I Was Trained To Be
Mommy's Little Diaper Girl

By Baby Carol 1988

The Sisters of Sacred Heart who teach at St. Joseph's
Elementary School and at Holy Family High School are starting to
get very upset. Every night, the phone rings off the wall from
parents, mostly Mothers who are calling up complaining about the
boys in School who are constantly harassing, teasing and
humiliating and in some cases, beating up the girls at School.

Almost all of the boys from the sixth to twelfth grade are
totally disrespectful, selfish and have no respect for females no
matter what age. The girls hate the way they are treated by the boys
and wishing there was a way to stop it. They hate it when they are
knocked down on the playground so their lace petticoats and pretty
panties are exposed for the boys to see. Some of the boys sneak up
on the girls and lift up their skirts or doing this while going up or
down stairs. They think this is a lot of fun.

There are a few boys that are very nice and who treat the girls
nicely like Carl. but even these people are teased and beat up and
treated like a sissy. Carl was in the sixth grade and was a sissy in
every sense of the word. His voce was somewhat high pitched as
many little boys are. All of his mannerisms were girlish and
feminine and he didn't enjoy playing with the other boys at recess.
He enjoyed playing with the girls jumping rope and playing other
games that little girls play. He had dolls at home that he played
with and also liked to play house with his sister.

Carl lived at home with his very attractive and ultra feminine
Mommy who was divorced. She loves to treat Carl like her little
girl and this makes him very happy. Carl was always put in Diapers
and Plastic panties at night because he is a Bedwetter and can't help
himself and on the weekends and holidays, his mommy keeps him
in his diapers and plastic panties he likes. In this way Carl loves
being his mommy's little baby girl and all the special treatment and
pampering he gets from mommy. He wears frilly lingerie to bed
and under his clothes all the time and whenever he is at home, he is
kept in silky padded bras along with lacy panties. He loves wearing
lots of petticoats and frilly party dresses. His Mommy would like
him to wear his frilly clothes to school but he cannot. He always
wears his silky panties along with his very absorbent terry lined
training panties because sometimes, it is hard for him to contain
himself during the day. Carl's Mommy always called him Carol or
Baby Carol because as she told him, if you want to be a girl you
should have a girl's name. that never bothered him because it made
him feel more feminine.

There was another boy in Carl's sixth grade class and his name
was David. He was always mean towards the little girls and wasn't
very nice to them at all. He teased them just like the other boys, he
would lift up their dresses to embarrass the girls to fit in with the
other boys. Because of his small size, he had to prove himself so he
wouldn't get beaten up like Carl did and teasing the girls and
causing them trouble was the way he did it. There were many more
girls than boys at School and the girls would like nothing better
than to beat up on all the boys.

Well here it was five weeks into the new School year and once
again, the phone was ringing off the wall with parents wanting to
know what was going to be done to get this problem under control.
One evening after dinner, the Sisters who taught at the School got
together and held a meeting to discuss the problem and to see if
there was anything that could be done. It was decided that the
parents should be invited to take part in the discussion to see if they
had any ideas, this meeting would be held the following week.
Letters were sent out to all of the parents telling them there would
be a meeting that following Sunday at the School gym. The
following Sunday, most of the Mommys came and their husbands
deciding that they had better things to do like playing golf or
watching football games. They decided it wasn't their problem so
they stayed home and their wives attended. Besides, the men all
thought the girls at school got what they deserved and that they
were better for it.

The meeting was well attended by well over three hundred
wives who were anxious to find a solution to this problem and
bring things under control again. There was discussion for about an
hour and then one of the women stood up and left the room and
returned a few minutes later with a pretty teenage girl with her, she
looked about ten years old. She was wearing a light blue chiffon
party dress with lots of ruffled petticoats that made her dress flare
way out from her waist. As she walked, the sound of rustling
petticoats was heard with her every movement. They took a seat
and listened to a local Phychirist try and explain why the boys were
acting as they were, but she had no answers either.

Mrs. Johnson stood up and was recognized by the Sisters and
began to speak. She introduced herself and began. "The problem we
face is a serious one to be sure" she said "but the solution is really
quite simple. The best thing I have found that works is called
Petticoat Punishment." "Petticoat what?" one woman said. How does
it work? "Quite simply" Mrs. Johnson then explained. "What is the
one thing that males fear loosing?" "I don't know" another woman
explained. "It's their manhood and pride and all you have to do is
take it away from them and change their behavior and lifestyle. "It's
very successful and very easy to put into practice. just take away
their trousers and shirts and force the boys to wear petticoats and
frilly dresses. How would they feel if the girls teased them and
called them cissies and lifted up their dresses exposing their pretty
lingerie for all to see" Mrs. Johnson said. "Sounds like a great idea,
but will it work" asked another lady?

Another lady stood up and agreed saying that she had been
using Petticoat Punishment on her son for the past few years and his
behavior has improved greatly now that he was kept a Little Girl in
pretty dresses. She further explained that he would be kept this way
until he learned his lesson and submitted himself to females who are
far superior to males, but he was finding this very difficult to learn.
He now hates his new role. Another woman asked for proof that
Petticoat Punishment did indeed work and Mrs. Johnson readily
supplied it for her. Mrs. Johnson explained " you see ladies, last
summer I sent my son Tom to my sister Sarah's and she is a firm
believer in Petticoat Punishment and uses it full time on her
husband and two sons and you do agree that Tom's behavior is
much better this year." The teachers did agree saying that he was a
perfect angel and was now very nice to the girls in school.
"Naturally Tom didn't like this at first, but after a few spankings
and a month of nothing but ruffles, Petticoats and Pretty Dresses.
He began to accept his new role as a Diapered Little Girl and now
enjoys him I mean herself very much now. Don't you sweetheart."

Mrs. Johnson gestured toward the Pretty Girl sitting on the end
of the bench and she stood up and said "Yes mommy, I'm so happy
now." Mrs. Johnson called the Little Sissy to stand by her side and
he did so for everyone to get a good look at him. To prove he was
indeed Mrs. Johnson's son, she removed the curly blonde wig from
Tom's head showing his short haircut. It was hard to believe that
under all that lace and frills was Mrs. Johnson's once most
disrespectful but now very polite son. Knowing the way Tom used
to be and seeing him now, they knew this would be an excellent
idea and that it might just work. Mrs. Johnson made her son explain
in detail how he now felt about his treatment and how Petticoat
punishment was the best thing that could have ever happened to him
and that all boys should experience the same thing to help keep
them in line so the Girls could tease and humiliate them and call
them Girls names.

The Psychirist agreed saying that this was perfect for all males.
After they get used to the feeling of nylon, lace and feminine
clothes, they can't seem to give it up and become addicted to this
form of dress and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. She
further explained that she was now treating several T.V.s and the
only thing they wanted was to be able to wear their pretty clothes
out in public so they could enjoy themselves completely as Girls.

Mrs. Karr was next to speak and she began by saying "I put my
husband into Petticoats and Pretty Dresses about a year and a half
ago when I found out that he was cheating on me and having an
affair behind my back. I spanked him and made him submit to me
and than I dressed him just like a Pretty Girl and although it took
him a while, he now enjoys his feminine self and is a very good
Little girl when he is at home and he is now my Maid and I make
him wear a soft Velvet Uniform with a lace cap on his long light
brown hair, he makes such a pretty Maid." She continued saying, "I
made him write all of the women in his office to invite them to our
house for a sexy Lingerie party where he was the model. Now he
doesn't dare fool around because I made him wear Lingerie under
his suits all the time.

The meeting was beginning to break up and everybody wanted
to inspect Tom's outfit. As the ladies talked among themselves, they
made Tom stand still while they fussed over his Pretty dress and
Petticoats lifting up his dress for all the ladies to see his Pretty
Panties. Tom was getting very excited and very hard at the same
time. His Mommy said that isn't very feminine and something
should be done about that. As it turned out, the tenth grade english
teacher just loved Tom's costume and wanted to take care of his
little problem so she made Tom have an orgasm in his frilly
Panties. Tom was very happy to get all of this attention and loved
spilling his little girl cream into his panties. It was decided that
there would be another meeting next week to make a decision on
what to do and with that, everyone left and returned home.

Carl's Mommy wasn't able to make the meeting because of
other plans. She had no idea what was being planned but when she
found out, she was to say the least, quite thrilled. Ever since School
had started, Carl was very sad and disappointed because he had seen
the pretty chiffon Uniforms that the Little Girls got to wear and he
would have given anything to be able to wear the same Pretty
Uniform. When his Mommy explained to Carl that some of the
Mommys and teachers wanted to use Petticoat Punishment on their
sons to make them behave, Carl was very happy because he knew
he might be able to go to School as the Little Girl he enjoyed being
so much. His Mommy explained that in no way did he need
Petticoat Punishment because he spent so much of his time wearing
Little girls clothes as it was, and it was very enjoyable for him.
This only meant that he could spend all his time dressed in feminine

On the other hand, David's Mommy had seen the results of
what Petticoats and Pretty Dresses could do to change a boy's
behavior and make him more acceptable to others. After all she
thought, my little David would look so cute swishing around in two
or three multi layered Petticoats and a nice frilly chiffon Uniform in
a Baby Pink. His new costume would be perfect for him and
although she decided to wait until the next meeting before she
started him on his new treatment, she had her mind well made up.
The other Mommys began putting their sons into frilly panties and
padded bras and making their sons wear them under their clothes,
but the boys would be wearing Pretty Dresses if they weren't very

David's Mommy decided to do shopping and buy him a
complete Little Girl wardrobe. Everything from Silky Panties to
Padded Bras as well as Nighties and other Pretty Lingerie. A
collection of Frilly Party Dresses in different feminine Pastel colors.
After talking to Carl's Mommy on the phone, she learned that Carl
was always kept in frilly Little Girls clothes while he was at home
and how much he enjoyed it. She also learned that Carl also wore
Diapers and Plastic Panties to bed at night and many times during
the day when he was at home because he had always been a
Bedwetter and sometimes had trouble controlling himself during the
day. She also learned that Carl always wore plastic lined thick
Training Panties to school under his pants because he had a hard
time being potty trained and they were comfortable to wear.

David's mom thought it might be fun to turn her son into a
Diapered Baby Girl and decided to turn their middle bedroom into a
Girls room as well as a Nursery. When she was done, the walls
were a light pink and white lace curtains lined the windows with a
pink bow trim. All his old bedroom furniture was removed and in
it's place, there was a new set. A vanity with a mirror for his hair
and make up, a matching dresser and night stand as well as a chair
at the dressing table.

There was also a changing table for Diaper changing time and
perhaps the most humiliating piece of furniture was an adult size
crib with a set of wooden rails that could be raised and lowered to
change the wet sheets as his Mommy knew there would be. David's
Mommy went to the Baby Department the following day and picked
up several dozen cloth Diapers and Pastel colored Plastic Panties as
well as a large Diaper pail. The other accessories like pins, lotions
to prevent rashes and lots of Baby Powder would be added quite
soon. David's Mommy thought if nothing else, her son's new
environment would train him to be very good and do as he was
told. Besides, he will end up thanking me in the end because as he
will soon find out, this will be perfect for him.

It was wednesday and Carl's Mommy promised him that she
would meet her son at School that afternoon to as she put it, "get
you properly attired for the rest of the school year" and this meant a
trip to the School registry to be fitted with the proper size Uniforms
in the different colors and pick up a few more multi layered
Petticoats to be worn with the Uniforms. Carl was attired in his
male clothes but was wearing Panties and Padded Bra when they
arrived at the rectory.

"How can I help you?" the Sister asked. "I would like to have
my son fitted with the proper Uniform that the Girls wear. You are
aware of the new policy that will probably go into effect very
soon?" "Oh yes, I am quite familiar with it" the Sister said "Are you
punishing your son for being disobedient?" "Oh no" Carl's Mommy
said, "I have him dressed as a Girl most of the time and when I
found out what was happening I promised Carl that he could wear
the girl's School Uniform from now on and he can't wait to be
fitted!" The two women smiled as Carl looked at the Pretty
Uniforms with his preference being the Pink chiffon Dress.

As Carl was led over to the rack of different colored Uniforms,
the Sister began explaining "Your Mommy is right, male clothes are
not very becoming of a little Girl and we will have to Dress you
properly. Lets get those clothes off and see if we can't fit you with
a Pretty Uniform. Do you have a favorite color?" "I want a Pink
one" Carl said pointing to the Pretty Pink dress on the rack. Carl
removed his shirt exposing his Pretty Padded Bra and removing his
pants, his thick plastic lined Training panties were visible. "Are you
a wetter?" the Sister asked?" Carl's Mommy explained that he was
rapidly becoming Incontinent and she kept him in Diapers and
Plastic Panties all the time at home and Training Panties at School.

"I would like to have him wear his Diapers and Plastic Panties
at School also, but I'm not sure if the Sisters who ran the School
would permit it." "If it would make you feel better, I'm sure that
could be arranged. Some of the Girls who go to School here are
Incontinent and are in diapers and we have been discussing the
possibility of turning one of the classrooms into a Nursery for those
who need it."

Carl's eyes lit up at hearing this, he wasn't the only one like
this. As the Pink Dress was being pulled from the rack, Carl's
Mommy pulled two pads from her purse and put them into Carl's
Padded Bra filling him out very nicely. He was put into two multi
layered Petticoats with lace trim and pulling the Dress over his
head, the Sister zipped it up the back and arranged the skirts to
cover the Petticoats. The Uniform fit well and gave Carl a most
feminine appearance and he loved the way it flared out. "Can I wear
it home?" Carl pleaded. "Of course you can sweetheart, but let me
fix your hair so no one will know you are a boy. "

Pulling an Auburn wig from her bag, she arranged it on Carl's
own hair and brushed it into place, giving him the appearance of a
ten year old Girl. Carl's Mommy selected other Uniforms for Carl in
Yellow, Green, Lavender and Powder Blue. A few extra Petticoats
were added to the Dresses and after purchasing them, Carl said
thank you Sister, the Uniforms are very pretty and I promise to
wear them to School from now on. And thank you mommy, I have
always wanted to have a Uniform just like the other Girls get to
wear and now I can wear them too." Carl's Mommy felt better
knowing that Carl would be allowed to wear his Diapers and Plastic
Panties to School as well and they would give him a feeling of
security. They both left and headed home.

At the meeting the following week, many Mommys brought
their sons who were now dressed in their girl's clothes. Mrs. Karr
even brought her Panty waist husband who now looked quite
feminine and very pretty and everyone took him for an attractive
woman until his secret was let out of the bag. Carl and his Mommy
were there also and he was dressed in his Pink Chiffon School Girl
Uniform looking like a Little Girl. After some discussion, it was
decided that they would implement the punishment beginning
Monday. Any boy found to be disobedient towards the Girls and
teasing them, would be punished and taken to the rectory and
proptly dressed in the Girls Uniform for the rest of the week. The
Mommys were asked to bring in a complete set of Lingerie for each
boy to wear under his Uniform if he got out of line.

The following Monday, David left for School and as usual
picked on the girls on the way unaware of what was in store for
him if he was caught. David went to the usual morning mass and
after that, the Priest left and Sister Monica the Principal explained
"There will be a change in the dress code and punishment format
for any boy who is disrespectful towards the girls at School and any
boy found breaking the rules would be forced to dress in the Girls
Uniform for the rest for the week." sister Monica continued "Any
boy found to be breaking the rules would be made to don the Girl's
Unirorm for the remainder of the School year and would be treated
like girls and made to behave in a feminine manner. This way, you
boys will know what is like to be dressed and treated as a Girl"
Sister Monica explained. Sister Monica also told the girls that
starting tomorrow, they will be required to wear two multi layered
Petticoats under their Uniforms and not one. There would also be
inspections to make sure that the girls as well as the boys under
punishment were dressed properly.

It was learned that there was a boy being punished already and
Carl was led out in front for all to see. He looked so pretty in his
Pink Chiffon Uniform. Sister Monica made Carl now to be referred
to as Carol at all times explain to the rest of the boys and girls
he was being punished and as soon as he began to talk, there was a
chorus of teasing and laughter because his voice gave him away.
After he was all finished, Sister Monica explained that this would
be the punishment for any boy that got out of line and broke the
rules. Afterwards, the students wear dismissed and returned to class
and Carol got into line with the rest of the Girls. The other boys
didn't know what to think, so they just kept quiet and waited to see
if they were serious about turning them into Little Girls. It didn't
take long to find out as David would soon learn.

At morning recess, the girls were teasing the boys about being
turned into Little Girls and David started fighting with Maureen and
when she turned her back to him, David pushed her on the ground
her Petticoats were plain to see. David was laughing "Ha Ha,
nobody is going to turn me into a Diapered Little Girl." The only
problem was that two of the Sisters had seen the whole thing and
David didn't know it. The two Sisters Anne and Cheryl walked up
behind him and took a fighting and yelling David kicking and
screaming to the rectory for his punishment to be administered. The
Girls laughed at him as he was being dragged off. "I bet he makes a
real sweet Diapered Sissy" one girl said to the other. "Yeah, I can't
wait to see how they fix him up" she said.

Once in the rectory, David became very unruly and it took three
women to hold him down and another to administer a sound
spanking. David was still carrying on and it was decided that he
should be secured to the large table. So his hands and feet were tied
to the four legs and he was told he would stay that way until he
quieted down. "let me go!" he yelled. The Sisters ripped off his
clothes saying "you won't be wearing these at school for a long
while." He received spankings from Sisters Anne and Cheryl as well
as two others. Crying like a baby, he begged and pleaded for mercy
sobbing "I'll be a good girl, I promise." Sister Cheryl untied him
and sister Anne handed him a pair of Pink Panties with ruffles
across the seat with his new name Debbie sewn in red across the
front and was ordered to put them on.

His boyhood stiffined in his Panties and it recieved a few
sound weeks from a wooden ruler. Next he was put into two multi
layered Petticoats and white knee socks. He was led over to the
rack of Uniforms and Sister Cheryl selected a Pink chiffon Dress
and it was put over his head and pulled down into place and his
petticoats were fluffed up and the Sisters admired their work and
agreed he now looked more acceptable. A Blonde wig was pinned
into place on his own hair and with his Petticoats swishing around
him, he was led back to class. David, now called Debbie by the
sisters as the name his Mommy had choosen for hin was not
enjoying the feeling of the pretty clothes saying, "I'll be out of this
stuff in a week, so I guess it ain't that bad. "Well now, whe'll just
see about that" Sister Cheryl told him. "That will be determined by
your behavior during the coming weel" she concluded.

Debbie was made to tell the other students why he was
punished and why he was now dressed as a girl and that he would
be kept that was for the rest of the semester because of the severity
of his actions. The rest of the students laughed and teased poor
Debbie calling her a Sissy and what a Pretty Girl he was. The class
was brought to order by Sister Justine and Debbie was told to take
her seat. Debbie sat down in a most unladylike fashion as her Dress
was bunched up under her and all her Petticoats were showing for
the girls to see and they giggled as Debbie tried to pull her Dress
down to cover her Petticoats, but this didn't work. She would have
to stay this way until lunch. Debbie wasn't enjoying the way her
Pretty clothes felt on her and how much like a Girl they made him
feel like.

At lunch time, Debbie was able to get up and fix her dress in
front of the other Girls who laughed at poor Debbie."What a baby"
one of the girls called out. He was made to get line with Carl now
called Carol by the other Sisters and the other girls and they got in
line with the rest of the Girls and went downstairs for lunch. The
Girls made Debbie and Carol sit across from each other in the
middle of the table on the Girls side and all the other Girls sat
around them on both sides and had to put up with their teasing.
They asked the two Girls how they felt being treated the way they
were. Carol readily admitted that he really enjoyed being a Little
Girl and he told the Girls that the Pretty Uniforms were perfect for
him and he was very happy with his new treatment. Debbie on the
other hand sat and ate her lunch and said nothing but listened to
the Girls teasing him. The two girls were led outside by the other
Girls and were made to hold the rope and swung it while the other
girls took turns jumping rope and they teased the boys wondering
who would be next. Even poor Debbie was made to tale his turn
jumping rope showing his Petticoats and being teased by all.

Shortly before School was over, Debbie was told to go
downstairs to get her other Uniforms of Yellow, Lilac, Green and
Powder Blue. she returned in time to get her homework assignment
and was told to get in line with Carol as her partner with the other
Girls and they were dismissed. Walking home, The Girls teased the
two boy/girls and lifted up their Dresses.The poor girls could do
nothing but take what was coming to them. Debbie was totally
humiliated as wll as embarrassed but after all, she had it coming to
her for all of the time Debbie had been teasing the Girls.

Poor Carol was also teased but not for the same thing. When
Caro's Dress was lifted up by one of the Girls, they exposed her
babyish Diapers and Plastic Panties and the Girls teased Carol
calling her a Diapered Baby girl and asked if Baby was dry or was
she wet and needed a change. This was so humiliating for Carol.
She turned red with embarrassment and soaking her diapers, said "I
wet my diapers again. If you want to see if I am wet, you will have
to take me home and change me." Some of the Girls laughed and
padded the boy/girl Carol on her bottom and could feel her thick
Diapers and one of the girls stuck her hand in the diaper and said
"You bet she"s wet, she is soaked." The same gorl made Carol tell
everyone there why she was still in diapers, and the red faced Sissy
with tears in her eyes said "My mommy keeps me in them all the
time because I am a Bedwetter and I wet and mess my diapers like
a baby.." The Girls giggled at poor Carol and told her to go home
to mommy and she would give her a Bottle of Baby Formula and
change her.

David was suprised to see his Mommy waiting for him not far
from the School and she smiled when she saw her son all dressed
up in his very own School Girl's Uniform and smiled to herself and
said "Hi Debbie, are the Girls teasing you?" The Girls walked him
home and David's Mommy asked if they would come by tomorrow
and walk him to School and they were happy to do this. Debbie ran
into the house to hide from the Girls and closed the door. When his
Mommy came in, she found him trying to undo his Dress and being
unable to do so, he began complaining and saying that he wouldn't
let anyone dress him as a Little Girl again. He was unwilling to
cooperate with his punishment and his Mommy made Debbie pull
up her Dress and she recieved a spanking. Debbie recieved two
dozen wacks from a wooden paddle and she pleaded for her to stop
with promises to be good and do what he was told. Diaper Debbie's
Pettticoats and Dress were in disarray and his Mommy told him that
he would remain a Diapered Little Girl until she decided otherwise.

Carol was escorted home by two other Girls to her house and
her Mommy invited them inside for milk and cookies so they
decided to stay for a while. One of the Girls said "I didn't know
that Carl wore Diapers and Plastic Panties. He told us that he is a
Bedwetter. Is this true?" "Yes, that is quite true. I have him in
Diapers all the time now, he wets and messes his diapers all the
time just like a baby" his motlier told the Girls. The Girls laughed
at Carol and asked if he had had a Bottle of formula lately. His
Mommy said he haden't and would one of the Girls like to give
Carol a Bottle? They were happy to and and enjoyed poor Carol's
embarrassment while they watched her and wondered if she had his
own Nursery with a crib for her to sleep in.

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Carol was escorted home by two other Girls to her house and
her Mommy invited them inside for milk and cookies so they
decided to stay for a while. One of the Girls said "I didn't know
that Carl wore Diapers and Plastic Panties. He told us that he is a
Bedwetter. Is this true?" "Yes, that is quite true. I have him in
Diapers all the time now, he wets and messes his diapers all the
time just like a baby" his motlier told the Girls. The Girls laughed
at Carol and asked if he had had a Bottle of formula lately. His
Mommy said he haden't and would one of the Girls like to give
Carol a Bottle? They were happy to and and enjoyed poor Carol's
embarrassment while they watched her and wondered if she had his
own Nursery with a crib for her to sleep in.

Debbie picked up her Uniforms and followed her Mommy
upstairs to her bedroom at the end of the hall, and finding it empty
she was suprised. Her Mommy explained "Miss. Debbie, you now
have a new Bedroom and I am happy to show it to you. Taking her
hand, her Mommy showed Debbie her new room and she was sure
it was a mistake. The bedroom was decorated for a Little Girl and
Debbie said "You can't be serious, I can't sleep here, this room is
for a Little Girl. Please mommy, don't do this to me. I promise to
be good."

"I'm sorry sweetheart, you should have thought of that sooner.
Now this will be your new permanent room and starting today, you
will be kept in frilly Girls clothes and behave and be treated as my
Diapered Little Girl. Do you understand Debbie?" She most
certinaly did and her Mommy told her to hang up her Uniforms and
get aquentated with her new surrowindings. After hanging up the
Uniforms in the closet, her Mommy helped her out of her Pink
Dress, it was replaced with a Bright Yellow Taffeta Party Dress and
after having his hair brushed and being sprayed with a light
perfume, they headed out to the car and Debbie asked "Where are
we going?" "It's a suprise, you'lI see"

Carol was led upstairs by her Mommy and the two Girls to the
Nursery because she needed changing. The Girls couldn't believe
what they saw. The room was completely made over into a Little
Girls room and Nursery with an adult sized crib. There was a
changing table for her and a closet full of dresses that were most
feminine and babyish. The Uniforms were added to the other
dresses. There were Pretty Pink lace curtians on the windows and
the walls were done in a light pastel pink."This will be perfect for
her as Carol gets older" Carol's Mommy said. Carol was placed on
her changing table and was put in dry Diapers and Yellow Plastic
Panties. and a light yellow Girls Party Dress with three Petticoats
and with her make up done, the Girls got a good look at her.
"Doesn't Carl make a Pretty Girl?" The Girls loved the way he now
looked and Carl's Mommy took some pictures and promised to give
the girls a copy for themselves. They went downstairs and Carol's
Mommy thanked the two Girls for staying and would they stop by
the next day to walk her Baby Girl to School? Of course they
would. They said good bye to Carol and thanked her Mommy and

Debbie's Mommy drove to the local beauty salon. She was
going to have Debbie completely made over into a Little Girl.
"Please mommy, don't make me go in there. I'm not a Girl and this
place is just for them" he said. "You are a Sissy and since you will
be wearing Dresses from now on, you will be made over into my
Diapered Little Girl" she told him. They entered the salon and the
other women began talking among themselves about the Sissy
wearing the Pretty Dress. Barbara the owner came out and greeted
the woman and her son saying "I have been looking forward to
working on him, Your dress is so pretty" she told Debbie. "When I
get done with you, nobody will ever know you are a boy. You will
be a very Pretty little Girl. What do you think of that?" the woman
turned to look at him.

David had all he could take of this treatment and he returned
the woman's look and said "No way you're gonna turn me into a
Diaper, I'm out of here." With that, he started heading for the door
only to be caught by the arm and spun around by his Mommy. "I
expected that you might throw a childish tantrum." she said and
then adding, " Just wait until we get home. You just landedyourself
in a whole lot of shit mister." The outraged woman now had an
oppurtunity to move to the next phase of her Diaper son's training,
and as far as she was concerned that was just fine with her.

The Sissy was dragged back into the salon in a rather public
desplay. David was forcably escorted to one of the side booths by
two of the young attendants. He had his panties pulled down and
was given a severe spanking under the watchful eye of his Mommy.

The tear stained Diaper boy was led back out into the salon
and his Mommy left instructions to turn her son into the ten year
old girl. Then turning to her son said " You had better not give
these ladies any trouble, or you will get double from me when we
get home."
Carol and her Mommy went to the local Department store
pick up some new cloth Diapers and other things that were needed.
On the way, Carol wanted to know if she could have some of the
Girls over this coming weekend from School. She told her Mommy
"There is this other Diaper Girl like me that got into trouble and is
now forced to wear the Girls Uniform, and I would like her to
come too." Her Mommy said "I don't see why not. And besides, it
will be good for you to to mix in with the other Girls and it will be
a chance for all of you to have fun.

They arrived at the Department store and headed for the Baby
Department where Carl's mom selected an extra two dozen cloth
Diapers to replace the older ones. Baby Powder and a Playtex
Nurser were added to the list as well and they waited in line to pay
for their purchases. Everyone commented on how pretty Carol was
and what a lovely dress she was wearing. No one ever suspected
otherwise as they left the store. Next stop was a Woman's shop
where Carl's Mommy picked up some new Bras .'or herself and a
jull length Nightie and robe set. Carol recieved a new short Baby
Doll Nightie that was white with Pink embroidery and Ponk lace
trim and they left the store and headed home for dinner and a
comfortable evening.

Debbie and her Mommy went to the toy store and picked out a
Betsy Wetsy Doll for her as well as a Barbie and Ken Doll for her
for Baby Debbie to play with and dress as she liked. Arriving
home, Debbie and her Mommy sat down to dinner with Debbie
getting her first Bottle of Baby formula. Her Mommy decided that
there would be many more of those to come.

Later on, it was bath time for Debbie and she was told to
undread and get into the tub. She did as she was told and her
Mommy undressed and got in also. Debbie had her arms and legs
shaven clean as well as her pubic area so the Diaper Little Girl
would be smooth as a Baby. As they dried off, Debbie was getting
very excited as her Mommy slipped into a matching red Panty and
Bra set and nylons. A short red BAby Doll went on over this and
then she attended to Debbie. "We can't get you ready for bed when
you have a stiff little problem that needs attention" she told him.
Massaging her Little Diaper almost to orgasm, she slipped it into
her mouth and sucked until her mouth filled with Debbie's Little
Girl cream. Next it was off to get Debbie ready for bed.

Carol was fed her dinner in her high chair and given a fresh
bottle of formula to drink. she smiled at her Mommy and said
"Thank You for fitting me with my new Uniforms today. I am very
happy to have them" "I'm glad you enjoy them sweetheart. I'll put
your other clothes away as you won't be needing them anymore"
she told her Little Girl. with bottle in hand, Carol was led by the
hand to her Nursery and prepared for her bath. Her Mommy ran a
perfumed bubble bath and Carol slipped into the warm water and
was cleaned from head to toe by her Mommy.

She removed the few fine hairs on her arms and legs and in
between her legs. Carol was helped out of the tub and toweled dry
and sprinkled with perfumed bath Powder from head to toe and led
to her Nursery. On her changing table, Carol's Mommy Powdered
her bottom.and put her in Diapers and Pink Polka Dot Plastic
Panties and a Pink Padded Bra and her new Baby Doll Nightie.
Carol's Mommy qave her a bedtime bottle but she didn't want it.
"What's the matter sweetheart? You don't want a bedtime feeding?"
"Yes I do mommy, but I have always wanted you to Nurse me but I
didn't ask because I thought you would be upset with me." Her
Mommy put the bottle down and came over to her Little Girl. "I
never knew you wanted me to do this foror you. I did when you
were a Little Baby. I guess you never outgrew that." Carol's
Mommy took her down from her changing table and brought
her,downstairs and sitting of the cofa, she put Carol on her lap and
unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her Pretty Bra. Letting Carol
Nurse at her Breast, she held her Little Girl and promised to Nurse
her more often. Her Little Carol hugged her mommy and was very
happy. Carol was soon back in her Nursery and put to bed in her
crib. her Mommy gave her a good night kiss and her bottle. Turning
out the light she told Carol good night and her Little Girl said
"Good night mommy." finishing her bottle Carol drifted off to sleep
as she wet herself.

Debbie let her Mommy Put her into Diapers and Pink Plastic
Panties and a Pretty Pink Baby Doll Nightie and her Mommy told
her that she would be in Diapers and Plastic Panties more often and
that she would learn to enjoy being her baby Girl. Debbie felt
helpless and a little bit embarrassed at having to wear her Diapers
and Plastic Panties to bed but she really didn't mind. She knew that
Carol wore them all the time so it couldn't be that bad after all.
Secretly she hoped she would be able to wear them all the time
also. Her mommy gave Debbie a Bottle and told her good nitht.
"Thank You for making me your Baby Girl." The light was turned
out and she was left to think about how it would be for Debbie
from now on.

Tommorrow would be another day and both Debbie and Carol
would be in school wearing their School Girl Uniforms and be
treated as the Sissy Diaper Girls they were. There was going to be a
get together with the two Diaper Girls and some of the other Girls
from School and it would be a lot of fun for everyone. Both Debbie
and Carol were the object of teasing and embarrassment at School,
but were also liked by many of the other Girls and they would be
good friends and Baby Sisters.