Amy's Diapering
Author: Unknown


Amy was so excited. She finally invited to her first high school sleep over. She was glad this other freshman Lucy was going with her as it was Lucy's sister who invited them both to go. Amy was glad school was over and packed for this 2 night sleep over. She wanted to be popular and hoped that being with these girls would help her do so. After she was done she headed downstairs where her Mother was waiting for her to drop her off. As Amy got into the car her Mom replied how happy she looked and hoped she had a good time. When they got to Lucy's house, Amy's Mom tried to talk to her but Amy replied, "Mom, I'm 16.....stop treating me like a baby." and hurried up Lucy's steps and rang the front door.

Lucy opened the front door to greet her. "Welcome Amy !!! ", Lucy said as she hugged her friend. Lucy was a little taller than her with long red hair and freckles. Amy stood next to her and was awed by her beauty. Amy had long blonde hair, but her figure was not fully developed, making her appear younger than Lucy. "Let me introduce you to everyone else ! , exclaimed Lucy. Amy was lead to her sisters big bedroom where everyone would be sleeping. There were 3 other girls there besides Lucy. One was a girl named Stacy. She was shorter than Amy with short black hair but very well proportioned. Next was Heather who was a year ahead of Lucy & Amy. She also had blonde hair but it was cut short and styled very nicely. Lastly was Sarah, Lucy's sister. She was very tall, with shoulder length red hair and nice skin. She was very large breasted making the other girls, Amy especially, look like kids. Everyone looked up and introduced themselves. Then they all changed and got ready to have fun. It was nice for the first part of the evening where they talked about all the cute guys, shopping , and of course more guys. But after Lucy & Sarah's parents went to bed, Sarah suggested letting her hypnotize them. Everyone laughed and said ok as it would be fun faking it. Well, Stacy volunteered first and everyone was amazed as Sarah really hypnotized her! Sarah told her she was a bird and everyone laughed and she snapped her out of it. Next went Heather who jumped around the room like a monkey. Lucy was acting like a dog next running around panting.....Amy overheard her saying she wish she could keep her like that but their Mom would kill them. Now Amy's time had come and at first she did not want to but Lucy said everything would be alright.

One second she was ready to get hypnotized and the next everyone was rolling around like they had witnessed a comedy act. Amy saw everyone was laughing and pointing at her. She went to get up and noticed that she had wet herself. She thought it was weird that she wasn't embarrassed. Lucy told her she could wear one of her long pj shirts. Amy changed and came back and everyone was still joking about it. Amy asked what happened when Heather told her that Sarah hypnotized her to believe she was a baby and wet herself. Amy didn't know what to say or do.....Everyone agreed it was time to sleep and everyone got in their sleeping bags. As Amy went to sleep, she put her thumb in her mouth. "That's weird. " , she thought to herself and took it out and feel asleep.

The rest of the weekend was fun but Amy felt strange. She saw Lucy sitting at lunch on Monday and approached her. "What happened to me when your sister hypnotized me?" inquired Amy as she sat down. Lucy sat for a minute and answered her. She told her that her sister had told her she was a baby and to wet herself and when she awoke she would not feel embarrassed. She also told her that her sister also made suggestions that you would have urges to suck your thumb at bedtime. Amy was shocked and told Lucy she needed to get her sister to undo the last part so Lucy agreed Amy come over after school to have Sarah undo what she did.

The bell rang and Amy met Lucy by the front of the school and they walked to Lucy's house. Neither parent was home so Amy wouldn't feel bad confronting Sarah. When they got to Sarah's room, they barged in to find Sarah reading. "What have you done ?!!!" was Amy's only sentence as Sarah snapped her fingers twice and both Lucy & Amy froze in their tracks. Sarah turned to Lucy first and replied, "Lucy, crawl out of here now dog and when you get to your room you will snap out but know you should not come in GO!!!" With that, Lucy got on all 4's and crawled out, panting like a dog. Sarah now turned to Amy. "Well, seeing you have no manners, I will make you my baby." "Whenever you hear anyone say 'Pamper time' will turn you into a baby but you will know what's going on but can't stop it. . You will talk like a baby, act like baby, and wet like a baby." Lastly she told her that if she tried to have it undone, anytime she tried to bring it up she would start talking baby talk. . Sarah then snapped her fingers and Amy awoke. She began to cry.....

Sarah wanted to have a little fun with Amy. She softly cooed, "Pamper time" and Amy began to feel strange. Amy fell to the floor and she tried to talk. "Wat ...wong wit meeee......?!!" Sarah picked her up and began to undress her. She put a diaper on her and shaved her pubic hair. "Can't have my baby getting a rash!", she laughed and put Amy on her bed. Amy sat there and watched as Sarah got her a bib and a bottle. "Drink this" whispered Sarah as she fed Amy the bottle. Amy was fed and had her hair put in a ponytail when Sarah decided enough for now. She said the word again and Amy was back to normal....She went to take the diaper off and Sarah instructed if she did, she would turn her into a baby again. Amy was not to take the diaper off until the morning when she got into school. If it looked like it was tampered with, Sarah said she would punish Amy. Amy got dressed and left. As she walked away from Sarah's house she knew that this story was just the beginning...

Amy awoke in the morning with a wet diaper, she could not believe she wet herself as she normally wakes up when she has to go to the bathroom. Sarah must have suggested to her. She could not remove the diaper for fear that Sarah would punish her at school and everyone would make fun of her so she put on a long dress to cover up her diaper. She came down and had breakfast. As she waited for the bus she wondered how different her life would be ? She seemed more at peace and the thought of acting like a baby intrigued her. She just didn't like to be humiliated. As the bus pulled up she walked in and sat down. Lucy and Sarah were already on the bus. She sat down in front of them as that was the only seat left. Sarah leaned over and said, "Did my little baby have a little accident last night ?" as she leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Yes Sarah I did. " replied Amy a little smart mouthed. Then Sarah got upset and grabbed her ear and said, "Yes Mommy or I will turn you into a baby right here !!!" Amy did as she asked as she did not want to be humiliated. When they got off the bus Sarah grabbed Amy by the arm and dragged her into the girls room. "Gotta change your diaper or people will smell baby." She put a new one on and told her that if she needed a change to come to her. Amy then went to her classes. Around 10, her bladder was beginning to hurt. She could not hold it anymore and the class did not end for another 5 minutes. She decided to let out just a little till class ended. She sat there and slowly released her pee and it wet her a little. She felt better but also felt a little excited. She didn't think anyone knew what she did and that is what was making her excited. "Is this normal she wondered ?". Just then the bell rang and Amy went looking for Sarah but could not find her. She got nervous as the next bell rang. It was her gym class and had to tell her teacher she forgot her gym clothes and just sat there as she tried to hold it in. She finally just wet herself and she began to cry. Lucy came over and asked what was wrong and Amy told her. Lucy put Amy's head on her shoulder and told her everything would be alright. At lunch time Amy found Sarah with her friend's Heather and Stacey. Amy told her she was wet and the other girls laughed as Sarah took her to the bathroom for a change. When they got back to the table Heather leaned over and said "Pamper time." and Amy reverted to a baby. Heather fed her and gave her a bottle. Amy cooed as she took the bottle and began to drink it. Everyone started to look at her and she could do nothing to help. She began to cry and everyone laughed as Sarah put her arms around here and rocked her till she stopped. The bell rang and Sarah said the word again so Amy could go to her next class. Her worst fear realized she wet her diaper again and ran to class.

After school she decided to walk home when a car pulled up. It was Stacey and told her to get in or she would turn her into a baby and have to put her in. "How many did she tell ?", Amy thought as she got in the car. They drove to Sarah's who was already home when the arrived. Having her go to Sarah's room she sat on the bed in front of Sarah. Lucy was there rolling on the floor like a dog and just sat in the corner panting. Sarah said the words again and Amy again was a baby. She was changed, and put down in front of the T.V. to play with toys. She was fed a bottle and even allowed to play with her friend Lucy who was her puppy. Then Amy was brought out of the trance and began to cry. Sarah told her to stop or she would be a baby forever. Amy dried her eyes and she was sent home....diapered and given a bottle to drink that nite.

As Amy began to fall asleep, she began to wonder why she was liking it. It seemed to now turn her on and whenever she wet herself she got a feeling to touch herself. She began to play with herself as she wet her diaper and got herself off. She then decided she would like it. Maybe this would not be bad at all.

Amy got up and went outside for the bus when she saw Lucy and Sarah. When she got outside Sarah got mad. "What is wrong with you ?" as Amy came outside. She was dressed in a cute little dress with pink bunnies on it. Lucy smiled as Amy passed her and Amy cooed "Morning Mommy, baby ready for today.". Sarah took her by the hand and led her on the bus. Everyone seemed to be pointing at Amy and Sarah. Sarah felt uncomfortable and Amy noticed she didn't like it. Once they got to school Sarah turned to Amy and said, "Don't embarrass Mommy anymore or you will be a baby forever. Amy got off the bus and entered the school.

Sarah sat in her last period class and was laughing with her friends when there was a knock at the door. The teacher opened it and Amy came in. The teacher asked her what she wanted and Amy replied, "I need Mommy Sarah to change my diapee...". Everyone began laughing at Sarah and she got mad as the teacher sent them both to detention. After school, Sarah and Amy sat in detention alone and Sarah grabbed Amy's arm. "What are you trying to do to my reputation ? You do not humiliate me, explain yourself to Mommy-Pamper time.". Amy again reverted to a baby and as she tried to talk her speech got more and more like a toddler. "Well Sawah Ma Ma, Amy like beein like Ma Ma. So Momma be wit babee forevah !" Sarah was shocked. She did not want her to like it, she did it to humiliate and torture her. Sarah exclaimed, "That's it, I am never talking to you again-pamper time", and she looked away from Amy. Amy cried and wanted her to stay as her Mom. She loved this way of life. Then, Amy's bowels let go and she wet her diapers. Sarah turned around disgusted and left the room. The principal came in and let Amy go. When she got outside she saw Lucy and walked up to her.

"What did you do to my sister ? She ran out of here crying.", laughed Lucy as Amy approached. Amy smiled and replied, " I like being a baby so I decided to let Sarah be my Mommy, but I guess she doesn't like it unless she is humiliating someone. So I guess I don't have a Mommy anymore." Lucy started to walk and Amy joined her but then stopped. Lucy put her arm on Amy and asked what was wrong. Amy told her she still liked this and was going to continue to act like a baby. She loved the feeling and wearing diapers wasn't that bad, actually fun. She was just upset that she had no Mommy. Lucy moved in front of Amy and said, "If you want, I will be your Mommy............It can't be that hard right ?!!!!" Amy smiled and put her arms around her. "That would be great !!!" she then grabbed Lucy's hand. Lucy then went into her pocket and pulled out a pacifier. "My sister dropped this as she ran by and I cleaned it in the fountain." Amy put it in her mouth and cooed, "Baby's diapee is wet & messy". Lucy grabbed her hand and as they walked down the street headed to a local store. Amy thought Now I found my true Mommy..