Chapter 1
 Once upon a time, a boy named Davie had to stay with
 his Aunt Amy while his parents visited Europe. Being only 10
 years old, Davie wasn't allowed to go. Instead, he got
 dropped off at his aunt's house to spend the summer.
 Now, Aunt Amy was known as a strict disciplinarian and
 felt no qualms about administering proper punishment. She
 delighted in making the punishment fit the crime. At 28
 years of age, she had seen a lot, and though she had never
 had children of her own, she felt sure she would have no
 problem caring for the needs of a ten year old.
 When Davie was left off and his parents finally had
 said their last good-byes, and Amy and Davie were finally
 alone, Amy, having never been around children, inadvertently
 asked Davie, "So, are you toilet trained yet, or what, I
 mean how much assistance do you need?"
 "What do you mean?" Davie replied.
 "Oh, I just want to know if you still need to wear
 diapers or anything like that. I'm not used to having
 youngsters in my house and I'm not sure what you need. I
 bought a couple of dozen diapers, just in case, but you
 don't have to wear them if you don't need them."
 Davie was taken aback by his aunt's belief that he
 might actually still need to wear diapers. He really wanted
 to tell her yes, but he was afraid to. Davie had longed to
 wear diapers for as long as he could remember. He had even
 worn several pairs of underwear at one time and pretended
 that they were diapers. He didn't know if she was kidding or
 not, so he chickened out and told her he hadn't worn diapers
 for years. His aunt noticed how long it took him to answer,
 but said nothing.
 Soon, it was time to go to bed. Aunt Amy led him to
 the bedroom he would be sleeping in for the summer. On a
 shelf, Davie noticed a large stack of cloth diapers. There
 were also pins and plastic pants on the shelf. Aunt Amy
 followed his gaze and laughed. "I feel kind of silly now,"
 she said, "Don't worry I'll put them up in the attic first
 thing in the morning." She kissed Davie goodnight and left
 the room, closing the door behind her.
 Davie got undressed and climbed into bed, but he
 couldn't get the diapers out of his mind. He lied there
 until he was sure his aunt was asleep, sneaked out of bed
 and got some diapers, pins and a pair of the plastic pants.
 He brought them back to bed with him he was so excited he
 could hardly breathe.
 With some difficulty, he managed to pin the diapers on
 and pull up the plastic pants He was in heaven he wished he
 could wear diapers all the time.
 Davie had planned on wearing the diapers for only an
 hour or so, but somehow he fell asleep. He woke when his
 aunt shook him awake. "Get up, sleepyhead," she said,
 pulling back the covers. There, Davie lied in diapers and
 plastic pants. He was mortified. Aunt Amy put her hand
 inside the front of his diaper, and to his dismay,
 discovered he was wet.
 "Well, well, what have we here? Looks like someone wet
 the bed." Davie just looked down at his feet, too
 embarrassed to say anything.
 "Well, why don't you come to the kitchen and eat your
 breakfast while I decide what I'm going to do with you." She
 looked amused rather than angry, but she told him he could
 just stay in the diaper until after breakfast.
 Davie wondered how he had fallen asleep like that. Did
 he subconsciously want to get caught? Is that why he had wet
 the bed for the first time in over five years? What he
 wondered was what was his aunt going to do to him? He went
 to the kitchen in the wet diaper to eat his breakfast.
 Chapter 2
 Davie dejectedly entered the kitchen, dressed only in
 his wet diaper and plastic pants. He noticed he hadn't done
 a very good job in diapering himself; if it weren't for the
 plastic pants the diapers would have surely fallen off, the
 ultimate embarrassment. His Aunt Amy silently fed him a
 large breakfast, musing and perhaps a bit amused as well.
 She made him drink two large glasses of prune juice, just to
 keep him healthy. Finally she spoke:
 "Davie, I noticed how long it took you to answer when
 I asked if you still needed diapers yesterday. Then this
 morning, I find you not only wearing them, but wet as well.
 I know the pressure your parents give you with school and
 all. So I think that you really would like to be babied if
 only for a little while. Is this how you feel?"
 Davie found himself blurting out his secret desires to
 be treated like a baby again. He felt embarrassed and yet
 strangely relieved to be baring his soul after all those
 years of hiding his true feelings, and feeling that he was
 the only person in the whole world to feel this way.
 Aunt Amy gave him a big hug, kissed him and said, "If
 it would make you feel better, you can wear diapers and be
 my baby all summer long. I just have one or two rules; One I
 will put your diapers on you, the way they're sagging, its
 obvious you can't do a proper job of it yourself. Two, you
 can take them off at any time, but once you do, that's it,
 you'll never get to wear them again. I mean it, you can wear
 them as long as you want, but if you ask to have them off,
 you won't be able to wear them any more."
 Davie found himself agreeing to let his aunt diaper him
 and keep him as her baby. In short, she was going to be in
 charge of every aspect of his life.
 "All right then," she said. "Back to your room, baby,
 Its time to change your diaper."
 Chapter 3
 Aunt Amy led Davie back to his room with the intention
 of changing his diapers, although Davie really wanted to
 wear the diapers, he was starting to get cold feet.
 "What if she tells my mom? What if my friends find
 He might have backed out of the whole thing if at that
 moment he hadn't seen his aunt's beatific expression. She
 really wanted to take care of a baby and he had lucked out
 beyond his wildest dreams.
 He decided to ask the deciding question: If I am to be
 your baby, may I be a true baby, or must I still use the
 toilet? I just don't want you to get mad at me if I do
 something you don't want me to do."
 She replied, "Honey, if you are my baby I won't get
 mad, no matter what you do unless you call it off by asking
 to have them off. I've never had a real baby. Can you be
 mine for a little while at least?"
 She finally changed his diaper. Davie's Aunt Amy was
 wasting no time. She knew if she let Davie get a chance to
 think about it, he just might realize why she had left the
 diapers in his room to begin with. She had hoped that he
 would try them on. Everything had worked out better than her
 best scenario; she was about to change Davie's diaper less
 than 24 hours after his arrival.
 Amy knew that Davie's mother had hurried him through
 life, insisting that he achieve goals, perform formally and
 informally well beyond his years since he was an infant. His
 mother had started toilet training him when he was only 10
 months old. He had maintained an A+ average in school or
 else! The poor kid had never had a chance to have a
 childhood, much less an infancy; She wanted to give him one.
 Davie followed his aunt back into the bedroom with
 trepidation, He had been in total control of his every
 function since he couldn't remember, and he wasn't sure he
 was ready to relinquish control, but, oh, how he longed to
 just be taken care of, and here was his chance. He lied down
 on the bed with his eyes closed and opened his legs. If she
 wanted to change him, he would let her. Aunt Amy put new
 diapers on Davie and a bond was formed.
 Amy felt a thrill of elation as she removed Davies ill
 attached diapers; The boy really needs someone to take care
 of him. She proceeded to properly pin him into fresh, clean
 diapers, remembering to oil and powder him profusely so as
 to avoid an unpleasant diaper rash.
 Davie felt funny but nice as his aunt administered to
 his needs He didn't really need diapers but it felt good to
 let go of all the pressures he had let build up what with
 keeping straight A's and all his extracurricular activities.
 He sighed and let go his inhibitions.
 Aunt Amy had fed Davie a very nutritious breakfast, It
 also contained natural laxatives and diuretics. She couldn't
 believe that he had actually asked for more prune juice. She
 was going to test his resolve. Ah, but who was testing whom?
 Chapter 4
 After having his diaper changed this time so it would
 probably stay till the second coming, aunt Amy seemed to be
 an expert diaper administrator. aunt Amy led Davie to the
 living room where he was to play whilst she did her morning
 He enjoyed playing with the blocks and stacking rings
 for awhile, but lets face it, Davie was not really a baby;
 he was a highly intelligent 10 year old. He soon became
 bored and started to explore his aunt's house.
 He looked for a while in the closets, but there were
 only coats and stuff. Then he looked in the bathroom, but no
 one had left any turds in the bowl, so he couldn't play
 submarine. (Authors note: I played this game as a child and
 I will give you the rules If you ask me at my email address)
 Davie then decided to do the forbidden. His aunt had
 mentioned that her bedroom was sancrosanct. In other words
 off limits, what could be more adventurous? He listened and
 heard her puttering around the kitchen, so he guessed he was
 Davie opened the door to his aunt's bedroom with some
 trepidation being off limits he felt there might be creepy
 crawlies in their, or boogie men or even dead bodies, but
 there was only a four poster bed a dresser and an
 interesting cedar hope chest at the foot of the bed. Davie
 couldn't resist as he opened the hope chest and looked
 Actually he was pretty disappointed, he wanted to see
 gore and stuff and all he saw was a lot of girl stuff. Then
 he saw this thing with a cord and plug coming out of it. He
 pulled it out and it looked funny what was, it was rubber
 and looked like a carrot or a stick, but it was soft like
 rubber. Davie decided to plug it in, being curious as to its
 purpose; it started to tremble when he plugged it in.
 "Oh, I know what this is!" he exclaimed. "This is one
 of those electric erasers that those kids in drafting use.
 He looked for some paper and a pencil made some scribbles,
 and sure enough, the big vibrating eraser started to do the
 Whilst our errant hero was transfixed with the
 complexities of the vibrating electric eraser, Aunt Amy had
 quietly entered the room . Oh she had him now, she had him
 "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" Aunt Amy exclaimed.
 "YOU HAVE GONE INTO MY ROOM! Now I'm going to have to punish
 you, do you hear me!"
 Yes ma'am," Davie replied with an apprehensive look.
 You'll get more than you bargained for now [ maybe more
 than I bargained for too she glowered.]
 "Oh jeezley crow!" Aunt Amy looked really mad as she
 drug Davie out of her room. She no longer had that look of
 loving acceptance She had had before, Now she looked like
 she really meant business. "Okay, sport, since you can't
 keep your nose where it belongs then I'll just have to see
 to it that you can't go wandering anymore. And you just lost
 the privilege of choosing whether or not you can take those
 diapers off; you'll wear and use them for the next two
 weeks, whether you want to or not.
 Just then Davie started to feel the prune juice he had
 drank starting to take effect. He had planned to call it off
 before he actually had to go poo. And now his Aunt was
 telling him he no longer had a choice in the matter.
 "Please, Aunt Amy I've really got to go to the
 bathroom. I won't go in your room any more, I promise. I
 don't want to play this game anymore!"
 "Well, that's just too bad cause it is no longer a
 game," said Aunt Amy.
 "But I really have to go and I don't want to poop my
 "You should of thought of that before you went into my
 room," she said.
 Davie tried, but his bowels would not be denied totally
 against his will. His spinchters began to relax and the
 waste product of his body expelled into the diapers. He had
 only intended for a short little excursion into regression.
 His bladder, also being full, soon started emptying
 itself. Davie was mortified, yet some how thrilled. Just to
 show his aunt that he could play this game too, he pushed a
 little more and added to the load.
 Davie's rebellion didn't last too long. The cocky way
 he had defied his aunt's new rules by purposely pooping in
 his diaper didn't seem like such a good idea now. She hadn't
 changed him in two hours and he was starting to get
 Just then, the doorbell rang, Davie sat horrified in
 his own filth as the ladies of Aunt Amy's bridge club
 convened for their cat talk bridge and smidgen of gossip,
 don't you know? Davie wanted to hide, but the women saw him
 before he could get away.
 They teased him a little then became very matter fact
 about the proper way to change diapers and how old was too
 old for a boy to be diapered.
 By and by, one of these garrulous old hens noticed that
 Davie's diaper stank to the high heavens and all decided at
 once to honor him with a change. Davie wasn't sure that he
 really wanted all this attention. But he was going to get it
 They held him down as they changed his diaper. No
 playtime, this. No, this diaper was meant for business It
 was six layers thick and could contain easily two quarts of
 liquid soon to be supplied by our hapless hero Davie. Well,
 of course after the diapering ALL the ladies wanted to adopt
 or at least baby sit for lil' Davie, whatever would he do?
 Well, the years went by, Davie's parents never came
 back from Europe. His Aunt Amy never let him out of diapers
 And her lady friends helped to keep him pure.