Current Update:

September 23, 2012


A few of the more prolific forum members have opened up a new forum. It can be found here.It's the same forum stuff as the last forum, just a diffrent hosting solution. Khael and Zamm will be heading it up, I'll be a member, but I've got some new projects to work on and won't be admin. Expect this website to get a good size update in about a month. A searchable and robust story database is the first big project.

~ CS Fox

Last Update:

September 20, 2012


CS Fox here, already got a blitz of messages this morning about the FTT forums being down. The hosting solution closed it down siting Ďbreach of ToS :ĀEand then had a laundry list of what this could mean, which included possible porn and repulsive content' which I can only take to mean an aversion to our generally misunderstood little niche. Don't know for sure since it seemed to be an automatically generated note.

To be honest, I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. The abdl storyboard has had to move boards at least three times since FTT has been up, and in my opinion it's a much tamer website content wise. We were a bit lax on policing pics that could easily be labeled porn, and stories that had adult momentsĀE(I'm guilty of a few myself). I've sent in a note of contestation to forumotion, but I doubt it will accomplish much. If for some reason they want to re-open it, according to the note I received, it should magically be back in 3-4 business days.

FTT had a good run, but truthfully it's been on the decline the last year or two. Personally I only logged in a few times a week to look for new stories and update the random picture and youtube threads. Sooo, I've mostly checked out of it the same way that I've gotten behind on updating this main site. Still, the forum was a community effort and there was a lot of material there and a lot of work that went into it through its members. If someone enterprising enough, they're welcome to set up another forum and I'll be happy to post a link to it here for everyone to see. I don't know if I can volunteer the time to head up another forum as I'll be 30 this year and the demands of job/family/etc keep me too busy. If a new forum is set up though, I'll do what I can to dredge up the content from the old forum. I know that the head of the abdl story forum was able to get a copy of her closed down forum transferred to the new domain, so I'll see if that's possible. If you need an immediate forum: I suggest abdl story board, or adisc, or even diaperedanime (which just came back up yesterday).

As I've said before, this main site (and really the forum) were obsolete due to better solutions. When FTT first opened up, there really wasn't a place for abdl and furry art to go together. We got popular because of regular updates and new artists looking to share their work. Now we have deviantart, fur affinity, dedicated chans, and all sorts of places to post our workĀEand it can be posted individually by users, instead of by the website admin. So weekly updates aren't in the future for FTT. Butt...

There was a plan to make FTT into a story repository and game site. I think itís about time to act on it. In the coming weekís Iíll update the story gallery with the recent works from some of the better writers. Iíll also be revamping the game site on here with the files and progress of the more popular games from the forum. I will be doing away with the FTT art galleries (they havenít been updated in years), but if thereís a request, I might make a .rar/zip file for download of the old stuff. Also, if the current artists would like, I can set up a fur affinity and deviant art section of the links page and link to everyoneís personal spaces.

While I canít promise the amount of time to put into this site that I did in college and make it a place for everything and anydiaperthing, I can promise to build it back up a little and make it a nice hub or jump point. As usual, promise no ads, requests for money, or the like. May have a link for Cushy, but they wonít be paying me for it, strictly as a friendly gesture since so many of the artists used to hang around here.

~ CS Fox

New Stories:

A Loss of Control
by Unicow.
*Adult bits* Lee and Mark get a little intimate and one of them ends up giving away more then he'd planned.

A Wing, A Tail, And Some Things You Don't Know
by CS Fox.
A Fox with wings, a vixen with a very long tail, a mad scientist, a military moron, and a super secret project.

Daycare Troubles
by CS Fox.
Jake has been at a daycare all his life. It's the family business his mom runs... but when his first days at college yeild a few problems, and girls start to complicate his life... well, trouble follows him around.

The Ghost House Trap
by CS Fox.
Four girls check out a creepy haunted house... with the usual results. Well maybe not usual. There's diapers, fur, a Commander TeddyBear, Mr. Bollerhat-Rack and... a cat-girl.

Can You Keep a Secret?
by Raynar Brusk.
While babysitting her little brother, Trinna attempts to prevent him from learning that they share a mutual nighttime problem.

Big Changes
by Raynar Brusk.
Ogres, a mysterious race of creatures that live apart from man. Olivia, an aspiring Ogre researcher, gets a much closer look at life in Ogre society than she ever expected, with a firsthand look at their childcare methods...

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