.  She didn’t struggle or cry as she was carefully washed, and had another Pull-up stretched over her legs.  Then instead of being allowed to play with the rest of the children she was put in time out while they waited for her mother to show up.  Megan was looking forward to her mother getting this straightened out, but when she walked out of the front office and looked at Megan she felt nervous.  She looked down at her feet as she listened to her mother and Ms. Miller talk.


“I don’t understand where she got it from.  We never use the kind of language at our house.”


“Linda, it’s not something we can let slide, if she has another outburst like that we’ll have to remove her from the daycare.  We can’t have multiple incidents like this one and have others start to copy her.”


“I understand, I just want to know where she got it from.”


Ms. Miller sounded tired.  “It could have been TV, or even a babysitter.  It doesn’t matter.  You just have to make sure you don’t blow it out of proportion.  Otherwise she may do it more often.”


“I see.” she looked towards Megan, “Okay young lady.  Lets go get your sister.  I think we need to get you home and let you calm down.”


Megan didn’t respond.  She followed her mother into the main room, and watched her sister run up and grab her mothers arm.  She shook her head and looked down at herself again.  “This isn’t happening.” she thought again as she squeezed her legs together feeling the bulk of her Pull-ups.  She looked up in time to see her mother reach out for her hand.  She sighed as she let her grab it and pull her out the door.


Her mother talked in a low monotone to herself as she walked them out to the car.  “I can’t believe that kind of language coming from my daughter.”  Megan felt her mother tighten her grip on her hand, then say even quieter, “I’m not a bad mother, why is this happening to me.”


Megan felt like laughing, “Why is this happening to her?” she thought.  “Maybe because she’s trying to treat her teenage daughter like a fucking child.”  She wanted to talk to her mother, she wanted to tell her to stop being an ass. But when she opened her mother all that came out was, “Mommy, stop!”


Her mother stopped and looked down at her.  “What is it Megan?”


Megan pointed  down at her Pull-ups, “Stop dis!”


Her mother smiled warmly down at her.  “I know you want regular panties honey.  But we have to wait till you can keep your special panties dry for a few days in a row.  Don’t worry it won’t be long now honey.”


Megan shook her head.  “That’s not what I mean.” went through her head, “No, no, no.”  Came out of her mouth.


Her gave her a soft hug and started to walk towards the car again.  “Sorry honey, that’s just the way it is.  Now let’s get you home.  Maybe you’re coming down with something.”


Megan wanted to fight, then she realized when they got home her grown up room would finally make her mother stop the act and let her get back to her normal life.  She walked along till she could see the car, when they got close enough she reached for the front door, but got her hand slapped away.


“You know you go in the back.  And even if I wanted you up front it’s against the law.”


Megan decided she couldn’t fight her mother now, instead she grabbed the rear door handle and jerked the door open.  She was about to drop down into the seat, but she stopped when she saw what looked like a large booster seat strapped down.  “No way.” she said.  She looked across the back seat and saw Sarah’s smaller booster strapped into the other side.  Megan started to stand, but felt strong hands grab her and push her down into the seat.  She turned her body to get out, but before she could there was a click, and she was partially strapped into the child seat.  She started to fidget and fight.


Her mother smacked her hand, “Megan!  I don’t know what’s gotten into you.  But this is for your own good.  You need to be in this so if there’s an accident you’re not hurt.  You know that.  Why are you being so horrible today?”


Megan was to busy trying to unclick the straps to answer.  She had both halves in her hands, and was pulling so hard her face was going red, but no matter what she did they would not open.


Her mother saw the red face and suddenly thought she knew what the problem was.  “Oh, do you need to go potty Megan?”


Megan felt her entire body go red as she stopped her struggle and almost yelled, “NO!  I no go potty in pants!”


Her mother looked down at her dubiously, then without a warning squeezed the padding between her daughter’s legs.  “I guess you’re not to wet.  Now try to be a big girl and hold the rest till we get you home.”


Megan mimicked her mothers squeeze and found she wasn’t lying, she had wet herself.  She was so shocked she stopped struggling and let her mother finish strapping her in.  Then still stunned, she watched her mother strap in her sister.  Feeling more humiliated as Sarah was congratulated for staying dry.


Sarah looked over and saw Megan staring at her.  She felt sorry for her big sister.  “It’s k’ Megan.  I go potty.  You big girl wike me.”


Megan didn’t answer, she closed her eyes and let her head hang forward in the straps.  “Still a big girl like her?” she thought.  “I can’t even keep my fucking pants dry.  I’m more of a tard than she is.”  Megan could feel tears in her eyes, she looked back towards her sister, and saw her playing with a length of her hair, gently rolling it, and stroking it against her lips.


Sarah turned and smiled at her, “It feel good.  You try it.”


Megan didn’t want to do anything so childish.  She turned from her sister, and instead started to chew her nails.  She kept looking out the window as her mother drove them closer to home.  Several times they drove past the homes of Megan’s friends, but she didn’t see anyone she recognized. 


Finally she felt the car slow, and turn into the drive.  Megan was still chewing on her finger nail as her mother opened the door for her sister, she started to try to remove her straps again, but before she could get any of them open her mother was at her side and batting her hands away.


“Megan you know you’re not allowed to touch these.  Now stop it.”


Sarah was standing at her mothers side, “Megan no be naughty.  Be good so we pway.”


Megan felt like screaming, “Stop tweating me wike baby!”  she said as she started grabbing her mothers fingers, trying to pull them away from the buckles.


Her mother finally had the straps off and stepped back to let her out.  “Megan!  I don’t understand what’s gotten into you lately.”  She grabbed both of her daughter’s hands, then started walking them into the house.  “Honestly, first you’re wetting almost every night again.  And now you’re starting to be so mean all the time.”


“Mommy!  I no wet at night!” Megan said.


They were at the door and her mother was fumbling with her keys.  “I’m not starting this right now Megan.  If you want to change the facts I suggest you start by emptying the full diaper pail in your room when you get inside.”


The door swung open and Megan rushed inside.  She ran to her room and pushed the door open.  “My woom!” she screamed out loud.


“If you want to scream close your door!” came from her mother.


Megan didn’t respond.  She stood still just outside her room staring at it.  “Everything’s….  Different.” was all that ran through her head.  She stepped away from her door and made sure she was in the right room.  When she was sure there was no mistake she stepped fully inside. 


Everything was gone.  Even the pain on the walls was different.  She stepped closer to one of them and looked at it.  The paint didn’t look new, she could see stains, and scuffs on it.  She sniffed the air.  “I don’t smell any fresh paint.”  Megan felt dizzy as she looked at her room, she let herself drop slowly to her knees on the floor.  “This isn’t possible.” felt rolling through her head.


She opened her eyes and stared across her room towards where her bed used to be.  Instead there was a cross between a twin sized bed and Sarah’s toddler bed.  “No, no, no…” she whined as she kept taking in the changes.  “This isn’t my room…  This can’t be…”  But no matter what she tried to say or think nothing changed.  She could see a small covered garbage can next to an ornate pink dresser.  She didn’t even stand up, instead she walked on her knees towards it.  Realizing there was a strong stale odor that grew worse the closer she got. 


Megan saw her name written on top of the lid.  She didn’t want to look but her hands reached out and pulled it off.  The smell of stale pee engulfed her.  She looked down at a pile of used Pull-ups.  She slammed the lid closed and pushed herself away from the pail and it’s contents.  She stopped crawling backwards, and started to stand, but stopped when she felt someone standing behind her.


“Find something you don’t like?”  Her mother asked.


Megan sat down on her bum and stuck her legs out in front of her.  “They no mine.  You put der.”


Her mother laughed.  “Really?  So I sneak up here at night and put wet diapers on you?”


Megan felt the blush return, “They no diapers!  Dey Pull-ups!”


Here mother put in a serious look and nodded, “Of course.  Only babies wear diapers.  And you’re not a baby you’re a big girl!  I think you’re just stressed out.”


Megan stood up and pointed her finger at her mother,  “I no stressed!  I no baby.  I…”  she trailed off as she tried to remember how old she was.   A surprised look came to her face as she realized it wasn’t that she didn’t know how old she was, it was she didn’t know what the numbers meant.  “I…  er…  I one… plus eight!”


Her mother raised an eyebrow, “So you’re eight years old then?”


Megan shook her head.  That didn’t sound right.  She could see the number in her mind, but that was all.  Then as she concentrated the image slowly faded.  Megan’s face took on a look of complete shock.  She looked back at the diaper pail and found the letters for her name were still there, but they meant nothing to her anymore.  She wrapped her arms around her mother and started to sob.  “I get dumberer mommy!  I no want be baby wike Sawa!”


Her mother didn’t understand what was happening to Megan.  She seemed to be confused.  “Megan you’re not changing, you’re still my big girl.  I don’t care if you wear Pull-ups or diapers, or anything at all for that matter.”


Megan buried her head in her mother’s chest.  “I big girl mommy.  I drive, ummm….  I kiss boys‘s… an…  an…”


Her mother softly laughed.  “I know sweetie.  You want to be like mommy.”  she brushed Megan’s hair aside and gently kissed her forehead.  “It’s okay.  You can act as big or small as you want.”


Megan looked up at her mother, “Nooo!  I no act!”  She stepped away from her mother and used her hands to motion towards her chest.  “Look, I gots boobies!”  she used her hand to show how tall she was.  “I’m as taller as mommy!”


“Megan you have should a good imagination.  I bet you grow up to be an actress.”


“Mommmm!  Stop tweating wike baby!  Why no un-, un der sand?  I big girl!”  Megan dropped down on the bed and started crying into a pillow.  “This isn’t right.  What’s happening to me?” she wondered.


She felt weight settle onto the edge of the bed and rolled away from it onto her side.  “Megan.”  Megan didn’t move.  “Megan, I know you think you’ll never be potty trained, but accidents happen.  It’s not that you’re a baby, or your sister is older than you.  It’s just that everyone’s body grows up different.  You’ll be done with this and happy very soon.”


Megan lifted her head from the pillow, “Go -way mommy!”


Her mother nodded her head slightly, leaned in, and softly kissed her.  “All right sweetie.  I’ll give you some time alone.  Maybe a nap is all you need right now.”


Megan felt the weight come up off her bed, then heard the door gently close as her mother left.  She lay silently on her bed for several minutes crying before sitting up and looking across the room towards her closet.  Slowly and deliberately she stepped down onto the floor and started to creep towards it.  “I’ve got to find something to wear and get out of here.” she thought.  The door was hanging ajar as she reached out and swung it open, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her, then grabbed the cord hanging from the overhead light and clicked it on.


Light filled the small closet and shown brightly on a mass of clothes hanging from a row of hangers.  Megan had hoped this space had been saved, but she saw her mother had obviously been in here as well.  “Dam, I thought maybe she wouldn’t have had the time to do this.”


Megan started moving things around thinking to herself instead of trying to talk.  She grabbed something that didn’t look to brightly colored, but when it came off the rack she dropped it to the floor.  “Ugh…  Do kids even like ruffles?”  Another item came off the rack and was promptly dropped.  “Dam, I don’t want my underwear showing.”


She had gone through everything and found nothing she could wear in front of others.  A slight twinge came from her bladder.  She started to hop from one foot to the other.  “Oh man.  I have to piss.”  Megan turned and started to walk out, her left foot struck a pile of boxes and two on the top fell over, dumping their contents on the floor in front of her. 


She stopped and stood still, trying to listen if her mother had heard anything.  After a few minutes she decided she was safe.  She righted the box and started to put everything back inside it.  It looked like a bunch of Sarah’s old baby toys.  “Why the hell did she put this crap in here anyways?”  Megan wondered.  She  grabbed a black bag and swung it up into the box, but as it landed something white flipped out and fell to her feet.


“What the hell…”  she said as she reached down and picked it up.  It looked like a diaper.  “What the hell is she even keeping this shit for?”  Megan let the diaper flip open in her hands, as she looked at it she thought it didn’t look right.  She completely unfolded it and stared.  Suddenly she realized what was wrong.  “This thing is huge!”  she roughly folded it closed and tossed it in the box.  On a whim she opened the black bag and saw several more large diapers folded and waiting inside.  Megan closed the bag, and flipped the box closed as well.  “At least I’m not wearing those I guess.” went through her mind.  Then she looked back at the rack of clothes and started to feel anger rush through her. 


“Oh shit!  That’s why all that baby shit is in here.  She’s going to try to make me wear diapers too!”  Megan started to speed walk towards the door, but as she moved her leg she felt the twinge of her bladder starting to leak.  She didn’t even look down, she knew the Pull-up would hold it.  She kept walking as fast as she could out of her closet, and towards her bathroom.


The entire way she could feel small spurts of pee come out.  As soon as she spotted the toilet she pulled up her shirt, then with relief she dropped onto the seat and completely relaxed.  Megan sighed as she felt her bladder empty.  She curled her toes in the warm rug around the toilet.  Then when she felt she was done she grabbed a few pieces of paper and reached between her legs to wipe.  Instead of feeling herself she felt warm padding pushed between the wipe and her crotch.


“Shit!” she managed to say. “I fo got to pull down my unda wear!”  She sat up and started to pull the Pull-ups down.  Just as they hit the floor her mother walked in and stopped.


“I see you almost made it this time.  I told you you’re still a big girl!”


Megan stepped out of the wet mess and tossed it at her mother, smacking her wetly in the chest.  “I MADE it mommy!  I fo got to pull oft!  Dats all!”  She started to walk past her mother, but stopped when she was grabbed on the upper arm. 


Her mother held the wet Pull-up in front of Megan’s face.  “Don’t ever throw things in this house young lady!  Especially dirty things like this.”  She slapped the Pull-up into Megan’s hands and pointed towards the trash can in the bathroom.  “Now be a big girl and throw that out.”


Megan took one step towards the can, and tossed the wet bundle away.  “Can I go Mommy?”  she blurted out angrily.


Her mother pointed behind Megan, she turned and saw a small stack of Pull-ups.  She shook her head, but still reached out and grabbed one.  She angrily stretched it, then stepped into it.  Then turned back towards her mother and posed for her, “Can go bye bye now mommy?”


Her mother looked at her and crossed her arms.  “I think I want you to go to your room for a few minutes, and think about what you did here.”


Megan threw her arms up and marched to her room.  She sat down on her bed again and stared off into space.  She lost track of time as she tried to remember everything that had happened to her.  She kept coming back to the point where the crazy woman in the daycare screamed at her.  Then as she gently poked the Pull-up around her waist Megan stared at the closet and started to wonder if it was true that this might be something her mother was doing, and that she was going to take her even lower in age.


Megan decided she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.  She took off everything but her training pants and walked to the closet.  She closed her eyes and swung the door open wide, then with a sigh she grabbed the least childish thing she could see.  It happened to be a snap crotch shirt with a pair of overalls.


Pulling the shirt over her head Megan remembered that she used to wear something like this in her dance classes, so it wasn’t that bad.  She snapped the crotch closed, having a bit of trouble getting the small snaps to line up exactly.  Finally the shirt was on and she started stepping into the pants.


The pants went on easily, “No skin tight pants for kids I guess.” Megan thought. 


She pulled up the bib front, and started to clip the back straps on.  It took her several minutes to get them attached properly.  They kept slipping out of her hands, or ended up having a twist in them.  Finally she had them on and left the closet, she started rooting through the dresser and found a pair of socks that didn’t have lace on them.  She sat down on the floor and slipped them on.


She felt better as she stood up.  Having dressed herself she felt like she was proving she wasn’t a baby.  She looked at the clock in her room to see how long she had been waiting, “Dam!  What the hell is going on!?” She wondered when she couldn‘t read it.  “What did she do to me to make me not be able to remember numbers?”  She looked away from the clock and started to walk towards to living room.  “I’ve got to find her.  And tell her this isn’t funny.” she thought.


She found her mother in the kitchen getting ready to serve dinner.  Megan could see Sarah had been helping her.  “Mommy?  We need talk.”


Her mother had her arms in the oven and was starting to pull a large pan out.  “Sure thing sweetie.  How bout we eat first.”  She set the pan down and turned to smile at Megan.  Then she noticed the clothes she was in.  “Megan, did you dress yourself?”  Megan nodded.  “Well that’s definitely a sign of growing up.”  She turned towards the silverware drawer and grabbed a few forks, and spoons.  “Can you help mommy and Sarah set the table?”


Megan’s cheeks flushed as she grabbed the offered utensils and started to set the table.  She carefully set everything in place, and made sure the forks and spoons all lay on opposite sides of the plates her sister had already set out.  As she finished she started to speak to her mother again, “Mommy.  I think dat we need tawk mo.”


“I know sweetie.  But I think we’ll all feel better about this after we have some food in our tummies.  Now sit down and let’s eat.”


Megan sat down in the nearest chair, her sister sat down next to her.  “Ugh, and she already put the dam food on my plate.”  She started to go for her fork but her sister stopped her.


“No Megan, you needs to put dis down.”  Megan watched as her sister unfolded her napkin and set it carefully in her lap.  “There”, her sister said, “Now you eat.”


Her mother smiled as she watched Sarah and Megan interact.  “Yes, mommy wants to see two empty plates.”


Megan didn’t reply, she started to eat as fast as she could.  Her fork scraped against the plate in her haste.  Her mother was surprised.  Her girls had never been good eaters before, and to see Megan eat everything on the plate surprised her.  “Woah there Meg, don’t eat the plate!”


Megan finished the last bite and dropped the fork on her plate.  “K, mommy.  Now we tawk.”


“Can you wait while mommy and Sarah eat please?”


Megan groaned, “Dammit mom…”  she thought.  “Let’s get this over with.”  She sat quietly swinging her legs under her chair while she waited for everyone else to finish.  She watched her sister eat, instead of using her fork she was using her spoon to scoop food into her hand, then jamming it messily into her mouth.  “Dam, what a pig.  I’d rather die then end up like that.”  Sarah looked at her and waved a dirty hand in her direction.  Megan gagged, “Anything would be better than that.”


Her mother kept her eyes on Megan.  She didn’t understand what was wrong with her little girl.  First she threw a fit at the daycare, acting like a spoiled baby.  And now she eats like an adult, and was waiting patiently to talk to her.  Her mind went back to the potty problems Megan seemed to be having.  ‘I wonder if that has anything to do with this.”  She wondered.


Finally Megan watched her mother finish her last bite, she looked to her sister and saw she was now playing with her food instead of eating it.  She pushed herself away from the table and stood up.  “Awight mommy.  Wet’s talk.”


Her mother ignored her, instead she started to clean the table.


Megan stomped her foot, “Mommy!  You pwomised!”


“Honey, relax.  Let me get this done with.”  She watched as Megan’s face started to go red.  “If you want it to be sooner why don’t you help?”  She pointed towards Sarah, “Like your sister.”


Megan smiled, grabbed a bowl of mashed potatoes, and dropped them on the floor.  ‘Der mommy.  Now you gots ‘nother ex- cuse.”


“Young lady!  I don’t know what has gotten into you.  I suggest you grab a towel and clean that up this instant!”


Megan stuck her tongue out at her, “No!  You tweat me wike a kid, now I act wike it!”


Sarah had her hands to her face in shock, “Megan, no talk back to mommy!  Dat bad!”


“Sarah honey,” her mother gently said.  “Please go watch some TV in the living room.  I have to have a talk with your sissy.”


Sarah looked terrified as she walked out the kitchen.  Megan folded her arms in front of her in a sign of defiance.  “Come on bitch!” she thought.  “Do your worst!”  She watched as her mother sat down calmly in a chair, then pointed to one in front of her.  Megan purposely stepped through several globs of potato before sitting down and facing her mother.


“Alright Megan.  Tell me what’s so important that you’re willing to have a time out to tell me.”


Megan balled up her fists in anger as she started yelling, “You tweat me wike baby!”  Her mother’s eyebrows lifted.  “Ands you dwug me to make me not tawk wite!”  Her mother rolled her eyes.  “You knows I big, why you do dis?”


“Are you done now?”  Megan nodded.  “So….  That was the big thing you wanted to tell me?”


Megan nodded again, “Yeah.  You no mean to me!  I tell!”


Her mother stood and put her finger right in Megan’s face.  “Listen young lady.  I’ve had enough of this.  I do not treat you like a baby.”  Megan started to interrupt her, but her mother continued.  “You certainly ACT like one sometimes.  But that’s your behavior.  Not my doing anything.”  She stepped back and swept her arms towards the mess on the floor.  “A big girl does not do that.  A big girl-” she noticed Megan fidgeting.  “Megan do you have to potty?”


 “A wittle.”  She replied.


“Well, time to show mommy and Sarah how big of a girl you are!  Lets get you to the potty.”  She grabbed Megan’s hand and started pulling her towards the bathroom.  “Sarah!  Sis is gonna show what a big girl does.”


Megan felt her cheeks burn as she was pulled towards the bathroom.  As the light flashed she saw the toilet.  She turned around to close the door, but her mother stopped her.  “Mommy, I gots to go!”


Her mother smiled a fake looking smile.  “I know.  I can’t wait for you to show us how big you are!”


Megan realized her mother wanted to watch.  She looked down and noticed her sister had the same looking smile on her face as well.  She sighed and started to unbuckle her pants.  “Dam” she thought.  “These clips didn’t seem this hard to use earlier.”  Finally they gave way and she pulled down her Pull-Ups.  She reached for the lid to the toilet but it was still child proofed.  She looked towards her mother who just pointed towards Sarah’s plastic potty.  Megan shook her head, then sat down and tried to forget what she was about to do.


“Good girl Megan!  Show everyone what a big girl you are!”


Megan kept her eyes closed and squeezed as hard as she could.  The sound of liquid hitting plastic filled the room.  Sarah and her mother started to cheer.  Megan blindly reached out to where the tissue was and grabbed a hunk.  Then surprised her mother by cleaning herself, then standing, pulling up her trainers and washing her hands without help.


Her mother was impressed.  “Wow Megan, I guess you ARE a big girl.  Doing all that yourself.  In no time at all you’ll be driving and dating!”


Megan felt anger return.  Before she hit anyone she bolted out of the room and straight into the living room to lay on the couch and cry.


Her mother followed her shortly, gently setting her hand on her shoulder.  “I think you’ve had a bad day honey.  Why don’t you go to bed early?  I bet tomorrow will be much better!”


Megan sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes.  “Willy?  You fink so?”


Her mother kissed her on the cheek.  “I promise.  I’ll stay home and we can have some fun.”


Megan nodded, sucked the snot out of her nose and slowly got to her feet.  “Tanks mommy.”


Her mother watched her walk away, wondering if something else might have happened at the daycare to cause Megan such stress.  “I think I need to call Ms. Miller tomorrow.  Maybe even go see her later in the week.”


Megan was already upstairs.  She had stripped out of everything but the Pull-ups.  Now she stood in front of her mirror and looked at herself.  “Everything looks normal.”  She thought.  Then she looked at the bulging training pants.  “Except those.  I can’t wait till mom tires of this crap.  Then I can get back to my life.”


She reached over and flipped the light switch off.  And saw a nigh light pop on behind her.  She looked back at it.  Then decided to just let it go.  Megan pulled the blankets back and slipped into the bed.  A stretch, a yawn, and she was blinking back sleep.  “I hope this bullshit is over tomorrow.”


Light poured in through her window.  Megan blinked her eyes, and pulled her blankets over her face to get away from it.  As she relaxed in the warmth she smelled stale urine.  Her eyes popped open.  “It was a dream.  I weird sick dream!”  She kept the blankets over her head as she reached down with her hand. 


She felt her breasts first.  They felt fine, normal.  Then her hand crept down her taught belly.  She was starting to feel better, everything seemed normal to her.  Then her finger tips hit something wrong.  Thick fabric.  She held her breath as she probed it.  Megan groaned as she realized it was a Pull-up.  “Don’t be wet.  Please, don’t be wet..”  She ignored the smell as she prayed for the impossible.  She set her hand on the front panel, and with a swallow quickly squeezed it.


The warm, pliable feeling of a soaked Pull-up was impossible to ignore.  “Fuck!  It can’t be real!  This can’t happen.”  She tossed the blanket off and sat up.  She shielded her eyes from the light for a few seconds then started looking around her room.  Adrenalin surged through her again as she took in the same changes from the day before.  “No, no, noooo.” crept from her mouth as she started to feel the tears come back.  She looked down at her bed and saw the Pull-ups had leaked over night and there was a yellow stain on her bedding.


“Fuck!” came clearly from her mouth as she swung her legs off the bed and stood up.  She looked at her reflection again.  The wet Pull-up between her legs now sagged with the weight of her night time accident.  She felt like gagging at the thought of her mother seeing her, and her accident.  Without thinking she ripped it off and swung it under her bed.


Megan walked carefully towards her dresser.  She knew where the squeaky boards were, and she had to avoid them.  She opened her underwear drawer, hoping there had been a change there.  Instead she found the Pull-ups she was expecting.  Megan stretched them, then pulled them up her legs.  She looked across the room at her reflection now, feeling better that there was no sagging bugle between her legs. 


Another drawer opened to reveal a childish shirt, and a bright pink skort.  She didn’t even care about how it all looked as she pulled it on.  “Better this then just Pull-ups.”  she thought.  She combed out her hair, and with a final look at her reflection she walked out into the hall and towards the kitchen.  She looked into her bathroom as she walked past it.  Thinking it felt odd to not have to use it first thing in the morning.


She was just outside the kitchen and about to enter when she heard her sister talking.


“-so I can wears dem now?”


Her mother sounded very pleased, “Of course.  You’ve been dry more often then not this week.  I think it’s time for your big girl panties!”


“Ummm…  Mommy?”  Sarah sounded worried.  “What ‘bout Megan?”


“Well…” her mother answered.  “You see…  Sometimes people get bigger faster.  And sometimes they get bigger slower.”  Her mother cleared her throat.  “Then sometimes something happens and they get smaller before they get bigger.”


“What mean mommy?”  Sarah asked.


“I guess the best way to tell you is she’s still a big girl.  But she needs more time to show it.”


“Ohh…  So I da big sissy now?”  Sarah said cheerfully.


Her mother laughed.  “Maybe.  Just for right now.  But we need to keep that a secret.  We don’t want Megan to know.  Alright?”


Sarah started to answer.  But Megan didn’t stay.  She turned and went back to her room.  “She’s the big sister now?”  She closed her door with a slam.  “That bitch thinks she can fool me?  I know this is all her fault.  She’s trying to teach me a lesson about being nice to her.”  Megan walked past her mirror and stopped.  She looked at her image and frowned.  “Dam, just new clothes and I look like I belong in some kind of freak class or something.” 


She tore off everything and posed in the mirror, admiring her looks, and her body.  “Boys would kill for me.”  She turned her backside towards the mirror.  “Shit, girls would die for it too.”  She strutted back away from the mirror, stepping on the torn Pull-up.  She looked down, and thought about the silliness of her mother putting her back in training pants.  She picked up the Pull-up and threw it behind her door, then sat down roughly on her bed. 


She looked up at her window, wondering what would happen to her mother if she crawled outside and told the police what had been going on.  She was still thinking when she smelled piss.  She spread her knees and grabbed herself hoping to stop the flow.  But her hand felt no warm liquid running.  She looked down to be sure and saw there was no pee pooling around her.  She stood up and started smelling around.  She found the wet spot, and blushed in shame when she realized she had forgotten about it, then she remembered the training pants under her bed.  She squatted down next to it and fished around for the Pull-up she had tossed underneath.


Megan found it almost halfway under.  She pulled it out and carefully handled it as she walked over towards her door and dropped it next to the dry one.  The wet sound of it hitting the floor gave her an idea.  She speed walked towards the closet.  “I’ll show that bitch.”


The boxes where were she had left them.  “She wants me pissing myself?  Well I’ll give her the full experience.”  The diapers where there as well.  She pulled one out and jumped up onto her bed.  It crinkled loudly as she unfolded it and slid it under herself.  She had changed plenty of diapers, but found it was a lot harder to diaper herself.  “Good thing these things use Velcro tapes now.” she thought as she repositioned the tapes several times.


She stood up when she thought it was on correctly.  She looked down at herself.  The diaper was much thicker than the Pull-ups.  She moved her legs up and down and listened to the crinkle of the plastic.  “And these are louder to.” she thought.  She went to her dresser and looked for something else she could wear.  She came across a shirt she had rejected before because it was to cutesy for her to stand.  It slipped over her head easily.  She looked at it in the mirror and thought the neck was ripped. 


Then she stepped closer and saw it had buttons on it’s back.  She started closing them, but it wasn’t easy.  “It must be cause they are on the back, and so small.”  Deep down she was starting to wonder if it was something else.  Something worse.  Finally the shirt was on, and buttoned.  She started to look for pants, then decided she would look more babyish if she wore just the diaper.  She slid the drawer closed, but it jammed on something.  Megan opened it and slid her hand in, they closed on a round object. 


Megan pulled it out and saw it was a pair of socks.  She unrolled then and frowned at what she saw, “Ugh, more lace.  But I guess it fits.” 


With the socks on, she took one last look at her reflection, and walked out her door towards her mother and sister in the kitchen.


They were still talking to each other when Megan walked in.  She expected her mother to start screaming when she saw the diaper.  Megan purposely exaggerated the waddle the diaper caused her to have as she walked in front of her mother, and sat down with a loud mass of crinkling in a chair across from Sarah.


She put on a huge smile, showing all her teeth and waved at her sister across the table.  “Hiya Sawa!  You sweep good?”


Her sister looked confused.  She looked towards her mother, who didn’t even see her looking at her.  “Mommy?” she asked timidly.


Megan kept the smile on her face as she reached for a glass of milk, and then purposely dumped it on the floor.  “Opps, sowwy mommy.”  Her mother’s face started to twitch, Megan knew her mother was about to burst.  She stood up, acting like she could barley stand.  Then started walking pigeon toed towards her still twitching mother.  She lazily hung her arms around her, and leaned forward.  She meant to give her a sloppy wet kiss.  Instead, as she leaned forward she felt an odd lightheaded feeling fill her head, she tightened her hold on her mother, she thought she was about to pass out.  She lost her balance and landed in her mother’s lap just as her dizziness got worse.


The edges of her vision started to go dark.  Everything seemed like it was getting farther away.  She felt a sudden warmth that seemed to fill her body and leave it with a pleasant tingle.  Megan enjoyed the feeling, letting her body and mind float along the wonderful current of joy.  She forgot about her anger.  All thoughts of revenge and hate left her, to be replaced by the warm rush.  Then she felt like she was falling.


She felt her body twitch and wiggle and everything else around seemed to come into focus.  The warmth left her.  She felt weight return to her body.  She blinked her eyes, wondering what had happened.  Megan tried to speak and felt something was in her mouth.  She opened her eyes as she reached up and felt her hand close around something.  As she crossed her eyes and looked down to see what was in her hand and mouth she started to hear everything around her again.


“- of course.  But only if you really want to.  But you have to get me first Sarah.” she heard her mother say.


“What is she…” Megan wondered as she managed to pull the thing out of her mouth and get a good look at it.  “A baby bottle?”  She dropped it and looked towards her mothers voice, finally realizing she was sitting in her lap.


“Oh, Sarah…  Could you get that for mommy please?”


Megan turned and watched her sister jump off a chair and grab the bottle, then walk it towards her and slip the nipple back into her mouth.  Megan felt her mouth start to suckle immediately, she started to swallow the warm liquid entering her mouth before she choked.  She felt her mother grab her hand and guide it up to hold onto the bottle.  Megan grabbed it and held it in shock.  She closed her eyes and tried to will this to not be real, but she couldn’t stop the sound of her mother’s voice from entering her ears.


“Thank you sweetie.  You’re such a good helper for me and your little sister.”


“Tanks mommy.  I be good girl to Megan, I wuv her.”


Megan felt something stir in her, she opened her eyes and stared at her sister who was staring back.  Her eyes were filled with absolute love.  “How could I have been such an ass to her?”  Megan thought.  She pulled the bottle from her lips with a pop and smiled at her sister.  “I wuv you to Sawa!” 


Megan felt her mother’s arms come up and hug her entire body tightly.  “You’re such a beautiful girl Megan.  You make our family complete.”  Megan felt special, the love she had missed and attention she had lost was back.  She returned the hug.  Then she felt her sister hugging her as well.  Warmth covered her body and she no longer cared about being the bigger sister anymore.  She kept hugging her mother, she didn’t want to stop.


A gurgling in her belly brought her out of her fog.  She tried to get up, but her mother and sister weren’t helping.  She started to push them away, but the strain caused a bubble of warmth to escape into her diaper.  The idea that she had just had a poopy accident in her diaper while sitting in her mother’s lap horrified Megan.  She stopped struggling and stared at the wall.


Her sister was the first one to smell it.  “Oh, Mommy?  I tink Megan had an acci-dent.”


Megan cringed as her mother helped her off her lap and turned her around so she could check the diaper around her waist.  “You’re right Sarah.”  she turned Megan around and looked her in the face, “Time for a diapey change little lady.”


Megan couldn’t talk, she dropped her own gaze to the floor as her stomach gurgled again, louder and more violent this time.


Her mother and sister had heard it.  Sarah laughed, “I don’t tink she done mommy.”


Trying to hide her own laugh her mother agreed, “Nope.  I think we’ll have to wait while she does her business.  Can you tell us when you’re done Megan?”


Megan looked horrified at her mother, she wanted to run to the bathroom, but she felt if she moved right now she would loss the battle and empty her bowels right here in the kitchen.  “I use da potty.”


Her mother openly laughed, “Sure you will.  In about a year or two.  Don’t worry, just let me know.  You don’t want diaper rash again.”


Megan’s lips moved, but she couldn’t find the words.  “I’ll wait.  These cramps will be over soon and I can run for it.  That’ll show her.”


But as the cramps started to ebb she felt her legs start to weaken.  She dropped to her knees on the floor, and gasped as her body betrayed her.  She looked up and saw her sister was calmly watching her poop herself as if it was normal.  She grunted trying to hold it in.


“Mommy, why she make noises when she do dat?”  Sarah asked innocently.


“She’s trying to push it out faster,  that’s all honey.  She’ll be done soon.”


Megan’s mind reeled, “Nooo!  I’m not doing that!  Stop trying to hurt me!”


Megan’s face took on a sheepish look as she looked back down to the floor, willing herself to die.  Her sister kept staring at her though, “Mommy, can I change her?”  Megan fell back on her bum in shock she scampered back towards the wall, her eyes shooting from her sister to her mother.


“I think we’ll save that for a less messy one okay?” 


Megan nodded and looked back at her sister who seemed saddened, “I guess.  I still help you wight now?”


Megan shook her head, but her mother didn’t even look towards her.  “Of course.  That’s how you learn.”  she stood up and walk directly over to Megan.  With a quick motion she stood her up and started walking her towards the living room.


The entire way Megan was screaming, and telling her mother not to do it.  That she could clean herself.  But all the would come out was the screaming, and “No, no, no, bad mommy!  No diapey change!”


Her mother ignored her pleadings as she dragged her into the center of the room and asked Sarah to get the mat for her.  Megan started trying to pull herself free from her while her sister pulled a large bag towards them.  Megan was still struggling when she felt her mother start to push her down.


Megan tried to fight, but her legs buckled without warning and she felt herself land on something soft and padded.  She turned her head to the side to see her smiling sister pulling things from the bag.  Megan started to grab at them but stopped when she felt her mother kneel between her legs and spread them gently.  Megan tried to pull them back together, but her mother slapped her hard enough to give Megan pause.


“Thank you Sarah for getting everything ready.  Now be a big girl and watch me while I do this.”


Megan shook her head again, she turned towards Sarah to tell her to leave.  Instead she watched her sister lean towards her and stick something in her mouth.


“Der you go Megan,  you favor-it paci.” Sarah said.


Megan felt herself blush, but before she could do anything else she heard the riping sound of Velcro tabs being opened, and a second later she felt the warm diaper being lifted up and off her.


“There we go Megan.  Such a dirty little baby.  I can’t believe you had all that in you.  You must have been ready to pop.”  said her mother.


Megan covered her face in shame as her mother started wiping the mess from her back side, talking the entire time.


“Hold still honey.  You got it all the way up front.”


“Just shut up mom.”  Megan thought as she felt the wipe going places she never thought her mother would see again.  “Get this shit over with.  And cut out the commentary bitch.”  She had given up on trying to talk.  She would rather be mute then sound like a toddler. 


“See Sarah, you have to make sure baby is all clean.  If you leave anything behind there could be an infection later.”


Megan still had her eyes covered, but she imagined her sister diligently nodding her head while watching.  She was told to lift her bum.  She did so mechanically, her body acting on auto pilot as she tried to imagine being anywhere else.  When she dropped back down she felt a new soft, cushy diaper under her again.  She uncovered her face, thinking that she was done with the worst part.  Megan saw her mother doing something with her hands, then watched her lean forward.  “What now?” she wondered. 


A cold finger touched her, and started smearing something around her diaper area.  Megan tried to tightly close her legs, but her mother lightly smacked her again.  “No no baby.  I need to put this on.  You look a little red down there, and I don’t need a cranky baby on my hands today.”


Megan relaxed her legs, hoping it would be over soon.


“And there we go.  All done honey.” Her mother said as Megan felt the diaper being pulled up and taped on.  “Sarah, it’s always important to be as gentle as possible.  You don’t want to hurt her accidentally.”   She finished with a few gentle pats on her bottom.  And stood up over Megan.  “All right Sarah, let’s get her in the playpen and I’m gonna go use the big girls room okay?”


Sarah nodded, “K momma.”


Megan sat up and stared at her mother, “Play pen?”  Her question was answered as she watched her mother pull something out of a corner and start to unfold it.  Megan almost started to laugh.  “It’s a baby playpen!  I’ll be able to get out of that in a second.”  She stood up when her mother grabbed her, and stepped easily into the low walled play area.  Then she watched her mother walk off towards the bathroom.  “Time to go.” She thought, as she stood up and started to step over the walls.


Sarah saw her and rushed over, “No, no Megan.  No get out.  Bad baby!”


Megan reached out towards her sister and pushed her away, causing her to land hard on her butt.  “Get ‘way.  No baby!” she screamed as she started to go over the wall again.  This time as she lifted her right foot she lost her balance and fell down.  She found herself looking at her sister from almost the same perspective.  She felt like she had to say something to make her the bigger sister,  “Get ‘way stupid!”


Sarah was wiping the tears out of her eyes,  as she listened to Megan screaming at her she felt a hand on her shoulder.


“I leave for two seconds and you two start fighting?  I can’t watch you two twenty four hours a day you know.”


Sarah started crying again, “It no me.  Megan bad baby!”


Her mother squatted down next to her, “I know what happened Sarah, you were being a good girl.  Megan made some very bad choices.”  She looked at Megan, who was still sitting on the floor of the playpen, her arms tightly crossed in front of her.  “I think she needs an early nap.”


Megan’s mouth dropped open.  “No nap!  Just up!”  She started to stand as her mother got closer to her.  She tried to push her away, but instead found herself pulled off center, and out of the play pen.  “No, no!  No nap!”  She yelled.


Her mother dragged her fighting all the way back to her room.  When they reached it she pushed Megan inside, then closed to door behind them.  “Okay young lady.  Diaper change and naptime.”


Megan stood her ground, she stomped her feet and yelled, “No!”


Her mother moved fast, she grabbed Megan, swung her around, pulled her new diaper down and swatted her three times, fast and hard.  Megan was reduced to tears and screaming instantly.  She felt a trickle of pee run down her legs as she stood rubbing her burning ass.  Her mother reached down and picked up the diaper, ignoring her daughters discomfort.  “This is still dry.  We’ll use it when you wake up.”  She pointed towards a low table, “Now get up on the table, let’s get you ready for your nap.”


Megan did exactly as she was told, she turned around and walked quickly towards the table.  She walked quietly past the crib and sat up on the table, then laid down.  She automatically lifted up her legs and waited for her mother.  She kept her eyes on the ceiling, while she listened to her mother getting another diaper.


“I swear Megan.” she started talking, but acting like she didn’t expect a response, “I almost feel like you’re acting like a teenager already.”  Megan’s eye’s opened at that.  “I hope that doesn’t mean you’ll be even worse when you -are- older.”  Megan’s eyes took on an angry glare then.  She held up her head and saw her mother unfolding another diaper, one that looked much thicker than the one she had put on before.


Her mother noticed her staring at the diaper.  “Don’t worry honey, you won’t be in these forever.  Well I hope not, I’d look awful silly diapering a teenager!  Ha ha ha!”


Megan cringed she just wanted her mother to leave.  “Put me in the crib and leave…”  Megan thought something was wrong.  She started looking around the room, then her eyes finally settled on the crib.


Her crib.  The crib the size of her old bed, that she woke up in.  “The crib that would be impossible to get in here without me seeing it.”  Megan thought.  The shock took her mind off what was happening to her.  She stared at the crib, and at the rest of her room.  She didn’t react when her mother guided her up off the table.  Nor when she was walked towards the crib, and helped into it.  “Crib…  Impossible…  Like magic…”


The side slid up, and the sound of it snapping closed woke Megan from her shock.  She lunged for her mother and dug in her nails.  “No!  No baby!  No magic!  No crib!”  She wanted to say much more, but her mind seemed to be racing to fast for her mouth to keep up, even with it’s limited use.  Megan was suddenly very scared, what if it was magic, what if she couldn’t fix it, what if her mother had no intention of fixing it.  Tears rolled out of her eyes as she tried to talk to her mother.  But in her terrified state all she could do was babble.


Her mother decided Megan was just throwing another fit.  She pulled herself free and angrily smacked her across the face.  “I’m tired of this Megan!  I don’t know what your problem is today, but I’m not letting you hurt your sister.”  She left Megan sitting in stunned silence in the crib.  She walked towards the door, and flicked off the light.  She was closing the door as she started to talk to herself.  “Fuck, I’d rather have another dam infant then such a horrible toddler.”


The door slammed, and a nightlight came on in the sudden darkness.  Megan was still sitting in the crib and staring at the space her mother had formerly stood in.  Her mind running at full speed.  After several minutes she looked down at herself, and started poking at the thick diaper between her legs.  “This isn’t real.  This can’t be real.”  She shook the crib bars and looked up at a large mobile hanging over head.  “This is impossible,” she saw something printed on the diaper and strained to read it in the dark.  The squiggles were English, she knew that, but she couldn’t understand what it said, just like before. 


Her heart beat wildly as she frantically tried to reason with what had happened to her.  She started to think back at everything that had happened with a new eye.  “The daycare, the Pull-ups.”  she whispered, with perfect diction, not even realizing it.  She looked around the dark room and at the recent changes.  “Oh shit… The room, no new paint smell…  The long gone toys…”   Megan grabbed the bars of the crib, and finally stared down at her “Diapers…  Oh shit…. Oh shit…” 


She tried to remember things from the past.  And smiled as she was able to pull back memories of her friends and parties, even of boyfriends.  Then terror crept back as she tried to remember what she had learned at school.  She tried to remember the name of the countries she had learned, but drew a blank.  She tried to remember books she had read.  Then a shock worse then the rest as she tried to remember what she had done with her boyfriends.  “Sex….” in a barely audile whisper.  “No!  I’ve had sex…  But what is it?”


She buried her face in her hands as she started to bawl again.  Her cheek still stung where her mother had viciously hit her.  That bought everything into focus.  “Mom.”  She said loudly.  “This is all her fault.  Everything.  Even if it is magic that bitch has something to do with it.”  She thought back to what she had overheard her mother say as she stepped outside her door.  “Well if the bitch wants an infant, she can have one!”


She stripped off her shirt, and threw it to the floor.  She knew from baby sitting that anything in a crib with an infant was bad, she started throwing toys out as well.  She worked up a sweat as she ripped things she could rip, and tossed everything else as hard and fast as she could against the walls of the room. 


She was left with nothing but the sheets and the pillow.  She twisted the sheets into tight knots, and pulled the fluff out of the pillow.  Then threw it all on the floor.  She reached down to rip off the diaper.  Then realized there was something worse she could do.  She squatted down in the middle of the crib and pushed as hard as she could.  Hoping there was something she could force out.


Megan felt something move, but not enough.  She grabbed hold of the crib bars, and pushed as hard as she could, after several seconds she took a deep breath and pushed again.  When nothing happened she exhaled and took another breath.  As she bared down this time she thought something was happening, she relaxed her grip on the bars, put her head down to look at her diaper, and promptly blacked out.


“Time to get up sweetheart.” her mother sweetly spoke.  “Wake up honey.”


Megan’s eyes fluttered. She yawned, as her mouth closed she felt something was lodged between her lips.  “Mft?”  came from her as she tasted a sweet thick liquid run into her mouth and down her throat.


“That’s it honey.  Suck that down for me.”


“Whatever bitch.“ She looked up at her mother’s face, it looked slightly blurry.  When she tried to rub her eyes her hand flopped up and smacked her lightly in the face.  “Must be asleep.” she wondered, she tried to use her other arm but it was useless as well.  Megan felt an itch on the ball of her left foot.  She moved it, and tried to rub it on the mattress, instead she felt it come up and tuck in under the front of her diaper.  ‘What the hell is going on?”  She tried to spit out the bottle, but it was being held firmly in her mouth by her mother.  “Mft!” she tried to get her mother to pull it out.  But when she tried to  turn her head away it felt ten times heavier then normal. 


Her mother looked down at her, a look of intense pleasure and love on her face.  “Such a beauty!  And such a good eater for mommy.”  Megan felt the bottle pulled from her face with a wet pop.


A dribble of formula ran down her face as she felt herself picked up and held against her mothers shoulder.  Megan’s heart raced as reality dawned on her.  “NO!”  she tried to scream.  But this time not even that simple word came out.  Instead she felt more drool run out of her open mouth, now dripping onto her mothers shoulder.  She closed her eyes and waited.  The patting began and she fought the babyish urges she now felt well up in her.  The pain began in her stomach and started to bubble up towards her mouth.  “No, no, not this.” she screamed in her head.  She tried to force it  back down, but instead only made herself gag.  Her mother gave her one last healthy slap and Megan loudly belched.  “Ugh, that even tasted bad.”  she thought.


“Not bad.  Just a little bit of spit up.  And mommy wore an old shirt you stained last week.  Now let’s get that stinky diaper changed.”


Megan felt like throwing up even more when she realized why her mouth tasted so bad.  She was still gagging when she felt herself being picked up and carried over towards the changing table.  She looked down at the blurry floor and then towards her mothers face, which didn’t seem to be showing to much strain.  Fear made her forget what was in her mouth.  “No!  Mom can’t lift me!  Did I shrink into a real baby now?”  Her arms and legs started to spasm as she tried to pull her head up to look down at herself. 


She felt her back touch the cool padding of the changing table.  She was still straining to look when her mother held her head up a moment and she saw her breasts still rising from her chest.  Megan felt herself relax.  “At least I’m not a real baby.”  She stopping trying to move her head and just stared into space while her mother changed her again.  “At least Sarah’s not here.” she thought. 


Her mother had her cleaned, and re-diapered.  “Well now.  Let’s get baby dressed.”  Her mother started to walk away, but before she did Megan felt her reach around her body, and then heard a soft clicking sound.  “Can’t have my baby falling down.”  She gently tickled Megan under her chin, “Though I doubt you can even turn over yet without my help.”  Megan watched her mother go to her dresser and start picking out an outfit.  She closed her eyes and prayed it wouldn’t be as bad as she thought it would be.


Her eyes were still closed when she heard someone shuffle into the room and stand next to her.  “Hi Megan.  Wuv you.”  Megan kept her eyes closed wishing whatever magic had affected her would whisk her sister away.  “Megan?  A-wake?”  She felt Sarah start to gently shake her stomach.  Then she felt her warm hand pull her ear.  It didn’t hurt but Megan didn’t like it, and in her reduced mental state she started to loudly cry out. 


She was shocked by the sound of her voice.  Megan had never thought such a high pitched sound could come out of an adult woman.  She tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t.  She wanted something.  She needed something.


She felt the strap loosen and strong hands picked her up and hugged her tightly.  “There, there baby.  It’s okay.  Mommies here.” 


Megan didn’t care, but the close contact with her mother  did make her finally start to regain control.  She kept her eyes closed as her mother kept soothing her.  Finally she was relaxed enough that her mother set her on the floor. And asked Sarah what had happened.


“Nothing mommy.  I do nothing.  She just cry.”  Sarah said innocently.


Megan looked at her sister and tried to shake her head.  But nothing happened.  Her mother looked from Sarah back down to Megan and sighed.  “Well, can you be a helper for mommy?”  Sarah nodded.  “Okay, go find a pacifier for Megan and give it to her, maybe that’s her problem.”


Sarah ran off in search of a soother, leaving Megan yelling in her mind.  “I don’t need a binky.  That little bitch pulled my ear!”  But there was nothing she could do that her mother could understand.  She just laid there silently, brooding.


Her mother already had the clothes picked out when Sarah came back with a pacifier.  “Put it in her mouth and then you can help me get her ready for the day.”  Sarah laughed as she slipped the pacifier into Megan’s mouth and bounced over to her mother.  “Good girl you’re such a little helper.  Now here’s the first thing we need to put on her.” She held up a large onsie.  Sarah took it in her hands as her mother picked Megan up.


Megan blushed as her mother and little sister dressed her.  She felt the shirt pulled over her head, and her arms pulled through the arm holes.  She thought getting dressed was the worst, then she felt herself laid back down and heard the snaps closed at her crotch.  Fear and anger turned to humiliation as she realized she was nothing but a big baby to her family and probably the rest of the world.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she started to think about her life and what she had lost.


The sound of her mother’s voice cut through the pain.  “Good job Sarah.  That was very good.  And all the snaps are on right.  That’s good because Megan can’t do that.  Now here’s the socks.  Can you help your sister out?”


Sarah didn’t answer, she grabbed the socks and started trying to put them on.  Her mother had to stop her and show her what part went on the bottom and which part on the top.  Sarah happily pulled the other sock on perfectly and giggled when her mother gave her a kiss for being such a good girl. 


Megan was picked up again.  She kept her eyes open as she was carried out of her room and into the living room where she was laid down in the middle of a large blanket on the floor.  “Sarah, honey.”  her mother said.  “I’m going to clean dishes, can you watch her for me?  I’ll be right in the kitchen and listening if you need anything okay?”


“Yay!” Sarah yelled.  She sat down on the floor next to Megan and started to brush the hair on one of her dolls. 


Megan groaned as her head flopped to one side and all she could see was the lit up doorway into the kitchen, and the blurry outline of the blanket spreading off into the distance.  She didn’t know how long she laid there, she started to feel bored,  then she saw something out of the corner of her eye.  Sarah had dropped something on the floor in front of her.  Megan focused on it as much as she could and realized it was one of the shoes for Sarah’s doll.  Suddenly without thinking about it Megan’s hand reached out and pawed at the shoe.  She felt it in her hand and wondered what it would taste like.  In an instant she had it in her mouth and wetly chewed on it.  Megan tried to spit it out, but some other part of her wanted it in, and it won.  She felt it slipping farther and farther back into her mouth.  Without warning it dropped down into her throat and she started to choke.


In terror she tried to breath, but she couldn’t Then she tried to force it out but that didn’t work.  Megan started to flail as much as her ruined mind would let her.  She saw Sarah crouch down next to her and look in her reddening face.  “Help!  Help me!  Please I don’t want to die!” she screamed in her head.  Sarah just looked at her funny.  Then she seemed to understand there was something wrong.


“Mommy.  Megan be wrong!  Mommy!”  She started to yell and her mother poked her head into the room.


“What’s wr-”  she immediately saw there was something wrong.  She darted to Megan on the floor and saw she wasn’t breathing.  She opened her mouth and thought she saw something in the back of her throat.  “Oh shit.  What is that?!” she screamed.  She jammed her finger into Megan’s throat but whatever it was would not budge.


Megan looked into her mother’s eyes and saw fear.  Fear that she had never seen before.  She kept trying to breath, but no air came.  As she looked in her mothers eyes she felt a peace start to fall over her.  Her vision started to fade around the edges, and colored lights popped in front of her face.  She was aware of her diaper warming as the darkness overtook her vision.


She felt herself rising from the floor, and then warmth around her body.  There was a feeling of pressure surrounding her body and she wondered if this was what is was like to die.  Then air rushed into her.  She breathed deeply, even as that horrible cry started to come from her mouth again.


“I sowwy!  Mommy I no do!  Sowwy!” Sarah yelled in between her own tears.


Megan grabbed her mother with all the strength her body and mind would allow.  She had never felt such relief.  Her mother kissed her all over her face, and Megan sloppily returned them.


Her mother finally set her back down, then searched the floor around her before sitting down herself and gently rubbing the top of Megan’s head.  She wiped tears from her own eyes as she beckoned Sarah towards her.  And started to hug her as well.  “It’s okay Sarah.  It’s not your fault.  Little babies like Megan don’t know about not putting things in their mouths,  I just didn’t see that toy sitting there when I set her down.  It’s okay.  It’s my fault.”


Megan listened from the floor.  “It was her fault mom!  She left it there!”  But again she couldn’t tell anyone the truth.  She just lay there in her diaper unable to even rub the snot off her own nose.


Her mother finally stopped rubbing her face and checked Megan’s diaper.  “Okay Sarah, she’s just wet, I think I’ll have you do some of this.”  She looked at Sarah who looked like she was on the verge of crying again.  “Okay honey?”


Sarah weakly smiled.  “Okay mommy.”  There was a small stack of disposables on top of the TV and Sarah quietly got up and grabbed one.  She came back and sat down next to her mother.


“First thing you have to unsnap her.”


Sarah grabbed the flap between Megan’s legs and pulled it apart, it took a few yanks but it separated.  The diaper underneath was darkened and sagging.


“Good girl.  Now open the tapes on the side.”  Sarah gently opened the right tape first, then the left one.  She had seen her mother do this enough to know that she had to grab the diaper and pull in down.  “Great job.  Now let me get her feet up.”


Megan had felt the diaper being pulled off her, and now she felt her mother grab her legs and push them back, forcing her butt off the floor.  She felt like screaming.  Then remembered that she had almost died and just let it go.


Her mother kept her legs back while Sarah unfolded the new diaper and set it under Megan.  She had to adjust it a few times, but finally got it right, and she dropped the legs back down.  “Good, now tape it closed.”


Megan started thinking of other times.  Trying not to think about her little sister changing her diaper in front of her mother.  She remembered partying, and getting drunk only a few days ago.  “Oh man.  She thought.  I could go for a good beer right about now.”  A smile came to her face thinking about it. 


Her mother mistook it.  “See, Megan liked it!  You did a good job.  She never smiles when I change her.  Maybe I’ll let you change her more often.”


“What?!”  Megan thought.  “More often?”


“And look at that.  She’s got a little drool running down her face.  Go get a rag, and I’ll go get a bottle.”


Megan lay still, only her eyes moving.  She managed to wiggle her legs, and listened to the crinkle of her diaper.  “This isn’t happening.” Ran through her mind.  A rubber nipple inserted into her mouth told her otherwise.  She tried not to suck, but her body ran on auto pilot again and started to drain the bottle. 


“Here mommy!” she heard Sarah say.


“Oh thank you honey.” her mother replied just before Megan felt something rubbing her chin.  “There we go.  Here Sarah you can hold the bottle for her.”


Megan saw Sarah’s shadow move closer, then the bottle moved a little as it changed hands.  Megan looked up into the eyes of her mother, then watched as they moved out of the way and only her sisters face was left.


“Good baby Megan.  Eat da bottle.”  Sarah cooed at her.  Megan closed her eyes and tried to imagine being elsewhere.  But every time she started to find a happy place her sister said something else.  “That good.  Eat all baby Megan.”  “Good baby!”  “Eat so you get big wike me!”  The last comment finally drove Megan to fresh tears.  Her mother gently picked her up and patted her on the back.


“Don’t worry Sarah, it’s just gas.” She told her.  But when Megan burped, she didn’t stop crying.  Her mother kept holding her, then started to rock her.  Finally she started talking baby talk to her.  Nothing worked she just kept crying.  “I guess she’s just cranky today.”  She set Megan down on the floor, and after checking around her again, turned on the TV and raised the volume enough to drown out her gentle crying.


Megan didn’t care.  Her life was over.  “Diaper changes…  Bottles, I wonder if I’m old enough in their minds for baby food?”  Then she had even worse thought.  “What if I get treated even younger?  Will I be left a newborn?   Will they forget about me?”  The thoughts and new terrors kept floating through her head.  At one point she started to hyperventilate, and her mother picked her up to soothe her again.  “No leave me on the floor mom.  That’s what you did before!”  Megan thought.  She was starting to resent how she was being treated.


“Oh, dear.  I guess it’s time for another diaper change.”  Megan’s mother said.  Sarah jumped up, but her mother stopped her.  “I think little Megan is having a bad day.  Let me get it over with as fast as possible.”  When she looked like she would cry, her mother gently laughed.  “Don’t worry honey.  She’s got years in diapers ahead of her.  You’ll have plenty of them to change.”


Megan cringed at the comment.  She had hoped this would be over soon.  She lay still on the floor as her mother changed her diaper, then opened her mouth as another warm bottle was slipped in.  As she suckled she felt her self start to get sleepy.  She fought it all she could, but before she got the bottle empty she had fallen into a deep sleep.


Megan was running for her life.  She didn’t know how she had got where she was, but she knew she had to run to stay alive.  Trees and fences raced by as she kept up her speed.  She didn’t dare to look back.  She knew it might be directly behind her.  She finally felt herself growing tired, and she started to look for a hiding place.  She saw a nice looking home and doubled back around it.  After finding an open door she checked to make sure nobody could see her and darted inside.  The inside of the house smelled nice.  It reminded her of something, but she couldn’t place the smell.


As she looked around she heard a noise in another part of the home.  She knew she should run.  But she couldn’t stop herself as she started walking down the hallway towards the noise.


It sounded like a hushed lullaby as she got closer.  The hallway seemed to stretch as she walked down it.  She kept checking doors as she passed them, but they were all locked tightly closed.  When she got to the end of the hall she saw there was one last door, and she could see light pouring out from underneath.  Her pulse quickened as she reached out and grabbed the knob.  “Don’t.  Don’t do it.” she whispered under her breath. 


Her hand ignored her, and as it twisted she opened the door.  She was blinded by light as she stepped forward into the room.  She felt herself closing the door behind her.  The sound of the lock clicking shut was barely audible over the lullaby that she now heard clearly.  Her eyes adjusted to the light and she found herself standing in a nursery.  The fear she had had before melted as she smiled.  It looked very cute.  Any baby would be lucky to have half of what was here.


She was looking at the crib when she heard steps behind her.


“Do you like it?”  came an odd sounding voice,  childish, but grown up.


Megan started to talk as she turned.  “Yes, it’s very cute.  It’s so-” she stopped as she saw who the voice had come from.  It was her sister.  A large, not quite grown up version of her kid sister.  “Oh.”  she didn’t know what to say.  Something wasn’t right.  She knew her sister wasn’t that big.  But she couldn’t concentrate.


“I’m glad you like it.  Do you need a change?”  Sarah asked.


“A change?”  Megan was confused.  “What do you mean Sarah?”


Sarah laughed, “A change.  You know a clean diaper.”


Megan’s eyes bulged.  “I don’t wear diapers!  Only babies wear those!”


The grown Sarah giggled.  “Is this another game baby?  If you don’t wear diapers what it that?”  She pointed down towards Megan’s pants.


Megan looked down and saw she was wearing nothing but an oversized Pamper.  As she stared it started to sag and discolor.  She looked up at her sister in terror.  “I’m not a baby!”


Sarah smiled a condescending smile, “Poor baby Megan, peeing her brains out into her diapers.  Don’t go to much.  You might forget how to breath!”


Megan looked back down at her diaper, it was still sagging, and still getting darker.  “That’s stupid.  You can’t pee out your brains!”  But as she watched she realized it was true.  Her mind was going blank.  She felt slower and slower as she kept peeing.  She looked up dumbly at her sister as she started to wobble on her feet.


“Oh my poor poor baby Megan.” Sarah said as she stepped towards her and grabbed her to gently set her on the floor.  “Babies like you can’t stand!”  Megan grinned at her as she tried to wave up to her from the floor and managed instead to fall forward onto her hands and knees.  “That’s it, crawl to me baby!”  Megan tried to crawl, but after two attempts flopped onto her stomach.  “Opps, I guess you’re to stupid to crawl.” She flipped her over and started to change Megan’s diaper.


“Oh my!  You’re still going.  I guess you’re losing all your brain cells huh?”


Megan was beyond speech, beyond anything.  She stared at the ceiling, a warm wet plaything for her big sister.


“Nooo!” Megan awoke screaming.  She thrashed around in her bed, as she kept wailing.  After several seconds she calmed down and got her breathing under control.  “A dream, it was all a horrible dream.” she relaxed into her bed.  As she did she thought she heard a crinkle.  “No.” she thought.  She gently moved her legs and heard the crinkle again.  “No.  A dream.”  She tried to raise her head to look down at her feet and couldn’t do it.  “No, no no no no no no….” ran through her mind as she tried to move, to do anything. 


The light in the room turned on and she saw two forms hover over her.  She struggled and was able to get them into focus enough to see it was her friends.


Pam smiled at her, “Up and at em Megan.  Time to go shopping.”


Megan looked at her confused.  She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t even think of words to say anymore.  “A dream.  It was a dream.  I’m just still sleepy.” she thought.


Beth dropped the bars.  “Come on Megan , enough joking around.” 


Megan opened her mouth in surprise, this wasn’t a dream, she could tell it was real.  She felt hope surge through her.  They knew who she was.  A smile came to her face, she reached out on impulse and tried to hug Pam.


Pam returned the hug.  Then gently set her back down.  Megan felt buoyed, “Maybe this was all a bad joke. “ she thought. 


She was trying to get up, hoping the drugs or whatever were on the verge of wearing off when Pam turned and Sarah walked up to the crib. 


“Yeah Megan, “ she giggled.  “Time ta goes!”


Megan looked at her confused.  Then to her friends.  Who started to giggle as well.


Pam was the first to speak as she stuck a finger in Megan’s diaper to check it.  “I guess she didn’t grow up overnight after all Sarah.  I guess you get to be big sister again today.”


“What?”  Megan thought. “What do you mean?  Jokes over guys.”


Sarah tried to grab the diaper from Beth.  “Me change.”  But Beth pulled it away.


“Come on Sarah you have, like forever to change her.  We don’t have babies of our own.”


Megan was stunned.  “A joke.  It’s a joke guys.”


But no one said anything about jokes as she got a diaper change, and was fed a fresh warm bottle by her sister. 


Pam and Beth started to get bored as they watched Sarah feed her, Pam picked up another diaper and threw it at her.  “I dare you to wear it Beth.”


Beth looked down at it and gagged, “I think we have enough diapers to change here already.  Besides, this is for babies, it would never fit.”


Pam had an odd glare in her eyes.  “I dare ya.  If you wear it I’ll be on diaper and burping duty all day.”


“Deal Pam.  No going back.”


Pam looked at her, then smiled and stared at Megan in her crib, right into her terrified face.  “Yep, no going back.”


Megan felt warmth start to flood her diaper again as Pam stared at her.


There was the sound of Velcro opening as Beth started to straddle the diaper, and Pam’s smile became even more twisted. “Ever.”