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December 24, 2014

** No New Alpha Build Yet **

Heyo everyone,

Happy Holidays to everyone and I wish I had better news, but I just haven't been able to make time to finish up what I was hoping too before the holidays. Had artwork done up, and feel pretty bad about not being able to deliver. I'm going to keep plugging away and hopefully have something done soon, but can't give an exact date yet. Work, family, and a slew of other excuses keep me from putting a lot of time into this game, but mostly my desire to have a really polished product (although maybe product isn't the right word, its free) is what's holding it back.

I've gotten further in the nursery progress, but with each task I complete, I make 3x more. For instance, I added the high chair feeding sprites, and diaper change sprites and then scripts to connect them to the potty and eating system of the nursery, but then ran into problems with the fact you can change clothing now so had to add more of sprites to match new clothing. I also got a distinct feeling of emptiness with the nursery, with just two maids, Mira, Beth and Amy, it seemed very small for what was an operation snatching up all the teens in town. I've expanded and enlarged the nursery and sectioned it off into groups. Added a lot more characters (some of which might be guest appearances from other familiar games). I've also re-worked some of the objectives of the nursery. Before it was all about your own survival and what happens to you as you stay there. I found it more fun when I compile that objective with having to worry about Amy. So there's someone else's maturity and potty training you'll need to keep track of while there.

So that you all at least have something to play this Christmas, might I suggest my friend LG Stephy's game that just came out? 'Alison's Adventure in the Diaper Dimension' can be downloaded here (~2 mb, please note its RPG Maker XP, not VX Ace, so you'll need a differet RTP to play it). Its based off of the diaper dimension story setting that Potty Pants Princess and Aus_Diaper have popularized (Aus_Diaper is releasing a comic/story about such today or sometime soon as well). If you find any bugs or have comments, please leave them here for LG Stephy. If you're interested in the mentioned comic, Aus_Diaper's blog can be found here.

As noted before, I'm going to keep discussion and bug reporting of the game to the FTT game forum here:

FTT Discussion Link (no account required to read).

Once again, happy holidays, and if I don't write in 10 days, happy new year as well! Also, here's a full size version of the pic above since someone asked last time for coloring fun.

November 4, 2014

** No New Alpha Build Yet **

Heyo everyone,

First, since I have a history of starting everything with an apology, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. That being said though, there has been progress! Lots of progress! It's just not ready to be played yet, but there's plenty I can show off in the meantime.

Jas who alongside an anonymous friend has been doing the brunt of the script mods has finished the bathroom script, a movement script (bad guy pathfinding) and he's been working on a flashlight script (more on these in the discussion thread). There was an update ambitiously set for Halloween, but real life and busy-ness has other plans. Look forward to it sometime in the future.

Melkinit has gone crazy with motivation and has made tons of new sprites that are being rolled into the game. I've made a pack of them here (less than 1mb in size) for anyone who wants to take a look for ideas or similar use. There are 41 files total (including 2 gif's to illustrate one of the animations). These new sprites and animations allow for the game to be expanded in A LOT of fun new ways (Check discussion thread for list of these).

The main point of this update was basically to note "I'm alive, and I'm working, but progress has been slow. Here's a preview of what's coming." There have been so many things... I've gotten help and advice from tons of people. Story ideas, story refinements, spelling corrections, bug hunting...

These updates are going to get longer and longer on here... so in the interest of not making giant text walls here, I'm going to keep discussion and bug reporting of the game to the FTT game forum here:

FTT Discussion Link (no account required).

And then keep official releases here on this blog. Soooo keep reading this for the next update and detailed patch notes about what's changed.

Septmeber 20, 2014

** No New Alpha Build Yet **

Hey everyone. First, I'm live streaming today. Mostly to answer questions about RPG Maker's ins and outs that I've been e-mailed about a few times. You can catch it here or if its after the 20th (sorry I announced it on FTT first and forgot to update it here), you can view the recorded video.

The next order of business is that I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. The project is still moving forward, myself and the two helper coders have just been very busy lately. I'm done with traveling after heading to GenCon and DragonCon in August. All that's left right now is to fight my Destiny addiction (On PS4, hit me up if you want to play some time, I need more people playing this).

July 11, 2014

** No New Alpha Build Yet **

*Update pic by PieceofSoap who drew it as fanart and is allowing me to use it in the game :D

The scripts and nursery area still need some work before its ready for release. This is mostly my fault for a lack of communication and project leadership with the two coders. I'm not really up on coding like this. I know RPG Maker inside out and I'm comfortable cooking up anything I need running inside it, but the common-event controlled potty scripts were simply not dynamic enough.

This is the updated script so far: The Potty Script

It does not hook in yet with this script: Dynamic Text Script

The scripts have comments to explain most of what's going on, but I'm still not enough into Ruby to intrinsically know everything that's in them, so I'm going to explain them to the best I can and rely on my partners to correct me. So here were some of the problems. All of the variables and text are now in the script, so how I had the test before where you can manually change the variables for like how much you need to go need to be done differently. Its the same when external factors modify your need to go (like using the toilet, having a drink, etc) they need different calls.

All the text being displayed will eventually be dynamic, piecing together a sentence based on pronouns (he vs she) and to give variety to the text instead of just "I need to go potty" every time the timer cycles down that it runs a potty check.

We had to make unique facesets and order them them all the exact same for text wrap and displaying character faces. We've gone with the following emotion sequence : need to go, really need to go, uh oh, too late. This will need to be true of anyone else who wants to plug in the potty script to their game unless you don't want face graphics with accident messages.

The ability to try and hold it when your control is greater then your need to go isn't working right just yet. The script does work for any number of members in your party, on any screen.

One of the problems in the game that's kind of wonky is the way I had set up puddles. Basically there's no easy way to make new events on a screen. So in the map designs, I usually leave an event or two off in the corner (if your new to RPG Maker, think of the event as an unused invisible pawn), and when someone has an accident it calls that even to the x,y position of the player and changes its graphic to a puddle. The problem with this is that the non-story puddles don't remain if you leave the map (since their starting point on the map is wherever I hid them), and you can't have more puddles there there are events set aside. It also means that puddle events have to be present on every map where puddles could possibly happen (there's like 50 maps in the game right now >.>) sooo that one is still going to require a bit of thinking. I like the idea of puddles as something enemies can find, make 'big girl' runs all that much harder.

Still working on regex for items. Basically it'd be like a tag you add to items. The older potty system would swap out underwear... so if you had clean panties and wet, it would take your clean panties, disappear them and equip you with wet panties. It was why I had to lock your ability to remove underwear. Regex would be a way to tag the item with a state, so you could make the item wet rather then having a wet item to give the player. This means you could have multiple pairs of underwear to switch out. Still needs work though.

Hunger and thirst variables are in the script and before they were just set arbitrarily but in both the old and new systems they effect time. Basically if you drink a lot, the pee potty check will happen at a shorter interval, with the converse true if you don't drink much at all. The problem storywise for this is that it might be awkward later in game when you're suddenly informed you need to eat / drink. I'm debating making the potty scripts something that only effect magical girl areas, since food is already items you can use. Not sure... Any thoughts from the community here? How much you eat / drink also effects how much you need to go. Could make Big Girl runs hard when if you're hurt, you eat, and add more to your need to use the restroom :P

At the moment we only have three underwear choices: Panties, pull-ups, diapers. There was talk about adding greater variety, more panties, thicker diapers, different type of diapers, but at the moment, I'm in favor of keeping it simple before the game gets over complex. This could be a future goal.

There was also some work done on dynamic capacity of underwear... like assigning an HP to underwear and you can make them damp, but do it too much and shows on your dress or you make a puddle, or your diaper leaks etc. This may be something to hold off for until later as well. Its not essential to the plot and it would take a bit of rework of both the script and the plot to make it work correctly.

Basically here's the goals for the nursery test area, keep in mind this is for alpha debug and trying to break things so they can be improved:

-Switch to turn on potty system.

-Switch to adjust how much you need to go (so you can test message variety).

-Switch to adjust time till accident in 10 seconds (rather then waiting a few mintues).

-Switch to add party members.

-Training potty to try using (only have artwork for Mira ATM.)

-Changing table to test Maid changing party members.

-Switch to adjust progression / regression of potty ability.

One we have all of these plugged in well enough, test area will be thrown back in. The secondary test parts will be just for Mira, and they'll have the daily event progression as described before when you're stuck in the daycare.

June 30, 2014

*NEW* Alpha Build 0.55

Heyo Everyone,

First, I want to apologize since I'm fairly certain this isn't going to live up to the hype. Its progress, and the game is moving forward and I'm excited because Mira is finally turning around from a self-centered kind of doofish teenager into something a little more likeable as a reluctant leader and hero, but there's still a lot to be desired.

MINI-UPDATE: July 1, 2014

PATCH! (This is not the scripts) Okay so I've re-posted the full game with patches applied, and to test incremental updates while keeping your save games, please download the patch and copy the contents over what's inside your regular game folder. Your save games should stay there. I lied about the 5mb, it'd only be 5mb if this was the un-encrypted game and I didn't get lumped into having to toss in graphic resources you already have, so instead its 30mb, my apologies. Patch Log: -Fixed Linkx's display names (My bad on that, don't know why I thought the X was capitalized). -Fixed climbable vines in courtyard. -Fixed issue where you could gather sheets off of Michael's bed without having wet it. -Fixed an issue with lingering wind noise in 1st Dungeon. -Started work on 'big girl' run (I like the name suggestion DABlade :P). Will take a little bit of planning to insert the following - 1) Change initial 'whammy' that makes her have an accident. 2) Change conversation where Amy see's Mira in the park. 3) Change panty check at Cafe. 4) Sadie's initial report about a girl like Amy. 5) Change after school talk at the Cafe. 6) Sign in museum. -Fixed lingering event in Park that isn't't supposed to be active yet. -Mira is now starts the 2nd dungeon at full health regardless of level. -Fixed Monday morning error where you could still grab sheets even if you didn't wet the bed. -Fixed error where you could change to Michael in 2nd Dungeon. -Fixed error where if you didn't need to wash your sheets and your saw your mom after school, you couldn't change into Mira after. -Fixed error where it showed you had wet panties even after doing laundry. -Fixed error with underwear after taking diaper off.


Rooms Submitted from: Lurkerson, Derpy, Melknight, and Linkx.

-2 of 3 Rooms from Linkx are not fully integrated yet. (Garden Courtyard, the Malicious Console, the Maze). -The room from Derpy is not fully integrated yet. (Auntie's House) -Melknight's room is only half-implemented (The spirit quest)(been trying to reach you, check PMs on FTT). -2x Rooms from Lurkerson fully implemented (TDPOD of gameshow, the Museum). All submissions were great and I want to send out a hearty "You're AWESOME!" for chipping in. I feel bad though as in order to keep the house of many rooms from being too disjointed, I'm adjusting the tilesets to match the current theme and I am adjusting a little of the dialogue to fit with the overall story. So complete addition is delayed.

With the way the house of many rooms is working, the player will revisit it multiple times in the game, with areas opening up later. Anyone who would like to build something is more than welcome too and rooms can be added at a later time. See previous updates below for details.


-Afterschool you can now visit Amy's cafe for an important story piece, there are four options for how it will play out based on your previous choices.

-The 2nd Dungeon has been completely redone, and although I pushed, it's still not finished. Some of the new rooms are not functional yet like the library and make-up room. For those that like combat, the tomb area is still available and you can buff your combat skills and learn a new spell, but it's not required and you're not penalized for not doing it.

-(Coming later in the week) Simplified Nursery Test area, all variables and settings controlled by colored orbs. Added crinkle sound effect when main player is diapered (Baboon gave the idea).

-Buttloads of code changes, minor bug fixes.

-Fixed Afterschool talk with Mom, multiple options, including if you've never wet the bed.

-Updated Prize list from TDPOD gameshow, there is only a 1:625 chance of winning the grand prize. You'll know if you've won it. Norstein Bekkler is copyright Square Enix, and is in parody under the fair use doctrine (most of this game has borrowed music and stuff, so just trying to cover mah butt, it's all not for profit fetish fun). Currently not all prizes are in, I've only got 10x prizes set so far. More will be added later.


If you find any bugs, please either post them on the FTT forum thread here or e-mail me directly at csfox ( a t ) . The forum thread is also where a lot of ideas for game direction are being tossed around, just FYI.

Notes for upcoming updates:

-Sometime this week, the scripts will be added in, and the nursery test re-enabled.

-As noted, not as much progress as I would have liked, goal is to wrap up the second dungeon and to get back home in the near future.

June 21, 2014

Alpha Build N/A

Heyo Everyone,

Getting my butt in gear. I need to continue updating this blog. I'd gotten lazy and was simply posting updates to FTT, and thanks to a few fans on /d/ I realized I've woefully been neglecting this place. Let's get things back to rights.

-I recieved a total of 8 rooms for the house of many rooms from 4 different users. And all but two will be fully functional at next alpha release. If you're not sure what the house of many rooms is, it's a way for YOU the reader to throw something into the game if you'd like. Details in a post below.

-I have finished the after school scene all the way up to the house of many rooms. This was a bit tricky because its where it starts to multi-branch a lot. Choices mapped were whether you washed your clothes, how you explain it to your mother, how you interact with Claire, and whether you took a note from Luke. Laid the groundwork for 3x side missions in town.

-I need to finish what happens between the start of CatBoy-Training and the MainPlot of Chapter 1.

Currently I am working on the nursery and its many MANY scripts. I've added a new feature where you can just start the game in the nursery and begin testing the events. At the moment I am almost done with the typical day of a teen.

As noted before in another post somewhere, the event sequence will go Wakeup - get dressed - breakfast - study - lunch - study - play - dinner - bath - bed - night... and then repeat. The idea being that each event fires off in sequence and can do so infinitely so you can live days on days in the nursery. Right now I am just doing TEEN, but there are other age levels. As days go by, and as stats change, you'll end up in different clothes, or at playtime instead of study, or sitting in a high chair instead of at the table for dinner / breakfast, or GASP in diapers instead of underwear.

So far I have 3 agelevels set, Teen, Toddler, Baby. I am almost finished with normal events for Teens. There will be adnormal events later, things that only happen once a week, or maybe happen at random to spice things up. Also dreams. The idea being that you are trying to escape, so you'll have to pay attention at different points of the day for where you might (after time) find a way out. Or stay too long and well... at baby level you're not doing much for yourself anymore and its harder to get things done... but you'll be in areas you wouldn't be when you were a Teen (you'll understand later).

Soooooo while all of this is fun and exciting to work on... its a massive amount of code. For Mira alone, there are 19 events just for an average Teen day, these events also change slightly based upon your relationship variable with some of the maids (Didn't listen to Sadie yesterday? Prepare for a purposefully messy feeding. Had an accident in front of Evelyn? Prepare to be checked twice as much and have less time to yourself. etc). So each of those 19 events could have 4 or 5 variables. Remember there's also another 19 events for toddler, and again for baby.

Its fun because everything is slowly coming together. Once the potty system worked, you can plug it into other places. Like needing to ask to go during playtime, trying to hold it during study. Ditto the hunger and thirst system which dictates how badly you need to go. For me, I like the automation, I like that the earlier part of the game is the intro and it is a little railroady, but the later part of the game is scripted and dynamic and it reacts to your play.

In short, I apologize its taking a while, but trust me, it'll be a polished game when I do release more. At the moment the current alpha is broken, since not all of the teen day is finished and none of the toddler and baby day are finished, things crash when you reach areas not done yet.

For those interested in the process, the biggest challenges code wise have been handled by my friends Jas and Summer, they're the Ruby guru's that have been making a lot of this process easier. The new code version should be ready soon. The new alpha sometime before the end of this month (9 day countdown then :P).

To hold off the wolves: Here's a quick proof of concept I setup for a friend about a month ago. Its simple flash, exactly like I built years ago with Carotte, but utilizing free resources from deviantart the world needs more dress up games with padding :P note that the original resources were not diaper related and those were thrown in after the fact, which is why most of the clothing doesn't fit right :/

Here's another quick proof of concept using maya and a modified resource ripped from Aura kingdoms. I was considering using posed 3D art for the game cutscenes, or as a possible community resource. If anyone wants it I've also setup a basic rig for use with the Unreal Engine and have about 30 some models like this. While the Unreal Engine is very interesting, I honestly couldn't really come up with an idea for a game to use with it. I'm not trying to switch onto ANOTHER new project, but I do have to continue seeking ways to insert diapers in other places they probably don't belong.

February 14, 2014

Alpha Build 0.51

First, no new upload yet. Sorry for the lack of updates, I thought being done with a master's degree would mean I had MORE free time to work on hobby projects. I was wrong, and this is the result of that... (also FFXIV). All that said though, progress is being made. I'm aiming to finish the second dungeon before the next upload.

Which brings us to the actual topic of this update. The dungeons currently in the game are being redone. For a while they've felt a bit out of place in the game. In order to make them fit better, they are being given an overhaul.

The dungeons are now 'the house of many rooms' which is basically a pile of ABDL cliches waiting to happen. With lots of doors and lots of rooms, Mira will have the opportunity to explore the house and combat can be a bit more ABDL themed.

What I'd like to do is make a default room as a new RPG Maker project, just the room, the music, the graphics, etc and then upload that as a full mini-game for people to tinker with. If you'd like to chip in on this project, you can download the room and make something in it. An event, an item, a mini-boss for someone to run into. I'm open to suggestions. It'd be a way for content contribution to occur since I can roll maps and creations into my game this way without interrupting what's being worked on and nothing is slowed down waiting for maps to finish (just leave locked doors instead).

The general idea is that every room is a bad abdl cliche. For instance; its aunt so and so come to visit with her big bag of girly clothing... bad dream, what did mom find in your closet? Guess what you're going to wear ALL THE TIME now... Why is there a steampunk robot in that room? ... What's with the lone rocking horse in that room? etc etc etc.

The background of the game is that magic messes with continence, and one of the characters (you might have already met) draws power from loss of continence, so this dungeon and place is sort of his...

**UPDATE** : Mini-room can be downloaded here. It is about 32mb in size and contains all tilesets, facesets and system settings used in the game. It does not contain the music, common events or some of the scriptlets in the full game (like potty system, etc). I'm going to add a few caveats to submission though. I reserve the right to correct spelling & grammar of all submissions and also to veto any submissions if they are poor quality or just OC self insertions. Get creative, the room in the download is just a sample build, but is in no way required to be the one you use. I really do want collabartion and I am really happy in the amount of interest people have, and look forward to seeing what anyone sends. You can contact me at csfox(AT)foxtalestimes dot com if you want to message me or you have something to submit. I'd be happy to go over ideas if you don't have RPG Maker VX Ace as well.

December 31, 2013

Alpha Build 0.51

First, big shout out to Jas and Summer who have been giving me a hand in coding the game. No new build yet, but dev blog update! Decided to swap the columns on this dev site. Made more sense, the middle should grow as updates progress, the game files will pretty much remain static on the right. Moving forward from here, updates will be in smaller bundle packs. The initial game file will be required, and its over 150mb, but future updates will be under 10mb that you add on to 'patch' things. It'll also allow you to maintain your game saves (which should work barring any new major system changes, but those will be noted in every update that has them).

This next update is going to change a lot of the groundwork. The biggest thing is the potty script, which you can see an update from the last time it was posted. Once again, its being released open source, please use it and make other games for everyone to enjoy. We're still working on a few more ideas for it. The next big thing is going to be potty message handling. The goal is to make a script that will dynamically piece together messages. Example: character 1 has an accident, their diaper is already wet and this time they need to both wet and mess. The message it will display will be Message = accident type + underwear type + underwear state + specific character level of acceptance = message. Combine this with a small bank of descriptors and character specific emotion texts and you've got an easy to work with but still vareity based feedback.

Another script for this game that Summer has been working on is pathfinding. The next update will see the maids more active, moving around and doing chores. They will be able to detect puddles and 'stench' from within a few squares and react accordingly (think ! from Metal Gear Solid). I won't spoil the story, but part of the game will have you trying to escape from a nursery where you a slowly backsliding in terms of maturity. The maids are your captors, and in the last demo, the daily script groundwork was already shown.

Other future goals - facial emoticon script for more dynamic handling of Michael / Mira. Dynamic pathfinding and event handling of cars or 'city noise' type events. Diaper bag system. Combat overhaul and potty tie in.

Well, that's about it for now. Happy New year!

December 20, 2013

Alpha Build 0.51

The initial build of the new potty script in Ruby is done. It is untested and incomplete, but to help others, here's what it looks like so far.

Change Log:

-Added door animations to some of the shops. Still testing this.

-Fixed bathroom script errors. Removed toddler version for demo, too buggy at the moment.

-Added Mira clothing options in nursery.

-Expanded crypt of second dungeon.

Next Priority: Finish Amy after school scene and lead in to second combat.