A Diapered Six Year Old

Until recently I thought that I was the only one who liked wearing
diapers and plastic pants. I would love to find a mommy to care
for me and baby me. I have never been able to find anyone to share
this with or to treat me like a baby. I want a lady who will make me
wear diapers and plastic pants and will change me whenever I wet or
mess my diapers.I am 29 years old and am very nervous about writing
this case history, but am doing it anyway.I have read letters on
how most adult babies were bed wetters and how their mothers put
them back into diapers because they said that if they wet like a baby
then they would have to wear diapers like a baby. Then they got so used
to wearing diapers that they needed them or just liked wearing them.
Sometimes, even after they grew up, their mothers would still make
them wear diapers and treat them like little babies, because as
long as they were going to wet their beds like babies, then mommy
was going to make sure they were still treated like a baby.

I wish that is how I got started, but it wasn't quite that
way. I never had a wetting or bed wetting problem. Once when I
was 5 or 6 years old I was playing down the street with a friend in
one of those screened in tents. It was raining and I had to pee.
I didn't want to run home in the rain and get all wet so I stayed
there. I wound up peeing my pants. A few minutes later my sister
came down the street looking for me because I hadn't come home when
it started to rain. When she found me and saw that I had wet my pants
she kept telling me that I was going to be in big trouble.

As we walked home under her umbrella she kept repeating I was going
to be in big trouble because I had peed my pants. When we got home
and I walked in door, my mother started yelling at me and asking me
where I had been. Then she saw the wet spot on my pants. She was
still yelling and asked me why I peed my pants. Before I could
answer her, she told me to come over to her at the kitchen table
where she had been talking with a neighbour who had come over for

It was very quite for a few minutes. I didn't say a word because I
was scared and thought she was going to spank me. Instead of spanking
me she said that since I had peed my pants like a little baby and
wouldn't tell her why, she thought I should wear diapers like a little
baby. My mom then picked me up and put me on the kitchen table. Right
in front of our neighbour she took off my shoes and socks and wet
pants and underpants.

Then she left the room and went into my little brother's room to get
some diapers and plastic pants. As I lay on the table bare assed in
front of the neighbour I started to cry. When my mother came back
into the room she had diapers, pins and plastic pants.She also had a
wash cloth which she gotten wet at the sink. As she wiped me clean
with the wash cloth I was still crying. She then started 'cooing' to
me and telling me that it was all right to cry like a baby. At that
I started to cry even more.

Then she grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and my bottom up and
placed a diaper underneath me. I kept crying and crying as she pulled
the diaper up between my legs and began pinning it in place. All the
while she kept talking to me like a little baby. She was 'cooing' and
'gooing' me and saying, "There, there, little baby, you'll feel better
when I get your diaper on."

She finished pinning on my diaper and picked up a pair of plastic pants.
Again she grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and first put in one foot
and then the other through the leg holes in the plastic pants. She
started pulling them up my legs and again lifted my bottom and pulled my
plastic panties over my diapers. She finished up by checking to make
sure my diapers were tucked inside my plastic pants. My mom then lifted
me off the table. My neighbour asked my mother if she was going to put my
pants back on me.

My mother looked at me and then at the neighbour and said, "No, the baby
doesn't need any other pants". They both laughed and the neighbour agreed
with her. Mom looked at me and said, "Now you can pee like a little baby
all you want to". She patted me on my diapered bottom and said I should go
play baby. I walked out of the kitchen still crying and toddling like a
baby because the diaper was so big. I hid behind the couch crying and fell
asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later with mom pulling me out from
behind the couch. She said my little brother was up and she thought that
since she had to change one of her babies, she would check the other. I
was dry.

She changed my brother and then put him on the floor, and he started crawling
around the table. She said, "That's it, show little Joey how a baby is
suppose to play". She then told me that since I was still dry she would take
my diapers off if I could stay dry for another two hours. A half hour later I
had to pee. My mom told me I could not take my diapers off and that she
wouldn't for another hour and a half. She told me I could pee in the toilet if
I could do it without taking my diaper off, or I could hold it till she took
them off, or I could just pee my diaper.

She told me that if I peed my diaper she would just change me and keep me in
diapers until some time after she potty trained my little brother, which
wouldn't be for another year or so. Somehow I managed to stay dry until she
took off my diapers, but not before I realized how comfortable they were to
wear. I never thought about that again until I was about 12 or 13. Since that
time I have never wet my pants or bed, until I began to realize how much fun
it is to wear diapers and use them.

In wet diapers, Baby Joe