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2 Weeks With Ms. Roo
By: CS Fox
Art By: Remmy & Kit

A ski holiday turns out a little bit different then expected for Rick and his sister. What he thought would be two weeks skiing with just his sister and his parents turns out to be two weeks with a motherly Kangaroo named Karen who owns a private lodge. More then that, it turns out that his parents aren't going to be around and they invited Rick's neighbors, Leslie and Erin. Its turned out to be a crazy holiday.


34th Street
By: LeftHandedPen

A little furry pride band can lead to a lot of problems and things that can be a bit hard to explain when that cute girl walks in.

Adachi's Lesson In Humanity
By: CS Fox

Adachi and his sister Plura are kitsunes carefully disguised as humans. Enrolled in a human high school so that they can better study human education systems, Adachi finds he can't stop protecting one human with a hard-luck case.  His exploits land him in a heap of trouble... not to mention stuck with the same problem the human he was protecting had.

Arkham Asylum… Home to the Criminally Insane
By: CS Fox

Sometimes we wake up one day and the entire world we knew is swept from under our feet. April is soon to find herself in one of the darker areas of the world, incarcerated among killers and villains, she will need to find herself a way to relieve her worries.

By: Leviathon

Its always a pain to need to cancel your weekend plans to go and look after your young bratty teen cousin, but what happens when the tables turn and the little terror gets his run of the house?


BY: Yami Joeys Dog

A fan fic about the Teen Titans. Involves a love affair between Robin and Raven behind Starfire's back... and it results in something pretty interesting.

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The Biggest Girl in First Grade
By: CS Fox

14 year-old Hannah's wet secret is finally out in her boarding school dorm room, and her roommate is sick and tired of it. The resident teacher of the high school dorms has a plan however; a transfer to the elementary dorms, where they're far better equipped to deal with such problems. Looks like poor Hannah's just been demoted a bit..


Blake's Dream
By: Firemane

A virtual reality technology had been invented to induce dreams on somebody. The leading company of this technology, Luminous Industries; has a proposition for Tony Blake. He is a hacker by trade and finds himself trying to help someone out of a very unique dream.

A Change Of Lifestyle
By: Edward Scott

The story of a high school boy who falls off a mountain in Tazmania and awakes to find he's not even human any more. Oh the wonders of DNA modification.

Claudia, The Vampire Cat
By: Firemane

Jack is down on his luck and to his surprise is picked up by a strange but beautiful feline. Claudia is unlike any other girl he's ever known and he finds himself staying with a beautiful cat in a castle mansion.  It's a wonderful classic story of love, caring, and nuturing.

<MA/FE><FU><WD><A!> <MR><MG>
By: Ormseinbani

A young girl is given the opportunity to fake being incontinent after an accident. The problem is how far to take it.

Computers are not Toys
By: CS Fox
Art by: Costa

An unofficial sequel to the story "Machines Are Not Toys." In this story, a computer and video game loving Gabi is given a new job as assistant to Dr. Kell, who is on the forefront of virtual technology. Things would be great if it weren't for Dr. Kell's bastard of a son and the fact that Gabi gets stuck inside the computer...wearing a diaper.

Corporate Pride
By: Firemane

In this tale, our lead character is Michael. Michael lives on a future Earth where anthromorphs are part of the population, which means that having an open mind about things is often a prerequisite. Michael comes to Pride Inc, hoping to get a job with a company that would be more... open minded than older, larger companies. As Michael explains to his would-be employers, "My methods and my personal habits tend to be unconventional." Michael DOES get the job, but under the condition that he understands Pride Inc. does a few things differently as well. What's in store for both Michael and Pride Inc. is nothing that either suspects, but which makes this tale a pleasure to read.
(Continued in the story 'Timothy' and 'Afterschool Special)

By: Firemane

This continues the Coporate Pride story by NightChild (aka Firemane). Pressures at work are getting Timothy down, and his mommies decide that their big cub needs some R&R. Mommy Michael has something special planned for Timmy, and the big little cub discovers that he's not the only adult cub out there!

After School Special
By: Firemane

The 3rd Part in the Corporate Pride Series.  For the evening everyone is going to spend the night at a daycare center where they sit around and swap stories.

The Day the Snow Fell
By: Fionacat

A cute Christmas story starring Feef the kitty. A trip to the mall with the other kids at the orphanage gives teenage Feef a magical chance to meet someone she's always known was real, and a chance to help deal with a few furs on the 'naughty' list. Do YOU still believe in Sandy Fox?


By: Unicow

Kayla thought her new babysitting job would be easy, till she found out about her charge's idea of "playtime".

Earth 2160
By: Grey Wolf

Acceptance of an embarrassing problem for a young girl among the hardened types in a futuristic prison. Great beginning of a story.


The First Meeting
By: Avm Tenebrae

Rebecca can't get something she saw out of her mind. It's haunting her thoughts and her dreams... slaves... in diapers... willingly. Her investigation may be a little more then she can handle.

<FE> <FU> <A!>

The Flame
By: Sarah

Jennifer is tried of moving from place to place. When she moves to Alaska though, she is faced with even more trouble. The fireplace in her house isn't a normal one, and she's about to find out why it isn't.

French Whines
By: CS Fox

In his exploration of the French countryside, Anthony has found a great fulfillment and enjoyment with the quaint towns and local wines. He's learning about the language and the culture until... Well lets just say he drank some bad wine and things don't go so great for him from there. 


Future Hasn't Change
By: Nintega

A Simpsons / Family Guy crossover fanfic. Several years have passed in both worlds, and Maggie and Stewie are both in their teenage years. The Griffins agree to take in the Simpsons' teenage daughter while the rest of the family goes on a vacation to Antartica, but things become awkward when they discover her little problem...
Getting Into Character
By: Ormseinbani

Sometimes you just need some time alone to really get into a character role. Just be careful not to get too into your role.

A home Away From Home
By: DragonWing

Falling asleep in one world, awaking in another.

By: Collin

A heartwarming story about stress and growing up. A teen girl alone and upset about becoming an adult is given a wonderful chance to be treated little again for one night, thanks to a kind and quite possibly magical lady.

House of the Rising Sun
By: Dante

As infamous as the song named after it, the house of the rising sun is a mysterious and legendary place. Not to mention its run by a man who doesn't like to lose the games he plays, and things may not turn out well for a poor vixen.

The Infinite Shape
By: Ormseinbani

Anything's possibly in the multiple number of universes that exist. Thomas is pretty sure his mother has flipped her lid... but then again, he's having a hard time proving her wrong.


Karma and Repentance
By: Arukan

A very special Bleach fanfic starring some of our favorite girls. Poor Momo Hinamori bites off more than she can chew when she encounters a powerful and poisonous Hollow. The results leave her in Orihime's care, but it seems the poison just might make her old nickname "bedwetter" come back to haunt her.. Punishment in later chapters thanks to a mischivious little shinigami by the name of Rukia Kuchiki.

Kit Fox
By: CS Fox

My first story in the AB/DL Furry genre. 16-yr-old Josh lives the ho hum life we all dread. One day while running an errand he gets knocked, only to wake up in a new body. He's become a young morphic fox kit in a world he couldn't have imagined. Everything's changed for him, and like it or not, he's not really 16 any more, he's 5. Join him on a pleasant trip to a new place.

A Kitsune’s Little Girl
By: CS Fox

Being a Kitsune isn't easy. There's a lot of girls, and so little time. Oco, the handsome, headstrong kitsune is rather taken of a human girl, and he's not sure why. Then he looks at his past and he realizes that she and he do have a bit in common.


The Kunoichi's Pride
By: Dreyer Bronzewing

A Final fantasy 7 fanfic. Yuffie's sick, and it's a whole lot worse than airsickness this time. Frustrated and upset, she's kind of taking it out on everyone. Things come to a head when she pushes Tifa just a little too far. Will she be able to grow up enough to apologize? Maybe she's just enjoying her immaturity a little too much.

Last Level of Cutesy Crap
By: CS Fox

Laharl, Lord of the Netherworld, is on a power trip to grab as much land as he can. He and his two loyal subjects venture off into a new territory with the plans of subjugating it. Only... it turns out to be a place he may not actually want. It turns out to be everything he's ever feared. Pink? Cute Animals? GASP!

<MA/FE> <WD> <FD> <PN> <FF> <FU> <MG>
Leo’s Story
By: Edward Scott

"This is a spin off of my main project at the moment (which will either end up as a serries or an online comic, which is based on my Furcadia character, Edward Scott, it is set a few years ahead of now). This story is based on Leo Ridge, the brother of Lucy Ridge. Now to understand this story I shall first give you an over view of my main project"


A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Done
By: Unicorn

If you get too jealous, you never know just who might be paying attention.

Levi Parts 1-3
By: Leviathon

This is best described as a fan story of the Kit Fox Series. It follows the same kind of rules as what happened to Kit Fox.  17-year-old boy finds a drawing he doesn't really remember drawing and it leads to a new life as a young dragon =^.^=


A Little Mint
By: Carotte

A starving artist finds his life suddenly turned upside down when a mysterious basket shows up on his doorstep. Why is it purring?

Machines are Not Toys
By: CS Fox

An adventurous duo wander into the last unexplored pocket of their tiny town, which just so happens to be an abandoned warehouse. This warehouse was once owned by a pharmaceuticals company, and it appears to hold a lot more then Amy and Justin could have ever expected. A non-furry story.

<MA/FE> <WD> <MD> <FD> <RO> <PN> <MR>
Mama said
By: Orms Einbani

Going to daycare can be fun. But what happens when you're not exactly treated your own age?

The Mercy of Artemis
By: Zen Black

A young man who loves mythology finds out there's a little more fact to the old Greek legends when he happens upon a goddess while lost in the woods. However, Artemis gives him something far better than the quick death he expected; a new life and new body in a whole new world.

Military Punishment
By: CS Fox

12-yr-old Cadet CS Fox finds out the hard way what happens when you break rank. After getting a little over-stressed and allowing his temper to get the better of him, CS is sent by request to the dreaded "Warhime" from which only rumors escape.

My Life as a Teenaged Baby
By: Yami Joeys Dog

A Teen Titans fanfic styled out as diary entries. Raven loses her powers (and her potty training) after getting soaked in chemicals while on a mission. Now she's back at headquarters with Starfire and Beast Boy, who've decided they'd like a baby to take care of. Will her diary be enough to keep Raven from turning into a total baby?

My Real Country Family
By: CS Fox

Madison finds her self without a family after a nasty divorce, and she moves to the country to live with her cousin... who has a few plans for something she can help with... actually, it seems everyone has plans for her.

<FE> <WD> <MD>

Packages Best Left Alone
By: CS Fox

The slightly uptight Lt. Haley Vilhena is sent to examine a large piece of cargo found floating in space. With the help of a shy catgirl engineer (who's somehow fused her scanner and favorite plushie together), they find a rather surprising cargo waiting for them down in the hold, including a robot who misunderstands what the phrase "anal retentive" means..

The Pampered Bride
By: Rich1

Julie is already suffering from wedding day jitters, and then in comes the wedding planning saying that lots of women do something in long ceremonies that sounds kind of iffy to her... but who knows, maybe she'll like it.

<FE> <WD> <MD> <PN> <A!>

By: Unicow

Louis is a Hyena with a crush on a kitty with the cutest pair of panties he's ever seen. Things get a bit weird when he accidently wears them after fleeing her house in the 'wee' hours of the morning.

<MA> <TG> <FU> <AR>

Perils of This and That
By: Remmy

There should be rules against creepy UPS guys and strange packages. Especially when the packages turn you into different species. It is about Cat when she is... well suddenly turned into a cat. Very well written and with a good sense of humor.

By: KLH Felicate

A futuristic and wildly entertaining game is the new favorite pasttime of furry youth. Side effects include increased cognition, emotional maturity, reduced anxiety, and powerful mind abilities such as telekinesis. Oh, and incontinence.

The Price of a Dream
By: AnnatheKitten

The tale of a girl and the events that begin with a series of odd dreams...think Alice in Wonderland meets Wheel of Time.

By: David A. Tigercub

Poor little Ray has never really gotten over the loss of his closest friend over a year ago. But things seem to be brightening up when a new girl, strangely similar to his lost best friend, moves in next door. David A. Tigercub revised his story with the help of another Author, Firemane...

Regrets of an Old and New Life
By: Dante
A cute short story about the choices Seamus makes. Would you really leave your life for a life like his? Think about it, leaving everything behind... It'd be a hard decision, don't you agree?

By: Ironwolf

A Digimon Tamers fanfiction. Things get interesting in the Nonaka household when Renamon discovers Rika's secret and a new Wild One shows up to cause trouble.


Restart, Inc.
By: Kit Cameron

Kit Cameron is an Orphan... and its not easy being one when you're bounced from home to home, often finding a verbally or physically abusive foster parent there. After being hit by a drunken foster parent he runs away, and gets caught in the rain only to find shelter in yet another adoption agency, only this one is not like any he's ever been in...


Riders of the Green Light
By: Dante

Take a gun that causes age regression, add a wild west setting, and an outlaw on the loose, and you've got one heck of a good story!


By: Firemane

Living as a GT (Gifted Telepath) isn't easy. It sets you apart from society making you feel a little special, but different at the same time. Risa is a Navigator on a 5 year tour of duty and is adjusting to her life. She has a lot to deal with as the telepathic center of a ship. Things go astray though when she wakes from a sleep inside the navigational booth to find a lot more time then she thought had gone by.

<MA/FE><FU><WD><A!> <AR><MG>
Sisterly Love
By: Urson

A story inspired by the series "Two sister's" which was drawn by Carotte and based on an original idea from Gray_Cloud. It's the story of two sister's who fuss and bicker at each other, and occasionally.. play the mean trick or two. 

Slaviers' Winter Ball
By: Avm Tenebrae

At this exclusive high-class ball, all that matters is which end of the leash and collar you're on. This year, a new face arrives to the party, carrying in tow two slaves who smell strangely of baby powder...

<MA/FE> <FU> <PN>

A Snow Storm
By: CS Fox

Teacher's can be fat stupid heads. And who's idea was it to have school in the middle of a blizzard? Heather is stuck in class all day until school lets out for the blizzard they should have let out for in the first place. The weather is soo bad she gets lost along the way, only to meet up with her teacher who has a house with a fully stocked nursery. Does that sound odd to you?

Star Wolves
By: CS Fox

Brothers and sisters fight, it's an unwritten law. They also try to one-up each other. Something gets a bit out of hand when 3 young wolves find an old downed space craft. If you've ever been stuck between siblings, you might understand what everyone in this story is going through.

The Stork
By: Dante

Finally, a story that explains how so many furs have children of a different species! Remember how our mommies and daddies told us about the stork growing up? Looks like he just might be real after all, but ever wonder where he gets his babies?

A Story to be Related
By: Dante

John hasn't been to see his sister Celest in a while and has heard a lot about her new son. Dante may be a bit older then he expected.

Street Magic
By: Yami Joeys Dog

Another fan fiction piece about the Teen Titans by Yami_Joeys_Dog. In this story, Raven puts her magic up against the goofy wizard Mumbo Jumbo. Her magic wins out but she's left with some odd side effects. Warning: This story has explicit sexual content and bad language.

<MA/FE><WD><MD><A!> <FF><MG>
Team Jubilee - Amy and Cream
By: Nintega

While babysitting Cream and Cheese, Amy begins off with a promise, and ends up feeling younger and younger.


Teenage Journey
By: Rich1

Julie and Ginny have been wetting the bed for years, and even though Julie is the older one, she seems to be the one doing it more often. Their mom is just about out of options for what she can do to handle the issue.

<FE> <WD> <MD> <PN>

This Is A Man's World
By: Rich1

A realistic story about what were to happen if the women of the world got afflicted with a mysterious mental regression disease.

<FE> <WD> <MD> <MR> <A!>

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted
By: Zen Black

The outstanding sequel to "Kit Once More." Daniel's moved in with his mommy Maria and is getting used to being a kit again. However, he's still got his work to attend to, and this week there's a big meeting out of town. At the beach. How can Maria possibly pass up the chance to turn Daniel's business trip into a vacation? It looks like Daniel's mommy is coming along, and she's bringing a friend too!

By: Joseph Dragonperson

Rolo is a dragon who goes through some pretty bad times, but sometimes, when all seems lost, you find what it was you didn't know you were looking for.

<MA> <WD>

A Wolf and Her Boy
By: Dark Lord Kyuuketsuki

Richard is caught in diapers by his parents while on assignment with them as they research. Embarassed, he goes for a walk in the woods only to meet a she-wolf. A she-wolf quite bent on making sure her new pup makes it safely back to her den.

The Wrong House
By: KLH Felicate

It was just another hit for Cindy and her adopted brothers. Just another robbery, another shot at a society that wronged them. But when the elderly matron of the home they invade isn't what she seems, things start to go terribly wrong for all three of them, especially Cindy, who finds herself face to face with the horrors of her own dark past. Will she pay for what she's done, or is there a way for her to have a second chance?


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