part 1

by: Matt Galbraith

This story may be used on any AB/DL page as long as you
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Adam is a seven year old boy with a wetting problem.
Adam was broke of diapers at the late age of four. After
his mom finally got him out of diapers Adam would wet the
bed and his pants during the day. For the past three years
Adam's mom, Linda, didn't say or do anything to him for
wetting until one day when she got a call from the school
principal. She told Linda that Adam was in her office with
wet pants on and that she needed to come down and pick him
up. After about two hours Linda finally arrived at the
school. She picked Adam up and took him home for the rest
of the day. When they got home she made Adam go to his room
and he couldn't change his clothes. Adam went to his room
and sat on his bed. About ten minutes later Linda came in
the room carrying a bag of diapers.

"Now," she said. "You want to wet your pants like a
baby then your gonna be treated like a baby." Adam didn't
know what to think. She said "Now lay down so I can take
off your wet clothes." Adam lay down on the bed and she
took off all his clothes. She grabbed a diaper and put it
under his butt. She grabbed some powder and oil and put it
on Adam. She then pulled up the diaper and fastened it.
She said, "Now go over to that corner and sit there
and think about what you have done." Adam went to the
corner and sat there and thought about what he had done and
what he was in for. His mom left the room and went

When she got downstairs she got on the internet and
ordered him some diapers, baby clothes, and a crib for him
to sleep in. After an hour Linda called Adam back

She said "From now on you will wear a diaper to school
and to bed at night. And at home you will wear a diaper and
nothing else."

She then said "When your baby clothes arrive you will
wear them to school. You will no longer use the bathroom,
drink from a cup, or eat grown-up food."

Then she said, "You will you will pee and poop in your
diaper, you will drink from a bottle, and you will eat baby
food, and most of all you will sleep in a crib when it gets
here, and you will also be fed in a high chair." She said,
"Now do you understand me, Adam?"

Adam said, "Yes." That night Linda diapered Adam and
put him to bed at 8:00.

The next morning Adam once again woke up wet. But this
time his diaper was wet and not his pants. This made for an
easier cleanup for Linda. Linda came in the room and
changed his diaper and dressed him for school. Linda called
the school principal, Mrs. Larson, and told her that she
was sending Adam to school in diapers from now on. Mrs.
Larson said that was fine with her. She also asked Mrs.
Larson if she would change him when he needed changed. She
gladly said yes.

Linda said "He is to eat baby food, drink from a
bottle, and pee and poop in his diapers."

Mrs. Larson said that was fine with her.

His mom got him already for school. She put his books
and papers in his book bag and his diapers, bottles, juice,
and baby food in the diaper bag she had bought for him.
Adam went outside and stood and waited for the bus. As he
waited he wet his diaper. When the bus came Adam got on and
the driver made him sit in the front seat and she buckled
him in. Everyone could see his diaper bulging through his
pants. The whole way to school he got called names. When
they got to school the bus driver unbuckled him and took
his hand and led him to Mrs. Larson's office. Adam was
really embarrassed. When they got to the office the driver
left and Adam went in to the office.

"Oh, hello Adam, nice of you to join me this morning,"
Mrs. Larson said. She got up and walked over to where Adam
was standing. She took the diaper bag and put it on her
desk. She said "Now why don't you lie down so I can check
your diaper." Adam lay down on the floor in front of her
desk. She pulled off his shoes and pants.

She said, "Well, it looks like someone has been busy
today." She pulled off his wet diaper. She grabbed the
diaper bag and got out a fresh diaper and the powder, the
baby wipes, and the oil. She cleaned Adam up put powder and
oil on him and fastened the diaper.

"There now, a dry baby is a happy baby," she said. She
helped Adam back to his feet.

"Now run along to class. I'll be in once an hour to
check on you." Adam felt like he was gonna die.
"Mrs. Larson is gonna come in the room and change my
diaper," he thought.

He went to class with his diaper bulging through his
pants. When he walked in the class everyone chanted
"diaperboy diaperboy diaperboy." Adam just ignored them.
Mrs. Anderson, Adam's teacher, said "Now, class lets be
quiet." Adam went and sat down at his desk. He felt like he
was going to die. He was so embarrassed.

After an hour he knew it would be time for Mrs. Larson
to be coming in. Just as he had thought that she walked in
the door carrying the diaper bag. She walked over to where
Adam was sitting. She stood him up and pulled his pants
down in front of everyone. Sure enough his diaper was wet.
She said "Well Adam why don't you come up here with

She took his hand and they walked to the front of the
room. She laid him down on the floor and took off his shoes
and pants. She unfastened his diaper and all the girls were
staring at his little penis and giggling. She cleaned him
up, diapered him and put his pants and shoes back on him.
He was so embarrassed. They went back to their school work
until recess time. Adam knew the next time she would come
to change him was during recess time.

He thought, "she wouldn't come outside and check my
diaper." He knew that he was wet and messy again and that
if she changed him outside everyone would crowd around and
laugh at him. As he played outside he saw Mrs. Larson
coming with the diaper bag.

He thought, "oh no, here she comes." She walked over
to Adam and felt the front of his pants. Sure enough his
diaper was wet. She laid him down on the concrete and
pulled off his shoes and then his pants. When she pulled
off his pants everyone came running. With everyone crowded
around she pulled off his diaper. She grabbed a fresh
diaper, the oil, and the powder out of the diaper bag. She
then cleaned him up powdered him and put some oil on him
and then put the fresh diaper on him. Adam knew he was
gonna die now.

At lunch Adam sat in the cafeteria waiting for Mrs.
Larson to come and feed him. He saw Mrs. Larson walk into
the cafeteria carrying the diaper bag. Following close
behind her was the school janitor, Ed. Ed was carrying a
high chair. They walked over to Adam and Ed sat the high
chair down. Adam got up and walked over to the high chair.
Mrs. Larson sat him in the chair and put a bib on him.

She put the tray on the chair and reached in the
diaper bag and got out the two jars of baby food that Linda
had packed in the bag for him. She fed him both jars of
food and then gave him his bottle. After he was done eating
she laid him on the floor and changed his diaper. After
lunch Adam went back to class. For the rest of the day Mrs.
Larson came into the room every hour to change his wet and
messy diaper.

When the day finally ended Adam was excited to go
home. He knew that there would be no one home because his
mom was still working. And with no one home he could get
out of his diapers and eat some real food. When the bell
rang Adam ran out of the room. As he ran out the door he
heard someone call his name. He looked. It was his 16 year
old brother's girlfriend Jennifer. He walked over to her
and said hello.

She said, "I'm going to be babysitting you after
school from now on." Adam thought this couldn't be
happening. Now he would have to stay in the diapers
forever. When they got home Jennifer changed him and sent
him to bed for a nap. He slept for almost two hours.
After his nap Jennifer came in to change him. She
pulled off is pajamas and pulled off his wet and messy
diaper. She cleaned him up and put a clean diaper on him.
Adam said, "Can't I have some clothes?"

Jennifer said "nope a diaper and that's it." Adam
thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse. After he
had thought that Jennifer came back in and said "okay baby
lets go downstairs and see all the nice people." Adam's mom
had invited all his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and a lot
of there friends to see the newest addition to there family
in Baby Adam. Jennifer held his hand and they went
downstairs. When he got downstairs everyone was looking at
him and giggling. His mom walked over to him gave him a
kiss and handed him a bottle. He began drinking the bottle
as he went to see everyone. Adams mom said "Yep, this is my
baby, and he's in diapers for life."

to be continued.........