“Dam! We’re really late this time.”  Jean said as she looked at her watch.  “Shit!  I think we need a faster car!”


One of the young ladies next to her just smiled, “Wasn’t it worth it?  That was the best lunch, like EVER!  Don‘t ruin it by getting us pulled over.”


“Nicole, not all of us got asked out on a date.  Maybe we don’t think waiting for your new boyfriend to call is worth another few hours in study hall.”


“Whatever!  We aren’t caught yet. Let’s get in there and get this over with!”


Brenda walked out in front of the group and mockingly swooned, “Oh Brad!  Corn hole me!  I need it badly!”  All four girls laughed loudly at her acting.  “Come on Nicole, why do you care?  I doubt you can even feel regular sex anymore with as much sausage you’ve had run through there.”


A smaller blonde girl blushed, “Yeah, maybe you should spread that dick around?  Not all of us have it knocking on our doors every other hour.”


Nicole put an arm around her, “Allison I doubt you’d even know what to do with a penis if you saw one.  Why should I waste it on you?  Woah!  Pull in here, there’s a spot right up front!”


Jean pulled the car in and parked, then she looked up and saw a sign that she hadn’t seen before.  “Maternity Parking?  When the hell did they put those up?”


Brenda opened her door and started to get out.  “It doesn’t matter, it’s not a law.  So you can’t get a ticket.  Come on let’s go!”


The girls all walked around towards a side door and Jean peaked inside,  “Looks like the coast is clear.”  They crept in and started walking towards their class.  ’You know, in other schools the seniors don’t have to sneak off for lunch.”


“Well we do!  Now shush, let’s get to class you know Ms. Miller won’t rat us out.”


As they walked down the hallway they all started to get a weird feeling.  It was really to quiet.  Even between classes there should be a bunch of people walking around between classes.  But today there were none.  And there was an odd smell.  Sweet and at the same time familiar to them.  They knew they had came in the back of the school, but it wasn’t that far off the main hallway.  They had walked through here many times and had never noticed a smell.


Allison waved her hand in front of her nose, “Dam, it smells like my baby sisters room in here!  Someone must have sprayed an entire bottle of baby powder in here.”


“That’s what that smell is!”  Jean said.  “I was wondering what it was.  Maybe it’s the new paint?  And why did they choose such childish colors?”


Nicole had been wondering the same thing.  “Maybe they are going to open a daycare in here.  I mean with the signs and the smell it kind of makes sense, right?”


Brenda smiled and started trying to open a door as they passed.  “Yeah, mom kept saying the district is going broke.  Maybe they want to make some money off these un-used rooms?”


“They’re all locked Brenda, after that fire last year they lock all these rooms for safety.”


Jean laughed, “You mean to make sure no one else uses them to smoke pot?!”


 The girls walked on, and came to the intersection where the hall meant the main hallway through the school.  They had expected the smell to go away, but instead it seemed to be getting stronger.  They also noticed there were large carts outside several of the rooms.


Allison pulled them back into the side hall.  “The walls are pink!  They used to be off white!  There’s no way they could have painted all that in an hour!”  She looked down at the floor.  “And the tiles are different too!”  They all looked and saw there was now shiny new pastel tiles, with nursery rhyme figures in them.


Jean felt a tingle run up her spine.  “I think we should leave.”


They all agreed and quickly walked back to the door they came in.  Instead now it looked very different.  It was no longer mostly glass.  It was steel, and had a safety alarm on it that would go off if the door was opened. 


Allison didn’t care, she lunged at the door and pushed against the paddle.  But it wouldn’t budge.  “What the fuck is going on here?  This should open!”  But she pushed as hard as she could and it wouldn’t move. She wiped her hands on her skirt and started to try again.


“Allison! Your hands!” 


She looked down at them, at first she didn’t understand what was wrong.  Then she saw that her finger tips looked pale.  She held them up and turned them over slowly.  As they all watched the red polish on her nails started to fade to a light pink, then went clear.  Allison stood speechless as the light pale color on her finger tips seemed to slowly spread upwards.


Jean grabbed on of Allison’s wrists and looked closer at her hand.  “It’s spreading.  Whatever it is, it’s growing.”  The paleness ran up to and under a  ring on her finger.   As it passed the ring seemed to grow soft and sag.  With a final tear it dropped off her finger and splashed onto the floor.  Jean dropped her hand and stepped back.


“What the hell is going on here?” Nicole almost screamed.  Then she pointed down at Allison’s  clothes.  “What the hell is THAT?”


Allison looked down to see  two odd colored spots on her skirt where she had wiped her hands earlier.  “Shit!  It is catching!  It’s bleaching everything!”


The girls all stepped away from her as they watched the color of the cloth change.  But it didn’t bleach, it went from a dark blue to a pastel green.   Allison picked up the hem of her skirt and looked at it closer.  The material wasn’t just bleaching,  it was changing.


The green spread under her fingertips as she watched.  Then the cloth changed.  “It looks and feels like soft fleece!”  Then the green hit the very end and the cloth started to meb out even farther.  Allison dropped it, worried that she was about to get caught up in it. 


“It looks like….lace.” Jean whispered.  Then louder, “Get it off!  Take off your skirt!, quick!”  Allison didn’t argue.  She grabbed it and yanked it down, not even bothering to loosen it first.  She moved to grab her shirt but Jean stopped her, “No don’t!  It’ll spread even more!”


Allison stopped and looked from face to face.  “What do we do?  I have to get to a doctor or something!  I don’t want to be a pale freak all my life!”  She started to cry.  She almost wiped the tears from her eyes then stopped.  “We need to find a window or something.”  She took several steps then turned back to her stunned friends.  “Come on!  Let’s get moving!”  


“Allison….”  Jean softly spoke.




“What do you think we can do?  This isn’t normal.  We need to find a teacher or something!”


Allison laughed, “Do you really want to go farther into the school?  Be my guest Jean.  Try not to touch anything.”  She happened to look down and started pointing down at the floor under the girls.  “Your shoes!”


They all looked down and saw that instead of their usual sneakers they had what looked like black polished mary janes on.


Brenda started to stammer, “The floor!  The floor is doing it too!”  Without thinking she dropped to her butt and started to take them off.


“Brenda!  Get up off the floor idiot!”


Brenda realized what she had done and hastily got up, using her hands to push herself up off the floor.  “Shit shit shit!” she kept saying over and over.


“What the fuck is going on here?  This is to weird, it’s impossible.  This can’t happen.” Nicole said, the fear in her voice clear.


But everyone else was to preoccupied to listen.  They were staring at Brenda wondering what was about to happen.  As they stared the color on her pants started to change.   She held up her hands and they could see that her tan was turning to a pale white just like what happened to Allison.  She could feel a tingling feeling going up her legs and looked down to see her socks looked more like tights.  Where her pants touched her socks they had started to change as well.  Not only were they turning pink, but they seemed to be changing to corduroy.  Brenda started to freak out.  “No, no, no….” she murmured as she slowly started to back up.


Jean looked up from her changing shoes and saw that Brenda was about to hit a wall, “Brenda stop!  Don’t move!”  But it was to late.  She took a final step and pushed her body tightly up against the wall.


The girls stood in mute terror as the change instantly sped up.  The corduroy ran up to her waist and ended by changing the band to elastic.  Her shirt lengthened and pulled down into her pants.  The girls all looked up in time to see her hair braid itself into a pony tail.  Then the look of fear on Brenda’s face changed to surprise.  She stepped away from the wall, with careful uncertain steps.  She looked at her friends, the look of surprise turning to concern,  “So weird… I feel….  Wrong…”


“Um Brenda are you okay?” Nicole asked.


Brenda looked directly at her.  Her mouth opened as if to answer but nothing came out.  She took a step towards her, then dropped to the floor in a heap and started to wail like an injured child.


“Shush Brenda!  Come on!  It wasn’t that bad of a fall.”  Jean said.


But Brenda wouldn’t listen.  Tears rolled from her eyes as snot ran from her nose. She showed no sign of stopping, or that she could if she wanted to.


Nicole looked grabbed Jean and Allison and pulled them back.  “Let’s get the fuck out of here.  I don’t want to end up like that!”


Jean pushed her hand away, “I’m not going to leave her here alone!  She’s crying already you bitch!”


“What are you going to do?  Pick her up?  Are you sure you won’t make your change that much faster?  She’s done.  Whatever it is won’t change her anymore.”


They all looked down at Brenda who had dropped onto her back on the floor and had started to stick her fingers in her mouth while she cried.  Jean was about to say something when another voice echoed down the hall.


“Is that another naughty little baby that thought she could skip class and the punishment?”


Nicole thought the voice sounded familiar, “Was that Ms. Miller?”


Jean nodded, “What the fuck does she mean punishment.  And why isn’t she freaking out about this?”


Allison didn’t answer, she turned and started to walk away from Brenda.  She wanted to find a way out, but first she was going to hide from that bitch.


Jean caught up with her, “Where the hell are you going?”


“Look, she knows something, and whatever it is it’s not good.  I don’t want to be here when she shows up.  Let’s get moving.  But Jean looked down at Brenda again who had gone silent after sticking her thumb in her mouth. Allison saw it and shook her head, “She won’t be left alone.  Ms. Miller will be here quick!  Now lets get going!”


Jean looked to Nicole to see if she agreed.  Nicole nodded and Jean decided Allison was right. “Fine.  Lead the way.”


Allison walked as quickly as she could without making noise which was hard with the hard slick soles of the Mary Janes.  They were halfway to another hall when they started to hear loud footsteps behind them.  They rushed across the hall and into a small alcove where students used to sit and chat with teachers.  Careful not to touch anything they stood back from walls and listened as the steps got louder and louder.


The voice of Ms. Miller came to them from down the hall, “Oh hello Brenda.  I see you missed the big show.  I hope you don’t mind.”  There was a pause.  “Don’t you hang out with Jean?”  Another pause followed by a quiet laugh.  “I wonder where they got off to?  I wish you could tell me.  But I bet you couldn’t even ask for a clean diaper.  Could you cutie?”  The girls could hear a high pitched laughing. “Yeah, you like that baby.  They always do.  I could just stand here and tickle you all day.  But I’ve got to make sure the halls stay safe.  Let’s get you back to your room.”  Soft scraping sounds could be heard.  “I guess it’s a good thing you went toddler.  I don’t think I could carry you all the way.  Come one sweetie grab my hand.  Good girl let’s go.”  The sound of walking started and slowly faded away.


The girls stared at each other stunned.  They turned and noticed that the bench had turned into something out of a daycare center for small children.  Jean was the first the speak.  “We’ve got to get the hell out of here!  I don’t want to end up needing diapers.”  She looked at Nicole then to Allison.  “How you doing there girl?”


Allison looked down at her arms, the paleness had crept up past her elbows.  “I’m okay, but it’s getting harder to keep my arms from touching my body.  And my legs feel strange.  Almost like I’ve ran a marathon or something.”


Nicole looked down at her own legs and nodded, “I kind of feel like that to.”  She had worn shorts just like Jean and could see that the ring of white was just over her knees, and only had a few more inches till it could touch the bottom of her shorts.  She looked at Allison and gave a weak smile, “At least you don’t have to worry about it changing your clothes…”


Allison didn’t smile back, “Yeah, because walking around in a shirt and panties isn’t worse…”


Jean turned from them and looked back down towards where Brenda had been.  “Okay, they’re gone.  Let’s find a way out of this hell hole.”


She turned to leave but Nicole stopped her.  “We need to do something about the shoes.”


“What?  Do you want to touch them?  Just leave them on.  Lets go!”


“Look Jean, these things are loud and slick.  If we have to run we can’t.  Why not have Allison untie one of mine and if my foot has changed what difference will it make?  It’s not like the floor can change it anymore right?”  She looked at Allison, “Could you do it for me?”


Allison didn’t answer she carefully bent her knees and reached down to grab the laces.  They all watched while she untied them.  But instead of a quick yank she kept grabbing to early, or not holding on tight enough when she got a lace in her hands. 


“It’s not that hard Ally.”  Jean whispered.


“Fuck you!  There’s something wrong with my hands!  They won’t work right.  It’s like they’re numb, but they aren’t.”


Finally the laces parted and Nicole used her other foot to pull the shoe off.  She hadn’t worn socks so as the shoe fell off it was easy to see that the entire foot was pale.  As she set it on the floor it felt oddly warm to her.  She gave Allison a nod and the girl clumsily undid the other shoe.  After it was off she felt better.  She lifted one of her legs and looked at it closely while Jean had her own shoes pulled off.


“Smooth as a babies ass!  Not a single callus.  This would be nice if it had stopped at the feet.”  She looked over and saw that Jean had her shoes off, but her socks were still on.  “Going to leave those on?”


Jean bent over and looked at them.  They looked almost normal, but had developed fancy pink lace around the tops.  “I guess they aren’t to bad.  I’ll take them off outside.”  Jean looked over at Allison who was  frantically trying to get her own shoes off but the laces weren’t budging. 


“These things are to tight!”  She moaned.


Nicole carefully looked at them closer.  “No wonder, they’re double knotted.  You can’t take them off without some effort.”  she stepped back and away from her.  “Just leave them on for now.  We’ve wasted to much time already.”


Allison looked pissed but there was nothing she could do.  She followed as the other tow started walking away.  They carefully looked around them as they walked.  They didn’t want to be seen, and they didn’t want to touch anything either.  They cam to a door whose window was illuminated.  They looked at each other wondering what they should do.


Finally Jean just went for it and walked past the door as quickly as she could.  Allison followed her without looking as well.  But when Nicole started to walk past it her curiosity got the better of her and she turned to see what was going on inside the classroom.  “Shit…  That’s just fucking sick!”


“Nicole!” Jean silently said, “Come on, get a fucking move on!”


Nicole turned her head and looked at her, “It’s okay.  The teacher is all the way in the back of the room.  You got to see this!  It’s so fucked up!”


Nicole backed away from the small window and let Jean look.  She carefully kept from touching the door and peaked in.  “Dam.” was all she whispered.  Even after all she had seen so far what she was looking at surprised her.  The classroom looked like something out of a preschool, or even a daycare.  Instead of desks there were a few scattered low set tables.  The paint was a delicate pink, and the floor was not tiled, it looked like it was thickly carpeted.


Allison watched Jean stare and couldn’t take it any longer, “Let me see.” 


Jean snapped out of her trance and backed away.  She looked Allison in the eye and shook her head.  “I don’t think you really want to see it.”


She walked past Jean anyway and carefully stood in front of the door.  She took in the room quickly.  But her stomach didn’t turn till she saw the students.  The room had been some kind of study hall filled with seniors.  Now it looked like thet couldn’t even read any more.  Much less study.  Young men and women toddled and crawled around the room.  She could see the teacher had her back turned and was doing something on a high table.  Allison was about to look away when the teacher backed up and started to pull on something.  “Oh my…” She could see it was her sister being pulled up and onto her feet.  Her skirt had been bunched up, as she stood it dropped down, but not before Allison saw a large white diaper wrapped around her waist.   In anger she loudly said, “No!  That bitch! What did she do to her?”


She reached for the door and before Jean and Nicole could stop her it was open and she had stepped inside.


“Ally! No. We need to-”  Jean tried to tell her to stop.  But it was to late the door latched closed and all she could do was look through the glass and try to listen to what was going on inside.


Allison walked through the class quickly and came to a stop in front of her sister, “Come on Sandy.  We need to get you out of here.”  Sandy just stuck out her tongue and laughed at her. 


The teacher looked surprised at first, then recovered quickly.  “I see we have a new charge.  And it’s a family member!  Are you the younger twin or the older one?”


Allison was trying to walk her sister towards the door, she stopped and flipped the teacher off.  “Screw you bitch!  I don’t know what you did to her, but I’m not leaving her here with you!”


Jean had kept watching from the door, she could see what was going on but she couldn’t hear anything.  She watched as Allison grabbed her sister, then flipped the teacher off.  Instead of getting angry the woman looked like she was laughing.  Then as Jean watched Allison let go of her sister and grabbed at her crotch. 


The motion wasn’t lost to the teacher, “Oh, does miss potty mouth need to potty?”  Allison  wanted to hit her, but she couldn’t let go of her crotch without a horrible accident happening.  She looked down and saw her sister’s hand close to her panties.


“Sandy, did you touch me?”  Allison asked gently.  Her sister only giggled and waddled towards a mat on the floor.  Allison watched as she dropped to her knees and started playing with a doll.  “Sandy?”  She asked.  “Stop it!  We need to go.”


The teacher really had a laugh at that.  “No, she just went.  You’re the only one that needs to go now.”


Allison wanted to scream, she could feel her panties changing in her hands.  She tightly closed her eyes as the soft cloth turned to plastic under her fingers.  The urge to pee grew stronger.  She felt padding bulge up between her legs and push them slightly apart.  She opened her eyes to see the final form of the diaper take shape around her waist.  Fear made her turn her back to her sister and look towards her friends at the door.  She could see the faint image of Jean through the reflections on the glass.  She took a step towards the door and stopped.


Jean wondered why she had stopped.  She had been ready to open the door herself when Allison turned towards it.  Then after a quick step she had stopped and was now staring at her.  Jean could see nothing but fear in her eyes.  Then they closed and her checks went red. 


Allison felt her diaper warming as she finally lost control.  She couldn’t stand looking at her friend as she pissed herself so she closed her eyes.  When she opened them a smiling teacher was standing in front of her. 


“Well missy pissy.  I think we can take care of that diaper now.”  Then she stuck a pacifier in her gaping mouth.  “And this should take care of your dirty little mouth. 


Allison couldn’t spit it out. She reached for it, but the lady grabbed her hands and held them.  “Nooooo!”  she mumbled around the pink intruder.


“Shush honey.  It will be okay, just let it happen.”


She tried to fight but she felt tired.  She tried to find words to yell but as they came to her they seemed to evaporate.  Slowly her sense of terror left, replaced by simple confusion.


The lady stepped away and let go of her.  She looked back at the door and with a smile started to toddle towards her friends.  But a red plastic truck on the floor got her attention, she dropped roughly onto her butt and started to play with it.


Jean stepped away from the door tears in her eyes.  Nicole peeked through the glass and spotted her friend sitting in a diaper and happily playing with toys.  She stepped farther from the door and looked at Jean.  She motioned her to be quiet and pointed down the hall.


They carefully crept away from the classroom and went back to trying to find a way out.  After five minutes they hadn’t found anything except a few more classrooms full of teens acting like they were babies.  They started to think they may never find an unused room, or a way out.  They were sneaking past another room when Jean thought she heard plastic crinkling while she walked.


One look and she could tell the change had crept ever higher.  And now her shorts were entirely engulfed and the change was starting to affect her shirt.  The bottom of her shorts had shortened and now showed more pasty white leg.   And something else.  Something white and ruffled was sticking out. She took and closer look and realized it was part of the diaper she now wore.


It took all she had to not yank it off right then.  Instead she turned to show Nicole.  Who nodded and pointed towards her own obvious diaper bulge.


Jean got the message, “Time to stop fucking around.  Let’s move faster.”


The girls took off at a trot.  They no longer stopped to see if it was safe to pass doors, if they saw light they just walked quickly past it.  They came to the gym and turned down the hall that flanked it.  There were no classes down her, only bathrooms and storage. 


Nicole gently grabbed Jean as they passed an open bathroom and motioned her to go inside. 


Jean followed her in,  “What?  Why are we stopping?”


“I wanted to see if there were any open windows in here.”


Jean thought that was a good idea and waited while Nicole took close looks at the locks on the windows.  She used the better light to see what was going on with her clothes.  The shorts had merged with her shirt and the whole mess looked like it was turning into some kind of bib short-all thing. 


Nicole came back, “Nothing.  And the paints so think I don’t think they’d budge before this started.”


Jean looked at Nicole and noticed there was sweat on her forehead.  “You feel okay?”


Nicole shook her head, “I feel tired.  My legs are starting to cramp.  I don’t get it. This is nothing.  You too?”


Jean had been trying to hide it, “Yeah.  I don’t know how much longer I can go on.  I just want to sit down and take a breather.”


Nicole saw that Jean was serious about resting, “Let’s just check out a few of the storage rooms.”  Then we can take a break.”


Jean nodded yes. And followed her back out into the hall.  They kept going down, feeling worse and worse as they found closed door after closed door.  Then just before they got to the coaches office they found a door opened halfway, and the room beyond dark.


Nicole went in first, then Jean.  They both saw it at the same time, a backlit curtain gently moving in a breeze. 


“We’re out of here!” Jean loudly said as she made for the rectangle of light.


“No!  Wait!  Be careful Jean!”


Jean didn’t stop, “I’m not going to end up permanently in diapers Nicole.  I’m getting out of here!  Are you coming, or are you sticking around for a diaper change later?”


:Jean, just be careful.”


Then both girls felt their blood run cold as the lights turned on in the room and they heard a familiar voice just inside the door behind them.  “Yes, be careful.  We don’t want you to fall down and go boom.”


Jean turned and faced Ms. Miller.  She felt vomit rise in her throat, she didn’t want to stop, but the weakness in her legs suddenly grew, and she found her feet to heavy to lift.  It was all she could do to not drop down onto the floor.  With all hate she could muster she spit out, “I’m going to kill you bitch…”


Ms. Miller laughed, “With what?  Your DIAPER?  I think it’s time for you to see your future baby.”


Jean could feel sweat dripping down her back as she kept standing.  Her legs were starting to twitch.  “I’ve seen what you think my future should be.  Watching Allison and Brenda was enough.”


“Oh no.  That’s nothing like your future.”  Then as Jean watched on she slipped a pacifier into Nicole’s mouth.


Nicole tried to pull it free.  But as her fingers touched it they seemed to go numb.  Her clothes started to move on her body.  She looked down and watched as her clothes started to sag. 


Jean was horrified, “What are you doing to her?  Stop it!”


“I’m not doing anything.  Just giving you a preview.”


Nicole’s clothes seemed to pour off her body, leaving her in nothing but a diaper.  She looked up in time to take a final look at Jean.  Then her legs gave out and she dropped to the floor in a heap. 


Ms. Miller walked up to the diapered teen and tapped her with her shoe.  She reached down and picked her up, bringing her face to face with Jean.  “Let me put her in her cot and I’ll come back for you Jeanie.”


Jean felt her diaper warm as she started to lose control.  Her legs gave out and she slowly descended  to the floor.  She felt relief to not have to fight her body any longer.  She watched as Nicole was set gently into a cot and Ms. Miller started to do something to her.  As she watched her head started to grow heavy.  She could barely keep it up much longer.  She watched Ms. Miller pull something out of the cot and walk towards her with it.


“Here ya go sweety.  This is your future.”  Then she dropped the thing in front of Jean.


Jean’s head lolled down at the object.  As she looked she realized it was a diaper.  She knew it was Nicole’s.  And it looked as wet as her own now was.


Ms. Miller grabbed Jean and gently picked her up.  “Time for a new diaper baby.  Then a feeding.  And a nap.  Then we’ll do it again and again.  And no matter what happens you’ll never be late again.”


Jean was crying as she felt herself set down in a cot.  She could tell her diaper was being changed but something was wrong, she couldn’t connect that knowledge to anything.  Everything felt slow, then she seemed to get warm.  She looked up and saw the nice smile on the ladies face and giggled.  As a pacifier was slipped between her teeth she forgot her worries and fell into infantile bliss.