Jennifer's Diapered Life:
By Baby Jenny

Jennifer sneaks into her little sister Amanda's room. Since her mom is at the store shopping, she doesn't
fear being caught. She seeks out one of her little sister's diapers, only to find none. "she must have used
the last one this morning, now what am I going to do? Home alone and no diapers." she states in
despair. This is her first chance in weeks to wear a diaper. She longs for the feeling. So the 9 yr old girl
thinks to herself "maybe I can find one that isn't too wet in the diaper pail". She goes over to the pail and
finds a wet diaper. "Not too wet" she thinks, and so she slips off her skirt and panties, leaving herself
clad only in a short pink top. She then puts on the diaper and fastens the tapes. "A little cold" she thinks
as the wet diaper presses against her. She feels at ease. "It's so good to be diapered again" she says
aloud. Now she knows what she wants to do next. So she goes and puts on her socks and shoes and
heads out to the backyard. The back door is already open, so she closes it behind her in case someone
comes home. She plays in the backyard for about half an hour until she hears someone coming up the
driveway. Quickly she darts to the door, and then she hears them backing out again. She walks over to
the side of the house and sees someone was just turning around in the driveway. A little shaken, but
releaved, she decides to go inside and wet herself, since she's been holding it so she could wet her
diaper. Her bladder is starting to feel really full. She finds the back door locked. Not panicking, she walks
over to her window which faces the back yard. She always leaves it unlocked just in case. She tries to
open the window, and finds it locked. "Mom must have locked it" she thinks to herself, and now she starts
to panick. Her bladder's pressure is building, and she doesn't know how much longer she can hold it. "Oh
no, how can I get back in now?" she thinks. "Mom's going to find me for sure". She checks all the back
windows, all are locked. She decides to check the front windows to see if any are unlocked. She's doing
a little dance now, trying to hold her pee. As she moves around to the front windows and starts checking
them, a girl from school, Carrie, rides by on her bike. she sees Jennifer, but Jennifer doesn't see her.
Wondering what she's doing outside in a diaper, Carrie rides over to Jennifer. As Jennifer turns to head
toward another window, she sees Carrie riding up behind her. Jennifer freezes and doesn't know what to
do. "What are you wearing a diaper for?" she asks Jennifer. "Please don't tell on me, I just wanted to see
what it was like to be little like my sister again, and now I'm locked out." Jennifer replies, trying not to
dance around but knowing her bladder is about to give way. "This is weird, and does your mom know
you dress like this?" Carrie asks. "No, but now she's going to find out unless you can help me, can I
borrow some clothes from you?" Jennifer asks. Just as Carrie is about to respond, her bladder gives
way, flooding her diaper right in front of Carrie. Carrie watches and listens as the pee floods Jennifer's
diaper. Jennifer looks down, and it is obvious she has wet her diaper, as the slight yellow of her sister's
pee has now mixed with a golden yellow of her own. "Did you just wet your diaper?" Carrie asks. "I had
an accident, I've been locked outside for a while, and couldn't get in to use the bathroom" Jennifer
responds. "Well I think you need a clean diaper, little Jenny. I can't beleive you wet a diaper like a little
baby. Wait until Amy and Liz hear about this." Carries says, giggling. "You better hope your mommy gets
home soon little girl so she can change you" she says as she turns around and rides down the drive and
then down the street. Jennifer goes back into the back yard, sits on the back porch and cries. "Now my
mom's going to catch me outside in a wet diaper, and Carrie's going to tell everyone at school. Why did
this have to happen to me?" she thinks as she cries. She wonders what will happen when her mom gets
home, and when she goes to school tommorrow.

About an hour later, Jennifer hears girls voices coming from the front yard. "I know you won't believe this,
but she really is in a diaper, you have to see" the voice says. Another calls out "Jennifer, where are you?"
The voices draw closer, and around the corner of the house appears Carrie, Liz, and Amy. "You weren't
kidding, she is wearing a wet diaper like a little baby" Liz says laughingly. "Where's your mommy, little
girl?" Amy asks. All three of the girls burst out in laughter. Jennifer doesn't know what to do. This has
gotten way out of hand, not only will her mom be catching her outside shortly, but she knows she will
never live this down at school. "Does baby like wearing her wet diaper?" Carrie asks. "I just wanted to
see what it would be like, I was curious, and now I'm locked out of the house." Jennifer replies. "Only little
babies wear diapers" Amy states, "so I guess we should start calling you Baby Jenny from now on. It
certainly fits you right now." And the girls burst out into laughter again. Jennifer tries to keep from crying.
The teasing continues for about 20 more minutes, and Jennifer's bladder is full again. She regrets
drinking all the water she did earlier so she could soak her diaper, since now if she wets all three girls
will be present to see. She struggles to hold back her pee. "Does little baby need to wet again?" Amy
asks. "Go in your diaper again, like you did earlier" Carrie says. Jennifer can hardly stand it, her bladder
is about to burst. She decides to try to get away from the girls so she can wet herself without them
seeing. As she starts to walk of the girls encircle her. "Where is little baby Jenny going?" Liz asks. The
taunt her, and finally she can't hold it back. She floods her diaper, causing it to be fully soaked. All three
girls laugh with glee. "Baby Jenny wet her diaper" they all chant. About this time, a car pulls up in the
driveway. Jennifer's mom gets out of the car and helps her little sister Amanda from her car seat. She
notices the bikes in the yard and hears gigling coming from the backyard. "Girls, are you playing in the
backyard?" she calls out. Jennifer panics when she hears her mom's voice. "Yes, Ms. Quinn, we're in the
backyard playing with a baby, you should come see her, she's so adorable!" Carrie yells back to
Jennifer's mom. Puzzled, Jennifer's mom walks around the house to the backyard with Amanda toddling
closely behind. As she rounds the corner, she is shocked to see her 9 yr old daughter dressed nothing
but a shirt, socks, shoes, and a very wet diaper. Jennifer sees her mom and is paralyzed with fear.
"Jennifer Anne Quinn, what on earth are you doing outside dressed like a little toddler? Why are you
wearing a wet diaper?" she asks with anger in her voice. "She wanted to see what it would be like her
little sister, then she locked herself out. She even wet her diaper in front of us like a little baby" Carrie
states. "I think you girls should go home now, I think I need to have a talk with Jennifer" her mom says.
"Be sure to change her diaper Ms. Quinn, she's really wet" Amy says. "Bye baby Jenny" the girls all say
as they wave to Jennifer and head around to the front yard. Jennifer is dragged around to the front of the
house by the arm, and her mom unlocks the front door. "Where did you get that diaper? I used the last
one on your sister this morning." her mom asks. "I got it out of the diaper pail" Jennifer meekly replies.
"What?!? You're wearing one of your sister's wet diapers? You must like wearing a wet diaper then. Go
to your room and sit on your bed. Don't change or anything. Just sit there. I'll be in later to decide what to
do with you." her mom angrily states. Jennifer dashes into the house, and then into her room. She sits on
her bed and cries. She doesn't know what she is going to do now. "Mom is really angry" she thinks as
she sobs. "What's going to happen to me now?" she wonders.

After about 30 minutes her mom comes into her room. "You want to wear diapers and wet them like a
little baby, Jennifer, then fine. You will wear diapers until further notice. When you are at home and during
the summer, you will dress like you are now. I will change you when I feel you need it. If you ask me to
change you or to go to the bathroom, you will stay in your wet or messy diaper for a lot longer than you
would otherwise. You will wear diapers to school, and the school nurse will change you. I will speak with
the principal first thing in the morning." her mom says angrily. She goes over to Jennifer's panty drawer
and empties the contents. "You won't need these anymore." she says while holding a pile of panties.
"You will remain in that diaper for now. I'll be back later to change you, unless you'd rather wear another
of your sister's wet diapers." her mom says with contempt. "I'll wait, mom" Jennifer says meekly. Her
mom walks out of her room and closes the door. Jennifer feels the urge to pee again building. She
resigns herself, and wets her diaper again. It starts to leak a little, and gets her bed wet. She softly starts
crying. She wants to wear diapers, but at the same time she didn't want her mom to know about it. And
now she has no choice. Diapers even to school, all the kids will tease her. She thinks how she wished for
this, and now that she has her wish she doesn't want it anymore. Jennifer lies down on her bed in her
leaky diaper and cries herself to sleep. Jennifer is woken up by her mom, and she realizes she needs to
pee. Her mom says to her "Wake up, little Jenny. Time to change your diaper" Jennifer knows she'll have
to wet her diaper soon, so goes ahead and lets go so she can be dry for a while. Her mom notices this
as her diaper leaks onto her bed. "Did little baby Jenny wet herself? Your diaper is so soaked Jenny, it's
leaked all over your bed. Well, it'll dry by bedtime" she says. Jennifer notices she is holding a diaper,
baby poweder, and baby wipes. "Time to change your diaper, baby Jenny" her mom says as if talking to
a baby. "Now lie down so mommy can change your diaper." Jennifer lies down on her bed, and her mom
takes off her wet diaper. She cleans her off with the wipes and then slides the diaper under her. She
applies alot of powder, then tapes the diaper closed. "Alright, all clean now" she says. She then walks
over to Jennifer's sock drawer and takes out some lacey socks. "Put these on and your mary jane shoes"
she says as she hands Jennifer the socks. "We're going to the store to do a little shopping. Don't you
dare cover up your diaper." she states and then walks out of the room. Jennifer gets her socks and
shoes on and thinks to herself "I ca't go out like this, everyone will se me. What am I going to do?" She
hears her mom call out "Little Jenny, are you ready to go bye bye?" "Yes, mom" Jennifer calls back, and
heads out of her room. She finds her mom putting shoes on her little sister. She sees her sister is
wearing almost exactly what she is wearing. "Sissy look like me, mommy" her sister says. "I know honey,
looks like I have two babies now" her mom says in reply. She gets Amanda's shoes on her and says "Ok
girls, let's go shopping." Amanda cries out "I love shopping mommy, it fun" "I know Amanda. I hope little
Jenny enjoys it as much as you do" she says looking at Jennifer with a grin. "Let's go." she says, and
leads the girls to the kitchen. "Oh, Jenny, I prepared this just for you" she says, and hands Jennifer a 1
liter water bottle. "I want you to drink this completely before we get to the store." Jennifer takes the bottle
and says "Yes mommy" while thinking to herself that she's going to wet herself big time for sure, and
she's pretty sure that's her mom's plan. Her mom then leads the girls to the car, and buckles Amanda into
her car seat. "Looks like I need another car seat for my other little girl" she says as she looks at Jennifer.
She then buckles Jennifer into the back seat, and then gets into the car. As they pull out of the driveway
Jennifer is drinking on her water bottle, thinking "I hope I don't see wnayone I know. This is going to be so
embarrassing. I know I want to wear diapers, but this isn't what I had in mind."