Hi, I'm April. I am a 15 year old girl, and I live in Maryland. I had a

weird experience at the beginning of last summer. My parents were very

upset with me when I was in 9th grade. I almost failed everything, I got

sent to the office many times, I was suspended once for fighting, and I

was really mean to my 13 year old sister, Amy. When I arrived home from

the last day of school, my family was waiting for me, my Mom, Dad and

Sister were there, and they were mad. When I walked in the house, my mom

said, Stop right there April!

What do you want? I said.

Its time for you to be punished for your behavior in the past

year my dad said.

Its pay back time, my sister said.

Uh, what are you guys talking about? I said.

My Mom explained, you have been acting like a big baby all year,

so we decided it was time you were treated like one, we are going to make

you a complete baby.

WHAT?! I screamed in surprise.

Take your cloths off April, my dad said.

You must be kidding, I said.

Nope not one bit My mom said.


At this point I was terrified, my dad hadn't spanked my since I

as 12, and he was a pretty big guy. At this point I said Look, Ill be

good, I'm sorry, ok? Don't make me take my cloths off.

To late sis, Amy said.

TAKE THEM OFF NOW!, my mom said.

I stood there and started to cry, I took off my book bag and laid

it on the floor, I was wearing jeans, a body suit, and a bra and panties,

I also had a pair of Nikes on. I started with the shoes, I untied them

and took them off, next came my socks, I pulled them off and placed them

inside the shoes. Next, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to remove

my silky smooth legs. I stood there in a light blue body suit, panties

and a bra. I reached down to my crotch and unsnapped the body suit. I

removed it over my head. I stood there in my matching, pink, panties and

bra. 'There' I said.

'Everything,' my mom said.

I began to blush as I reached behind my back to undo my bra, I

took it off, and my tiny breasts fell free. Then I slowly slid my panties

down and stepped out of them. My mom said, 'inspect her Amy'. at which

point Amy walked up to me and started looking me over, she squeezed my

breast and she patted me on the pussy and said good girl.

My mom said to me, go to the bathroom and wait for us. I walked

to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and I waited. I was unsure of what was

going to happen next, and I was scared, then my sister, Amy, entered and

turned on the bath.

Mom and dad are outside so don try anything, she warned. when

the bath was full, she said, ok, now I am going to shave your pubes,

dont fight me or Ill call dad. Lay on the floor I did as she told me

and she produced scissors and started clipping away, then she got shaving

cream and a disposable razor, she lathered me up and shaved away, she was

doing a good job, she didnt nick me or anything. Then she got a bottle

of Nair, and spread the stuff over me pussy, she said, wait there for 5

minutes. She then left the room, I was very embarrassed that my 13 year

old sister would be more developed then me, her breasts were already

bigger, and now I would have no pussy hair! I started to cry, and she

came back in, she put my hair in a shower cap and said, sit in the tub.

When I did, the Nair dissolved and I had a hairless pussy. She said, ok

stand up did and she ran her hand across my pussy to check the

smoothness. When she was satisfied she patted me on my pussy and said,

good girl, then she screamed, MOM, DAD, SHE'S DONE. I felt like a

baby girl at this point, one whose bode was under complete adult

supervision and control. My parents entered and looked at me.

They agreed that I looked fine and led me to my room, they opened

the door and I was shocked. All my old stuff was gone, now instead of

posters adorning the wall, there were pictures of Sesame Street characters

and instead of a bed, there was a six foot long crib! The crib was made

of wood, and it had a smooth finish. I bars on the crib were high enough

to prevent my escape. In the corner there was a large rocking chair, and

in the other corner there was a six foot long changing table, under it

were a large supply of Attends, an adult diaper. In the other corner was

a playpen, with baby toys. there was a dresser probably filled with baby

cloths, and there was a baby monitor sitting on it. At this point I was

still naked and quite embarrassed. My mom led me over to the changing

table and said, hop on up. At which point I hopped up and she said to

me, Now, there are some rules you will have to follow this summer. You

are going to be treated like a baby, and you will act like one. here are

my rules:

1) no talking, you can only use three words, they are : Mommy,

Daddy, and Amy. You will not say a word except those three, you can use

baby talk, like goo goo and gaa gaa.

2) You will wear a diaper at all

times, you will not ever use the toilet, we are putting a lock on the

bathroom door tomorrow, when you want to be changed, say one of our names.

3) You will eat in a highchair, and you will be spoon fed, you will eat

only baby food, and drink only formula or juice, when you drink it will be

from a bottle only.

4) You will sleep in a crib and play in a playpen, if

you are put in one of these and try to get out, you will be spanked.


Myself, your Father, and Amy are now in charge of you, Amy is now you 13

year old BIG sister, you are two years old. She is just like us now, she

can even spank you. She will take care of you during the day while we are

at work, and

6) you may not walk, unless we are out, otherwise, you must

crawl, you may only walk when in a baby harness with a leash. those are

our rules, follow them and you wont get spanked.

I was in shock. Then my mother told me to lay back, she pulled

out a diaper and lifted my legs and put it under my butt. she powdered me

with baby powder and fastened the diaper. then she pulled out a babys

dress, she said to stand up, which I did, and she slipped it over my head

and fastened it in the back, it was pink with lace and it was very full,

it was also very short, leaving my diaper showing, for all to see. At

this point I was placed in my play pen. My sister turned the baby monitor

on and they left the room. I looked around and realized I was trapped, I

was in a nursery meant for babies! I sat there for awhile and though

about my situation, then I realized I had to pee. I began to cry, and I

held it in. I did not want to use a diaper and I was determined to fight

it. then my sister walked in and saw my frustration. she reached down

and cupped my diaper in my crotch area and said Your not wet yet, do you

have to go pee pee little baby? I cried and nodded to which she laughed,

then she replied, Use your diaper, that's why babies have diapers. I

shook my head no. she said, you will sooner or later, Ill just sit here

and watch she walked over to the rocking chair and sat down. you know

you look really cute in that dress, she commented. I cried and then I

felt like I couldn't hold it any longer. I felt pee tricking out and I

gave up, I had to go sooner or later, I let it go, it came out in a big

gush and I finally felt better, sure I felt wet, but my diaper didn't leak

or anything. I looked at my sister and I cried, knowing that she was

going to delight in changing me. She asked, you just went pee pee didn't

you? I nodded. She laughed and said Ill be back then she left. I

was SO mad at her, making me sit in my own pee. She came back with a

bottle and said ok, sit in my lap and drink the whole bottle, and then

Ill change you. I wanted to cry, by drinking the bottle, I would be

falling deeper into babyhood, I however had no choice as she put the side

of my playpen down and told me, crawl over to the chair as I crawled

over to her, I heard my diaper crinkle loudly when I got there she picked

me up (That was shocking, she is pretty strong, but then again I weigh

about 105, and she weights About 130) and put me in her lap, then she

said, open up and she put the bottle in my mouth, I began to suck and

warm sickening milk like fluid came out, you like your formula Baby

April? I didn't reply, I just sucked, in a few minutes it was all gone.

then my sister pulled a pacifier out of her pocket and put in my mouth.

dont let it fall out until I say you can take it out or Ill spank you

then she attached a strap to the end of the pacifier and attached the

other end to me dress, she then carried me over to the changing table and

put me on it she then proceeded to change my diaper, placing the old one

in a pail, she put a new diaper on, after wiping me with baby wipes,

powdered me, and fastened it. then she patted me on the pussy. she said

hat's my way of letting you know that you did a good job baby. The way

she patted me there made me feel like less of a person, which I guess I

was now. She then went to the dresser and got out pink socks with ruffles

on the end, and she went to the closet and produced a pair of shinny Mary

Jane shoes, she said were going to the mall, and then to dinner I was

shocked and obviously my expression showed it, she said, its ok, we are

bringing a diaper bag and baby food for you, and we arranged for an

appropriately sized highchair for you at the restaurant. I wanted to

cry, but this time I didnt, I figured it couldn't get much worse. I was

wrong, when my sister was done putting my shoes and socks on she produced

two more items, one was a pink bonnet with lace, and the other one was a

harness, kind of like the ones toddlers wore so they're parents could keep

them from wondering away, it had a leash on it to. She placed the bonnet

on my head, and she said lift your arms I did and she slipped the

harness over my head and zippered and snapped it in the back, then she

attached the leash, she commented, I always wanted a dog, we could never

get one cause you were allergic, now it looks like I get one That was

the last straw, I took my pacifier out and said look here you little

bitch, you are really pissing me off she slapped me hard across the face

and dragged me to the rocking chair now your gonna get it, she said, she

pulled me over her knee, face down, and unfastened my diaper, she

proceeded to spank me until I cried. she put my diaper back on, put the

pacifier back in my mouth, and said, There there baby April, just do what

I say and I wont have to do that anymore, ok? Will you listen to me

now? I was crying furiously at this point but I nodded my head in

agreement, she then said, Ok, lets go she grabbed my leash and allowed

me to crawl to the family room, where my parents were, they were dressed

up and I was in a party dress, my sister was still only in jeans and a tee

shirt, she said ok, watch her while I change I proceeded to sit in the

floor until my sister reappeared in a blouse, an a-line skirt, and white

tights, she also had a pair of low heeled pumps on. she said did baby

miss me? not knowing what else to do, I nodded, she kissed me on the

head and said, I love having a little baby like you I just sat there

until she said, ok, you can walk until we come home, but if you try to

run away, remember, I have you on a leash I stood up and realized I was

in for a challenge, the effect of having on a thick diaper, and Mary

Janes, plus a harness, allowed me to only waddle, in short small steps, I

could tell this was going to be embarrassing, I followed my parents to the

family mini van, my sister bringing up the rear. When we got the van

I realized a new addition, a large car seat, my parents told me to sit in

it, and when I did my sister buckled it and I could not move. Also, I had

to pee again, I guess it was the formula I drank earlier, I vowed I would

hold it until we got home. I became worried when we took some back roads

and arrived at a day care center, the sign said Jerichos Day care and I

knew my parents knew the women who owned it, Ms. Jericho Busch. My sister

said, Ok, Ill go in and while she did, my parents told me that on

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays that I would stay here while my sister

taught at a cheer leading camp for younger girls. I was shocked to learn

that a girl in my school worked here, Elisa, a girl from the Basketball

team which I was a member of. I was really scared now, but Amy assured me

that she wouldn't tell anyone at school, the day care was only for kids

ages 1-13, but Ms. Jericho was willing to make an exception for me, and

that the other kids would be ok with it. Today was Friday and I would be

starting Monday my sister said that she would walk me up here every

morning on her was to cheer leading. By this time, we had arrived at the

mall, my sister had to buy some Nike Spirit Color shoes for her job at the

cheer leading camp, and some yellow bloomers to go with her outfit.

(bloomers are spandex/nylon panty type garments that go over your panties

so when you jump and get thrown in the air, people see them instead of

your panties, they are colored to match the inside of your skirt). By

this time, I really had to pee, we were walking, actually they were

walking, I was waddling, through the mall towards the sporting good store

when I had to go, so I stopped and tried to go, my sister said, come on,

keep walking I did as I was told, fearful of another spanking, and I

slowly wet my diaper. After I did I looked at my sister and said the only

thing I was allowed to, Amy as I did this I pointed to my diaper, well

people were already looking at me before, including this one teenage boy,

but they were really looking now as my parents stopped and Amy reached to

my crotch and squeezed my thick diaper, shes weT Amy announced in a

loud voice which caused some heads to turn. Youll have to change her

after we buy your shoes and your spankie (another word for bloomers).

ok Amy said. We walked to the sporting good store, and now I was

getting a lot more attention as my diaper made loud crinkles for each step

I took. Amy took forever buying her stuff, my parents held my leash as

she did. I saw a pair of shoes I liked and when I tried to go look at

them, my dad yanked hard on my leash, cause I fell on my butt (I already

had bad balance from waddling) lucky, I was wearing thick diapers, because

it didn hurt when I fell, but the second I hit the ground, I felt a lot

wetter, the pee came right back out of it, and it took awhile to soak back

in. My dad came over and picked me up, and said, be a good little girl

and stay with us. then I noticed that teenage boy again, he was

following us, and he laughed when I fell. then he walked up to my sister

and they started talking. He was also in 8th grade at her school. After

awhile he left and we were ready to check out. My sister bought

everything she needed, including some new bubble socks. then she led me

to the ladies room, I was shocked, she was going to change me here! I was

really shocked when a girl my age walked in. She apparently was that boys

older sister. My sister went into my diaper bag and pulled out what she

needed, and she and the girl chatted about me while she proceed to change

me on the changing table in the mall bathroom. She showed the girl my

shaved pussy and the girl asked if she could feel it, Amy said sure! I

was very mad and after the girl touched me, Amy showed her how to pat me.

except the girl patted to hard, and she slapped my pussy, it really hurt.

Then Amy showed her how to do it right and she did. She said to me sorry

little baby, didnt mean to hurt you then she laughed, Amy finished

changing me and she patted me. good girl April, she said, then she

asked the other girl if she wanted to baby sit me some time, the other

girl said sure, she needed some extra money. when we came out, Amy

introduced her to my parents, her name was Sara. My parents said that

because I was so old that they would pay her $6 an hour! she said that

was fine and to call her whenever, she left her phone number, rejoined her

brother, and we left the mall. We then got back in the car, it felt good

to be dry and out of the mall, but then I remembered where we were going,

I was going to eat my first meal as a baby. When we got to the restaurant

my father said, reservations for Mr. Balms the hostess led us to a

booth in the back of the restaurant, It had a large high chair on the end

of it, my dad picked me up and put me in it, the hostess then attached the

table to it. She took drink orders and my sister was telling my parents

about how excited she was about feeding me. She went into the baby bag

and pulled out three small bottles of baby food, and a bottle, eat all

your food and Ill let you drink your bottle, she said, the people around

us were laughing. She produced a very small spoon and opened the baby

food, I reached out my hand to take it and she smacked it, I feed you

little baby, you arent big enough to feed yourself. She placed a bib

around my neck, It had teddy bears on it. I was upset about this, this was

really demeaning, she dipped the spoon in the bottle and brought out some

mushed carrots. When she put them in my mouth I gaged. They were sick,

she used the spoon to wipe the bottom of my mouth and said, swallow I

did, and she put more in my mouth, this continued until it was all gone, I

was handed my bottle and I sucked hard, trying to get the taste out of my

mouth. Then my families food came, my sister got a steak. That made me

mad, but there was nothing I could do about it. After the meal was over.

We went home, my sister changed me into a baby sleeper and put me to sleep

in my crib, It was only 7:00.