A NON-FORCED AR story. ( that is the title)    By: Long_Rifle

This was written a LONG time ago.  Back when I hated typing out conversations and quote marks would not post right for me on the forums anyways.  So I wrote to avoid them at all costs.  If you think you’ve read this before it’s because you have,  but I’ve re-written this to fix it as much as  I could, and to make it more readable.  If it doesn’t seem up to my normally low standards it’s because you can only put so much lipstick on a pig.   So, I retort I wrote this non-forced story just to show I wasn’t a one trick pony, a two and a half trick at least.


I feel I also should tell you the back story, back when I wrote this there was a big debate on my stories, and there were those that HATED them.   Yeah, strange I know.  And there was a big post where-in a few posters got pretty pissed off.  So, in retort I wrote this non-forced story just to show I wasn’t a one trick pony, a two and a half trick at least.

This is a quickie wrote in a day, with really no idea where it’s going lets
see what happens shall we?


(Seriously, this is an old one)  And dam, it’s a bit more sexual then I remembered…

“Spells R us?” Karen looked at the shop and wondered if it was true.


She had read many stories involving this particular place. It would just pop into little areas and surprise people with their wildest dreams. Of course, things hardly ever went to plan. Many times it was the stupidity of the purchaser, by not following directions they would find themselves in loads of trouble. Of course the owner of the shop was hardly any help either.  Karen didn’t blame him, why should he help them? But she would be different, she knew what she wanted and she would get it.  The door seemed to grow warm as she opend it and stepped inside.

After her long explanation and final purchase he was happy to see her off, after answering all her questions he had taken her order and given her exactly what she had asked for. One thing was starting to bother him though.  He had been working for a long time and only in the last few years had he started to get customers that really knew of him. And while he couldn’t control what was being put out there about him, he missed the complete anonymity he used to have.


Of course the few customers that seemed to know him always brought a smile to his face. And even though the percentage of those that became happy and stayed so because of that pre-knowledge was up he could still be happy because when things went wrong with those same few, it was many times worse and was well worth the extra bit of satisfied customers that snuck through.  He turned back towards his small office, time for him to get back to what he was doing. While it had only been 3 days since he had bought the booth, his tan was looking much better.

Later at home, Karen sat on the bed in her room. She wasn’t short for her age, or young looking.  She didn’t even wet the bed. Really there was no reason for what she wanted, she just did.  Diapers.  Big ones, little ones, night-time diapers and swim diapers she wanted to have them all. For the last 5 years or so, since she had been 13 she had felt odd whenever a diaper or baby commercial came on. She would feel an odd tingle run through her body.

She had never told anyone of this. Many times she had tried to make her own diapers.
And while the success’s were few and far between she had to admit the failures were
often times spectacular. Karen didn’t really want to be a baby, though she acted like one
sometimes, it just seemed to her that since a baby wore diapers, she should act like one.
And it did make the feelings more intense. But buying diapers was the worst. No matter
what she did she figured the clerks saw right through her. She had tried baby diapers but
she never fit in them, and they would leak when she taped them on. She settled on small depends. They fit and had plenty of extra room for stuffers. By using stuffers she found she could sometimes reuse them.


Since Karen hated buying diapers, anytime she could reuse them she would. But now she was set for life. She had been very careful with what she had asked for. And the
old wizard had seemed rather happy to get such a clear request, no evil laughing, no
warnings, or anything. Just a smile and a hand wave as she walked out the door. Now
here she sat looking down at her prize, a small normal looking stone. She had been told to
place it somewhere on her body and it would become part of her, it had been one part of
her wish.


That way she couldn’t lose it, she pulled her shorts down and pressed it against
her thigh. With a glow and slight warm tingle it disappeared into her leg. Now she was
ready. She could turn whatever she wanted to, into something else. But it would only
work from, or in an area that was private to her. The only place like that now was her
bedroom. And she had to point her finger at it while she was thinking or saying it.


Karen had waited till her mother had left the house and now she had a chance to try out her new gift. She looked into the mirror at her reflection. Part of her wish had been she could never get herself trapped as something else. Or hurt herself. She figured it would really suck living forever......as a statue. But she had been careful, and with the house deserted she could have some fun.


Turning from the mirror she pulled the shades down and shut the drapes.  Then she looked for something to change, a smile cracked on her lips as she reached under her bed and pulled a pack of her stuffer diapers out. She wore depends but they weren’t real diapers. Real diapers were perfumed and had little pictures running up and down them. She unfolded one of her stuffers and set it on her bed, then she pointed her finger and wished for it to be bigger.

Something happened, she felt a tension pass over her and then when she refocused her eyes she saw it had worked..........alittle to well. The formally baby sized diaper was now the size of her bed. She put her hands to her face and laughed. The smell of the diaper filled her room and she rubbed her hands over it, she wondered if she could use it as a blanket and even wondered what kind of dreams she would have. But she had plenty
of time for that.  She again pointed and again there was a pause. Now the diaper looked to
be the right size. Karen jumped onto her bed as she frantically pulled her panties off and pulled the diaper into place. The tapes closed and she stood up, walking back to the mirror she admired her reflection in it. It looked good. She moved her legs up and down listening to the crinkle from the plastic. She had always gotten diapers for older babies, since they were longer and thinner. But now looking at her reflection she thought they didn’t look babyish enough. they seemed to thin and didn’t come up high enough. And her legs weren’t being pushed out at all. But Karen could fix that, she pointed and with, but a thought, the diaper changed from something a walking toddler would wear, to something a two month old infant would lay in. Now she was happier, she slowly rubbed her hands over the plastic cover. She had to bend her legs a little to stand, she discovered walking could only be done with a waddle.

Karen had never felt this way, she felt like she would burst but she had to have more. Now she wanted the clothes, she pointed at her shirt and turned it into a cute little onesie with lace and pictures of baby teddy bears on it. But it covered her diaper to much, so she turned it back to a shirt, keeping the lace and teddies on it. Then she put little bows in her hair, with a pop a pacifier appeared, hanging off her shirt. It was to much, she started  to pee. Frantically she rubbed herself, dropping to her butt she arched her back and made
garbled baby sounds. The wave hit her and she dropped to her side on the floor. She laid
there for several minutes enjoying the feelings she had. But now she had to try something


She wanted to be seen as a baby but if that happened her life would change forever.
So a little experiment was in order. She peeked out her window and watched across the
street, she didn’t have to wait long before a car drove past. It stopped a couple of houses
down and dropped someone off. Now pointing her finger she wished that time would
reverse one minute. The car was gone, she smiled looking at her clock she hoped this
would work. Then, it happened; the car drove up, stopped and someone got out of it and
walked up to the house. “Great” she thought, she laid on her bed with her legs pulled up
like a baby. Now for some fun.

Her mother pulled up to the door about an hour later. She had been out with some
friends of her’s and was glad to be home. A quick shower and bed, that was what she
needed. She put her key in the lock and opened the door. Her daughter was in the room,
watching TV. Cartoons it looked like, there was a smell in the air that she remembered,
but couldn’t quite place. She walked past her and said a quick “Hello“, noticing that she
seemed to be drinking from a big glass of milk. It must be almost empty since she had it at a very high angle. She turned on the lights in the kitchen, grabbed a glass for herself and filled it with water. That’s when she noticed a canister of baby formula resting on the
counter. Still she didn’t really think that much of it. When she pulled open the fridge to
get an apple out she saw four full baby bottles on the top shelf. She grabbed an apple and
a bottle and closed the door. Looking at the bottle she rubbed the apple on her dress and
was about to bite it when she saw that it was starting to mold. She crossed the kitchen and
opened the garbage.  She saw what appeared to be a diaper balled up inside.  When she picked it up she realized that while it certainly looked like a regular diaper it was to big. She called out to her daughter, “Where the hell did you get this thing, and why is it in our trash?”

“It’s wet, mom.” was the reply Karen gave her. She had done allot of work in the last hour, but this was the payoff. Her body was already humming, she felt her face burn even though she knew she could fix this, she burned with shame. Karen wanted to touch herself but she had to wait. She was laying back against the couch in a pile of blankets. Her feet were spread out in front of her and she was drinking from a bottle. She had to poop, and when she finally did, she had made sure it would be memorable. Karen had already peed twice and had to go again. If she did, the diaper would leak, but that was exactly what she wanted. Full and total baby.  Thats what she was going to be, her mother should explode.

“Yes hun, I can see it’s wet, but where did it come from?” she heard a laugh coming
from her daughter one that sounded kind of odd.

“Me!”  Karen knew this was it, she worked up a good drool and let it roll down her
face, her bib was already spattered with spit but she wanted her face to look good to.

“What!?”  she thought it was a big joke, “Young lady come in here right now.” She leaned up against the counter with the diaper in one hand and the bottle from the fridge in the other. She thought she had the upper hand, then her daughter came around the corner. Actually she heard her daughter coming way before she got there. The crinkling of her diaper was clear to her mother.


Karen looked up at her from the floor as she rounded the corner, her knees felt sore from crawling, but it was fun. She could see that her mother had been ready to tear her a new one when she suddenly saw what she was doing and wearing.

“Get off the floor! You aren’t a baby! Stop crawling , and sit in a chair.” But Karen
just sat back on her butt her legs awkwardly spread in front of her. She smiled and waved
at her. “Explain yourself, young lady!” She stepped towards her daughter and held the wet diaper in her face. “Explain this!”


 Karen looked at it, her mother had opened the diaper and now she could smell the pee as it cooled in it. With one hand in her mouth and covered in drool she used the other to smack the diaper, making wet squishing sounds.  She smiled and happily replied “Wet!” then  she bounced up and down and slapped her hands together, giggling the whole time.

Her mother glared at her; “You are 18, better start acting like it. You want to be in
diapers? I will yank you from school and send you to class with the retards. Now get in
the bathroom and clean up.” She watched as her daughter started to get up, then she just
dropped down again facing the other direction and started to crawl towards the bathroom.  “Stop right this instant and look at me.” she yelled.  Karen stopped and turned her head, her bladder was full and now was the moment.  She relaxed her hold, and felt her cool diaper start to warm again, she could feel the pee run around the leak barriers, then run onto the floor. Her mother had taken a deep breath and was about to yell again when she noticed the little yellow river start to run from under Karen.

She broke into a rage and picked her up. Actually taking her all the way to her room, she stood her up in front of a mirror and told her to take a good look. “See that!  See what you are?  You better get used to that view because you’re going to be in diapers for a long time missy.”  Karen seemed to ignore her, she placed her hands over her reflection and giggled as she watched her reflection.

Her mother grew even more angry, “What do you say to that baby?”


Karen continued to play with her reflection muttering one thing “Poop.”


“What? You think this is some kind of joke? I am not laughing.”  A muffled fart came from Karen’s diaper. The smell told her mother exactly what she had meant. Karen was filling her diaper, her mother looked down and watched as it started to bulge.

Karen was finally done, she turned around towards her mother. She cracked a big smile, then asked in a sweet baby voice. “Mommie chang my diipee peas.”

Her mother took a step back, “What?” She was having a hard time dealing with this,
her daughter must be going nuts.


Then as she still speechless, Karen  stood up straighter and talking like a normal teen said. “I said, I need my diaper changed, if you don”t change me fast I might get diaper rash. I made a big mess, and I think I am wet.” To check she shoved her hands down the front of her diaper and pulled them out. She smelled them and smiled, “Yep, big time wet see?” She put her hands out towards her mother and waved them at her.  “Change me, change me mommy!”


But her mother was having none of it, she was backing out the door when the phone rang. She walked down the hall, closely followed by Karen. She picked it up and answered, “Yeah, sure she’s here, but she just messed her diaper so I don’t think you want to be over here right now. Sure, here you can talk to her yourself.”

Karen smiled as she answered the phone. “Yes.” she said, “I did make a poopie but
my mommy refuses to change me…   No, I’m ok.  Just having some fun. Sure, I’ll ask her.  Hey mom can Samantha come over and change my diaper?”

Her mother shook her head, “Sure, I don’t care.  Better say good bye too, because in the morning you’re out of high school and into special ed.”

“Cool mom!” She told Sammy to come over and slipped into her room. She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if she should keep going.  While doing that in front of her mother had not been to bad she was not ready to try this in front of her friend. So she
made her wish, and suddenly went from dirty diapers to nice clean dry ones. The clock
told the story, it was 2 hours in the past. She got in her bed and turned out her light. She
fell asleep smiling, sucking her thumb, just like a baby.

This IS the whole story. Thanks for readin.


I hope you enjoyed this trip to the past. 


Only a few more to edit, and all my oldies are done!