By: Unknown

Alicia was the typical girl in every sense of the word. Oh, she was near brilliant in high school, with a 4.2 grade point average, but we won't hold that against her. At 15 she was in the pomp squad, yearbook review committee, and in the math club and scholastic bowl. Her parents were extremely proud of her. They didn't even worry that her striking appearance would even get her in trouble with the boys of her age. Certainly being blond, blue eyed and big breasted had its advantages but sometimes people needed to be careful. Although she seemed to be a shining example of the all American teen there was one thing that separated her from the rest of the supposedly normal crowd. She had always had this strange desire to wear diapers.

It wasn't that terrible Alicia thought, as the school bus came around the bend into her heavily forested neighborhood. She jumped off her bus as it ground to a stop in front of her house and went over the plan that had been formulating in her mind ever since she had heard that her mother would be gone for a late session at aerobics class that afternoon. Since her father always came home late from his law firm in the city she would have almost three hours of piece and quiet, alone, with the entire house to herself. Alicia resisted a wild urge to chortle and take giggling skips all the way home. She picked up her pace against the slight spring wind racing up her impossibly long driveway barely containing her excitement. When she got to the door she nearly fell over, slamming into the unknown to her locked door. She forced herself to take a big, relaxing breath and unlocked the door with a trembling hand. Finally, she opened the door to three hours of freedom.

She set her book bag down in the hallway. She was entirely grateful to whatever gods there were that it was a Friday so she didn't have to finish, or for that matter start, her homework tonight. She started up the stairs to her room taking off her stylish pink and white PVC tank top on the way up. By the time she got to her room she had finished stripping off her bell-bottoms and feather white panties. Completely nude, she hurried over to her big oak dresser and removed one of her drawers finding her coveted supplies.

Taking out the plastic panties, disposable diapers, three cloth diapers and several oversized baby pins. She smiled as she smoothed out the disposable diapers, a large Huggies no less, on top of the three outlaid cloth diapers with an ample can of baby powder. She was a little small for her age even if she did have rather well developed breasts. And was yet to develop any pubic hair, she thought happily, as she settled herself delicately on top of all four pairs of diapers laid out on her bed.

She had always wondered why she had always been so drawn to diapers, even as a little kid. Her mother had always joked that she didn't think that little Alicia would ever get out of diapers as her potty training had been a little troublesome. When she did finally get out of diapers her parents had held a huge party, almost as large as her sixth birthday party a month later. As it was, she continued to wet the bed for another year. She did eventually conquer her wetting at night but she would always look upon that time in her life with just a bit of wistfulness. As the years went by her desires didn't fade, if anything they continued to get stronger. She had read psychological studies on the internet when she first consciously found out about her secret fetish. Apparently, diapers were a way for her to get rid of stress and relax in a fantasy world away from all the real pressures of her life.

She certainly enjoyed, exalting in the secure caress of the diapers as they tightly pinned around her buttocks forcing her legs wide apart rubbing slightly against her budding sexuality. She lifted the delicately hued pink plastic panties with the white French ruffles in front of her and proceeded to step into the baby clean smelling plastic. She had found them on an internet site that sold to people like herself that had desires to act out their fantasies as adult babies. She had loved the way the white satin ruffles and the one small starch white bow in the front had contrasted so softly with the pleasant baby pink plastic of the panties themselves. She had snatched them up immediately, the web site shipped their products in unassuming cardboard boxes. She had been able to pay for the purchase with the credit card that her parents had given her in the face of her upcoming adulthood no less! She suppressed a giggle as she wiggled her cute little butt into the slippery panties and tucked in all the exposed diaper trying to get out. When she was done she smoothed down the front of her plastic panties and then slipped on a pair of extremely cute and extremely infantile pink bunny slippers with droopy ears.

She slipped on a pink and white ribbon with her favorite white dummy wiggling tantalizingly at the very end. She grabbed her eight once baby bottle, another must have from her coveted internet site, and stepped in front of her bedroom's full sized mirror. This time she couldn't suppress the giggle that came bubbling up her throat. She slipped in her baba and watched her all but naked twin in the glass do the same. With another small giggle she went out into her hall and waddled down the stairs and down into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and after filling her bottle with deliciously and refreshingly cold whole milk. She skipped into the living room and turned on some kiddy afternoon cartoons. She lay out on the couch; her head on the armrest, her feet didn't even come close to touching the other end of the small piece of furniture. Halfway through the Power puff Girls Alicia brought the chilled bottle to her lips, half consciously mostly paying attention to the animated show, and began to suckle just like the baby that she had regressed to. After the show had started to end and the baby bottle gurgled empty Alicia's eyelids began to droop. Slowly but surely she slumped down into unconsciousness and soon was snoring gently. Although Alicia was babyish she wasn't stupid and as her bare chest rose and fell along with her white dummy rising and falling in unison an alarm clock ticked away. It would wake her with fifteen minutes to clean up and dress before her parents came home. If she woke up before then, she'd just turn off the alarm and have more time to play. Her last contented thought as she drifted off to dream land was how perfect this afternoon was turning out to be.


Alicia awoke with a start. What was that?! Alicia strained her ears to their full capacity and then... nothing. With a sigh Alicia started to put her head down back on the armrest when all of a sudden.

"What the...! What do you think you're doing in that get up young lady!"

Alicia bolted upright eyes wide with fear, like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi.

"But mom, its...its n-not what you think!"

"And just what is Alicia Joseph Fredrickson!"

With tears streaming down her pouty, terrified face and desperately trying to cover her diapered rear from view she stuttered. Her mother had used her full name, she knew she was about to get it. "I-I-I d-don't-t know!"

"Well, I've just come home from a hard day at the office, drive all the way out to where Jesus lost his sandals, only to find that my aerobics class has been cancelled and then come home to my seventeen year old daughter shamelessly naked all except for one sopping wet diaper!"

Alicia looked down to her sagging wet diapers barely contained from leaking by her frilly pink panties with tear stained eyes. She touched her fastly cooling panties trapping her warm cotton diaper with one trembling hand. Any other time she would have rejoiced at having wet herself without realizing it, but to shame herself in front of her mother, it was just too much. Her diapered bottom was not the only thing that was near to overflowing, suddenly her damp eyes were gushers of humiliating tears. Seeing her predicament her mothers diamond hard eyes melted like soft butter.

"I could never stand to see you so upset when you were little and I guess I still can't yell at you when you look so cute in your bright pink plastic panties. Well come on," she said with a sigh, "lets get you cleaned up and we'll figure out what to do about this when your father gets finished up at the office."

Taking a shaking hand a very troubled mother took her very wet daughter upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed. What am I ever going to do with her, Alicia's mother thought.


Poor Alicia was set gingerly upon her bed, her 120 pounds was light enough to pick up, and her cloth diapers unpinned and the tapes on her disposable diaper ripped off. ?What a wet girl we have!? exclaimed her mother. Alicia blushed so hard crimson looked dull in comparison. ?Mom, please don?t.? She quietly said as she looked away in embarrassment. ?Oh-ho! I catch you wetting and crying just like a two year old and now you feel too mature to be cooed over!? Jennifer, Alicia?s mom, shook her head and popped the oversized pacifier into the protesting child. Jennifer swabbed down her child?s pee soaked butt with a baby wipe and then continued on, ?You want to act like a baby that?s fine but then you?ll be treated like one. Upsidazezes.? Jennifer helped Alicia sit up and then sat beside her. ?Look, we need to talk.? Alicia reached up to pull the pacifier out of her mouth, and her mother deftly slapped her hand. ?Maybe I have to make myself clear, I talk and you listen. Now I came home and I caught you with your pants down, and saw a diaper! I don?t want to hear an explanation or an excuse, it seems that I?ve failed to raise you properly, and so we?ll try again, from age two. For one week you will remain as you were when I found you on the couch.?

Alicia couldn?t believe it! Her mother was going to go through with the whole ordeal and actually diaper her for a week. Before she might have been elated but now, hearing the tone of her mother?s voice it didn?t sound as if the entire week would be all fun and games. She looked down and noticed, for the first time, that she was naked from the waste down. She blushed crimson, realizing that her mother would see her shaved pubic bush and was about to cover herself with her hand when she saw her mother?s warning glance and stopped realizing that it would just earn her another smack and Jennifer would be seeing her naked a lot during diaper changes in any case. She shuddered as she thought of those two words; diaper changes. Her diaper changes.

?I see that you?ve shaved yourself, and not just your legs. So you must have wanted to lose all of that responsibility and maturity for a while.? Her mother snickered, and started to rise. ?And then there?s the issue about your father?? Alicia?s eyes widened in terror; her father had always meant the world to her and his opinion of her would be forever shattered if he were to ever find out about her impending punishment. Sobs started up from her lowered head and quickly became tears of pure humiliation and shame streaming down her face.

Jennifer looked down at her pathetic half naked daughter with a pacifier in her pouting lips, sobbing her eyes out, as tears poured down her face in rivulets dropping onto her infantile pink shirt with Baby Girl written on it. Jennifer?s eyes softened and her tense brow smoothed. She had never meant to hurt her daughter, just teach her a lesson in humility and make her want to grow up a little. She couldn?t very well take back the punishment now, besides it was needed. But she knew that her daughter couldn?t stand her father finding out about this. Her father meant the world to her and it would break her spirit if he found out that his daughter was nothing more than a baby.

Jennifer sat down and took her crying daughter?s head in her lap. ?Shhhh?. It?s okay baby mommy?s here?.? Jennifer patted her daughter on the back and ran her fingers through her hair. When Alicia finally managed to calm down a little, hiccupping every now and then, Jennifer pulled her close and decided to broach the issue. ?Are you upset because of your punishment or that Dad might find out?? Alicia was quiet for a moment and then looked cross-eyed down at her pacifiered mouth. With a smile Jennifer took out the girl?s pacifier and, once the pacifier was out, Alicia smiled back. Wiping away some tears Alicia said, ?Daddy finding out.? And then buried her head back into Jennifer?s shoulder.

Jennifer was slightly taken aback. I haven?t heard her call Jack Daddy in six or seven years. Jennifer covered up her unease and continued on. ?Next Monday you have spring break for two weeks. Normally we don?t go on vacation or anything and this year is no different.? Alicia?s head came out of hiding, newly tear stroke, and it bobbed in agreement. ?So your father planned to take a two week meeting during break over in Colorado and then add to his summer vacation time. Now, we can either have your punishment for one week this upcoming summer or two weeks now without your father knowing. I?m warning you though if you take my deal so that dad won?t find out over the summer, it won?t be a picnic. This is a punishment and I intend to carry it out as one.?

Jennifer watched a cloud fall over child?s face and then lift, leaving decision in its wake. ?Two weeks now, instead of one week later?? Somehow Jennifer predicted that Alicia would nod her head yes. ?Okay then,? Jennifer said teasing the pacifier back in between Alicia?s lips, ?lets get you diapered.?

After some brief rummaging around she found Alicia?s stash of diapers and plastic pants and took out one disposable Huggies diaper, two clothe ones, some baby powder, and another pair of white and pink, rubber and lace rumba diaper panties. ?Oooh! I just love your selection Ali. These will look so dearly sweet on one big punished behind I know of.? Alicia blushed furiously as she tried to keep from looking her mother in the eye. She was much happier now that her father would never find out about this, but still??Jennifer hadn?t called her Ali in; well, since she was six. It made her feel young and defenseless.

?Now my baby Ali, first lets go over some ground rules while I get you changed and then we?ll begin your punishment. Rule number one; you are to obey me at all times no matter what-and that means no talkback!? Ali, as she now is named, became nervous again as she noted the tone in her mother?s voice but managed to gulp down her fear and listened on. ?Rule number two; you are to address me as momma or mommy when you want something or I won?t listen to you. In addition, you are not allowed to use adult talk and must use a child?s lisp. Turn over honey.? Jennifer had finished powdering Ali?s smooth front and Ali turned over. Jennifer started on her butt rubbing in the soft powder. ?To help you do this I want you using that retainer of yours 24/7. So put it in.? That was outrageous!, Ali thought, I?ll sound like a little baby all the-A sharp crack of the palm on her but sent a sliver of pain through her bottom. Frantically, Ali sought to comply, ripping her retainer off her bedside table and putting it in. She started crying again such was her emotional state that her bladder expelled between soft crying hiccups. Jennifer deftly caught it in the used Huggie and patted Ali on the butt. Poor thing, I better go easier on her. Jennifer continued to diaper Ali until she had calmed down.

?The last rule,? Jennifer continued snugly pulling up the rumba panties, ?is to never diaper yourself or try to take your diaper off by yourself. If you complain off a wet or messy diaper you?ll receive a spanking. I will eventually check on you myself. Is this all understood?? Jennifer looked Ali in the eye, making her feel uncomfortable. Jennifer finally fitted the big soft bunny slippers and her child?s wiggling feet. After a moment of pregnant silence Jennifer said, ?Ali?? Uhoh, thought Ali there?s that warning tone of hers again. ?Yes moth-mommy, I understand.? Ali was surprised at the sound of her voice as it rasped softly. She felt more naked than ever and turned away. Her mother grinned and continued on. ?Good Ali girl, now you just stay right there and wait while I get you something to drink.? Ali obediently waited in her room, lying on her back. It felt weird to be so taken care of. Being in diapers by herself was an inexhaustible thrill but now she felt more helpless than ever and she wasn?t sure that she liked it. Even the way that her mother had fastened her diapers was different. It pushed her legs apart so far that it looked almost as if she were riding an invisible horse. It also made her feel especially vulnerable, but not in a way that got her sexually excited like she used to sometimes feel. More cared for. Ali shook her head. What on her was she thinking? she asked herself. This is a simple punishment nothing more and I?m not a baby just a girl who needed to feel no responsibility every once and a while. There was nothing wrong in that. She came to feeling so rebellious that she almost felt like confronting her mother. What right does she have to do this to me? But then she remembered her father. She couldn?t stand to let him know of this, she would have rather die first than die to her father?s eyes. Ali settled down to complacency just as she saw her mother return.

Her mother walked into the room holding some things in her hands that Ali couldn?t quite make out. ?Now I might be gone for nearly an hour and a half to two hours, getting some things for my new baby girl, so I want you to be my good baby Ali and drink these all down while I?m gone okay sweetums. With that she set down Ali?s four eight-ounce bottles each one filled to the brim with ice-cold milk. Ali was shocked. She had four bottles only because of the need to clean them in secrecy. She had never thought that she would ever drink four bottles at once. ?But mom that?s insane,? said Ali. Or rather that?s what she would have said if Jennifer had not sat down immediately and started spanking the daylights out of the surprised little girl. Wave after wave of hand administered pain washed over Ali as Jennifer swatted her diapered butt. Ali tried to break free but all to no avail. Her mother had pinned her left hand behind her back and rolled Ali onto her own left arm. Kicking did nothing as her feet were over the empty space at the foot of her bed. With an effort Ali forced herself to hold still and gave in. After five more spanks Jennifer stopped. She was still furious however.

?Now will you drink them all or do you want to get another!?? Jennifer yelled at Ali meekly nodded back. Her eyes were dry; she had no more tears to cry. ?Well I see you?ve broken two of my rules already. Now I?m not sure I can trust you anymore.? Ali started to shake. All this derision she couldn?t handle anymore. She just sat there her bottom on fire and shook and shook, Jennifer?s words washing right over her. Jennifer saw this knew she should give the girl some slack. It had been a tough day for her after all. She quietly brought Ali?s head up by the chin and stroked her head. She then popped the pacifier into her mouth and rubbed her back until she had calmed down.

Then without breaking tempo she deftly slapped a pair of handcuffs to one hand of her daughter and the other ring to a piece of metal lattice work at the head of Ali?s bed. Year?s of working in the police department had not only helped her husband with getting the court date?s he wanted but it had also taught Jennifer to ?eat with grinning jaws? so to speak. Ali jumped out of her reverie and her eyes became pinpoints of fire burning on pure hate. ?Oh Ali its okay. Look you broke one of my rules and now I have to leave to go and run some errands. What, you want me to leave you unsupervised with nothing but trouble to get into? Maybe I should ask one of your friends say Megan or Ashley to come over and baby sit my darling little girl?? A pitiable look of pure terror replaced the hate framed in Ali?s face just moments before. ?Look, we won?t do that here?s the remote to your TV and the bottles you?re going to drink for me. The handcuff just means that I know that my baby doll will be safe okay?? Ali looked glum but nodded in assent. ?Good, I?ll be back in no time at all.? And with that she left.


Ali surveyed her situation. She was now sure that she was in for the long hall. This was no Sunday walk in the park whatever she might have thought before. How could her mother, her own mother!, handcuff her only daughter to the bed for crying out loud? Jennifer had always been tough on her punishments and this one looked to be the worst to come. Sighing, Ali switched on some daytime soaps, one of her favorite little vices.

During the commercial, Ali looked down at the four bottles of milk. One of them had fallen against her chilling her side and drawing her attention. She knew that she had better start soon, after all her mother wouldn?t be gone that long and there were four bottles. Ali picked one up and began to suck. At first no liquid game out due to the odd shape the retainer had reformed her mouth to. Slowly Ali repositioned the bottle with her one unchained hand, juggling to make sure she didn?t lose the remote at the same time. Finally satisfied she once again contracted her mouth around the warm rubbery wet teat. She sucked until the flow of liquid began and then wrinkled her nose in surprise. The liquid, whatever it was sure didn?t taste like milk, it was syrupy sweet and tasted slightly of mixed fruit. Almost like a milk honey and berries smoothie. It was really light on the stomach as well. Almost frantically Ali finished off the cool liquid gushing from the undulating warm teat.

Ali had thought that her mother had wanted to give her bottles of really heavy whole milk and have it settle in her stomach the way it did when she used to pretend she was a baby and then all the liquid would make her pee in her sleep. She had planned to down all the milk as Jennifer walked in the door and claim her dry diapers in triumph. But now her opinion of her mother had changed immensely. The liquid didn?t put her to sleep if anything it woke her up. She?s not so bad, Ali thought, slurping contentedly on the remains of the fourth bottle as she watched Jerry Springer. She probably just wanted me to enjoy being cared for a little while, it?s not so bad. She neatly lined the fourth bottle at the edge of the bed along the three other empty bottles. Awkwardly, with her free hand Ali propped her head up with the pillows and turned off Jerry Springer. Finding out who had had Tony?s fourth baby niece had grown dull. Stretching Ali thought about reading a book from her bedside table. She was just about to reach for it when?she noticed she couldn?t. Her arm didn?t seem to want to cooperate and it decidedly didn?t. She lay panting from the exertion and began to get worried what was wrong when a strange sense of vertigo hit her. She almost threw up but managed to barely swallow it back. Yuck!

Ali sat contemplating for a moment as her head cleared. Her arms seemed to be pinned to the bed by some invisible force. Well?her right arm was handcuffed to the bed but she couldn?t move it in the least. After lying several minutes like this, her chest breathing hard against the weight of her large breasts, she notice an odd sensation in her abdomen. Oh no!, she thought. She did drug the drinks. Knowing that a bowel movement was imminent Ali frantically began trying to figure out a way to get out of it. It was not to be the case. Ali couldn?t move her body enough to even sit up let alone make a break for the bathroom. This was all not to mention that her mother had literally chained her to the head of the bed.

Well, if I can?t get out of it maybe I can make it a little less nauseating. If she remained spread eagle on the bed the excrement would mush up against her in a most unpleasant way. Ali surmised that all she would have to do was kick over enough to role over onto her side. Ali took one deep breath and tried to throw her right angle and then her leg fell back. Ali nearly fainted panting from the exertion. And then it hit her. OH GOD, she thought as a cramp hit her. Five minutes later it came again. Four more contractions hit her stomach each set at one minute intervals and she thoroughly filled her Huggies extra large. The seat of the pink and white lace rumba panties visibly ballooned as she moaned softly with the effort while sweat beaded on her brow. The poop filled the crack of her butt cheeks and smeared over her wet pussy and crept up her hairless front. She sat back down into it as her bladder finally let go making her a thoroughly wet and messy little girl. The entire ordeal had taken just under a minute. Stinking and too exhausted to care Ali wept her to sleep.


Ali woke up to her room door being opened and Jennifer walking in. ?Oh, I see we have a very wet and messy girl this afternoon!? Jennifer came over to the side of the bed and hugged Ali awkwardly as she was still cuffed to the bed. ?Congratulations on your first poopy!? As Ali woke up some she realized her situation and a single tear journeyed across her face. She had never been so humiliated in her life and had just been handed the beginning of her untraining. It felt strange to be told to feel happy for doing something so horrible. Her mother continued to hug her and it was now becoming obvious that something was expected of her. ?Thank you, mommy,? Ali said in the barest of a trembling whisper. ?Oh your entirely welcome. After all it?s an important accomplishment that you did by all your little self.? Jennifer seemed to be gushing over with enthusiasm and the effect was contagious. When Jennifer ?honked? Ali?s nose and exclaimed ?Beep!? Ali giggled despite herself. Jennifer grinned and Ali looked away.

Jennifer undid the cuffed hand and then proceeded to undiaper her poor defenseless daughter. Ali caught a small whiff of just a fraction of the stink that emanated from her very soiled bottom and could not help but gag on the noxious stench. She tried to cover her nose and did so but with difficulty. The drugged baby formula had worn off some but it still hampered her movement. Meanwhile, Jennifer continued to diaper the faintly struggling Ali. If she was disgusted at all by the mess from Ali?s diapers she didn?t show it as she ever so gently rubbed Ali?s behind with a wet baby wipe. She saw the faint signs of Ali?s exuberance and rubbed her stomach and cooed to her. She soon quieted down and then started up again just as Jennifer started to powder her. ?What?s the matter Ali? You need to hold still so I can finish up diapering you?? Ali was embarrassed she didn?t know why she was acting so strange but she was sure that it had something to do with pooping for the first time. She felt real funny, like the first time she had jumped off a diving board and got dizzy afterwards. She had all sorts of conflicting feelings and it made her feel really confused. One part of her was furious and outraged at the way her mother had drugged her and made her excrete shit into a pair of juvenile diapers. Another part of her had thought it was all worth it for the look on her mother?s face when she got back and found her messy. She also loved the way her mother had cooed to her just now. It had made her feel safe and pampered.


In the most adult voice she could muster she said, ?May I please have my pacifier?? Jennifer was angry on impulse upon hearing the words but then reconsidered. It made her angry at first that Ali would forcibly make herself sound mature, even around the retainer, pronouncing each syllable in her request. But then the full import of the question sunk home. This was the first conscious request by Ali to be diapered through the whole ordeal. She was just making herself sound more mature so she could state her question without burning with shame. Jennifer answered her carefully, ?Sure honey,? and picked the fallen dummy where it had landed on the floor. She handed it to Ali instead of putting it in her mouth for her. Feebly, Ali reached out through the lifting haze of the sedative, grasped the pacifier and placed it in her mouth. She smiled sleepily up at her mom. Jennifer finished powdering and eventually diapering her daughter and had her sit up at the edge of the bed.

?Honey, I recently went out and got some things for our two weeks together,? Jennifer said, careful not to use the word punishment in light of the recent question, ?and I also mail ordered some things. There are some things that I need to do around the house for a while. I think you?ve been punished enough for today, what would you like to do??

Ali was confused by the question, why would her mother have such a sudden change of heart? In any case, now was as good a time as any to get out of it and she was all too willing to go, but what to do? Now that she thought about it she had no idea; she had been much too wrapped up in her immediate diapered problems that she had no idea. ?I don?t know mom, I guess that I haven?t had time to think about it. I guess I just want to be alone to read my book or something.?

?That?s fine dear I?m going to be in and out if you?re going to stay in your room though. I?ll try to be as quiet as possible, you just go ahead and relax. If you do want to go out later remember you still have to wear those diapers. I?m afraid it?s just skirts for you and long ones at that. Call me and I?ll help you dress.?

Ali nodded demurely and put her TV on HBO. She sat down to watch Starship Troopers, one of her favorite movies. She had always been a sci-fi buff and loved the movie. Some said that it didn?t correlate to the book to well, which was true, but she loved the special effects and the bugger animation. Her mom had put a note on the TV which read: Enjoy it now dear but in the coming weeks you won?t be seeing too much late night TV. Ali shrugged, not being able to watch TV was the least of her problems. A little later on, towards the scene in which Tizz dies, Jennifer came in and set up the family DVD player from downstairs to her television. Ali was certainly perplexed at this turn of events. The player had a five DVD changer and was among her father?s prized possessions. What could possibly be so important that Jennifer would use her husband?s pet gizmo? Ali puzzled at her mother and in reply Jennifer grinned down at her and patted her head as if to say, ?nothing?s too good for my little girl.?

When the credits were rolling Ali heard a sound at the door and her mom fiddling around with it. Again, Ali shrugged, turned off the television, stretched and yawned. Her mother came in and saw her tired expression and said, ?Are you tired honey? Why don?t you lie down for a nap?? ?But mom,? Ali whined, ?you said that I could have the rest of the day off.? ?Well, I did princess but you?ve had a long day and its time you had some rest. Now I bet your wondering why I put in dad?s DVD player in your room. Well, I went out and bought some hypnotic tapes that I want you to listen too when you go to sleep. Here I want to show you how it works.?

Ali came over and sat by her mom next to the television feeling very confused. ?Umm, mom aren?t you supposed to play those without telling me?? Jennifer grinned and hugged her daughter. ?If you didn?t want to become a baby again by yourself then maybe yes but I caught you in diapers to begin with right? Now we have all these topics why don?t you decide which one you want to become better at.? This all seemed surreal to Ali. Though her mom had definitely said ?get better at? it seemed that all these regression therapies were for things that certainly wouldn?t make you get much better at anything. And the list of possible regressions was pages long! ?Um, I don?t know mom, what do you think is the easiest?? ?Well sweetheart, some are easier than others but maybe not as fun. Here, I got this resource packet when I bought the DVDs that say what the best novice activities are. Now let me see.? Jennifer flipped through the list, occasionally referring to the pamphlet, she finally came to a section called eating and selected it and then picked thumb sucking, eating, and suckling in that order. ?You really like to suck on your dummy so this should be easy not to mention fun. Now you?ll get pretty tired soon and then fall asleep. Don?t try and resist it it?ll feel good. Good nappy byes my pretty princess.? With that Jennifer lifted Ali into her bed, tucked her in, and kissed her chastely on the forehead. Before she went she told Ali to watch the television for as long as possible. ?Oh and honey buns if you need to go potty just go. You need to learn to relax and let nature take its course. I?ve been baby girl proofing the house and your room and the bathroom are locked just so you don?t forget.?

As Jennifer left the room, Ali turned her attention to the television. She was a little apprehensious about the whole ordeal but in a way she liked it as well. Her mother was right in a way. It was her need to be babied and taken away from all the cares of life that had led her too be caught goofing around. She was the one who had stood in front of her mom in soaked diapers and cried. Watching the TV slowly relaxed her. All the screen showed were beaches at night with far off foghorns and other very relaxing scenes. Her eyes drooped down and she quickly fell asleep curled up in a warm ball.


Ali woke up an hour later in much distress. The sun had dipped down signaling the five o?clock hour. Ali woke up agitated and when her appearance and her clothing flooded back all the events of that afternoon she completely lost it. She felt cast about in the middle of a vast ocean of despair and grief trying not to drown. She just cried and cried so loud as too shake the dust from the rafters of the house. Jennifer rushed into the room and picked up the anguishing Ali. A brief look of concern flashed across her face but just as quickly she brightened and smiled. Taking the pacifier around her daughter?s neck she popped the rubber teat into Ali?s wailing mouth.

Jennifer rocked the sobbing Ali back and forth and the tears quickly dried up. She then took the pacifier out from between Ali?s lips. ?Feel better?? Jennifer inquired. Ali nodded, still tightly clinging to Jennifer. ?Why did I do that?? ?It?s just the tapes. It made you have a slight dependency on sucking. From now on when you get upset or hungry just suck your thumb or baba and then come to me, okay?? ?Okay.? Ali reached again for her precious baba but then chose her thumb over the artificial teat. Her body relaxed and seemed to melt into putty as she unconsciously wet herself. Jennifer felt the spread of warmth flow across the hand holding Ali?s bottom up and she smiled.

As the two headed downstairs Jennifer remarked, ?You seem to be very open to the suggestion videos. We might have to tone that down a bit, although I have to admit, it is very cute. How about we get you some food okay baby princess?? Ali didn?t say anything but nodded demurely. ?Okay down you go,? Jennifer whispered when they got to the downstairs dinner table. Ali allowed herself to be lowered into her high chair, Jennifer fitting her legs through the chair, bunny slippers barely fitting through, and strapped in. For some reason it didn?t even occur to Ali that she was now sitting in a pink adult sized high chair. Jennifer attempted to attach the white plastic table to the chair. ?Honey I need your hands dear.? With an effort Ali let her thumb drop out of her mouth and let it be immobilized under the plastic table. Quickly Jennifer popped dumdums into Ali?s mouth. Ali slowly came out of her temporary stupor and noticed something off. At first she couldn?t place it, but then it hit her like a brick. She had wet herself, while she was awake, without realizing it! Ali?s face contorted into something akin to pain and she sucked desperately on her pacifier for relief. Jennifer noticed the sudden change and pained look and questioned Ali, ?Honey, for God?s sake, what?s wrong?? She attempted to take away the big white pacifier but Ali ducked her head.

Jennifer brought her girl close and hugged her head to her bosom gently stroking her head. Ali calmed down some after a few minutes and opened her mouth to drop the pacifier. Or she would have but a chill of fear overtook her. With some difficulty Ali lisped around her paci, ?I peeped meself.? While Ali shook out silent sobs Jennifer laughed, ?Is that it Ali? I thought it was something serious.? Ali threw her arms around her and sobbed all the harder. Jennifer suddenly turned serious taking Ali?s chin in her hand. ?Ali look at me. Your not bad for doing what you did I wanted you to. Over the year?s we?ve grown apart and this baby thing I caught you at is the perfect opportunity for us to grow closer. It?s true that at first I was appalled and did want to punish you. But I came to realize that you?re innocent acting out was just your way of letting go, life got to hard for you. If I wanted you to ?grow up? I would have gotten you some tapes to root this thing out not encourage it. The tapes made you wet as a relief from your every day pressures. Enjoy it! Soon you?re going to have to go back to school and grow up again. Come on dry those tears.? Jennifer wiped the tears from Ali?s face and ?honked? her nose. Ali laughed and smiled and then buried her head back into Jennifer?s protective chest. ?Thank you for my pretty high chair.? What followed was a quiet moment of contentedness. All of a sudden Jennifer reached around and tickled Ali. She giggled hysterically and pulled herself away. As Jennifer went off to make Ali a bottle of formula and some oatmeal, Ali knew that these two weeks would be difficult and yet the best two weeks of her life.